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Los Alamitos for Saturday 16 September 2017

Feeling good despite a little jet lag following a little R & R in Barcelona Spain.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Hi Heat Boy   drops off of a layoff and does so as a first time gelding......and the a.m. work in preparation for today's race suggests the operation has made a difference.....we shall see

4  Adventurous   cuts maiden claiming price in half which seems necessary.......seems likely to get a nice stalk position behind our 3rd selection

1  Malibu d'Oro   the mostly likely to get the lead in this field....and that is a good thing as he seems to need it to compete as witnessed by his last race....was sharp in the a.m. prior to his last and remains sharp in the morning.....gate to wire threat


race 2    average clarity

6  Wheresthemoneyjack   last two times this fellow dropped he ran 1st and 2nd......drops today...... 1 for 1 at today's 7F distance and the effort was his lifetime the race which was run 3 back at SA he was caught very wide up on the pace....still won going away at the wire......1st at Lrc is a ? mark

4  Rafter One   last two races fit decently at today's level especially the effort two back........rather consistent in one turn races.......7 panels seems to be within his reach

2  My Golden One   very consistent racing on conventional dirt fast tracks.....but he does have something to prove sprinting or I would have rated his chances higher


race 3    average clarity

2  Warrior Vixen   only four-year old in the field......gets the meets leading rider and his 5 lbs break.....seems very solid if she holds form 3rd out following a break.....should be motoring late

3  Eye of the River   sprint-sprint-route maneuver and racing turf to dirt for 3rd lifetime start and drops from MSW to MC 30K........decent endurance building 6F works.....seems dangerous

6  Of Note   a strong likelihood this Matt Chew three-year old filly will get loose on the front in this spot lacking has the potential to pop the best race of her life if she finds being loose on the lead to her liking


race 4    average clarity

2  Coronado Cool   best early gas in the field and with the hot bug boy and his weight break in the saddle.......drops one level......only race at Lrc fits fine.....hard not to like and place as top pick

4  It's Not So Easy   at her best racing off of short rest and that is the case today.....also preforms well sprint to route and that also is the case for this afternoon's race

5  Zanab   in decent form right now and like our top two selections she drops a notch......but........she sure likes to hang in the stretch


race 5    above average clarity

2  Chatty   very strong MSW debut at Del Mar on August 12th nearly cracking the 58 flat barrier despite veering out (losing 2 or 3 lengths) at the start from the outer-most post........trainer has had a solid 2017.......very formidable he she runs as well on the Lrc surface

6  Saint Tropez   Miller 2nd time starter has dangerous early speed and likely will move forward with a race under her bell......leading rider up and with his 5 lbs off.......and .......with only 5 1/2 furlongs to run he might be tough to wheel in

4  Summer's Indy   dangerous looking work tab for this D'Amato first time starter and the works are at Los Alamitos.....both speed and endurance has been put into this two-year old filly

3  Angels N Devidogs


race 6    average clarity

4  Prince Charmant   trainer knows how to win races (30% over his last 275) and especially 1st following a claim which was the case for this fellow's last endeavor......that race fits just fine at today's higher level......and John Martin is 35% win with claimer repeaters over his last 200.....hard stats to ignore

3  Pat the Bear   last fits very well both final time wise and pace wise at today's lower level.......but the conditioner is only 1 for 58 in 2017 which makes it hard to put this five-year old on top considering the gaudy stats for the trainer of our top pick-a-rue

2  Hackleton    1 for 1 at today's distance and when examining his recent races at longer sprint distances it sure appears he needs a cut back in distance......and.....he ran well in his only race on the Lrc surface

8  Swiss Cheese


race 7    average clarity

5  Avicii   as of this writing Kent Desormeaux has made the lost of his only two starts at the meeting winning both......and it appears as if Miller has given him a very live horse who is likely feeling good as he is up for a price where he likely will be snatched up at the claiming box

9  Alpenhorn   2 for 2 when Maldonado has been up and 0 for 2 when he hasn't been......runs well "fresh" and she is 7 weeks fresh today......should be motoring late with ample speed signed up to flatter her off pace style

4  Go On Mary   seems best at today's 6F distance and really woke-up in her latest with 1st time blinkers......that race might do the trick and she might build on her latest effort.......lookout if she does

1  Lake Time


race 8    average clarity

1  Ismelucky   best races/figs and she appears to be loose in this spot....trainer Jeff Bonde is hot at the new meeting and likely will have this two-year old ready.....hard not to like in a field of mostly maidens

3  Exuberance   still a maiden but she ran well in her lone start and I like the way in which she finished up past the work since.....should be fully cranked for her 2nd lifetime endeavor

8  My Claw   nothing special about both of her lifetime races but she sure appears as if another full furlong of ground to cover will be a plus and likely won't be for many in this field of nine

9  Shaken Memories


race 9    average clarity

8  Tiz Love   been away since March but one of his three wins was off of a two month layoff and he also won his maiden debut at 1st asking and you can't get any "fresher" than he is capable off of the bench and returns to the race wars with the potential to be better as a 1st time gelding

9  Luckarack   deservedly steps up in class quite a bit following a strong 5F win at Lrc just 8 days ago.....decent history back in two or three weeks.....but can he handle the turnaround of only a weeks and a day.....we shall find out

6  Overcome   much-needed drop (and yet still in a protected (can't be claimed) spot) should make this Jeffery Metz five-year old gelding a major player in the nightcap.....handles the surface and also the 5 1/2 furlong distance

7  Casuality

4  Tiz Jolie

2  Templar



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