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Santa Anita for Saturday 4 June 2016

What a trip my wife and I had to Merano, Italy which is a two-hour drive south of Innsbruck, Austria and in the heart of the Alps. I have stayed in approximately 150 different European cities (big and small) over the years 1/2 of which were travels in Germany for a high-tech job I had for the U S Army. Merano Italy went to the top of the list. For what it is worth the list now goes like this:  

1 Merano Italy (fabulous town 0f only 60K and still with a beautiful racecourse)  2 Ibiza Spain   3 Berchtesgaden Germany   4 Garmisch Germany   5 Edinburgh Scotland   6 Lucerne Switzerland   7 Barcelona Spain 8 Heidelberg Germany   9 York England (great town and racecourse)   10 Amsterdam Netherlands   11 Salzburg Austria  12 Berlin Germany   13 St. Andrews Scotland  14 Marseille France   15 Munich Germany

Very sad to leave one beautiful place but it is great to be back doing what I love and that is handicapping thoroughbreds. 


Very impressive and interesting card today!

Best of luck as always and a special thanks to all of you as nobody complained about missing a week of racing at Santa Anita! 


race 1    average clarity

5  Warren's Honey Bee   only runner in this affair that finishes up well and especially at today's 5 1/2 furlong distance......should be coming hard in the late stages

4  Turf Club Queen   nice wake-up in latest 1st time with blinkers and 1st time with apprentice Chad Lindsay......reassuring 4F drill since put in at Slr......should be in the mix from the get go

3  Wondrous Cat   bet hard in debut which was at Lrc but didn't show too much outside of some early foot .........logical drop of a couple of levels for her 2nd lifetime endeavor.........has been training at SA and this time gets to run on its surface

8  Plus Perfect


race 2    average clarity

3  My Golden One   lifetime best and an effort that is somewhat disguised was his lone race at today's 1 1/8th turf distance........blinkers on - 1st time as a gelding - major league rider upgrade - improved morning work......well meant and ready

6  Dark Energy   checked hard on the 1st turn and then showed plenty of life in her 1st on the lawn which was an 8F affair......9F today and if his pedigree is worth a hoot he should greatly appreciate the 9 furlongs ........and quite a few in here will not

9  Curlin Road   on the improve with each and every start and his last two races are much better than appear in print.......I am somewhat concerned about his ability to get 9F or would have rated higher

8  Pappou


race 3    average clarity

3  Brother Soldier   small potatoes connections (rider and trainer) but his last is good both in pace and final time.....and the cut back should be a plus.......can he repeat is the ? mark

4  Prince Valiant    3 of his last 4 should do the trick here especially his latest......but I sure am a touch leery of the tag he is up for.....tough call

6  Adair   at his best on the lead and a top speed jock up to go after it........still.......I'm not sure he can clear in this spot.......not impossible from out of it but using his early speed definitely seems to give him his best shot

7  Chromium 


race 4    average clarity

8  Angel Lane   red-hot rider/trainer combo......blinkers on and just what you want to see as in an improved work.......cut back in distance appears to be a plus

3  Candy Tale   lone lifetime race looks rather good in this weak looking bottom level maiden claimer.....but she was a vet scratch on 29 April so I am not looking for a forward might be vulnerable with a forward move by one of her competitors

1  U Go Gal   trainer doesn't find the winners circle very often but he is good with runners coming off of layoffs like this girl......mdn debut 2 back in Sept fits fine......and she went off as a 2 to 1 favorite..........hmmm

5  Papa's Lady


race 5    average clarity

4  Too Fast to Pass   fell off form in latest but he has had enough time off to bounce back.....and his recent a.m. work supports the notion.....drops in class and he is 4 for 5 at the distance on a fast track......sure appears to solid in this spot

1  Basmati   claimed for 25K four races back so the drop to 20K doesn't bother me much especially since Bejarano takes the mount for the 1st time......future Hall of Fame jock wouldn't jump on a Metz runner unless he was in relatively good health/form

2  Wildfire Kid   last two wins both very solid were run on off the question seems to be is he as good on fast tracks.......we shall see

5  Coyote Fly


race 6    average clarity

6  Midnight Storm  dull effort in his latest at CD at 1 1/8th but he seems better suited to a one mile grass race.......and he just worked an eye-popping 5/8ths bullet........good shot to stalk our 2nd selection in what might be a reasonable pace......1st time Bejarano to get that accomplished

1  Heart to Heart   invader should get what he wants as in a loose lead.......and with stout grass rider Julien Leparoux in the saddle......likes very firm turf and should get it today with the sizzling temps

3  Tourist   doubt wins this unless Bejarano on the 6 horse elects to press our 2nd choice in the early stages......if that does occur he might be sitting in a perfect stalk position


race 7    above average clarity  

(small field but a great race as Beholder has never faced our 2nd or 3rd picks who both own plenty of ability)

2  Beholder   12 wins and 1 2nd in 13 races at Santa Anita.....a true dream machine for Hall of Fame rider Gary Stevens to ride

1  Stellar Wind   5 for 5 racing at 8 or 8 1/2 furlongs......away since Oct but sure appears fully ready to roll.....and she might be at her very best at eight panels

4  Taris   seemingly never any sharper so this appears to be the right time to take on the most accomplished dirt female runner on the planet


race 8    average clarity

2  Nat's Nation  seems like a good spot for this recent MSW grad who broke her maiden down the hill......seems like the controlling speed in the trainer/rider combo in Puype and Talamo

9  Scatastic   away since late November but John Brocklebank is good at getting horse's to run well fresh......should take to the grass as his two siblings won on it and his pedigree for it is very good.....very dangerous and at a nice price

8  Armored Car   gelding has spent too much time routing on the dirt and the turf.......seems better suited to a turf sprint.....race two back on the dirt is a fit......and you have to like Leparoux taking the mount

10  Broken Up


race 9    average clarity

8  Horse Greedy   exits a fast heat of MSW runners where he ran wide up near the pace......."real number" is better than par and his adjusted Santucci fig for pace and being wide is about 1/2 dozen lengths better than par......and sharp recent reassuring a.m. work to boot

7  Alley Boss   dynamite work tab at Slr and Tup for this Molly Pearson 1st timer has tossed 1 winner from 1 starter who ended up being a Stakes that capable Arizona rider Scott Stevens comes in to ride....believe this colt is a good one and deserves a shot at the "big track"

9  Westfest   dueled in a solid set of fractions and still held on for 2nd......cut back of 1/2 furlong appears to be a plus......and Bejarano sticks around

2  Americanize

Long-shot consideration:   1  Mucho Chrome   cut back in distance sure appears to be needed and he gets it.........1st time running as a gelding today and the surgery seems to have done a world of good as his a.m. prowess is night and day better.....rather sure he fires his best ever......will it be good eonough......will shall see


race 10    average clarity

9  Storm Comin Thru   both recent races on the SA main track since the blinkers were put on are stout......and his best ever was his lone race at today's 9 furlong distance albeit on an off track

5  Carlsbad Mountain   has turned into a win machine on fast rated tracks since switching to route racing......and his trainer is firing on all cylinders with almost everything he puts on the track of late

2  Fusaichi Samurai   toss out last on a sloppy track......Baffert runner has done little wrong in his other 4 lifetime by far was the only time today's jock Espinoza was up.....rated too low if Victor gets similar out of him once again today

7  Dreaming of Gold


race 11    average clarity

8  Hobbits Hero   win machine especially at today's one mile turf distance ( 6 for 9) and loves the soon to be dug up SA turf (7 for 10).....rock solid trainer/rider combo as well

11  St. Joe Bay   both lifetime grass races are better than appear in print.......race two back at today's alw level and turf distance was very impressive as this colt had to deal with a brutal pace and still was only a 1 1/2 beaten length 4th.......and Peter Miller sure is very good at getting his speed horses to the winners circle

1  Tristan's Trilogy   double barrel action for Miller as he also trains our 2nd selectio.....his colt should get a nice ground saving position at least thru turn one sitting about 2nd or 3rd or 4th.......not a big fan of Blanc in general....... except........ in route grass races

2  Film Freak

7  To the Bar

5  John's Success

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