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Santa Anita for Monday 1 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Our Tiger's Boy   set a strong pace in his MSW debut at Lrc on opening day and was eaten up by a dull inside......gets to run today where he trains and trains very impressively.......and of course the drop into MC is a plus

4  Mac McLovin   quite the wake up in his latest racing wide on one of the few days at Lrc that the rail was the place to be.......and he still was able to grab 3rd beaten by less than 3L.......hungry jock has looked good since returning from injury.....trainer is cold but sure seems due to snap out of the doldrums

6  Buck Duane   1st time racing as a gelding and drops into MC for the 1st time for for Miyadi.....sprint-route-sprint scenario for the trainer is a strong maneuver........a trifecta of reasons to consider this gelding who just turned three

7  Dark Helmet

2  Lipster


race 2    average clarity

4  Hollywood Strike   new to the S Cal scene jock Maragh seems best competing in dirt routes and he gets a good mount here to work with in this 1 1/16th MSW affair.......race 3 back which was at today's distance and his last run at SA is very strong and hidden by racing wide and doing so up on the pace....five-year old should be in the mix from the get go and dangerous

1  Momma's Baby Boy   so far this Hollendorfer four-year old has run better sprinting than routing but his latest route hints he might be up for a forward move 3rd out following a long layoff.......and of course it is a good sign Mr. Smith sticks around

7  Ziconic   Zenyatta foal like mamma comes from far out of it but unlike mamma she has little desire to win.......Espinoza amazing gets his 9th straight mount on the impeccably bred 5 yr old.....nothing against Victor but if I owned/trained this horse I would shake things up with another rider

5  Antioch

3  Bold Papa


race 3    average clarity

6  Party Hostess   last at Del Mar is par like....previous race at SA is very strong (better than par when you adjust for trip) and hidden by a bad trip where this mare broke slowly and then rushed up......only other race at SA was a win......should appreciate getting to race on the SA surface once again

4  Reckless Charm   only runs well on the SA dirt surface......and appreciates ample time between starts and gets it.....very dangerous and at a price....right up clever Cassidy's alley

5  Khaleesi  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  five year old mare has never raced on fast rated dirt but she sure works well on it.....trainer has been hot to start the meeting and just claimed this lady......rider upgrade.....dangerous sort

7  Li'l Grazen

2  Little Nati


race 4    below average clarity

1  Raven Creek   colt is getting use to and has handled inside posts well........lone race down the SA hill was a par like performance.......two strong preparatory works hint this three year old has held form......very dangerous if that is so

8  Clem Dela Clem   dangerous looking MSW 1ster from the Drysdale has tossed 5 winners from 5 starters one of which won on the grass.......copious works (some tightly spaced) hint he should be fit enough......and some of his works suggests he owns some early speed.......will shall see

4  Smart Knows Smart   big awakening 1st out since Miller took over and it was also 1st on the sod for this 3 yr old......and......Peter Miller is starting to once again get awfully hot.....cut back in distance turf route to turf hill race is usually a good maneuver

10  Nevermissesabeat

7  Croissant

2  Shaymin


race 5    average clarity

5  Jes Jea   Hess is dangerous 2nd out after a claim and he drops his new shooter lower than he claimed him for.....seems well meant today and he appears as if he is the controlling speed in the race.....hard not to like

2  Freddies Dream    likes SA (6 2 0 3) dirt and he won his only race he ever ran at today's 7F.........wide trip in his latest hides his ability some.......he was a voided claim 2 races back but I like the step up in claiming for today as it hints he is doing well

3  Pulmarack   seems better on conventional dirt than the synthetic dirt.......last looks like a gimme racing high enough as to not get claimed and set things up to drop below the $16K Moger claimed him for......lookout it that is the case

8  Finallygotabentley

4  He'saruler

1  Awesome Silver


race 6    average clarity

4  Ax Man    Baffert 1st time is working as if he is meant and ready to roll.....and mom has tossed 7 winners from 7 starters and 4 of them were Stakes negative is that Mr Baffert is ice cold to start the meeting

8  My Honor   Mark Glatt seems to have everything ready to start the meeting and might keep the good times rolling with this 1st time starter who is training well enough to be a player in his debut into the wonderful world that is thoroughbred racing

5  Shanghai Billy   solid MSW debut at prior to his race were strong and the same is the case since the race.....that and you have to like Raffy sticking around for a low percentage trainer

10  Elevated Knight


9  The Italian


race 7    average clarity

2  Pee Wee Reese   one for one on the SA hill grass course.......race 2 back run at SA in July was run in a stellar final time of 132:1 that others in here could only dream about......if this race was around two turns I would have rated this race "above average clarity" based on that powerful one mile time

10  Next Shares   Richard Baltas is often at his most dangerous when he takes over the training duties of a given horse like this five-year old who was with Bill Mott........a.m. work hints Richard has a handle on his new shooter........gelding appears to like very firm turf.....welcome to S Cal where it appears more likely these days for your house to burn down or the ground shake than it is to rain (don't feel bad as it still beats 26 below wind chill in Chicago to start 2018)

7  Om   connections are finally thinking small (six-year-old has had a steady diet of Stake races) hopefully to give this talented runner a confidence building win (no wins in 2016 & 2017).......or has he diminished.....we shall see

8  Richard's Boy

5  Tribalist

4  Mr. Roary


race 8    average clarity

9  Treasure Hunter   both lifetime races since being gelded fit very nicely.......that and I like that he now has worked two solid 5F drills for today's race as opposed to two solid 4F works like before....that hints he likely has improved again and sure seems dangerous since his last two endeavors might do the trick anyway

1  Royal Trump   Cerin is red hot.....rider upgrade......trainer is very stout historically speaking with the sprint-route-sprint maneuver which is the case today......three year old gelding should be in the mix from the get go and quite dangerous

5  Big Hunk   broke his maiden in last (granted vs. easier) despite racing wide on a decent rail day at Lrc......trainer had a breakout year in 2017 making him one dangerous conditioner these days especially with an improving racehorse

6  Utah Ute

7  Royal Bar

4  Cannonball Comin


race 9    average clarity

9  The Tulip   started her career in 2016 like she was going to be a very nice filly.....not so hot though in 2017........1st on Lasix today and with an eye-popping best of 74 bullet 5F drill put in just 5 days ago.....trainer has won 2 of his last 4 with overseas shippers and 4 of his last 18.........and Mr Smith wants the mount

8  How About Zero   3 of her last 4 grass races fit well .....likes ample time between starts and gets it.......has tactical speed with many slow early runners inside of her....rider should be able to get on over to save ground and be up close early in an affair that should favor those that do

1  Shazara   mare has plenty of effort/energy but usually finds trouble but if she gets a decent trip she has as good a shot at winning this allowance race as anyone signed up for it

6  Sasini


10  Be Mine

3  Causeforcommotion




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