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Santa Anita for Thursday 8 March 2018

Seems like a decent card to start a great week of racing. Fantastic card on Saturday so lets hope the rain comes later than predicted.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Kopitar   news flash - the Kings trade their claimed a maiden for 40K........1st ever with a top echelon rider well at SA since the claim..........all four lifetime races at 6 1/2 on the hill fit well here.....hard not to like

8  Impression   lifetime best albeit in a two turn grass race was the only time this gelding was up for a tag and the same 50K tag as today.......that race sure looks strong in this spot........would have made top choice if I didn't think this five-year old maiden didn't have a few physical issues

5  Big Bad Gary   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   very low percentage trainer but he is often at his best 2nd out after a layoff which is the case today........was only beaten 2 1/2 lengths in his 1st on the hill in his last......and his a.m. work since hints the grass muscled him up as only the turf can do sometimes.......not impossible here but easy to make as our 3rd selection

6  Cats Blame

9  Hoover Tower

10  Street to Indy


race 2    average clarity

4  Longden   disappointing in his 1st two lifetime races which were at Dmr.......not so in his next two here at SA.........latest was very strong and in the Feb. 2nd version of this 1 1/16 MSW affair..........3 sharp tightly spaced works in preparation for today........believe he is sitting on his best to date

3  Regulate   Baffert colt faces his barn mate for the 1st time (our top pick) ...........three-year old faced better in his last racing in a G3 and did not embarrass himself beating 5 of 8 foes despite a tough trip.......should be a major player

5  American All Star   showed plenty of life in his MSW sprint debut.........that makes him dangerous today 1st time competing in a route as Simon Callaghan is very dangerous sprint to route especially with a youngster


race 3    average clarity

6  Perfection Tale    arguably his lifetime best (and a very strong fig considering today's level) was his debut which was a 6F sprint race on the dirt......only other dirt start is a toss out as he hit the gate badly and got away very poorly in a 14 horse field.......drops multiple MC levels.........trainer needs a win......rider needs a win.......hope they are hungry for one

1  Second Gear   trainer and rider are 3 for their last 5 (and one other hit the board) as a team including a nice $35.00 top choice winner for us recently.....don't see any chinks in this one's armor except for the fact to date he likes to hang (11 0 5 0)

7  Spend It   seemingly broke his maiden in December in a route MC20K like today only to get disqualified.......that race was sprint to is also sprint to route.......and with one eye-opening vastly improved 59:3H (4/106) drill put in recently in preparation for today.......all systems go

2  Warren's Fandango

3  Tequila Blanco


race 4    average clarity

6  Spokane Eagle   bet hard in his layoff run back in December but acted up badly prior to the race and predictably failed to produce........behaved in his next at SA and won and did so in excellent time for a MC20K........4 endurance building works since in preparation for his 1st at a route........Drysdale has found the fountain of youth and is having or terrific SA meeting.......very very nice to see

3  Two Thirty Five   seems like a good claim by Baltas and company........blinkers off for today and he shows one impressive tightly spaced 6 work series since the 15 Jan. claim.........rather sure he is up to a solid race in his 1st ever at a route

4  Super Duper Cooper   latest at 22 to 1 is a par like effort for today's level and unless you are a touring golf pro par is a good thing.......two sharp reassuring works since his latest......believe he is sitting on a big effort but placed as 3rd selection mainly beceause he seems better suited to one turn racing

7  Trustworthy


race 5    average clarity

2  Fizzy Friday   quite the record when not placed in Graded races as in 3 wins and 3 2nd's in 6 races.......allowance race today......Prat wisely sticks around.....should be tough

3  Cordiality   lost all chance in her latest run on Jan. 7th as she was bumped and stumbled very badly at the start and lost all chance.......( 5 3 2 0) in five prior races......Glatt wisely gives his mare ample time off following her bad stumble as stumbling as bad as she did often sets a horse back some which a minor injury

1  Pantsonfire   seems at her best on the Santa Anita turf with 2 wins in 3rd starts and her miss was a 5 beaten length 6th in a Grade 1.......mainly placed as 3rd selection as she comes from out of it and this affair seems to favor speed somewhat


9  Just a Little Hope

4  Pricedtoperfection


race 6    average clarity

3  Vegas Itch   lifetime best was turf sprint to dirt sprint and it was run with a drop in class.......turf route to dirt route for today and with a drop from MC50K to MC20K........hmmm

1  Is Trevor Clever   latest is better than it appears in print........basically just as good as his two previous races which were 2nd place finishes........switch in jocks to the 10 lbs bug boy Asa Espinoza.........that might be a good move by Miller as the youngster is 1 for 6 in routes with 2 others hitting the board

2  Lighthouse Point   turf to dirt and drops regiment is improved hinting the grass might have muscled him up some.......we shall see about 3:30 p.m. this afternoon

8  Defense Minister

7  Lucky Staxx


race 7    average clarity

6  Desert General   just fired his lifetime best earning a number that is better than par for today's level with the blinkers put on for the 1st time.......that race was at 7F and he appears slightly better in a route than a sprint.........reassuring 4F work since his 10 Feb. awakening........should be a major factor in the outcome of this race

7  Popular Kid   only seems to run well for Desormeaux (4 1 3 0)......he is back aboard for today after being absent for a race.........four year old gelding has a good history at today's 1 1/16 distance both on the turf and the dirt.......not out of the win picture by any means

5  Trapalanda   might be a good claim by O'Neill and friends in that this fellow ran his best and by a wide margin the only time he competed in a route race.....and the strength effort is hidden.....blinkers off and just what you want to see as an improved recent work

4  Preacher Roe


race 8    below average clarity

7  Hotsy Dotsy   back to Roman (absent for this mare's latest) who has 3 2nd's and a win in 4 mounts on her......that and her 2 drills since her latest are vastly improved hinting Hector Palma has tweaked something for the better.......we shall see

1  Wicked Old Fashion   somewhat predictable brutal trip given by Fuentes in this gal's latest (7L trip adjustment and only lost by 5 1/2 lengths) but he did have to cope with the outer-most 9 post.......1 post today........jock (who is doing fairly well since losing his weight break) will be out to make amends from a doable post

3  Tizno's Dilemma   very consistent in route races on the the step up in claiming 2nd out after the layoff as it hints she benefited from the race.....tough call if she will take kindly to the sod but likely fits today if she does

5  Road Test

8  Subic Bay

2  Durango





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