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Santa Anita for Sunday 30 April 2017

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($35.95) full card selections (13 or 14 races this year) for Churchill Downs on Derby Day Saturday May 6th please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes it easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 6th. Thank you.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Rainbow Squall   acted up at the gate and still showed life in his 1st turf route endeavor.....trainer wisely puts him in this protected race.....and......makes a major rider upgrade.....Prat seems likely to be able to get a nice stalking or mid pack ground saving trip with a lively pace to close into

7  Elegant Street   quite the 86 to 1 shocker (and 86 to 1 in only an 8 horse field) running 2nd and earning a par like fig in the April 2nd version of this race......might have muscled up off of that vastly better effort.....if so.......lookout

1  Silent Movie   very impressive 2nd and the effort was run off of a layoff......set a nasty pace and still hung on for bullet 5F drill 6 days ago.....seems up for similar today.....would have rated higher if it wasn't for the fact she might once again have to deal with very fast fractions

2  Crafty Cowboy


race 2    below average clarity

5  Lob City  tepid top choice can finish well in a two turn affair and the attribute stands out in this small but difficult race to decipher

3  Nazareth   double barrel action from Sherlock as he also trains our top selection.....never thought 7F was the best distance for this mare but she won her last and did so racing wide and a day where the wood was the place to be.....and she steps up to a higher level......might have made a break thru of sorts

1  Miz Graycee  went the wrong direction effort/fig wise 1st out following the Mick Ruis claim.....but.....better a.m. work since is encouraging for the 2nd out for Ruis and company


race 3    average clarity

2  El Tovar   showed life for the 1st time in quite some time and it came with the switch in trainers to Baltas......and now Baltas makes a rider upgrade to his buddy Bejarano......such a deal

5  St. Reno   consistent to date in his 6 race career.......drop is somewhat suspicious but then again he has only been up for a tag twice in his career and won both races by over 3 lengths

1  Ajac   needs to and might move forward 2nd out following an extended break from the game.......trainer has had a decent 2016/17 and he is usually more dangerous 2nd out after layoffs than 1st

6  Air Pocket


race 4    average clarity

7  Cool Hunter   if it wasn't for dropping quite a bit of his stock significantly usually stout trainer Mike Puype would have a dismal win percentage the last 7 months or so .....drops another here and from top to in MSW racing to mdn20K racing

3  Run Like Rhett   and the right end of the learning curve and retains Desormeaux.....nice reassuring work since his last.......another move in the desired direction seems possible......very dangerous improving sort

4  Monterey Shale   trainer is by far at his most dangerous 1st following a claim.....and I like that Bejarano rides thru the claim as he seldom rides for Stute

1  My Golden One


race 5    below average clarity

2  Allowances   very consistent as a three-year old in France.........Cassidy likely had his new shooter out for a leisurely spin around the turf oval on the 16th of April in her first endeavor in the good old U S of A.....useful decent telltale 5/8ths drill since.....full throttle go likely today 1st on the dirt which she is well-bred to handle

3  Mining Diamonds   sprint race is better than it appears as this Miller runner was wide and up on the pace by the 2nd call......adjusted for trouble fig fits fine......previous race which is her lone route race is a toss out as a glacial pace led to no chance to produce a valid final time rider trainer combo to boot

5  That's a Lady  seems to make a good account of herself whenever she competes in dirt routes at SA.....would have rated higher if this race was a 1/16th less where she finishes with more pop


race 6    above average clarity

2  Place des Vosges   ultra impressive stretch run in last flying home with a hand ride.....pedigree screams the further the better.....and they don't card them further than 1 1/2 miles too rider/trainer combo at the helm to boot

3  Dressed to a T   0 for 1 at 12F on the grass but she had a bad trip in the race.....and she has won at 11F on the grass.......recent round of works are improved and the improvement is somewhat subtle.......not out of the win picture here and at a price

8  Evo Campo   likes contact to the front and seems likely to sit either 1st or 2nd early on......tough call pedigree wise as to whether or not 12F is doable....but....if it is she might lull them to sleep early on as the speed not to worry about

9  Laseen


race 7    average clarity

6  Li'l Grazen   away since Nov. where he ran a solid rather hidden race in her 2nd lifetime start.....rather sure he is meant and ready "fresh" off of the long layoff as he shows extremely tightly spaced works.....not flashy but the kind the can really muscled up a given horse

4  Candy Ruler   not the best of trips in her MSW debut breaking slowly and running a little wide......she earned an adjusted for trouble fig 2 1/2 lengths better than par for the level.......Prat wisely sticks around and will be out to make amends

3  Zillinda   two reasons I believe her MSW debut to be a gimme/tightener.... (1) - she went off at 30 to 1 odds...... (2) - her works since her debut are vastly improved......rather sure we see quite a bit more out of this filly this afternoon

8  Powder


race 8    average clarity

5  Mr. Opportunist   18 to 1 in latest strongly suggests this Sadler four-year old colt needed his last and didn't run that badly anyway..........two sharp drills since......ready to strut his stuff......and it appears as if the lead can be his if he wants it

4  Texas Two Step   bad trip in latest somewhat disguised a strong route race.......and I believe this gelding prefers to sprint.....strange that Miller hasn't used his go to rider on the fellow yet.....but.....he finally puts Arroyo up today............hmmmm

6  Ransom the Moon   been away since early December where he was competing at WO on the turf and AW in routes......lone lifetime race on the conventional dirt isn't much.....but.....his work tab for his new trainer (D'Amato) on the conventional dirt at SA is very impressive especially his last preparatory drill of 1:11 flat handling from the gate.....dangerous sort for sure


race 9    average clarity

2  Particleaccelerator   on the improve with every start and he sure showed a high level of speed in his 1st lifetime route turf race which was run in his latest......unless our 2nd choice also goes after the lead he should set a pace that would make it tough on his competition to wheel him in

4  Fortune of War   another who appears on the guess is (and my hope is) that Stevens will elect to stalk rather than press our top pick and in doing so enhance his chance of running 1st or 2nd

7  Traffic Thief   18 to 1 in his debut for a costly Sadler runner hints his grass race down the hill was a tune-up......switches riders to Gonzo who has won 2 of his last 3 mounts for the trainer and the other hit the did Gonzo/Sadler do today in the 3rd with the 5 horse?

3  Pavelski

10  Oregon

1  Heavenly Thought



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