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Los Alamitos for Friday 7 September 2018

The Los Alamitos surface was outside yesterday and basically (and very disappointingly) Lrc has been outside the last couple of years more than 60% of the time. Combine that with the goofy configuration of the racetrack and I feel that Lrc is shooting itself in the foot. An even surface for the cheap races would make for much more interesting racing and giving cheap speed horses a better chance. And for the races with better quality (bigger barns) it sure would make for a more fair opportunity for the owners to make some easy money.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

5  Pretty Hussar   MC50K debut at Lrc was solid but her latest was at Dmr was not........back to Lrc and if the track plays like opening day she should be able to stay well off of the wood thru-out

6  Zo Lo's Lov   only the third start of 2018 for Walter Solis who hasn't made a visit to the winners circle in a very long time but he puts the blinkers on this 3rd time starter and if this filly runs to her a.m. work she can win this race

1  Sharp Image   fits OK but if the racetrack is outside like yesterday (Lrc has been outside the last couple of years more than 60% of the time - nice job maintenance crew) jock Bednar will have to be awfully clever


race 2    average clarity

7  Rafter One   solid wake-up 1st time with the blinkers in his last.......2 for 4 at Lrc........likely sitting on a good post.......race shape sets up for his off pace style

1  Always Never   once again Vinnie Bednar might have to deal with a tough is a repeat of the line above:  "fits OK but if the racetrack is outside like yesterday (Lrc has been outside the last couple of years more than 60% of the time - nice job maintenance crew) jock Bednar will have to be awfully clever"........trainer is decent off of long layoffs and he has his six-year-old working like he ready fresh off of the bench

5  Montu   drops precipitously following a voided at best - I don't think so - flip a coin

4  Particle of Energy


race 3    above average clarity

2  It Makes Sense   won his MC30K debut 8 weeks ago by 10 lengths in 109:3 and at since hint he has remained a happy healthy individual........sure like that the trainer Carlos Lopez passed on Del Mar to run at Lrc once again........and in a protected race to boot

6  Saratoga Morning   post advantage most likely and for a bug boy who dealt with the bias decently yesterday........ignore lone race at Lrc as it was a route which he seems to dislike

1  Old Indian Trick   consistent sort but might need his best dirt race to date......turf to dirt for today has the potential to provide it


race 4    average clarity

7  Midnight Mystery   best trainer on earth at getting a MSW 1st time starter ready to win at 1st asking......they ought to make the guy race against alw horses with a 1st timer......LOL

6  Strictly Biz   Koriner is better with 2nd time starters but he has this 1st time starter working too well rider/trainer combo of late in Pereira and Koriner

1  Tut   expensive MSW first time starter from the Doug O'Neill barn also appears ready to role........and........if the rail is better today than yesterday he is likely rated too low

5  Gleyber


race 5    average clarity

6  Point Piper   good history at today's one mile distance.......lone lifetime race at Lrc is very solid here......great spot for Hollendorfer and company to race in a protected race

3  Exotic Ghost   vastly improved since the Saldana claim 3 races back.......race two back is a very fast 8K race that fits at today's higher level and he might be up for even more today getting to run turf to dirt

2  Crown the Kitten   very bad journey in last losing about 7L to trip and yet he still managed a win......can he repeat such an impressive effort for a low percentage barn.......we shall see about 2:58 pacific time


race 6    below average clarity

4  Tiz Love   3 for 7 at Lrc and handles ample time off between races very well......he has won at 28 to 1 (7 races back) and 15 to 1 (4 races back) in the past.......should go off at double digits odds

5  Bow and Arrow   fits a ton and one-half 1st out after the Belvoir claim if he can handle the significant stress of racing off of only 5 days rest........( 4 3 1 0) at Lrc

9  New Karma  new to the scene S Cal trainer Vallejo could do no wrong for a while but that is not the case these days.......might be able to get some new karma/mojo  back with this gelding who likes Lrc and abbreviated sprints distances

3  Tomasino

1  Louden's Gray


race 7    average clarity

7  Older Brother   solid jockey/trainer/owner trio.......decent layoff run in last should set him up for a strong race 2nd out after the number to date was run in his lone Lrc race.......hard not to like

3  King Amber   race 3 back at CD is strong and likely would do the trick here......can the D'A get that effort out of him today in his 3rd out since he took over the training duties.....recent a.m. work hints he might

1  Hardcore Troubador   dangerous speed if the inside improves today..........6 races to observe prior to this race to make that evaluation

4  Tanners Pride


race 8    way below average clarity

(This race is so even with only one horse that I can toss out so like I do a couple of times a year I list the horses in order of preference. But you might want consider playing around the higher odds horses)

6  Spent it

9  Acclimate

3  Pulpit's Dirty Red

1  Skagit River

5  Gold and Guns

2  Game of Roans

4  Violent Affair

7  Supreme Giant



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