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Santa Anita for Sunday 8 October 2017

Not an easy race card today. Might need quite a few good trips to end up having a good day. Be back with you Monday in what appears to be a good card.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

8  Speakers   all four lifetime races are at one mile on the grass and they all fit here......and two of those efforts are disguised by poor ever was his lone grass race at SA and it was his debut....and that seems significant as Gallagher is bad with 1st time starters likely by design

1  Moonshine Annie   looking to see her race 4 races back......break off 7 weeks since her last might freshen her up and awaken her.....if so she might by up to her effort 4 back which would fit fine here

4  My Pi Romance   appreciates ample time between starts and Desormeaux shows patience and gives it to her.......her game is going to the front and try to hang on.....should be able to get loose here......Prat knows her well have been aboard for all 7 lifetime races

6  R Sunday Surprise


race 2    average clarity

1  Omerta   trained so so prior to her MC debut and had no play on the board......since the debut this filly has trained impressively.....that and she gets a rider upgrade....and that rider Kent Desormeaux has won 4 of his last 6 mounts riding for Jeff Bonde

3  Snaked   hidden debut for this Miyadi filly as she broke slowly and then rushed to grab the lead by the quarter in an unsustainable pace......same speed with a good start and she should be loose and very dangerous

4  Krissys Manicre   poor trips in both lifetime starts which were in MSW affairs.....been away since 23 July but she is working as if she is totally ready for her return to the race wars......Baltas/Bejarano at the helm.....such a deal

5  Spritualist


race 3    above average clarity

5  Pulpit Rider   gimme/go led to one strong MSW win and the effort is par like for today's tougher gimme this afternoon for start number three

7  Family Girl   tough to split the top two choices as the youngster has also displayed plenty of talent......blinkers on and for a trainer getting his mojo back......and that is saying something when the trainer is Peter Miller

6  Silverspun Pickup   needs to improve about 6L to compete with our top two selections as she won her debut but in a lackluster time......she has trained like her MSW debut win has muscled her up what degree is the ? mark

1  Empress of Lov


race 4    below average clarity

2  Trust Fund Kitty   toss her MSW debut at GP which was on the turf as she lost all chance getting hammered at the start......2nd start 3 months later was on the dirt and it was good effort at Dmr.......back to the grass for start number three and she sure is well-bred for it

4  Factorofwon   nice move forward in 2nd lifetime start should set her up well for her 1st on the grass which she is well-bred to handle....... and maybe always pointed to

7  Fracas   showed some life on the grass in latest on the 24th of August at Dmr......but......will likely need a move forward to get to the circle of joy......trainer has had a great year so maybe that move is in the cards

6  Camino Song


race 5    average clarity

5  Unique Belle   not only runs like a superstar by she trains like she is from a different planet.......Breeders Cup win is next

3  Bad Ju Ju   never better and another 1/2 furlong should be a plus.....but a monster stands in her way unless of course she has a bad in they aren't machines

4  Princess Karen   should be on the lead but with you know who breathing down her neck

6  Dis Smart Cat


race 6    below average clarity

5  Norwegian Spy  scratched the other day for this softer spot which in S Cal is usually strong move....... much more so than any circuit I can recall........last two racing endeavors fit fine.....1st time Prat

8  What A Ten   vet scratch on 15 Sept and in a protected race is alarming.....but......2 for 2 on the dirt and the races were with Maldonado up and at SA......maybe not the kind you would want to claim but could consider supporting at the windows

4  Sly Humor   Cerin must like what he sees with his new shooter as he doubles her claiming price 1st out following the claim....and he also entices Roman to stick around and the bug boy has down ell riding this filly

2  Gemini Journey


race 7    average clarity

9  Vegas Vic   good race.....better race.....stellar race...... that stellar race would have made for graduation day in about 90% of MSW affairs since suggest he has held form.....1st on the grass with a good pedigree for it.....terrific turf trainer in D'Amato

5  Bold Papa   2 of his last 3 races fit solidly for the level and one of them was down the hill.....should be arriving late on the scene and maybe with a flourish

2  Tatar   on the improve with each and every race.....not impossible if the trend stays intact and he handles his 1st down the majestic SA hill grass course

8  Catfish Hunter


race 8    below average clarity

2  Nardo   by far at his best at SA and especially so at 6 1/2 furlongs....... and Puype sees fit to drop him 2 claiming levels likely to take advantage of the SA surface before things switch to Del Mar.....Prat sticking around supports the notion

4  Native Treasure   last two dirt races fit solidly here......but.....they were run turf to dirt.....he will need to produce similar today racing dirt to dirt.....tough call but dangerous

1  Jes Jaa   2 wins and a 3rd since Glatt claimed........but........he was a voided claim 2 back which obviously is a concern........but then again Glatt kicks his four year old up two levels

8  Tasunke Witco


race 9    average clarity

2  Crown the Kitten   by far at his best racing on the grass at the distance of eight furlongs.....last three grass races run all fit well in this spot.......good post with the same rider up in Pedroza......should be a major player if this five year old gelding holds form

1  Lord of Chaos   8 post - 8 post - 1 post today......Theriot - Theriot - Bejarano today.......1st out following the Morey claim is usually a very dangerous proposition when he names a top rider like Raffy

8  A Red Tie Day   suspicious drop of multiple levels......but Baltas gets Nakatani to ride and he has been very selective not riding very many but with great success......tough call

3  Burger and Fries

5  Buymeabond

4  Secreto Primero  

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