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Santa Anita for Sunday 16 April 2017

OK card today. Still quite sick thus the shorter comments. Back to bed.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Josephine's Moment   best distance appears to be one mile.....gets Prat.......claimed on Jan 21st and been away since but with a nice work series

5  Warren's Jen Fizz   best taken back and that is what Baze (who likely choose this gal over the horse who he just won with) has done in the past with this mare

1  Handfull    last run off of the long layoff appears to be a gimme to drop..... and..... go-go go today.....the fact Bejarano sticks around supports the notion


race 2    average clarity

3  Got Even   inside speed bias to some degree the last two days and this good breaking route speed horse should get the lead

1  Madiba   nearly won at one claiming level lower in his last despite being wide.....and the cut back of 1/16th appears to be a plus

2  City Steel   not as strong an effort as our top choice when they faced each other in their last ......but.......he did win the race......and like our 2nd choice he seems better suited to one mile than 1 1/16


race 3    average clarity

3  My Italian Babbo   nice improvement in latest and better than appears in since are stellar....believe this Baltas runner is sitting on his lifetime best

4  Six Point Rack    1st time gelding and some nice works showing.......race 3 back is much stronger than appears on paper

5  Freddie's Dream   obviously can handle this lower level as he won a turf to dirt 10 horse field by daylight for the same condition and was claimed by Carava


race 4    average clarity

5  Pacific Heat   been away from the game for a year but he won his debut by 13 suggest he is ready.......might pop another big run "fresh" and go wire to wire

7  Ceeme Run Wild    tough trip in latest and still managed 2nd at today's same level.......1st time Stevens who smartly is only accepting live mounts with the aches and pains he likely copes with

1  Madame Stripes    solid sprint grass race 2 back.....disappointing grass route in last........but she continues to train like she is better than that race and........Mr Desormeaux sticks around

8  Award It


race 5    average clarity

1  Johann's Command    last 5 races all fit and he might be at his best at 7F......good history breaking well from post one in sprints......most likely to grab the lead

5  Papa Royale   last two races sure fit but I am slightly leery of the drop and the fact there are not any works showing since his last

7  Picture Tube    75% of his lifetime races fit well here and that includes one at 7F....dangerous late runner

2  The Topester


race 6    average clarity

6  Ziconic   bad gate horse but he might appreciate the 9F as he is bred to run all day and that seems helpful at overcoming another bad start

7  Latitude   shot to get loose on the lead......not crazy about the distance for him but if he slows it down early the 9F might be doable

3  Conqueror   needs to build on his layoff run and recent works suggest he might as does 1st time Prat

8  Kid Charming


race 7    average clarity

6  For the Lovof Patty   big awakening in last......Maldonado should sit 1st or 2nd by the turn if this filly can repeat her latest.....been a good week for speed

1  She'sluckythatway   would have been top choice if it wasn't for the fact this filly has broken abit  slowly in both lifetime races and like last time draws the one post and the one post at 7F bothers more horses than the one post at 6F.....still....she might get the job done with the two claiming levels drop anyway

4  Run Scout Run   last is her best and somewhat disguised....would have rated higher if I thought the added distance was a plus

3  Princess Nile


race 8    average clarity

2  Aristocratic   O'Neill is uncanny the way many of his horse's rebound following a bad race out of town......if this colt rebounds he seems likely the best speed in the field......and gets 1st tim Raffy

1  Bobby Abu Dhabi   2 for 2 at 6 1/2F and it appears that 6f might be a better distance......we shall see

4  Rebel War   last is much better than appears in print......caught 3 wide very close to solid pace.....same effort/energy with a better trip and he has a shot


race 9    average clarity

6  Rprettyboyfloyd   all three lifetime grass races fit well here and are hidden to some degree especially his last.......not that fast early but should sit close today as there are many slow early horse's in this field

1  American League   definitely has some physical issues but if he is in good enough physically today he has a decent shot at controlling this race from start to finish

7  Formulate   last sure fits but whereas he had plenty of heat up front to flatter his late run he seemingly will get little today

9  Que Chistoso 

4  Lindante

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