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Del Mar for Sunday 6 August 2017

See you Wednesday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Freddies Dream   very consistent racing on the dirt and might he be best at today's one mile distance......a.m. work hints he has held form and he did win his last........that and he catches a soft looking bunch of foes.......1st on the Dmr surface is a ? mark

1  Old Man Lake   very consistent at Del Mar on the dirt (7 1 1 4) .......and he is running following a route race this time around which should help him have more pop in the late stretch when push comes to shove

3  Que Chistoso   seemingly fits fine here ability wise 1st out following the Hess claim....and when Hess legs up his buddy Desormeaux he is often at his most dangerous......but.....he comes from out of it usually and if he does today that might compromise his chances as the race lacks speed


race 2    average clarity

5  Zuzanna   deadly team of Hess/Desormeaux again and this time with what I believe to be the horse to beat......three year old filly is consistent on the sod and she won for fun (by an average of 4 lengths) the only 2 times she has been in a claiming race......and she races for the extra purse money as a shipper from out of state.....such a deal

3  Simmy's Temple   seems like the most dangerous of the off pace runners and gets 1st time Prat on her back.....filly has competed over her head for a good portion of her career but she is not today

4  Mo'vette   believe Mr. Baltas has figured something out about this filly as her a.m. work is vastly better since her last and the fact that he raises her up in claiming supports the notion.......and she owns a couple of solid back figs/efforts and they were at Dmr on the turf

6  Tink's Twirl

Long-shot consideration:   1  Holy Mosey  last sure appeared to be a needed sprint tune-up off of the long layoff to prepare for today's new endeavor....that being 1st on the grass.....and with her pedigree I believe she has a good chance to be a "turf move up"......lookout if she is


race 3    below average clarity

1  Wish You Were Mine   a good portion of Hollendorfer's MSW 1st out wins come from two-year old filly MSW 1st timers.....many gate works say ready....and so does the fact Smith is up......might prove to be a bargain (only $45K at sale)

10  Gas Station Sushi   believe this Baltas 1st time starter is ready to roll in her MSW rider/trainer team......and copious drills which ended with 3 tightly spaced wind her up works....that and Baltas and friends got a good look at what they were getting for their $240K as she was bought in March

8  My Princess Taylor   exits a very fast heat of MSW runners where running 7th isn't as bad as it appears.....that and she adds blinkers for her 2nd start.....blinkers on - Maldonado up - Miller trained.....seems highly likely to show a lot more early zip today

7  Time to Play


race 4    average clarity

4  Atomic Rule   most of his career fits well here and he should get a nice ground saving trip near the lead in an affair that lacks speed types....that my friends is a dangerous proposition for the opposition when Prat is in the saddle

6  Pepper Crown   solid history racing at today's turf distance (9 3 3 1).....1st on the Dmr turf but the horse's coming from GG turf are handling the Dmr course just fine....trainer is 2 for 5 at the meet so far

3  Lindante   one horse trainer has his meal ticket training sharply and appears to have a great spot to compete in......T C Baze will likely sit 1st or 2nd by the back-side and slow things his chances on this Nestor Capitaine runner if he does

7  Banze No Oeste


race 5    average clarity

2  Smokem   solid winning his MSW debut  just 15 days ago....and was able to put in a nice 3F reassuring work since......retains Roman and the way in which he is riding losing his 5 lbs off for this Stakes race in no big deal

3  Bookies Luck   finally ran like he has been bet in start number three.....and the strong a.m. work since hints he benefited physically and/or educationally  from the win.....should be a major player

4  Schulace   two-year old gelding has done little wrong in two lifetime starts and gets Bejarano back in the saddle after being absent in his 2nd start........and you have to appreciate that the youngster has been easy two handle in his two racing endeavors

11  Continental Divide

Long-shot consideration:   8  Get Em Up Scout   leaped forward in his 2nd lifetime start and is racing back in 10 days rest......might have exited his MSW breaking win in great shape....if that is so he might be up to another significant move in the desired direction


race 6    average clarity   

3  Microrithms   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  won debut like a good thing....and then in his 2nd start he had little chance at making it two for two as he dueled on a dull inside at Lrc.....1st on the sod but well-bred for it....and he retains the red-hot bug boy and his 5 lbs off

6  Gutsy Ruler   best at the 5F turf distance and he is coming off of one of his best races ever down th SA logically speaking he might pop his best ever in a 5F grass race

9  Bottle Rocket   another who appears best suited to these 5F grass sprints......connections will have their fingers crossed that there will be a lively pace to help out their late runner

2  El Tovar

Long-shot consideration:   1  Exotic Ghost   Carnac says, "I can see this three-year old appreciating 5F on the turf and sneaking thru on the rail for an upset win or a piece of the pie" (for those under 50 Google it)


race 7    average clarity

5  Whodat   solid MSW debut and today we get one significant rider recent 5F work.........definitely will be a major player if he holds form in his 2nd lifetime start

1  Shackalov   goofy race in debut running quite the Z pattern....showed plenty of energy......should be solid here if the youngster learned something about racing form his MSW debut

8  Blackhawk Beauty   good looking work regiment for this Jeff Bonde 1st time starter....and Bonde wins his fair share 1st out of the box with a youngster.....likely owns speed with Maldonado named as the rider

9  Take the One O One


race 8    average clarity

6  Caribuu Club   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  most of Proctor's easy coast invaders have been bet hard but this colt was not and yet he still ran decently 18 days ago.....that and he seems best 2nd out after a break.....and....... he appreciates very firm turf and the Dmr turf  seems to be is quickening almost daily

7  Sharp Samurai   Glatt is 0 for his last 25 (and likely more than that) in Graded races....that might end here with this three-year old who is vastly improved since switching to the turf.....and what a show Stevens put on yesterday winning from the outer-most post (10 & 12 post) in two grass routes

2  Colonist   1st on the sod and 1st racing with blinkers.......and what a good spot for the "blinks on" because if he handles the grass he has a good chance to save ground on or just off of the lead in a race that on paper suggests you will want to be one of the front-runners

4  Placido


race 9    average clarity

7  Sunset Grill   big move forward 2nd out of career last Fall at Dmr.......2nd out after a layoff today and with very stout works showing.....break out the champagne Iggy might get his 1st win of 2017

3  Gato Dulce   very consistent but appears to be somewhat of a time blinkers appears not be a good move to change his focus some......hopefully for the better

6  Orejas   not sure if this gelding will benefit from his layoff race as he might be a one and done type....but if he does he might be rated too low

8  Whisky Ginger

1  Colonial Power

2  True Force



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