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Santa Anita for Saturday 2 June 2018

Sign up (where you can save $4 for the next 24 hours) for full card selections for Belmont Day's fabulous day is now available.

Finally heating up in S Cal and the higher temps might make for a better dirt inside as for most of the year that has been the case at SA. Pay attention.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Famous Rock Star   don't think we saw the best that this gelding can run in her last as she was reluctant to load and the negative activity might have taken something out of him.......blinkers on and just what you want to see as some solid recent works........takes that ever significant MSW to MC drop

2  Jersey's Heat   another changing equipment (blinkers off) and taking that seemingly magical drop from MSW to MC.......drop seems a bit overdue.....let's hope it is not too late of one

5  Call Ended   not the best of trips in his latest and still managed a 3rd place finish in his 2nd lifetime start and 1st on the grass........that race was at a route and his pedigree hints a sprint turf race might be a better fit.......we shall likely find out at 12:30 pacific

3  Pulpit's Dirty Red


race 2    below average clarity

1  Above Board   drop of two levels for today off of a solid race in his latest combined with a solid set works hints the barn is all out to win today.........Asa Espinoza wisely sticks around

6  Rprettyboyfloyd   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  claimed out of the same race as our top selection who he beat.....and "boy Floyd" is a Jacobson claim back of a gelding that he had success with out east

4  I'll Wrap It Up   by far at his best at SA and there aren't too many days to go at The Great Race Place until it closes until very late September when it opens


race 3    average clarity

6  Artistic Ab   no works since his last race back on Nov 16th would hint he was injured in the if that is so lookout as his only two other lifetime sprints with blinkers on are very strong for today's level......sure hope he is ready fresh

8  Our Tiger's Boy   can't stick at 5 1/2F & 6F so obviously having to cope with only 5F might be just what this speed horse needs

1  For the Hustle    SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   the lead should go to this guy or our 2nd race fits solidly and it was his MC debut run 3 races back.....might be rated too low if he is up to that race today

2  Working

4  Ruff House


race 4    average clarity

6  Kona Coast   seems like a good claim by O'Neill and company of a gelding who fits if he displays the same effort he showed in his last or his race 3 back........that and he gets to run in a protected race.......lately the mounts O'Neill has given to Bejarano have been quite "live"

3  Polity   sure responded to his only lifetime lead as he romped albeit in a sprint.........blinkers on today to enhance his chances of getting loose today in his 1st at a route of ground........seems dangerous

2  Super Duper Cooper   like the rider change when you consider the weight off with the 7 lbs apprentice up........away since 7 April but his last preparatory work hints he is feeling good off his 7 week break


race 5    average clarity

6  Road Test   filly has run many efforts/figs that can win at today's level especially her latest.....but she needs to overcome her tendency to hang in the stretch.....seldom do I make a "hanger" the top selection but she sure faces a soft "road test" today

2  So Golden   nice wake-up in latest and with not much urging in the jock today........decent history racing off of relatively short rest........30 days since her last qualifies for that........slight tendency to hang

1  Looking At Thelake   another hanger in the field with eight 2nd place finishes in only 18 races......might be quite the sight if the top three choices are all there approaching the wire trying to let each other go by

8  Christmas Carol

7  Midnight Lilly


race 6    average clarity

2  Competing   believe this well worked laid up Baffert runner will be tough to beat with the significant drop down.......the kind you consider wagering on but not these kind from his barn usually have only a couple of races left in them

3  Coastal Eddy   prolong work tab for this Miyadi 1st time starter with 2 of his last 3 works from the gate........that is often a sign for the trainer that he means bizz in their debut......we shall see

5  Bear Down Cats   like our top choice he races as a 1st time gelding..........moved forward in his last his 2nd lifetime start........might move forward again racing with the ultimate equipment change

8  Kopitar 

4  Anziyan Cat


race 7    average clarity

1  Take the One O One   lifetime best by my book was run in his latest and the effort is hidden by setting a short lead in a decent pace but doing so on a slightly dull inside.......the duel combined with the dull inside cost him a win.....only grass race is also hidden as he had to deal with the 12 post in a one mile grass Stakes at Dmr......7th but only 2 1/2L behind the winner at the wire

2  Hardboot    blinkers taken off in his last and it led to a nice Stakes win at GG on the turf..........strong off of the pace runner's connections will likely have their fingers crossed that our other 3 picks all press the issue early as they all have some early speed

6  Psycho Dar   hard trying sort is steadily improving and will have a shot here if the trend continues and if he can handle running as far as 9 furlongs........not crazy about his pedigree to get the 9F of grass but he still might be dangerous

7  Hustle


race 8    average clarity

8  Paprika   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   filly has down little wrong in 3 lifetime races and now adds blinkers........and her recent a.m. work hints she might be even better this does the fact one of Leonard Powell's better trainer stats is turf to dirt which is the case today

1  Thalia   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   no support at the windows in her MSW debut hints the race was a muscle her up turf tune-up to be fully fit for today her 2nd lifetime start........and like Powell the D'A is solid with the turf to dirt maneuver

5  Lemon Crush   solid return to the race wars in her latest and she might not have been all that cranked up as she went off at 38 to 1 and it was only a 7 horse field.......seems like a dangerous Palma 3rd time starter

9  Magnolia's Hope

7  Z Z Tiger


race 9    above average clarity

6  Unique Bella   7 wins and 2 2nd's in 10 starts and the only time she ran off the board she had a total excuse as she dueled in a brutal pace too close to a dull shot whatsoever in a race as tough as the BCFMsprint G1.......6 for 7 at SA and her lone loss was a neck 2nd in last years version of this race

4  Paradise Woods   her best lifetime races were the only 2 routes she ever ran at SA......both of those strong efforts/figs fine well and have a shot at beating our top choice......but she still seems to need a rebound in form........good works and plenty of time off might make that happen

5  Val Dori   another who needs a rebound as her last was hardly up to snuff.......loses Smith to our top pick.......but.......Bejarano also has had success with the Baffert six-year-old mare


race 10    average clarity

2  Hootie   significant cut back in distance for sure but I like the 3 speed building 4F works put into this colt following two consecutive two 10F grass races......very big fig two back where he put in strong his chances if he handles the hill

8  Tina's Exchange   consistent sort with 2 of his 3 efforts down the SA hill solid for today's level of racing.....hard not to like/use

4  Spokane Eagle   lifetime two best races were the only two times this dirt only to date four-year old ran at 6 1/2 furlongs........1st on the sod but he has a pedigree that should handle it.......runs well with ample time between starts and gets it today

7  Skelton Pass

6  Incensed




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