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Los Alamitos for Saturday 24 September 2016

Like the card this afternoon and also for tomorrow!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Jonny's Choice   claimed out of a very fast heat of 12.5K claimer in his last......that race and his effort three back fit solidly here if he is up for similar today 1st out for Yakteen

4  Ultimate Luck  sure fits the race condition very well but needs to overcome a bad tendency to hang in the stretch

5  Jackson Sundown   short on numbers but sure loves the Lrc dirt.......not impossible but likely needs lifetime best this afternoon


race 2    average clarity

7  Outthink'em   solid forward move to win in latest back in 7 days rest......attempts the grueling task of duplicating the effort again today in 9 days rest.......can he handle the rigors on of 3 races in 16 days?.....he did last spring at Lrc over a period of 14 yes.....he can

8  Misty'sviewthegold   big awakening in latest 1st time for  high % trainer Lorenzo Ruiz.......not sure why he would want blinkers on for today following such a good effort...... but..... he is after all a trainer who knows how to get to the winners circle

1  Night Badger   like the rider switch and I like the form that this seven-year is in right now......but.....not so crazy about his tendency to hang......maybe a stronger finishing jock in the saddle can make a difference

3  Our Trooper


race 3    average clarity

6  Tiz Makin Memories   Marty Jones is a dismal 2 for his last 60 with MSW 1st time starters...... but.......the works for this debut runner are too good to ignore......feel it is a 70/30 chance Marty breaks the mold today

4  Lemon Orchid   trainer does well with limited starters (22%) but hasn't done much with 1st time starters.......but the works for this 1ster are too decent to ignore

3  Nothin But a Smile   plenty of furlongs of work put into this first time starter by the D'A......her pedigree and the way she has been training hint she well come from off of the pace

5  Quality Girl


race 4    average clarity

6  Immunity Idol   laid off drop down types like this three-year old filly have boosted Mike Puype's win percentage for the last 3 months or so......don't stop now boys

4  She's Complicated   Baffert got a good look at what he has with this filly in an unimpressive MSW MSW to mdn20K she goes........should fit today

3  Jeoffie   not much at a route but all three lifetime sprints aren't bad.....and this filly did improve in her latest.......should be a major factor if she manages another move in the desired direction

5  Star At the Bar


race 5    above average clarity

1  Back Beauty   seems like a very good claim by O'Neill and company of a four-year old filly who is not only improving final time wise but also early pace wise.......repeat off her last should be tough in this spot and two nice reassuring works since the claim hint she will be up to the task

6  Pragmatical   nice awakening on the drop down out of MSW racing in her last........and might make the necessary move forward again with two nice works put in since

3  Avicil   likely needs a hot pace to take down this affair......she should sit pretty in a nice mid pack position if that occurs.....and with a solid rider at the helm

8  Spicy Blonde


race 6    average clarity

6  Saldamente   turf route in latest sure appears to have muscled up this colt who I believe should fire his lifetime best back sprinting on the hot trainer has a decent chance at keeping the ball rolling here

7  Bernin Sensation    good MSW debut and 3 reassuring drills since......Baffert youngster was bet hard in his debut and he is likely going to get hammered at the windows once again today

5  He's All That   Cassidy 1st time starters is working quite well and shows hints of some significant early has tossed 3 winners from 3 starters......rider is looking good right now..... and I am...... of course....... referring to her record at the Lrc meeting

8  T. Montana

Long-shot consideration:   3  Marchtothemusic   Hollendorfer 1ster only went for chump change at sale yet shows up in a MSW race for his debut (hmmmm).....and with a good-looking work tab......seems dangerous


race 7    average clarity

8  Blue Anchor   lifetime best and by a wide margin was run 2nd out after a layoff (21 days rest) and on a step up in class........20 days following a layoff run today and you guessed it.....a step up in class for today

5  Eltiojohnny    poor trip and then some in his U S of A debut which was on the turf......3 for 3 in Mexico on fast rated dirt.........trainer is waking up......very dangerous......plenty of potential

3  Pulmarack    believe this fellow is best sprinting on conventional dirt and off of short rest.......and that is the case for today's endeavor......and I like that Gonzo sticks around for a 4th straight time

2  Jury

Long-shot consideration:   1  Anthonysgotgame    race two back fits and it is somewhat disguised.......away since 12 June but trainer Paul Aguirre is a stellar 37% with his last 30 with 3 or more month layoffs......dangerous sort


race 8    above average clarity

7  Accelerate   both lifetime route races are more impressive than anyone in this race has ever run......that'll do

8  Blackjackcat   last on the grass fits if of course he can produce similar today on the dirt........has shown some good ability on the dirt in the a.m. now and then......and you have to like that Stevens shows up to ride for the 1st time at the Lrc meeting

5  Semper Fortis   never sharper finishing right behind our top selection in his latest although with a much better trip.....still that might happen again or he might even show more today......not impossible to turn the tables on our top selection

2  Mishegas


race 9    average clarity

7  Star Express   stands out here not only with his latest which is quite strong and hidden but most of his career would at least hit the board here......a negative - he tends to hang

3  Money Makin Mike   seems best in two turn races......bug boy seems worth the weight break when he is in route races.........dangerous 2nd choice especially if our top selection "hangs" once again

9  Glitter's Song   new trainer (and 1 for 1 at the meeting) for today and he might have the trump card for this gelding as he sure is training night and day better since he took over.......route race off of the layoff is a concern...... but then again...... this fellow should go off at a handsome price

5  He's a Knockout

6  Minis Big Boy

1  Cavalry


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