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Del Mar for Friday 29 July 2016

Decent card today. Let us call it a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck always!


race 1    average clarity

7  Spindle   improving.......drops from MSW to MC......rider upgrade (Miller/Arroyo won a race yesterday as a team)......last fig sure fits......nice work at Dmr hints she will handle her 1st race over it

1  Bohemian Bliss   very hidden MSW debut.....the heat was fast and talented.......and she had a trip where I gave her 7L of adjusted for breaking slowly - running too wide - and some pace factor......drops into MC and with some good a.m. work at Del Mar

4  Miss Gutsy   drops a couple of levels after going off favorite and running scratch on 18 June (at today's same level) but continues to train as if she in healthy enough

6  Generous Pour


race 2    average clarity

1  My California   repeat of her last should make another visit to the circle of joy hot trainer in Diodoro to get that accomplished

5  You're Late   jury is still out as far as I am concerned about how well Elliot will do in S Cal but one thing that is apparent so far is that he is a good speed rider......and has speed to work with here

2  Cioppino Pasadino  seems like the speed of the speed which makes her somewhat dangerous......poor start to the meeting for Maldonado but he's not impossible to grab the lead and get his 2nd win of the meeting


race 3    average clarity

9  Daphne's Day   wide trip on a good rail day disguises a good effort in latest......two solid works at Dmr since......Yakteen has been firing on all cylinders

6  Katy Drama   Palma is extremely dangerous 1st out following a claim.......filly is 1 for 1 ate today's distance on the Dmr dirt......bug boy is a stellar 24% in route races

5  Appealing Lady   last appears to be the gimme to drop and be at full throttle 2nd out after the layoff

3  Chicago Angel


race 4    average clarity

1  With Honors   not Keith Desormeaux's forte but this 1st timer just worked one heck of an impressive 6F out of the gate at Del Mar for a two-year old filly and did so just 6 days ago......never easy to win at 1st asking at a turf route but I think this filly might be something special

8  You Missed It  two decent dirt sprints under her belt should have her all set for her 1st at a route and 1st on the grass.....good pedigree to handle both

7  Shimmy's Temple   ran a solid 2nd in her debut in GB vs males on April 2nd.......sure fits here if O'Neill has her cranked up enough for her 2nd lifetime start off of a 4 month layoff

3  Rooms


race 5    average clarity

2  Jonny's Choice   wide trip in last by the usually reliable Prat.........drops and Prat should sit pretty this time saving some ground stalking our 3rd choice

7  Nahem   trainer is much better than average dropping a horse following a claim.......and Hess draws his buddy Desormeaux to ride.....rate 60/40 this gelding is healthy enough to be a major player in the race

6  Cant Do the Danse   one for one at Del Mar and it was in a route race......."lead type only" should get what he needs here.....decent underrated speed rider in Pena up

5  Minister Vivendi


race 6    average clarity 

9  Kihei   2nd career start in 2015 was on the Del Mar turf and quite strong and hidden by a very wide that tells me her layoff run in latest was a public work-out to be ready to roll 2nd out after the layoff.....and.....with a significant rider up upgrade

2  Sugary   1st run on the grass in latest appears to have legged up this filly up significantly as her a.m. work since is vastly improved......rather sure her career best occurs this evening

5  Doubelievenmagic   solid two turn grass race in her MSW debut at GP.......winner of her race came back to win.......Pletcher runner ends up in the Hofmans barn to try to score the extra cash offered for shipping and winning

10  C. C. Zipp


race 7    above average clarity

6  California Clone   dynamite work tab for this 1st timer and mom has tossed 3 winners from 3 starters including a Stakes winner.....trainer doesn't usually have them ready to score at 1st asking but I believe that is not the case here

5  Elwood J   another 1st time who looks meant and the three straight gate works to finish off his a.m. preparation

4  Midnight Reveler    trainer sends out very few but he sure can get it done with 1st in 3 for his last 5......dangerous for sure

2  Amodel


race 8    average clarity

2  With a Twist   best grass runner for sure in this affair unless she has fallen off of form since her latest,,,,don't think that is the case....drops to win......jock has a terrific history on this eight year old mare

8  Swiss Skimmer   prolonged work tabs from the Baltas barn usual result in a very solid effort......and go to rider Bejarano accepts the mount....should be in it from the get go

7  Lady's Lunar Luck   Miller scored with a "ship and win" bonus runner this week .........tries it again here with a very consistent GP turf horse who Miller has gotten a lot out of in the mornings......steps up for sure but she might be ready for tougher competition

3  Midnight Candy

5  Intoxicating Move

10  Merilore


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