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Del Mar for Sunday 31 July 2016

Hoping for a 3rd straight day with decent results. We have an OK card to get that accomplished.

Best of luck always!


race 1    average clarity

9  Pappou   1st time running as a gelding......positive rider hot trainer ......and a distance that suites him well.........a superfecta of reasons to place him as top pick

3  Trojan Nation   finally gets to run in a MSW race following 3 Grade 1 endeavor's.......1st on the lawn but owns a good pedigree for it

7  Bedeviled   very impressive late surge in the late stages of a one mile grass race in latest......very impressive visually......smartly steps out on MC into the MSW ranks......not cray about the rider change or would have rated higher

1  Brilliant Light  

Long-shot consideration:  4  Uber Star   toss out his 32 to 1 turf sprint debut down the SA hill as this colt has a pedigree that screams "the further the better" in he wants 9 furlongs or more.........plenty of endurance put in the a.m........lookout in his last was a public work-out


race 2    below average clarity

5  Zim N the Mailman   Yakteen runners have been firing on all cylinders for the most part and this gelding continues to train like he is sharp.....seems best on conventional dirt......and......definitely like the cut back in distance

1  Winning Causeway   very consistent sort in his 6 race career (all in route races) races which so far have been on the AW or the grass.......but I believe his pedigree is somewhat better for conventional dirt......if that is so he has the potential to run his best ever today

8  Ladies Man   proven he can handle Del Mar and seems to be in decent form now..... but..... placed as 3rd choice because he carries 125 lbs and tends to lack punch late when push comes to shove

3  Swiss Silver 


race 3    average clarity

8  Jeweled   Baffert 1st timer really started to strut her stuff when she got to Del Mar to work......1st drill was drill out of the gate was brilliant and only 6 days ago

1  She's My First   9 to 1 in her MSW debut in a small field for a Hollendorfer 1st timer hints she wasn't fully cranked and likely surprised her connections......4 tightly worked drills since.....fully cranked now......very dangerous

6  Sandy's Surprise   blistering drill on 29 June and O'Neill backed off of her with 4 decent but not "blistering" works since......connections might not want to show too much to keep her odds high and fill up their money bags

5  American Cleopatra


race 4    average clarity

2  Dissension   sure like that Prat landed here as he likely said know to Carava's horse our 4th choice ....and that is significant if true......away since March but finished off her work regiment with 4 consecutive tightly spaced 6F drills.....that say fit and ready.......seems likely to get a nice ground saving mid pace trip at least thru turn one

3  Salsita   1st time long with Baltas as the trainer is a very dangerous is the fact this five year old mare is up for a tag.....believe she is well meant and ready this afternoon

5  Anita Partner   Ky/Fl invader has been away from the game for a long time but shows up in the Mullins barn who is dangerous with these kind......and her late running style fits here

4  Enduring Erin


race 5    average clarity

5  Big Discovery   fairly consistent with the blinkers on and they remain on today....toss last as he had a brutal trip......broke his maiden in a route in previous endeavor......only one race on the Del Mar dirt and it was his lifetime best.......race shape seems to favor his off pace running style

4  Unbridled Rocket   sprint-sprint-route maneuver is right in Carava's wheelhouse........and Carava and Prat are  red hot as a combo........proven on the Dmr surface......hard not to like

8  Lamu   placed over his head in a protected race to get in a turf tightener......and if the drills since are worth a hoot the grass muscled this gelding up.....seems best routing on conventional dirt surfaces

2  Awesome K P


race 6    below average clarity

5  Candy Boss   red hot hot rider.....and this filly just popped the best work she has shown in many of moon......let's call it a trifecta of hotness

8  Deltalina   Wesley Ward invader showed she loves very firm turf (California style) winning in a fast 107:4 at Belmont on the sod.....and Ward is exceptional in abbreviated turf sprints

6  Madame Mousse   away since May but the works say that she is more than ready......trainer is hot to start the meet and her off pace style appears to fit this affair

1  Peach Cove  

Long-shot consideration:   7  Cuyathy   solid 37 to 1 awakening 1st on the grass 2 races back at SA......toss next as she hates racing on the dirt.......eye popping 5F drill one week ago..........plenty of speed and only 5F of grass.....trainer is 2 for 3 at the meeting........dangerous price shot


race 7    average clarity

8  Jazzy Times   all three lifetime races fit decently.....but what really catches my eye is that Baffert got two solid 6F drills out of this colt since his last to build his endurance in the late stages......better finish likely today

3  Glacken Too  113:3 & 107:4 were the winning times of his last two races in was in.....ouch......and in his latest he had a brutal trip and did well to only lose by 13L......up 1st time for a tag today but why not in an alw race of $65K

10  Pulmarack   seems best sprinting on conventional dirt and I believe the connections believe that now......solid run vs Cal-breds at today's distance in latest.....4 drills since......last fits and if he produces more he might be the one to overcome

5  Schillairess 


race 8    above average clarity

8  Lord Nelson   last at 7F is par like for today's lofty level.....but his pervious at 6 furlongs not only was run in 107:4 but was one of the biggest adjusted for position/pace Santucci figs I have assigned in a very long time for a 6F dirt race

7  Home Run Kitten   should be a torrid pace so the "Kitten" (who admittedly surprised me that he handled the dirt) might come roaring home late from very far back

2  Subtle Indian   hard to argue with 4 wins and 2 2nd's in 6 races run in 2016......and 4 for 4 at 5 1/2 and 6 furlongs in trainer to boot

9  Alsvid


race 9    average clarity

8  First Responder   away since Jan of 2015 but makes a trainer upgrade......and Ellis has this Cal-bred training like he is ready to roll following one long layoff....and if he is he has one weak looking bunch to compete against

12  Never Say Try   decent works for this Hollendorfer 1st starter and "decent" sure looks good in this aforementioned soft spot

1  Pee Wee Reese   moved forward in 2nd lifetime start which was off a layoff.....and has worked since like he might have benefited from the race.......placed 3rd only because I am a touch leery he might flatten out at 6 1/2F

3  California Silver

6  Admiral's Club

4  Jen's Big O

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