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Santa Anita for Thursday 26 October 2017

Plenty of good racing to enjoy in S Cal with 9 race days in the next 11. And of course highlighted by the excitement of the first Breeders Cup at Del Mar which is only 8 days away!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Hal's Buddy   GG invader is placed up for a tag for the 1st time since May.......and for a trainer in Bill Mclean who is quite dangerous with shippers......good sign that Pratt wants the mount......mare is at her best at the one mile turf distance (8 2 1 3).......seems well-meant today

4  Ryder's Starlight   Thomas Belle is often at his most dangerous when he takes the blinkers off a given horse which is the case here.......last race fits and more might be in the cards with the equipment change

3  You're A Goat   earned a whopping $690 in two starts since arriving in the U S of A with the 1st start back on 10 into claiming to face softer makes sense so as to cut into the red ink......1 for 1 at the distance and blinkers on which seems like a good move today so he can sit closer to the front early in a race lacking speed

2  Mangita


race 2   above average clarity

4  Night Watch   last time this three-year old gelding raced at Santa Anita he won and ran a lifetime top that fits solidly in this spot.....same distance and once again an apprentice rider up and a more accomplished one this time around.....and....1st time Lasix to boot

6  Kona Dreams   very strong winning effort in the nw2 version of the starter alw race.......repeat of the effort would be tough here.....but.......he appears to be a need to lead type and might be forced into an unsustainable pace in order to grab the front end....or.....maybe not

1  True Valor   believe that this colt's last was a turf tightener in a protected race to muscle up as only the grass can do sometimes and be fit and ready for his 2nd out following the Doug O'Neill claim......that and this youngster is 2 for 3 at SA (and 0 for 7 elsewhere)


race 3    below average clarity

8  Gringo Star   moved forward about 3L in his 2nd lifetime start and the strength of the effort is disguised by a wide trip......a more creative ride by Espinoza and/or another forward move and this Ian Kruljac two-year old gelding should make a good account of himself if of course he handles the sod....... which...... he is well-bred for

6  Raven Creek   on the improved with every start and 1st time wearing blinkers in his latest.....and another 1st today as in turf....Ok pedigree for it but I'm a bit surprised he doesn't stay on the dirt with how well he responded to the blinkers being put on

1  Jersey's Heat   64 to 1 in debut says the race was badly regiment and/or blinkers off since hints the he is doing much better for his 2nd start......and he owns an adequate pedigree to handle the sod

10  Powerful Thirst


race 4    average clarity

1  Cheese   two good races the last time this mare ran off of 8 days 11 days since her last seems like it will be a positive.....that and I like the rider better this go around......very consistent since Angela Aquino took over the training 9 races back

6  Pam's Joy   seems like this filly has a decent chance of opening up a lead and for a rider/trainer who have teamed up to win 6 of their 15 as a combo

2  Forthenineteen   trainer has done extremely well with limited starters and makes a significant upgrade in riders (and with a 5 lbs weight break with the bug  boy up) for the 2nd out following a claim.....and he drops a notch to the new bottom claiming level in S Cal

5  Smil'n From Above


race 5    average clarity

3  Silver Fury   appears to be better suited for a sprint race and competing with the blinkers on.....gets both today and with a vastly improved work showing since his latest.....believe he will be in the mix from the get go

7  Royal Bar   Cal-bred switches to open MC50K from state-bred M50K but deservedly so off a solid move forward in his latest.....also might might be because Ellis believes he is best suited to the SA surface and this will likely be his last chance to run on it until Jan 2018

5  Snazzy Dresser   decent MC30K debut especially for a trainer who is better with 2nd time starters.......and the step up of two maiden claiming levels hints that this Pappaprodromou youngster benefited from his debut run especially since he only went for $14K at sale in April

1  Derby Factor


race 6    average clarity

2  Law Abidin Citizen  three-year old gelding is proven on the SA hill grass course and working sharply.....and his trainer Mark Glatt is often dynamite 1st out following a layoff with laid up runners....that and he makes a jock upgrade for today

3  Tribal Fighter   four-year old gelding seems at his best racing down the majestic SA hill grass course.....away since May but my guess is that Baltas will have this gelding ready to roll because the next shot to race down the hill will be months away...that and Baltas is going after the SA Fall meeting training title

1  Doc Curlin   4 for 9 since the blinkers were added and (3 2 0 1) on the hill.....might be a good claim by Hess.......we shall find out about 3:32 p.m. this afternoon

4  Anatolian Heat


race 7    average clarity

2  Midnight Summer   rebounded some in her latest with the blinkers put on......1st at a route today but she sure is bred well to handle one.....that and I believe there is a good chance her last was a tune-up for today's 1st around two turns

3  Empress of Lov   easily the top money earner in the field would be our 1st selection if this was a sprint race.....but it is a route and Sherlock is dismal "1st at a route" as in 0 for his last 17 (at least)

1  We Will Re Joyce   seem to need two things to get this filly to the circle of joy....her effort displayed two races back.....and for her to handle her 1st ever at route


race 8    average clarity

9  Charming Gent   8 to 1 in his MC62K debut in only a five horse fields suggests he surprised the Baltas barn who likely didn't have him fully cranked.....very nice works since.......Baltas wisely steps him up 2 MC levels.....1st long and 1st on the turf.......right in the Richard Baltas wheelhouse

8  Charlie Cowden   another who steps up following a debut where he out ran his odds....and in his case he is stepping up 4 MC levels....solid turf breeding to go along with an OK route pedigree....retains Nakatani

2  Falcone   both lifetime races were turf routes giving him the experience advantage over the entire field.......still he might need to improve a little if someone really improves 1st on the grass in this large field

4  Roaring Fork

3  Extrordinary Jerry

1  Croation





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