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Del Mar for Sunday 20 August 2017

Nice card for a Sunday at Del Mar. Be back with you this Wednesday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Ramona Lover   drops significantly and owns the kind of ES the should open up a very nice lead......provided of course she has remained in relatively good health

5  Bona Fide Image   filly gets to run at a shorter sprint distance one which should enhance her chances of holding together.....and she should get a nice stalk position behind our top choice who is a little suspect health wise with the big drop in MC

1  Flower Heart Deer   drop makes sense as this Eurton filly has only earned  one check (a 3rd place check) in 4 lifetime starts.....bug boy Roman has come down to earth as he has cooled off lately..... but..... might get the ball rolling again here

3  Sea Code


race 2    average clarity

3  Aristocratic   drops down and seemingly with the best early speed in the field......reassuring recent decent 4 furlong work at Dmr.......1st time with Prat on his back and Prat has won 5 of his last 11 mounts over a 2 month period for Callaghan

6  One I'm Running To   turf to dirt scenario 2nd out following the Glatt claim.....very little support at the windows in the race hinting the grass race was just a muscled him up public work-out....gets in 7 lbs less than everyone else with the 5 lbs bug + 2 lbs for entering for 35K

4  Regal Born   made a strong move in his last to the 6F mark of the race but found 7F too far to handle......back to 6F today and if the 3, 5, and 6 all battle it out up front his off pace chances are enhanced


race 3    average clarity

6  Ready Aim   sprint-route-sprint maneuver is a strong one for Mandella......somewhat suspicious drop......but not too much as Prat is willing to ride for the 1st time.....if this colt pops his race two back he should be very tough

9  Hawks Peak   nowheresville in his lone start almost a year ago at Der Mar for one MC level higher......but......returns s a 1st time gelding and is training as if the surgery has done him a world of good.....and Glatt can be dynamite with laid up horses returning in a sprint race

1  Artistic Ab   blinkers on in his latest led to his best ever......might feel awfully good as Belvoir wheels him back off of short rest.....might have considering him higher if it wasn't for one difficult post with the gap in 6 1/2 dirt races at Dmr

2  Charming Morty


race 4    average clarity

5  Pantsonfire   impressive U S of A debut as she could have won by daylight if she wasn't boxed up and since sure hint she will even show more this afternoon......Baltas and company seemed to be headed to the circle of joy if they get a good trip from Nakatani

7  Scandal   seconditis for sure but Smith gets the most out of this hanger and actually crossed the wire 1st with her once only to get DQ'ed.....blinkers go on today and the only time she had them on in a route it was arguably her career best....and it was Dmr ......and at 1 1/16..... and with Smith....such a deal

9  Eternal Endeavor   very solid maiden debut way back in January on the AW in Ireland.......been away since.......bred fine for the sod and draws Prat which is usually quite dangerous when Powell is the trainer

1  Literary Critic


race 5    average clarity

4  Dreamy Gal   last race might do the trick but what we want is her race 2 back which likely would.....and she owns the best early speed in the race and with a good speed rider up.....solid rider/trainer combo in Baze/Mullins......hard not to like

6  Candy Ruler   both races run fresh fit well here (typical of Glatt) .....the other two do will need to break the mold this afternoon.....seems like a good sign that Stevens gets the assignment on her

7  All of a Sudden   plenty of upside for this filly today who has been ridden by Ocampo in all 5 of her lifetime starts........leading ride Prat is up many lengths is that worth?.......we might find out today

2  Jenna's Faith

Long-shot consideration:  3  Haveiture Way   lifetime best was the only time this filly ran off of short rest (20 days) and it was with a significant upgrade in riders from E Hernandez to Baze.......runs off of 23 days rest today and the rider change and upgrade this time is E Hernandez to Theriot......hmmm


race 6    below average clarity

9  Kenzou's Rhythm   history when Gonzo rides is stellar with 4 wins and a 3rd in 5 mounts......meets leading training at the helm who is terrific with his grass stock.....hard not to like

6  Knight's Dream   last sure appeared to be a spin around the turf course in a protected race (run off of a 2 months break )to drop and be fully fit in his 2nd out after the Ruiz claim.....trainer is more than capable of popping at a handsome price

3  Write a Candidate   bad race with the blinkers on in today and runs as a 1st time gelding......Hess has been winning with these invaders taking advantage of the extra money being offered......why stop now

10  Van Cortland

Long-shot consideration:   4  Sahara Storm   much better post today for Ocampo to work with....improved in latest and that is somewhat hideen.....rider is not afraid to ride the wood......and if he does and finds a hole this Keith Desormeaux colt might upset the apple cart


race 7    average clarity

11  Plane Lucky   the two scratches in this race should help out this speed type from the Baltas she has only a couple of other speed horses to deal with instead of doubt she will be caught wide on the turn.....sure appears pumped up and ready fresh off of some stout a.m. work.....good history with Bejarano up (7 2 3 0)

8  Pleasant as Pie   like the turf to dirt scenario for an Ellis runner especially competing 3rd out following a layoff which historically is one of his strongest trainer pace runner should be flying late

5  Classy Tune   improving sort might be able to wrestle the lead away from the 10 and 11 and anyone else......Prat has steadily turned into a good dirt sprint speed rider since arriving in S Cal

9  Discatsonthesquare


race 8    average clarity

3  Bali Bali   8 for 12 at today's turf distance and even better than that when the turf is firm......handles ample time between starts and gets it today......and when Smith and Mandella team up you can count on a very "live" runner

2  Om    loves to stalk the lead and if I am right about the ML favorite not being at his best than this fellow will be in the drivers seat turning for home

1  Vyjack   D'Amato is slowing turning this fellow into a top grass horse and Prat and his agent concur as he rides him for the 6th straight time this afternoon......dangerous sort


race 9    average clarity

3  St. Patrick's Day  you think Baffert would like to win 1st out of the box with this colt......full brother to TCW American tab is stellar...... topped off with a 112hg bullet work just 7 days ago

9  Honeymoon Over   works sure hint that his latest which was in a route grass race really muscled him up like only a grass race can do sometimes.....and the fact that it was at 8 furlongs should also give him much more endurance than he has been showing......dangerous sort

6  Jungle Warfare   moved forward in his 2nd lifetime start to run a solid 2nd with a gap of about 10L to 3rd....still might not even more today if our top 2 selections run the race that I think they will

10  Zatter


race 10    average clarity

8  Arethusa   might be a very good claim by Mullins as mare broke poorly and ran way too wide earning an adjusted for trouble Santucci fig that is about 3 or 4 lengths better than par for today's higher level.....Mulllins uses his main guy in T C Baze.......mare seems to like the Dmr turf

4  Bombilate   ignore her number in her last as she closed well in a pace-less race where a "legit" was impossible...... likely to move forward in her 2nd race in the USA.......another 1/2 furlong of turf today should help her out....woulds be our top if it wasn't for a chance she might have to cope with a slow paced affair again

2  Hacktivism   exits the same lack of pace race as our 2nd choice and was even further out of it but like the 4 she showed plenty of life in the stretch......rider upgrade today and this filly usually has enough early gas to sit close.....with the lack of speed in here I expect her new rider gives her a ground saving up close position....should be a price

3  Ok Doll

7  Brooks House

10  Pistol Packin Rose


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