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Del Mar for Sunday 21 August 2016

OK card today. Let's ring it up as a 6 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Ratera   lone lifetime race at twice the claiming price is par like for today's bottom MC level........been absent a long time but works are very solid and at Del rider team has cooled off some but look to get the mojo back here

3  Cyclone Betty    very bad trip in MC debut breaking badly and running wide on a slight rail bias day that like most inside biases yielded many on or near the front winners.....claimed by Vann Belvoir and I love what he in work her out of the gate.......this filly has speed and can show it if she breaks better

5  California Song   Miller is one of the more dangerous trainers on the grounds with drop down laid up runners......MSW to the bottom MC available here......very dangerous

1  Kitty Chatter


race 2    average clarity

4  Emmett Park   decent sprint at today's same level 1st after the Hartman claim and 1st over the Del Mar surface......back quick and back in a route which is where he is at his best......should now be better tuned to the Dmr surface which seems more necessary at the seaside oval than most racetracks

3  L's Choice   believe his last seemingly over his head might have been a public work-out to drop and go.....previous 3 times this gelding was up for a tag he won 2 races and ran a close 2nd in the other .....hmmm

5  Northern Iowa   very bad trip in last....... see ya bug boy......hello Prat.......Cerin seven year hold seems to be rebounding after hitting rock in the 8K level

7  Rprettyboyfloyd 


race 3    average clarity

7  Pee Wee Reese   all signs point to this colt needing abbreviated sprint distances.....and he gets it at 5 1/2F today......out of this world fast bullet 4F drill one week ago.....hopefully not too fast for this D'Amato colt

9  Son of a Royal   fairly competitive at any distance but I like that he competes at only 5 1/2 furlongs in his return to the races wars following a 5 month hiatus......has run well fresh in the past and the way he is training suggests he will as well today

4  Hot Robin   needs his last effort (his 2nd lifetime start) which was on 15 hint he might be up to it.....but last winter his 1st lifetime start wasn't as good as his 2nd.....does he need a start again?.......hard to tell....we shall see

3  Fire to the Wire

Long-shot consideration:   6  Lucky Snow   bet in both lifetime races but had brutal trips in both.......away since Oct but working like he is ready......runs from off the pace and our top 3 selections all do not......race might fall apart up front for this late running price shot


race 4    average clarity

2  Midnight Storm   2 for 2 on firm rated turf on the new Del Mar turf course........both were Grade 2 races and both with the rail at 0 feet.....Grade 2 and 0 feet once again......such a deal

5  Ambitious Brew    believe the cut back in distance is a plus and then there is the 7 lbs. less to carry today than he did in his last which wasn't bad......Prat often can get the most out a turf runner especially in small fields where usually (of course) there is very little traffic to negotiate

1  Om   fits fine if he can compete at his best off of a very long layoff.......tough call if he can especially since speed is his game and it also is for our top selection


race 5    below average clarity

5  Late 'n Left   needs ample time between starts and Mike Puype shows patience and gives it to his filly........and......the fact this filly needs ample time between her starts also makes a drop into claiming logical as she obviously has some physical issues

3  Stand by for News   all her lifetime races fit OK at today's level......and when Arroyo has been aboard for Miller almost all of the mounts have been "live".....should be in the mix from the get go

4  Public House   won her maiden debut like a good thing so you know she is more than capable fresh.......fresh today but Mulhall tends to give little away so I find it somewhat suspicious she has her filly up for sale for only $16K......but if this filly is in relatively good health she is rated too low as the 3rd selection

6  Warren's Super Cat


race 6    average clarity

5  Sky Preacher   solid improvement 1st out following the Baltas claim and I sure like the confidence he shows by stepping up his new shooter.......very impressive the way this four your old gathered himself to finish well following a nasty steady in his latest.....jockey and rider won as a team yesterday as our suggested long-shot play in yesterday's 5th paying $26.00 to win

8  Somethings Unusual   quite a few races in his career look very solid here and a many of them are hidden to various degrees.......being put up for $40K doesn't bother me much as he is 8 and was risked for $50K as early as March.....should be flying late for Van Dyke who is waking up and rides route turf off pace runners quite well

2  Hay Dude   trainer is solid both with 1st following a claim and claim repeaters....that's the positive......negatives are that this fellow likely has some physical issues that might show up off of only 15 days rest..... and.... his game is speed and which is also the case for the 3 horse and to some extent the 1 horse

7  Deep Consideration    and also long-shot consideration


race 7    average clarity

9  Irish Freedom   not one bad work showing for this Baffert 1st timer....sure like that a.m. consistency for a 1st time starter.....Baffert over the last few years has been incredibly tough with two year old colts that go off favorite which this one might

10  Sonneteer   went off at 23 to 1 in MSW debut and ran wide and did so running alone .....hinting..... the race was nothing but a tune-up.....and as it was he earned a fig adjusting for his wide trip that was only 3 or 4 lengths short of if he moves forward which I think he will and gets a good at a price

6  Dangerfield   colt didn't live up to his name in his last as he got too much respect at the windows......but he did move forward 1st time with blinkers...... but he best move forward again....decent works since his last hint he might

7  Swinging Star

AE 12  Unbridled Envy   OK long-shot if draws into the race


race 8    average clarity

2  Texas Two Step   big race 2 back turf to dirt and at Dmr.....was able to run 1:15 flat despite being 5 wide and close to the pace setters....turf in last and dirt today.....late runner should be flying and this time with a better trip

6  Kentuckian   very promising colt to start his career in his 1st three lifetime races.....not so hot in his next three.......he does have an excuse in his last as it was on the grass and he appeared to hate it.....Smith is back up and that is usually an extremely dangerous proposition when Hollendorfer is the trainer..... but..... Smith is only 2 for 42 at the meeting and that isn't exactly with riding trash.....dangerous for sure but maybe vulnerable

5  Celebrated Talent   don't think we saw the best from this Hess invader in his 1st at Del Mar since arriving from the east coast......we might today....and if we do he fits

3  Well Measured


race 9    below average clarity

8  Eric the Trojan   uncharacteristically  bad ride by Prat in the 30 July version of this race running 4 wide and still almost winning.....he will likely make amends today.......solid rider/trainer combo in Carava

1  Gutsy Ruler   this gelding has done well with inside posts in the past as he stays inside and makes the most of his ground saving trip....... and if history repeats itself I sure like the trip that Gonzo will get here provided he finds a seam to run thru

9  Love My Bud   Marty Jones seems to have discovered the trump for this gelding as his last 3 races are good which included one of them on the sod.....Jones has always been solid with turf sprints.....Bejarano is up and that is a good thing because this fellow will need a clever trip from the 9 post to get the job done

4  Eltiojohnny    (tie for 4th selection)

5  Espirito Bueno    (tie for 4th selection)


race 10    average clarity

6  Pat the Bear   likes Del Mar and likes the 6 1/2 furlongs offered in this race......2 for 2 with Pena up......blinkers on for his 1st out since Dec and he won nicely at today's 8K level and in good time on 17 July....should be tough if he is up to similar today......decent recent 4F work hints that he is

2  Ain't No Other   consistent sort would be my top choice if this race was at the 5 1/2F he had to negotiate in his last where he was claimed.....but today's race is one furlong further which seems like a negative these days for this eight year old....but then again Mr. Diodoro can really get the most out of a horse the 1st out following a claim

4  Papa Kade   like the work regiment showing for this laid up four year old gelding who takes a multi-level drop today.....trainer is quietly having a good year and is 1 for 2 at the meeting....and he is a dangerous 10 for his last 40 dropping two or more levels

3  Celebrity Status

8  Nextdoorneighboor

5  Swiss Cheese


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