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Santa Anita for Friday 12 May 2017

OK card today. Let's call it a 6.5 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1   below average clarity

3  Rockantheros   seemed like a bad claim back on March 23rd as this filly missed the board at 1-2 and at a lower level.....but 7 weeks later her works indicate her new trainer (2 for his last 5 1st out after a claim and one other in the money) has a handle on what she needs.....race three back would crush these.....don't need that race but somewhere close to it

5  Watch Me Now  I like when bug boys are in small fields because of the lack of traffic.....they have a better chance of putting their weight break to good use because they have less of a chance of putting on the brakes somewhere in the race.... thus....not taking away from any momentum

4  Basie Boots   filly needs her "A game" and might be up for it today as arguably her best to date on a fast track was the last time she saw 5 1/2F at SA back in June of last year


race 2    average clarity

1  Medaglia Gold  works for this Sise two-year old 1st timer at Slr are impressive and hint he has plenty off early has tossed one winner from one starter and a Stakes winner at that

4  Argosy Fleet   Truman has been very hot of late and might keep the ball rolling here with this that the baby was able to put in two straight 5F drills to finish off his a.m. preparation....1/2 furlong further than today's distance

6  Summer's Burst   Brocklebank also has been heating things up of late and he is very dangerous in this early two-year old sure are solid

8  Stop the Violence


race 3    average clarity

3  David's Memory   five-year old gelding is really getting good and gets a rider upgrade to one who is struggling on the grass to one who is not....should be in the hunt from the get go

4  Bombard   all four lifetime grass races on firm turf fit fine in this spot......laid up since August but he ran well in his MSW debut and the race was also down the majestic Santa Anita hill turf course....and his a.m. work sure hints he is wound up like a top

1  Indavidualist   2nd start for his new trainer and Miller sure appears to have tweaked something for the better (most likely blinkers on for today and maybe something else) as his a.m. work is vastly better .....a major form reversal is likely in the cards for this fellow

8  Alaskan Son


race 4    average clarity

1  Magical Lucy   seems like a very good claim but O'Neill as this filly won at 1st asking and has trained very well for her new trainer since....and we get a major rider upgrade....such a deal

5  Rizzi's Honors   consistently fires decent efforts but she is screaming for a cut back in distance.....gets it this afternoon.....and I like that T C Baze knows her well having been up for all 6 of her lifetime races

3  Sly Humor   tried the grass in last and didn't appear to care for it.....back to the dirt where she fits just fine.....bug boy has ridden this girl well

6  Reckless Charm


race 5    average clarity

4  Algorhythmic   vastly improved 1st out following the Mike Machowsky claim and in a SA hill race like sine hint she has held form.....if she has she should make it two straight despite stepping up in class

2  Herunbridledpower     seems like a great spot for blinkers on because the equipment change should greatly enhance her chances of getting a loose lead in a race lacking speed

9  Mizzen Glory   recent a.m. work hints at a form reversal as does the fact Prat gets on for the first time for a runner that has been beaten a combined 30L in her last two........both lifetime firm turf routes are better than appear in print....has won a dirt my guess is the hill will not be a problem

7  Lady Espionage   


race 6    above average clarity

7  Caray   4 of their last 5 are wins for the Baltas/Delgadillo combo.......preparatory works for this race are impressive especially considering the level.....should be pedal to the metal for the get go.....Baltas is dynamite 1st time at a route

4  Super Echelon   last was solid and now Keith Desormeaux gets his brother to ride....the weight break with the bug boy up in last was nice but I'll take Kent Desormeaux with more weight in the saddle at a route any day over an average at best (put getting better) apprentice rider like Solis

5  Waldorf   continues to work as if he can run some despite showing only speed in his debut....but that speed has a shot to put him on the lead in his 1st route race which would make him dangerous

6  Vow's Son


race 7    below average clarity

1  Tough It Out   should be a quick set of fractions is this affair that can play into the hands of this late runner........who.....might really fly down the stretch with the 7 lbs bug buy up

3  African Fighter   McAnally has one win in 9 starts in 2017 and it was the only time he legged up Talamo.......laid up 5-year-old drops for his return to the race wars and does so with one nice work series our top choice things have a decent chance to set up and flatter his off pace style

5  Terzetto   last seems like the gimme to drop into claiming and go go go today........does have to cope with other speed or might have considered placing higher

6  I'll Wrap It Up


race 8    average clarity

10  Set You Free   liked needed last and/or was always pointed for his 2nd start and 1st time in maiden claiming.....debut down the hill might do the trick but if I am correct in my assessment that he was pointed for his 2nd out he has a good chance of moving forward today and being quite tough

3  Little Ninja   works are good.....pedigree is good.....jock is super with young grass horses.......seems meant and ready for her maiden debut and at the softest maiden level offered on the grass

1  Te Amo Mamo   last fits at today's lower level and gets to carry 4 lbs less today.....would have rated higher if it wasn't for the fact that Ocampo has very little experience riding down the tricky SA hill grass course

7  Amore Gattina

5  She's to Blame

2  Holiday Movie


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