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Santa Anita for Friday 21 October 2016

Every race rated average clarity. Easy to peg the card as a 6 on the 1 to 10 scale.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Lil Miss Sapphire   earned basically the same adjusted for trouble fig in her last with the blinkers off as she did with a clean trip with the blinkers on 2 back.....Mullins wisely sees fit to put them back on for today........and drops a notch and sure appears to have caught a lackluster bunch to contend with

3  War Factor   hidden improvement in her latest her 2nd lifetime start dueling in decent pace on a dull rail......predictably cashed it in......and takes that magical drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming.......and gets a rider upgrade

5  Aura Rose   not much in both lifetime endeavors but she does drop out of MSW racing into MC and draws the red-hot Kent Desormeaux for his lone mount of the day........hmmmm

2  Tell My Fortune


race 2    average clarity

4  All for Charity   debut way back in May of 2015 would crush these......other two lifetime races run in March and August of 2016 would not......but this filly is working as if she will fire her best since her strong 2015 debut......the route turf race on 28 Aug was dismal but might have legged her up nicely for Gutierrez......we shall see

1  Paradise   OK debut looks better on paper than it exactly was as this filly set a pedestrian pace on a speed day and tired.......she did hold 2nd and she seemingly catches a very weak small field.....the kind of field that the racing office likely is somewhat embarrassed that they had to use

5  Glory Run   lookout if her MSW debut was nothing more than a gimme to darken her ability and drop into claiming for a full throttle go vs. a bad-looking group......tough to tell


race 3    average clarity  

5  Rye Patch   nicely improved since Baltas claimed and just won at today's 9F of turf at one claiming notch lower and with the blinkers removed......and today get a significant rider upgrade.......back to back wins seems doable

2  Sky Preacher   double barrel action from the Baltas barn........last on the grass at the distance of one mile with the blinkers put on fits well for today's level.....but .......2 of 3 races at 9F on the grass are rather poor...... at least the 1 1/8th race that fits was his latest at the distance

4  El Super   improved some in last which was run on 4 Sept........but what catches my eye are the works since which are quite good and numerous.....Sadler likely means business as he puts this colt up for a tag for the 1st time since he claimed him and for $18K less than the price his owner paid for him

9  Lamaan


race 4    average clarity

3  Tangled Up in Ju   last three racing endeavors all fit well at today's lower level......drop of multiple levels makes sense following 2 consecutive 5th place finishes vs. better.......and trainer Machowsky has been in win mode for the greater part of 2016

5  Late 'n Left   three of her last four race fit fine and why not pull back to a $16K claimer as that is what she was claimed for  two races back .....and..... the races restricted to 3-year-old cheap claimers don't become available too often

2  Miss Bliss Stuff   need to lead type gets 4 lbs less to carry and that might help her get what she seemingly needs.....trainer/rider are on fire winning 9 of their last 27 over the last two months

6  Holidayincambodia


race 5    average clarity

3  Papa Royale   showed plenty of life in his debut which was on the sod and at 1 1/16th.......and the a.m. work since hints the move from MC62.5K  to MSW is more than justified.....especailly like the bullet best of 51 work a week ago to put some speed into him to adjust to a sprint turf race

7  Sixes   owns some significant early speed on the grass and fresh speed is often very dangerous.......away since March and working well  for that every dangerous team of Baltas and Bejarano.....not out of this by any means if he is ready to roll of off of the 7 month break

8  Big Champion

1  Rico Argentine


race 6    average clarity

7  Big Bad Jon    just popped lifetime best and it was the 1st time ever on the SA surface.......and the cut back from 1 1/6th to 7F is usually a plus in cheap maiden claiming races as the endurance factor is enhanced

1  Bundesliga   solid improvement in last and like our top choice gets a cut back in distance....but the 1 post at 7F for a low % jock is not the best of as our 2nd choice

4  Pinellas Pride   Brocklebank 1ster is working well enough to possible be ready to rock n roll in his debut.......but getting a 1st timer to get 7F is no easy as 3rd choice

2  Alley Boss

Long-shot consideration:   5  Lucky Patrick   exits a fast heat where he had some trip trouble........and he was only 2 3/4's lengths off of the 2nd place finisher.........and he just drilled a vastly improved work of five furlongs one week ago.....believe he moves forward......and if so he might upset the apple cart


race 7    average clarity

5  Do the Dance   too wide two races back and then way too wide in last.....time for Mr. Baze to get a little more creative and save some ground on at least one of the turns preferable the 1st turn........should be rather tough if he does and the filly holds her form

8  Lajatico   finished up her summer with two strong back to back easy wins in GB and the last was vs. the fellows......and the fact that Prat lands here (2 for 2 on our 4th pick) hints O'Neill likely has his new shooter primed and ready for his U S of A debut

6  Ok Doll   speed type needs to deal with the 3 horse who has been on the lead in all 4 of his lifetime route turf races while this gal has been on the lead in all three of her route turf races......good history for Bejarano ( 3 2 1 0).......maybe Raffy will try to take back some and stalk

2  Warm Endowment


race 8    average clarity

5  Rcatcanscat   lost MC debut but 6L and had about 6 lengths of trip trouble.......and since the decent debut this two-year old filly has put in 5 tightly spaced works as in every 5 or 6 days.....believe she will improve some and if that occurs with a better trip she has a good opportunity to visit the circle of joy

6  Princess Marie   rather decent MC debut and I believe she surprised her connections as she went off at 25 to 1......Mulhall might not have had her fully cranked....if that is true......she has a good shot to take down this race

8  Lovin d'Cause   flashed decent speed and then stopped rather badly......but she takes that ever dangerous drop from MSW racing to the bottom where she likely was always pointed for.....dangerous speed here

9  Passion for Papa

3  Informant

4  Good N Naughty


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