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Santa Anita for Saturday 14 January 2017

Seems like a decent card this afternoon if the track plays fair/even as the track is drying out. Let's call it a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

(if taken off the turf:  2-11-8-10-3)

(AE 11  Midnight Toast  has a shot if draws into the field)

8  Place des Vosges    invader who winds up in the dangerous Baltas barn had one nice 2016 on the grass if you toss out the gooofy Kentucky Downs course (5 2 2 1) and 1 for 1 at today's 9F.......good a.m. preparation and that hasn't been easy with so many sloppy mornings of late

2  Shazara   very consistent efforts and a few of those efforts are disguised including her lone race at 9F where she racked up 7L of trip trouble and was only beaten by 4 1/4L for the top prize

9  Sugary   seemingly wants to run all day long so the 9 panels of turf should be a plus and won't be for some in this effort of her 4 career grass races was the only time she competed at 9F

1  Peach Cove


race 2    average clarity

4  Herunbridledpower   the race conditions of this race sure fit this filly well who has done little wrong in 5 lifetime races on the dirt ( 5 3 2 0)......two reassuring drills since her last.......hard not to put on top with her consistency

6  Kristie's Heart   significant awakening in her last on a "good" surface at Santa Anita.......repeat of that effort is good enough to win this.......but will the track be off once again and if not was the wake-up because of the moisture in the track or not

3  Buzzer Beater   trainer finally appears to be awakening from the doldrums.......just claimed by Dollase and his new mare is rather consistent and coming off of a 5 1/4L move by the trainer to stay with Van Dyke


race 3    average clarity

4  Winning Causeway   washy at the gate in last and still popped a very strong number that would be tough to overcome here.......don't see many reasons not to believe that he can duplicate the effort today

1  Perfect Set   solid history at the distance ( 10 3 3 3 1).....and the 1 1/16th doesn't look too friendly for many in this year old woke-up some in his latest and the effort is disguised with a bad trip and in a fast heat at one level higher.......trainer is dismal in routes but might take one down here

2  Alex Rossi   reluctant to load in his last...........six year old was impressive in his last running wide up on the pace versus much better.....and I like that the trainer was able to get him to the track to work a useful 5/8ths since as the rain has made it hard to get a.m. work done


race 4    average clarity

5  Nextdoorneighbor   talk about having the trump card for a horse......Miller is 9 for 11 with this guy.......last 4 wins going back to 8 August are when Miller trained and they are solid wins in 6 starts during that time span for 3 other trainers.....easy to put on top despite this gelding turning 10

6  Templar   last effort at SA which was run 5 races ago is a par like effort and it was at today's 6 1/2 furlongs......that day apprentice Rosie Higgins was up and today a more accomplished apprentice Austin Solis is up

3  Finallygotabently   claimed in his last 4 races and winds up back where all the trainer changes started as in the Meredith barn.......7 yr old appreciates the 6 1/2 distance ( 6 2 1 1)

2  Atascaderan


race 5    above average clarity

1  Vale Dori   like her race 2 back where she crushed by 10 lengths at SA she sure appears to have a spot that lacks speed and she should be totally in control of the race.......and she has trained nicely since her Grade 2 win on Dec 2nd

3  Wild At Heart   Richard Mandella has gotten the most out of this filly the three times he has put her in Graded dirt races (3 0 2 1).......Grade 2 today and draws Prat to ride who knows her well having been up for more than half of her career starts

5  Autumn Flower   2 for 3 at SA on the dirt.......1 for 10 racing elsewhere........still........she will need the race of her life to have any shot at the circle of joy in this spot


race 6    below average clarity  

(if taken off the turf: 13-14-4-1-7-6 )

(if any of AE's 12, 13 or 14 draw into the field they have a shot)

5  Another One   broke a little tardy and then showed plenty of life in her MSW debut which was also on the grass but at only 5F over at Del Mar.......very strong past the wire......two endurance building works since......rather sure she will appreciate the extra distance offered today

7  Go Argento   5 lifetime races:  3 dull efforts which were run off of short rest and 2 good efforts that were not.......away 6 weeks which seems like ample time off for her to run a strong race.......cut back turf route to a race down the hill usually works out well

1  Goseecal   par like efforts on the dirt since Cerin and company took over.......owns an OK pedigree to handle the turf.......might really finish up well coming off of a steady diet of route racing if she takes to the green carpet

10  Beauty Divine


race 7    average clarity

7  Hitters Park   rather sure this Peter Miller 1st time starter is meant and ready to pop a strong effort at 1st asking as he shows a prolonged work regiment......and he finished off his a.m. preparation with a couple of strong 6F works

4  Valiant Minister   expensive 1st time starter from Baffert and company is working as if "the beat goes on" for the world-class trainer with yet another dangerous looking 1st time starter......and mom has tossed a reassuring 6 winners from 6 starters

2  Aces Wired   Mullins is as hot of late as he has been for some time and appears as if he might keep the good times coming with this 1st timer who has put in plenty of furlongs of solid work for his MSW debut.......and like our 2nd choice comes from a broodmare who has been perfect so in 4 winners from 4 starters

6  Gato Dolce

Long-shot consideration:  3 Southern Keys   last Spring this colt trained great at SA and for some reason debuted on the AW at great at SA once again for his 2nd lifetime start and this go around he gets to compete where he works......project him to go off at the highest odds in the field


race 8    average clarity

3  Crosscheck Carlos   lifetime best and by a wide margin was the only time this three-year old colt competing at 6 1/2 furlong.......wins this if he can duplicate the effort on the SA surface as that stellar race was at Lrc

2  Causa   not much at a route in his 2nd lifetime start.....but......his sprint debut also at 6 1/2F was good and somewhat disguised by a wide trip.....and my guess is he is up for even better this afternoon off of a 4th best out of 110 to work at 4F drill since his last......that work stands out as his best ever and by quite a margin

1  Tipo Duro   double barrel action from Eurton as he also trains our 2nd selection......and very similar as he won his debut and then failed at a route........back to Prat who was aboard for the win......such a deal


race 9    above average clarity

7  Take City by Storm   solid work series for this Miyadi MC 1st timer especially considering the trainer doesn't usually push them too hard in the a.m.......seems ready at 1st asking and in a weak field

9  We Go Now   solid wake-up race with the blinkers taken off for the very 1st time.......would have been top choice if I wasn't a little leery about him flattening out some at the extended sprint distance of 6 1/2 furlongs

2  Quiet Dude   nice forward move with 1st time Nakatani in his latest......should fit well here if he manages to build on the effort.....jock sure is looking good in his bid to break back into the S Cal racing circuit

8  Pam Sisters

5  Baroque

1  Malusita Tower

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