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Del Mar for Wednesday 16 August 2017

Not the easiest of cards to break down as you can tell by the "clarity ratings".

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Little Bit Lovely   goofy race in last as this speedy mare sat off of one slow set of fractions for a 5F grass race.......so.......I sure like that Stevens sticks around who I doubt will let that happen again

7  Wedding Blush   back to Baze who got the most out of this five-year old mare two races back....and back in short rest which she hasn't been able to do in quite some time but she responds to it positively when she does get the opportunity

1  Not Too Shiny   7-year-old mare making only her 24th start owns a good history in abbreviated turf sprints including at Del Mar......she should be a factor late if she gets adequate pace up front

3  Song of Ekati


race 2    average clarity

2  Candyman Garret    our top choice in his MC debut did nothing wrong as he caught a monster in his debut and did well to run 2nd beaten by 6L....here is our comment prior to her debut, " works sure appear rather strong at Rui & Sun for this Henry Dominquez 1st time starter who is realistically placed......new sire is off to a good start and mom has tossed 4 winners from 5 starters including a Stakes winner"......like the step up in MC as it hints he exited his debut in good shape

1  Wild Verse   takes that ever magical drop from MSW racing the maiden claiming.....and gets one significant rider upgrade.....and he just worked the best drill of his young life and did so only 5 days ago

3  Charming Gent   works over at Slr sure suggest this Baltas 1st time starter is ready to roll as the drills are numerous and with few nice looking 5F gate works to finish off his a.m. preparation

6  Dramatic Ride


race 3    average clarity

1  Indriya   trainer is doing decently with limited starters at the Dmr meeting so far and might add to his ( 5 1 1 0) record here.......five year old mare is training very stoutly and she has a couple of solid back numbers at 5F on the turf at Dmr which are better than her last which was run 4 weeks ago.....and we get a positive rider switch

7  Sturdy One   very consistent racing in abbreviated turf sprints and seems more than deserving of today's step up of one allowance level......sits on the toughest post in the race but Arroyo has options as this mare can race from off the pace or on the lead with success

3  Easy Grader   rather dull race in her last which was also at 5F on the Dmr turf......but her recent 4F work hints at a rebound as does the fact that Bejarano stays put for Eddie Truman who almost always gives Raffy live runners

4  Cuyathy


race 4    average clarity

4  Trickonimics  three-year old has shown the best early speed in the field and now adds blinkers.......rider upgrade.....drops into maiden claiming for the 1st time......Bonde is looking for only his 2nd win at the meeting and might get it here

6  Sunday Nap   trainer Dean Peterson's limited stock has been running way better than they looked to me on paper so I better get on the band wagon........cut back in distance should be a plus for this gelding.....sharp recent work......dangerous

8  Decarchy Dawn   seems like the best of the off pace runners.....so if the 4, 5 and 6 all go after the lead this colt will have a decent shot at putting on the cap and gown this afternoon

2  Lucky With You


race 5   below average clarity

1  Terrys Tom Cat   all 3 lifetime turf races fit well here and his latest run 24 days ago is disguised by a slightly tardy start and running somewhat wide.....2 very nice drills since and a much better post for Gutierrez to work with......should go off a handsome price

6  Sky Preacher   sat way too far back in his latest with a rider who does little racing on the turf......jock upgrade today especially for a turf race........Baze seems likely to have the "Preacher" closer to the front this afternoon.......good history running off of short rest like today

4  To the Bar   should get a nice trip sitting 1st or 2nd with the light weight bug boy and leading rider up.......Ellis is dangerous with two pertinent trainer categories in this spot........1st time in claiming and 3rd out following a long layoff

9  Abbey Vale


race 6    below average clarity

4  Jill Madden   sure hope it is Bonde/Bejarano day......how did they do in race 4?.......like the turf to dirt scenario for this filly who has done little wrong in two lifetime route dirt races .......she should be in the hunt from the opening bell

2  Coronado Cool   seems best on conventional dirt (5 0 2 3).....(9 1 1 0) other surfaces.....another who is running turf to dirt.......two turns is a question mark but the meets leading rider is up and with his 5 lbs off to help this girl get the one mile distance

10  Anita G.   two reassuring works since her last which is by far her best to date and better than par.......should have rated higher if she wasn't stuck starting from the far outside.....apprentice rider Laura Werner sure has done well in routes and actually owns a higher win % or in than money % in dirt routes than Roman....albeit with a smaller sampling

7  Honor Maker


race 7    below average clarity

6  Decked Out  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  tune-up for bigger and better things down the road for this laid up Grade 1 winner?.....maybe to some degree but the work regiment also hints she is fit enough to possibly take down this cheap Stakes race

3  Responsibleforlove    should own the front end here and if she is allowed to slow things down too much she lucky will not be caught....retains Talamo who is riding well......and she has gotten to work 4 straight times on the Del Mar grass....such a deal

8  Goldy Espony   nice east coast marathon runner winds up in the Baffert barn.....believe Mike Smith will stalk our 2nd pick thus enhancing his chances and that of our 2nd pick....if he doesn't he likely will do them both in and help out our top and 4th choices

2  Dreamarcher


race 8    below average clarity

6  Quiet No More   strong 2nd turn move in latest and just what you want to see since....as in a vastly improved preparatory work ......and Bejarano sticks around for a 5th straight time

3  Of Note    was away 7 1/2 weeks but in the meantime Matt Chew has put a strong series of endurance building works into his filly who attempted a route for the 1st time in her latest but also with the blinkers off for the first....tossed a clunker......puts blinkers back on and drops again back in 7 days......only cost 20K at sale....in for 20K......hmmm

1  Hotsy Dotsy   showed the best dirt speed of her career the only time she raced with blinkers on which was run 5 races back....back on today.....looking for Baze to go after the front......and she has shown good endurance albeit in turf routes .....very dangerous

2  Oh Scotty

4  Chileanna

5  Amaranta