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Del Mar for Saturday 3 September 2016

Average card at best today. Only 2 days left after today for the Del Mar summer meeting.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  First Sicillian   Hollendofer is very dangerous stepping up a 2nd time starter (who ran well) from maiden claiming to MSW.....should be in the mix from the get go with a pedigree that should appreciate the two turns

7  Czarina   connections aren't messing around as they start their very expensive 1st time start at a route.....never easy for a baby to win her MSW debut at a route but Baffert (as you would expect) is much better than average with the challenge

3  Princess Coco   sprint-sprint-route maneuver here and for a trainer in Desormeaux who is rather dangerous with not only the maneuver but also with two year old runners the 1st time they route

6  She's My First


race 2    average clarity

5  Special Story   Ellis is one solid trainer but not with 1st time starters so the fact this fellow won his debut bodes well for start no. 2 as Ellis is so much more dangerous with 2nd time starters.....should be closing fast late like his debut run

3  Red Wine and Dine   dueled on a duel rail in his MC debut and still managed to win......that is never easy to accomplished especially for a 1st time starter.....very strong 5/8ths work at Del Mar since......needs a move in the right direction and I believe he's is up to it

7  Seattle Boom   race two back sure fits and I sure like the turf route to 6 1/2 furlong sprint move......his stamina likely has increased which will come in handy for Maldonado when push comes to shove in the late stages....trainer sure could use a win

4  Golden Atlantic


race 3    average clarity

6  Tribal Jewel   bit surprised by the drop following such a powerful run (that would crush these) but maybe Baltas and company really want to take advantage of their last chance to run this gelding on the Dmr dirt until December.......and Bejarano sticks around.....another positive sign

7  J Serino   way wide up near the pace hides his latest......claimed in the race by Sierra who is better than average 1st out following a claim......and I like that this five year old is learning how to rate some these days

9  Donji   four year old gelding has a good history turf to dirt and that is today's scenario.....and his trainer is 8 for his last 25 with the maneuver

8  Teniente  Coronel  


race 4    average clarity

9  Silver Mojave   last couple of efforts (and at today's same level distance and surface) were good enough to win effort wise but compromised by bad grass jock Prat can get it right the 3rd time around

10  Moonie   like our top selection this filly also didn't have the best of trips in her last two 5F turf races......and she seems to respond positively when she draws outside......good rider/trainer combo

3  Tuscany Beauty   1st on the sod but owns a pedigree decent enough to handle a.m. work put in.......should greatly the appreciate the cut back in distance....seems like a dangerous 1st on turf customer

1  Later My Love  


race 5    average clarity

2  Mistressofthenight   ultra impressive prolonged work series for this Baltas 1st timer....and I love the bullet 6F work at Dmr as this is a sprint of 6 1/2F and she appears to have the endurance to handle it in her MSW debut......and Baltas is quite good with young fillies

10  Viva Vegas   solid debut for this Baffert 2nd time starter with a good final time and a strong set of fractions put in.......hard to figure why Bejarano is not up on her again as he goes to the other Baffert runner a 1st timer......but we do get Mr. Prat one great addition to the S Cal riding colony

8  Little Nati   best series of works for a Victor Garcia 1st time starter in many a moon.....if she runs to those works she was quite the bargain going for only $30K at sale in Ky

4  La Vitesse


race 6    average clarity

3  Big Score   Prat lands here rather than for R Mandella's 10 horse which seems quite significant.......Yakteen two year old colt was very impressive visually winning his MSW at one mile on the grass.....good a.m. work since.....good post......and my favorite rider with young grass horses in Prat

5  Billy Big   won his U S of A debut like a good thing following 3 steadily improving efforts overseas.......trend might continue today and if it does he might have as good a shot as anyone finding the winners circle

12  Bowies Hero   double barrel action from the D'A as he also trains our 2nd choice......strong 6L win on the grass in his MSW debut looks rather impressive despite winning it at LS which isn't exactly a hotbed for top thoroughbred racing these days

8  Saldamente


race 7    average clarity

6  Discatsonthesquare   turf tightener in latest appears to have worked as she shows a nice 3 work series since.....very solid efforts on the dirt at Del Mar last summer and they were with Gryder.....Stevens at the controls thee days making for a significant rider upgrade

5  Fantasy of Luck   six lifetime starts: 2 wins and a 3rd in 3 mounts with today's jock Bejarano up.......hasn't hit the board in her other 3 starts with other jocks.....back to Raffy

7  Seaside Glory   nice layoff win two back in a race that fits in this spot......tried the grass in next and didn't handle it too well.....3 decent drills since.......back to the dirt......seems dangerous

1  Sweet Halory


race 8    way below average clarity

3  Odyssey Explorer   tepid top choice is bred well to handle the sod and seemingly training as well as anyone in this field......and mom has tossed 9 winners from 9 starters two of which one on the turf

2  Serve Me a Double   so so grass pedigree but the works hint he can run some at least on the dirt......and Baltas sees fit to run on the grass

7  Lyrical Passage   decent grass pedigree but nothing special about his a.m. work.....but then again there is nothing special (on paper) about this mediocre group

11 AE  Bourque

8  Iwobi



race 9    average clarity

3  American Cleopatra   not too often Baffert sees fit to change equipment following a daylight MSW win .....but he does here and he changes jock to his number one guy these days in Bejarano.....debut fits OK but I believe we will see better today.....full sister to the Triple Crown winner might make it two for two lifetime

4  Champagne Room   bet hard in her 2nd lifetime start and did not disappoint winning a Grade 2..........good work and then a very good work as in a bullet.......needs a little more today and seems likely to provide it

1  Miss Southern Miss   not out of this I believe if Desormeaux takes back and comes from off of it.....and I believe that is what he and his brother have in mind

2  Morganite


race 10    average clarity

1  Rye    extremely strong and consistent late ever was two back at today's distance and on the grass........the race was strong both adjusted for trip fig and visually.....impressive close in the stretch with a hand ride.....and back to the rider who was up that day

12  Mittersill   last grass work in preparation for his 1st in the U S of A is solid......good grass races Ireland.....should fit just fine if he is ready today which I obviously think he is

10  Barhanpour   only 9 weeks since he raced in France and the works since hint he has held form and his overseas form appears good vs these.....low percentage rider who I almost always give the heave-ho to..... unless..... it is in a turf route which of course this is

6  Tribal Fighter


race 11    average clarity

3    Picture Tube  takes that ever dangerous drop top to bottom in the maiden ranks........ and for a top barn

2   Awesome Image   exits a fast heat and comes back in short his chances to move forward

8   Cause I'm Bad   subtle trouble in last ......trainer has had a good meet.....better trip with a move forward and he might be rated too low

10 Paythebank

7  Moneymakin Mike

9  Gavin Streetsense



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