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Santa Anita for Thursday 9 February 2017

Not an easy card to decipher but at least some nice odds on our top two choices in five of the eight races. Rain is coming for Friday and Saturday. Just love the extra handicapping. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Pure Brightness   Tup invader appears to be on the right end of the learning curve and she handled her first at a route quite nicely coping with a decent pace up on the lead and drawing off........trainer is solid in all of the relevant categories that fit for today.......and last but not least this filly looks as if she can be loose once again today

1  Informant   three-year old filly is in need of a rebound and might provide one with the sprint-sprnit-route manuever in play and two recent (somewhat) subtle improved works

6  Very Hot   final time fits well here but she got away with an extremely slow pace on the lead to win.....don't see her leading our top choice so she will likely need to win without the lead today......not at all impossible but not as easy of a task


race 2    average clarity

2  Ceeme Run Wild   impressive win in her 1st down the SA hill......and......she accomplished the task off of a year hiatus from the game.......a.m. work combined with a race under her belt hint she is likely to move forward

4  Where's the D   it has been a long wait for Eurton and friends getting this girl back to the races following the claim they put in last summer.......returns in a great spot and she is not eligible to be claimed........she won the 13 May 16 version of this race .....and.....did so off of a similar layoff as she deals with today

7  Pearl de Vere   claim back by Miller really likes the SA hill and has a good history with today's rider aboard........she does seem to need a small rebound.......Miller is the right guy these days to get one out of her

3  Wealthy Shipman


race 3    average clarity

4  Unbridled Rocked   rather consistent performer although he tends to hang......but......he appears to be the best speed in the race and the best place to put a hanger is on the lead.......hope the connections are thinking the same thing

3  Sure Luck   toss out last as he might have not wanted any part of the off track......race two back is quite strong running wide close to a fast pace and yet still found the winners circle

5  Oh Marvelous Me   blinkers on and just what a handicapper wants to see as in an improved drill......five year old gelding needs a rebound and might provide one


race 4    below average clarity

6  Bolitar   all of his lifetime sprints fit in this spot especially those run on a fast track......he should welcome a return to one following two straight races on off going......just claimed by Knapp who is often at his most dangerous 1st run following a claim

2  Jimmy the Juice   cut back of one half furlong appears to be a plus,,,,,,,,should be able to get a good up close ground saving trip and do so at a track where he has 2 wins in 3 starts on the main track

3  Nuke Laloosh   won his latest but the claim was voided.......obviously has some major physical problems but he has been given 74 days off to recover.....tough call even with the hot Miller as the trainer

1  Louden's Gray


race 5    below average clarity

6  Warm Endowment   toss out her latest on a sloppy track easing up but walked off.........back on the SA grass today and her two races on the new SA turf fit well at today's level.......race shape seems to slightly favor off pace types like her

7  Generous Pour   vastly improved in her latest her 1st ever on the sod.......Prat sticks around for the drop in claiming which tells me the filly is still in good condition and that Carava and friends mean business as they realize that they might lose their four-year old

1  Salsita   tossed a clunker in her last but Baltas gives her plenty of time off to recover.......last two times she was put in a 40K claimer she won........seems likely to get a nice mid pack ground saving trip at least thru turn one

2  Hijra


race 6    average clarity

1  Cupid's Beau   last two races on a fast rated surfaces sure peg this young fellow as the one to overcome if he is up to a similar effort today......Baze and his agent think he is as they stay with the three-year old for the 5th time in a row

4  On the Rocks   Machowski is only average winning with maiden claiming 1st timers but he is fairly reliable when he shows a decent work regiment with a MC 1ster......big bullet work 3 works back.......and a good gate work just 6 days ago........seems sharp when it counts the most as in right before his debut

6  Edwards Going Left   also working as if he might be ready to compete at a high level in his maiden debut.....plenty of furlongs put into him so he likely will have some staying power if he is part on the mix late

7  Will Tell


race 7    average clarity

2  Bedeviled   Desormeaux has brought this colt around slowly and it seems to have paid off as he appears to be a legitimate allowance runner how despite taking 10 races to break his maiden.......and he runs and is bred as if the 10 furlongs will be to his liking in a big way

1  Ladwade Lad   bad start in his U S of A debut and after putting himself in a hole he showed plenty of life.......well proven at (or close to) the distance........2nd time Lasix and 2nd start with a new acquisition are both strong stats for Mark Glatt

10  Liam the Charmer   runs well fresh and it he ever manages a good trip he would win today's level of racing for fun.......but he has a tough post and a rider in Espinoza who is dynamite on the dirt but only winning at 9% over his last 162 with grass mounts........and many of those mounts were good ones.......still........ I could see him giving away 4 or 5 lengths do to trip and still win

5  Mission Drive

Long-shot consideration:  6  Cardiac   decent useful 1st out with Dollase as the trainer......and the works since hint the effort muscled his new shooter up nicely.......was entered in a 250K Stakes 12 days ago and instead choose this softer spot......that supports the notion he is sharp........should be in the mix from the get go


race 8    average clarity

2  Hot Paris Night   3 straight solid efforts run up north since switching to route racing......2 on the sod and one on the AW.........can he do as well on conventional dirt.......Hollendorfer must thinks so as he bothers to ship on down to SA from GG.......thats good enough for little old me

3  Son of the South   obvious gimme off of the layoff where he was placed way over his noggin in a protected MSW race.....the tune-up seems to have worked as his works since look improved......1st at a route is a concern but French has won with 2 of his last 8 1st at a route

5  Lucky Patrick   his last which was his 1st ever at a route is better than appears in print as he was caught wide up near the front.....blinkers on for today might help his early speed.........might clear all or most by turn one and maybe this time save some ground.......seems dangerous if that is what occurs

6  Sunny Dee

8  Johann's Command



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