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Santa Anita for Sunday 14 May 2017


Decent card to finish off the week. Be back with you on Thursday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

2  Royal Albert Hall   yet to win but he might be at his best at 9F on the turf and especially so at SA.......should get a nice ground saving distant stalk position behind our 2nd choice with little traffic to deal his chances if that or close to that occurs

1  Kenjisstorm   seemingly needs to set a slow set of fractions to wire at the 1 1/8th turf distance and seems highly likely to get just that....and Prat will not be easy to wheel in

5  Excessive Kid   another who might be at his best at 9F.....fits fine at today's level but might be somewhat compromised by what should be a slow pace


race 2    average clarity

1   Picture Tube   very strong better than par for the MC20K efforts in his last two races the latest of which was at today's somewhat specialized distance of 7F........both races would take down about 85% of the races run at the level.....can a low % barn get him to run well again? his chances if they can

3  Monterey Shale   consistent sort seems very well prepared to run his 1st ever at 7 panels coming off of a 1 1/16 race.....Bejarano is not at SA today but Baze will do just fine

7  Blix Curve   woke up quite a bit in his latest and it might be more noteworthy than usual as it was his 1st ever at 7F......not out of this if he can build on the effort some

5  Specimen


race 3    average clarity

5  My Party Girl   SCRATCHED OUT     believe the Hollendorfer barn was surprised that their MSW 1ster ran such a good race in her debut.....doubt she was fully cranked as she went off at odds of 19 to 1....she likely is more beefed up for today.....if she is she will be tough to overcome

6  Tiz the Light  decent looking work tab for this Ellis 1st time starter.....and Mr Ellis used to be fairly easy to ignore with 1ster's but not so any more as he has changed his ways the last 6 months or so

4  Prieta   R Mandella is only 7% with his last 82 MSW 1st timers but this 1ster has shown hints of good early foot......and......that seems dangerous as almost all of Mandella 1st timers have plenty of foundation put in.....and Prat gets the call


race 4    below average clarity

4  Madame Dancealot   good grass sprinter last year in GB.....lone race down the hill at SA isn't bad....but her latest around two turns is much better than appears it since she arrived from overseas I believe she is now the fittest she has been.....if so she should be charging hard late in today's race down the hill

3  Tap It All   seems better on the AW and the turf than the conventional dirt....turf today and some very impressive a.m. work at LA.....toss out only race down the hill as O'Neill tried the blinkers on and yanked right off for her next race.....dangerous on or close to the front three-year old filly

1  Auntjenn   seems to need the lead to run well here and appears to have some chance at getting it (rate it 40/60 that he gets it).....Prat gets the call and despite his success Miller seldom uses him but does today


race 5    average clarity

6  Moment Notiz   race two back fits and his latest is even better......and it sure makes sense to not move her up as the Miller barn isn't exactly looking to stock up with 6,250 claimers......appears that a second straight win has a good chance of occurring

1  London Legacy   lost to our top pick in last but I pegged his effort at only about on length less as good......Miyadi/Frey have been in the money with their last 1/2 dozen....doubt that changes today

5  Ankeny Hill   beat our top two in his last......but he was a voided claim in the race......and he benefited from a rail/speed day.......still he did work a decent 5F since the race...... and...... like our top two picks the connections are willing to drop one claiming level

4  Pat the Bear


race 6    average clarity

1  Scatterling   running lines suggests a drop makes sense.......not much speed in this affair and this four-year old filly appears to have the most and is coming off of a turf sprint.....trainer/rider have been a hot combo winning 4 of their last 9 as a team

3  Yaffe   hot trainer in Mullins and he always seems a little more dangerous on the grass these days......drop makes sense.....a.m. work seems adequate.....dangerous sort for sure

2  Sherry Cagan   51 to 1 in her layoff run says the 1st out was a tune-up in a protected race and that Baltas and company will show what they have in today's conditioned claimer

5  Mo'vette


race 7    average clarity

4  Selcourt   won her MSW debut by 9L.....then in a 75K stakes similar to this one she dueled on a dull inside in a nasty pace and amazingly held on for 2nd......continues to train like a happy healthy individual with a bright future

6  Faybien   hard to ignore Baffert these days as he is 8 for 19 at this meeting so far.......last race is better than par for today's level but if our top choice runs as well as I think she will this filly will not even more today

3  Noted and Quoted   Baffert three-year old filly has run two straight disappointing efforts in a row but appears ready for a significant rebound.......she has rattled off two consecutive impressive bullet works and the last was a sub 112 flat 6F drill and put in only 6 days ago.....seems sharp


race 8    below average clarity

1  Native Treasure  believe Hector Palma has the trump card for this seven-year old as the two works since his 22 April race are rather eye popping......Pena should be able to sit mid pack in a race the should yield a strong set of early hole you is 5 for 20 at the new SA meeting and in general is not as bad as so many talking heads make it out to be

2  Sudden Sam   endurance building 6F work just put in....and seems like the speed of the speed....1 for 1 down the hill and he wired with a nasty set of fractions similar to what it likely will take today

5  Unusual Fleet   like the 50 day break that Baltas gave this fellow......and he sure should get a pace up front to flatter his late run and with one good off pace turf jock up in Nakatani

11  Success Rate

Long-shot consideration:   9  Pound Piece   only one race run since 2013 and that race was in 2015 in a turf route.....but he had talent in sprints in 2013 as a two-year old in GB and he is working like he is in good shape....placed in a low-priced claimer so I doubt this is a gimme


race 9    average clarity

8  Flyin Artie   works scream ready for this 1st time starter from the Palma barn........flashed some strong works in March then backed off some likely to not show too much as to get snatched up by the way of claim........Palma wins his fair share with MC 1st time starters even though he has been a bit chilly with of late.....hope that changes today

7  Adaptability   sure appears better on conventional dirt than the synthetic where it appears she spent too much time racing on......cut back in distance of 3/16ths appears to be a plus endurance wise

2  Lea's Reward   not sure how fit this laid up Kasparoff filly is as she only has 5 works showing hinting she might not have enough foundation put in.....but if she does and fires like she did in her debut with a better trip she can win this race

6  Dolce Tempesta

4  Patience Lady

10  Avaudrey

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