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Santa Anita for Sunday 28 May 2017

Belmont is only 2 weeks away and our special pub with full race card selections and comments will soon be available for purchase at a discount of $5 for only a few days.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

1  Best Two Minutes   might be a good claim by Jack Carava as this gelding exits a key race....and his new conditioner makes one very significant jockey upgrade.....should come motoring late

3  Kenji's Savior   last sure appears to be a gimme running over his noggin in a protected race..... to drop ......come back in only 10 days...... and go go go......and he seems the most likely to grab the lead

2  Jea Jaa   facing better and rated too low if he is still in decent shape......but...... I am not crazy about the four-year old dropping following an improved effort.......especially for a trainer who has only won 3 of his last 45 claiming races


race 2    average clarity

4  Cupid's Beau   most of his career fits well versus today's field but he needs to stay out of trouble as he sure seems to find it......he races at the lowest level of his career today so if he gets a reasonable trip he sure appears to be the one to overcome

1  Gummy   moved forward a little in his 2nd lifetime endeavor both of which were down the hill on the grass.......bit surprising he shows up in a bottom level maiden claimer for his 3rd start and 1st on the dirt......significant plunge in class to win.......or.......claim me please.....will shall see

7  B G's Thunder   decent maiden claiming debut on an off track was run exactly 3 weeks ago on Ky Derby Day......if he handles a fast surface as well and moves forward some he might be rated too low

5  Afendi


race 3    average clarity

7  Charismic   a true route horse as this three-year old gelding has only been placed in one mile routes in all 4 of his lifetime starts on the synthetic at GG......1st on the "real" dirt today but he has always trained at SA so my guess is his trainer and rider believe he will handle it......and his off pace style seems to fit this race with about 4 horses likely to show speed

3  Loud Stalker   believe that Baze will take back some save some and save ground at least thru turn one.......and it sure appears that would be a good move as it appears as if there will be a lively pace in this race

5  Stagecoach Stop   invades from GP and does so off of a 3+ month break......not much showing except for one GP race which likely would win date he has been a need the lead type to win and he likely has top cope with other speed in this spot

2  Spanish Eyes


race 4    average clarity

4  At Ease   has been compromised by some bad trips in his career......last was an OK trip but he was boxed some or could have won the 28 April version of this race......might have something left in the tank for today being block and all......that and the fact this is his 3rd out following a break which historically is a good thing for Hector Palma

1  Heat   much better history down the hill than racing at today's one mile distance but his last was his best two turn grass race of his career and hidden by an uncharacteristically wide trip given by Nakatani......if he runs similar today with a better trip he might be rated too note that he loves to run off of short rest and his last was run off of 8 days.......30 days rest today

8  Hot Ore   very nice two-year old on the grass appears to have badly injured himself in his 1st out at 3 in Feb of 2016.....been away since.....hard to tell if he is fit enough (or meant) 1st out off of such an extended hiatus from the game....... but if he is

3  Plain Wrap


race 5    average clarity

6  Towards the Light  difficult post and field size (14 horses) for a 1st time starter......that and the fact he had soft support at the windows tells me we will see much more today from this D'Amato 2nd time starter.....and I sure like his last 3 drills which are fast and only space 6 days apart.....good shot to stalk the lead and be a major factor down the stretch

1  Bird Orr Brady   so so in his 2nd lifetime start where our 3rd choice showed much more.....but what we want is his effort in his MSW debut where he showed very good speed and faded late in a field loaded with talent......recent a.m. work hints we will see that race and maybe more

2  Red Lightning   bet hard at the windows as our top pick in his debut which was quite eventful where was blocked and checked about 3 times and did very well to beat 11 of 13 why 3rd selection you ask...... I am a touch leery that he was very pointed for his debut and he might regress some....but if he doesn't and gets a decent trip he should have been placed on top

5  Topgallant


race 6    average clarity

4  Love Recipe   dueled in decent pace in her 2nd lifetime start and 1st on the dirt....and she did so on a dull the cut back in distance and the fact that the 7 lbs bug boy Roman (who is a stellar 25 % win in sprints) is put up....solid recent 5F work to boot......should be in the hunt from the get go and hopefully has something left for the stretch

9  Princess Dorian    solid maiden claiming debut as the favorite and ran too good to lose......had about 5 lengths of trip trouble and only was beaten by1 1/4 for the four furlong work since......smartly and deservedly stepped up out of MC

5  Council Woman   poor history for Sean McCarthy with 1st ti e starters but this filly has put in copious furlongs of work and draws Gary Stevens.....seems dangerous

2  Right to the Point


race 7    average clarity

3  Itsinthepost   Baze/Mullins and with an individual in very good form right now and is able to compete successfully from any early position....that and a good post gives Baze many options....good chance for his 3rd consecutive Grade 2 win

6  Up With Birds   came roaring home in his alw prep race for today....should be more than ready for today's challenge of a Grade 2 race of 10 furlongs of sod......and has the backing of the top turf trainer and rider on the SA grounds at least at the moment in D'Amato & Prat

2  Ashleyluvssugar   when I saw the fractions being cut out by this gelding in his latest I thought "she wins" but she quit with a soft make a rebound or she will falter even worse today in a predictably quicker early pace

7  Frank Conversation


race 8    average clarity

1  Trap Queen   very solid work regiment for this Machowsky 1st time starter with some good speed works as well has some good endurance building works put in....and mom has tossed 2 winners from 2 guess is she can be in the hunt from the get go with a decent start

3  Lil Grazen   on the right end of the learning curve and gets Prat for the 1st time....and Prat has won 3 of his last 7 with the other 4 hitting the board when teaming up with Miyadi....not too shabby

5  Hailey Rachele   five-year old 1s time starter is training nicely over at Slr as if she can run some and her pedigree suggests she will be quick early which is usually a good thing in three and up MSW races at SA



race 9    average clarity

7  Summer Lady   away since Jan but owns a very strong work series for the likes of Miyadi who does not push them hard in the a.m.....rather sure this gal is ready fresh....and the last two times this mare raced down the hill her races were strong and somewhat disguised....should be in the hunt from the get go

3  Little Bit Lovely   the new jock sensation down the Santa Anita hill grass course.....Ramon Guce.....go recent 4F work hints Guce can make it a perfect 3 for 3 on this Carava five-year old mare

5  Comealongwithme   recent a.m. work is vastly better and look who wants the mount......Pratt......race 3 back also down the hill fits and it was run off of a 47 days rest.......43 days rest this time around and with the aforementioned better work tab showing........hmmm

8  Not Too Shiny

6  Miz Strawberry Dee





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