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Del Mar for Friday 21 July 2017

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Southern Treasure   ultra consistent since the blinkers were taken off 8 races back (8 5 1 2)....and won her lone effort ever run on conventional dirt......should be in the mix from the opening bell and has the advantage of being able to stalk and win if need be

1  Sidepocket Run  toss out her last as she was in a bit over her head.....race 2 back fits as does her only race run at 6 1/2F on the dirt at Del Mar.....runs well fresh and she is 7 weeks "fresh" today

7  Goliath's Girl   Jerry Hollendorfer four-year old filly owns a very good history running off of very short rest........14 days since her latest qualifies for that

8  Nazareth

Long-shot consideration:  5  Briana Jean   well placed to win and she has had a good career running on conventional dirt which of course we have at Del Mar these days.........should be part of the front end things......rather decent at going eye to eye and still hanging in there.....few are


race 2    average clarity

5  Ceanup Hitter   quite the awakening with the blinkers taken off and the strength of the effort is disguised by a wide trip around both turns up on the pace......not a good place to be usually......Hess is good with the sprint-route-sprint maneuver and that is the case the switch in riders to Desormeaux who is often the trainer's go to guy.......3 for their last 8 over the last 2 months

8  Bloodletting   another with a strong better than par move in the  desired direction........the race fits solidly here but this gelding has a little more to prove at 7F as his latest was the abbreviated sprint distance of only 5F

7  L. A. Tower   rider upgrade and his a.m work hints his last which was a 9F turf race muscled him up some.......that and he should have good endurance coming off of a 9F affair to handle the extended sprint distance of 7F

3  Colonel Power


race 3    average clarity

7  Pacific Wind   impressive in all three lifetime races all on the sod with includes a 2nd and a 3rd in two Graded races.....and this filly gets a rider upgrade to one of the top grass riders in  California in Pratt.......hard not to like this Eurton youngster

4  Helen Hillary   improved in her latest and that is rather subtle as there was a total lack of pace in the race and she just missed upsetting at 7 to 1 from mid since have never looked better.....believe she shows better speed today and should be no worse than 2 wide going into turn one.....and the D'A is one dangerous turf trainer

5  Meadow Sweet   might have won this level last out in her 2nd lifetime start if she hadn't drifted out on the 1st the switch to Desormeaux who won his lone mount for Clifford Sise over the last 2 months

3  La Force


race 4    average clarity

2  Candyman Garret   works sure appear rather strong at Rui & Sun for this Henry Dominquez 1st time starter who is realistically sire is off to a good start and mom has tossed 4 winners from 5 starters including a Stakes winner

7  Michael Mundo   best of those who have raced and enters for 40K to get an additional 4 lbs his is racing with 6 lbs less than his debut......hard not to see as a major player in this two-year old maiden claimer

9  Texas Wedge   another who appears ready to roll 1st out of the box off of a good-looking work tab........and one stout rider/trainer combo in Roman and in 11 for their last 23....yikes!

4  Royal Trump


race 5    average clarity

3  Jet Set Man   extremely fast 1st quarter down the hill in his MSW debut for this Koriner laid up gelding who is training as if he will fly early once again.....and this go around he will only need to stick five furlongs.....all that and he gets a weight break with Roman up.....very dangerous turf speed

6  Eight Spokes   2 wins to date and both were run fresh off of the bench like count him "ready".......and our top choice should make for one fast pace attempting to put away quite a few others who want the front end.......sure seems set for this fellow to be closing fast in the late stages

5  Elegant Tanner   very dangerous high win percentage N Cal trainer in John Martin (30% with his last 225).....and he is just as solid with shippers and the 1st time he runs a given horse on the sod

8  Plate Side


race 6    average clarity

7  Distinctive B   can really fire a number when he brings his "A game" and he appears to be fully fit off of strong work series for his 1st out in more than 1/2 of a year.....superb history when today's rider Tyler Baze is aboard (5 2 3 0)

9  American Pastime   done little wrong in 3 lifetime starts but he did fall off some in his latest despite winning.......last race has some chance at victory but what we want is either one of his 1st two endeavors

1  Blameitonthelaw   might have never been as sharp in the a.m. than he is right now.......likely needs his very best and might be up to it

5  Percy's Bluff



race 7    average clarity

2  Corps de Ballet   on the improve with each and every race (final time and early speed) since Richard Baltas took over 4 races back.....very wide thru-out in her latest and still was able to win a nw2 alw race.....had the post 9 that day......gets 2 post today.......same effort with a predictably better trip and she will be tough to overcome

4  Mrs McDougle   Mandella gets one heck of a nice pick up of an East coast Chad Brown horse with two Graded Stakes wins......away since September but copious furlongs of work put into this filly.....likely meant and ready

7  Madame Stripes   on the right end of the learning curve and if the trend continues today she can have something to say about the outcome of this race

9  Symposium


race 8    average clarity

3  Ubobtainable    nice work tab showing numerous drills and quite a few of them are works of merit especially considering the level of racing.....trainer is better than average with MSW 1st starters......Gonzalez/Kitchingman combo are 2 for their last 7

1  Suit of Lights   pressed a solid pace for a two-year old Cal-bred 1st timer and ended up with a decent final time....might have benefited from the effort and the fact that Miller goes to his go to guy in Arroyo hints that he has

8  Hot Decision   just bought at sale 2 months ago so the connections got a good look at what they were getting.....and the works sure suggest he is ready enough to compete for the top prize in his MSW debut

9  Continental Divide

14  AE Blackhawk Beauty

10  Southern Warlord

7  Time for Cioppino


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