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Los Alamitos for Sunday 17 December 2017

Happy Holidays to everyone!  

Pick 6 carryover of $79K and with a mandatory payoff! In the next few days look for the 2018 lineup of our special publications. As usual you can save some money by purchasing all of them as a package. The first special publication in all likelihood will be Pegasus Cup Day at Gulfstream in late January. Back in action on the 26th of December with opening day Santa Anita and the start of the 2018 S Cal racing season!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

2  Family Girl   lone win in 6 lifetime starts was her debut where she won by 7 1/2L in her lone lifetime race at it makes sense that Miller is willing to risk losing her for 32K to take advantage of a last shot to run at Lrc until summer of 2018

3  Miss Pretty   Mullins two-year old filly is on the right end of the learning curve and if the trend continues she should fit solidly here

4  Tiger Mom   by far at her best racing at today's 5 1/2 furlong distance.....blinkers on today and that seems like a wise move as she appears to be a need to lead type......other speed in here so she might run into a suicidal it a 50/50 proposition

7  Dream of Eagles


race 2    above average clarity

5  Fivetwentyninefund   vastly improved in his 2nd lifetime race breaking slowly and running wide and still managing a solid stretch drive .......extra furlong should be a plus as should that one race under his belt.....trainer has done well with her limited starters at the meeting

1  Charlie Cowden   lifetime best and a solid fit in this spot/level was his lone sprint race which was run three back in his MC debut.......and like our top selection he had some trip trouble in that debut race

2  Joeray   seems wound up like a top and ready to unwind off of a prolonged work regiment of tightly spaced works of 5 or 6 day intervals.....rather sure he is meant and ready......late news: rider/trainer won with a 1st timer as our 2nd choice in yesterday's 10th race

8  Lipster


race 3    above average clarity

4  Hawk's Eye   broke the 1:04 flat barrier at Lrc earning a solid number for today's level.....2nd out after a layoff has been a plus in the past and is the case today.....hard not to like

8  Inexcess Again   excellent spot for a speed horse and he has plenty of early gas.....seems highly likely to get loose and for a trainer that has won 32% of his last 250 to start in Jonathan Wong......very dangerous

2  Fueled by Bourbon   multiple level drop down for this Bill Spawr five-year old who has seen better days......multiple level drops that win seldom occur with a Spawr runner but this fellow still seems dangerous

5  I B Mike


race 4    average clarity

3  Shining Armada   Paul Aguirre is 0 for his last 18 (at least) with MC 1st timers....but this filly shows a prolonged weekly work regiment and she finished up her preparation with too sharp 4F works at SA......and note that the trainer used to be better with MC 1st timers......and last but not least this is one weak group she gets to debut against

4  Magicalchic   beat 5 of 9 foes in her 2nd lifetime start and 1st since March and she did so with a bad start and a wide trip........she likely will be more fit for today so if she gets a better trip she should be a player vs. this soft bunch

9  Bona Fide Image  very consistent and she likely will be part of the mix in the late stages once agian.....but......she shows no signs of understanding that she is supposed to pass the last horse or two in front of rider gets his shot at breaking her habit of hanging in the late stretch

10  Romana Lover


race 5    average clarity

1  Senator Robert   trainer is on fire especially with the owners of this gelding.......2 for 2 at Lrc and his win 2 weeks ago at one allowance level lower fits quite well at today higher OC 62,5002x level

4  Hot Sean   very consistent sort for Baffert and company has only been able to race once (22 Oct 17) since November of 2016....that is a touch concerning but everything Bob puts on the track at Lrc has been running

6  The Lieutenant   2 for 3 in route races with his "miss" coming in one the toughest fields for a 70K Stakes race you'll ever see at SA on 28 October......since then he has worked sharply......break out year for trainer Michael McCarthy and the good times might continue here


race 6    above average clarity

5  All Out Blitz   solid step forward for this Callaghan two-year old colt in his 2nd lifetime start and the strength of the effort is disguised by a tough trip........three reassuring decent works since.......should be a major factor in the outcome of this race with the same effort/energy that he displayed in his latest provided he gets a better trip-a-rue

8  Concour   like our top pick he made a solid forward move in his 2nd lifetime start.......not only does he own some solid early speed but he should have decent endurance in the late stages of this 6F race coming off of a 6 1/2 furlong affair

2  Montmarte   Hollendorfer 1st time starter draws Mike Smith who with his agent have found only "ready and live" horses all meeting long.....very impressive.......that and this Jerry H debut runner is training as he is ready to rock n roll

7  Restoring Hope


race 7    below average clarity

4  Flash Henry   Mike Puype 3 yr old colt appears to love the Lrc surface winning both lifetime starts on it and in doing so ran two impressive 5 1/2F times (103:3 and 103:1)......2nd out after a claim today and Puype is 4 for his last 12 and with 6 others in the money with the move.....1st ever at a route but owns a decent pedigree for one

8  Harrovian   (3 2 1 0) at Lrc - (11 0 1 3) elsewhere......just claim by a brand new trainer.....he best be "ready" now because summer and racing for the thoroughbred's at Lrc is a long way off

3  American League    back to back races at the lowest level of his life today and why not as he seems to find a way "not to win" one way or another......recent race is encouraging as is the fact the meets runaway leading rider Roman stays aboard

1  Gotta Get Lucky


race 8    below average clarity

4  Li'l Grazen   last two of three races fit well in this spot for this three-year old filly and you have to like Evin Roman sticking with her for a 4th consecutive race.....1st ever on the Lrc surface is a ? mark

5  Dangerously Close   bit of a hidden dichotomy for this filly history wise as her 1st three lifetime races are much better than appear in print and are quite 3 races are not as strong but appear rather good in print...... believe we might see the effort this filly showed early on as one hot barn just claimed this youngster

1  Royal Astronomer   by far at her best on the Lrc surface and her very best was with today's rider Stewart Elliot up in the September 23rd version of this race at Lrc racing off of 45 days off of 49 days rest today......not out of the win picture whatsoever if history repeats itself

7  Troublesome


race 9    average clarity

5  Mon Mousse   high percentage trainer......and a high percent racehorse......that and he likely will be loose on a lonely lead and he appears to rate kindly.......1st on the funky Lrc oval is a ? mark.....still....he is hard not to like

8  Tasunke Witco   might be a good claim by Charles Treece as he just won his 1st ever endeavor on the Lrc surface and he gets another run over its surface for his new connections.......and.....he likely can sit in outside stalk position which has been rather successful at Lrc in 2017 in route races

2  Seeking the West   1st time Roman in the saddle suggests Ron Ellis is not messing around with the opportunity of getting this 7 year old his 2nd lifetime win.....he is a hanger to some degree but might not hang at this lowly level and with the meets top jock at the controls

6  Midnight Harbor


race 10    average clarity

8  Is Trevor Clever   exits a very fast heat of MC20K runners where running 4th by about 5 lengths was still a very strong time for the level.......that and it was his 1st race since February.......should be in the mix from the opening bell with only one more furlong to get......sure appears tough if he just holds form

2  Southern Thunder   improving sort (especially so in his last with first time blinkers) and I like the sprint - sprint - route maneuver for a Mullins our top selection he should be in the mix early and this race seems to favor those who are

3  Royal Seeker   big wake up in latest.....and he has popped some nice route races back in short rest of 19 days and 15 days......back in 7 days today seems a little more challenging but sure seems like a better proposition for this Polanco runner than say 45 days rest

7  Downside Up

5  Spend It

10  Mr. Matlock


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