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Los Alamitos for Saturday 8 September 2018


race 1    average clarity

2  Love Your Life   fairly consistent since he was claimed by Nunez 7 races back.......runs decently at Lrc......nice reassuring preparatory 3F work

5  Kaluhla   gelding has obvious physical issues but he wisely has been given 3 months off to help mend whatever has been bothering him.......and he won his latest off two months rest

4  Proudtobesicilian   races too much but if he can handle the stress of another quick turn around he has a solid shot in this spot


race 2    below average clarity

4  Island Empire    good start to the meeting for Eurton and he logically drops this filly who hasn't been doing anything vs. tougher the last 5 hint she is ready......and spotted to win

2  Looking At Thelake   both lifetime dirt races fit very well here......but.......this filly tends to hang in the stretch

6  Topaz Time   if the track surface remains the same this mare is sitting on  a good post........trainer is decent 2nd out after a claim......might have rated higher if her pedigree was better for a route


race 3    average clarity

9  Lucky Stash   ignoring debut run in Nov as she broke slow and rushed and of course tired after dueling.......bug boy is off to a hot start and he might add to his win total here with this laid up Miyadi 2nd time starter that appears ready to roll

3  Luv Is All U Need   blinkers on and with a drill showing that hints the new equipment worked........2nd out after the layoff today.....showed he can handle the Lrc surface last year.....dangerous sort from the Truman barn

1  Jabber Now   likely hurt in her only race at Lrc last Sept......then a possible gimme/gimme/go scenario here.......if that is so look out as her only other dirt race is very solid

5  Whatyouciswhatuget

7  Coco Loco Mama


race 4    average clarity

4  Herunbridlepower   very consistent rider/trainer combo in Hernandez & Trela.......dynamite history for this mare since the Rosemary Trela claim (8 5 2 0 1)

6  Lucky Student  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   6th race in 71 days........4th race in 29 days.......yikes.....ouch.......the one to beat if she can take the stress

5  Princess Kendra   high percentage trainer Reed Saldana has done a great job with claiming horses but one area where he has been vulnerable is off of layoffs of 46 to 90 days where he is 0 for his last 8


race 5    average clarity

6  Grandma Neta   bad trip in last hides a solid run by this Kruljac filly in her last........blinkers on today to help her break well which she hasn't done in 2 lifetime races to date.....trainer is stout dropping multiple levels

4  Whata Flirt   significant drop today and with a rider aboard in Delgadillo who is on fire the last month or so......... he is as hot as he has been in a very very very long time

8  Omerta   keeps training like she can run some but she hasn't much so far.......shes does own some speed and gets 1st time blinkers today.......that can but her on the lead and sometimes a "morning-glory" wakes up in a big way the 1st time loose

9  Grandma Gertrude

3  Malena


race 6    average clarity

7  El Huerfano   seems best on the dirt at today's one mile recent bullet work.....lone race at Lrc and at today's distance is better than it appears in print.......Peter Miller is very dangerous these days

5  Soi Phet   trainer Leonard Powell is having one nice break-out year.......ten year old is best at one mile on the dirt and he is (8 5 2 0) at Lrc......that'l do

3  Edwards Going Left   fabulous sprinter finally attempts a route and with an OK pedigree for one.....and a trainer in Salder who can do no wrong of late

6  Grecian Fire


race 7    average clarity

7  Queen of the Track   not much in both lifetime races......but.......Jeff Bonde appears to have discovered something that has totally turned this filly around as she is training vastly better.....that and when he legs up Fuentes these days his runners are usually very live

12 AE  Andyoushallreceive   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  here is the comment yesterday for our 2nd choice in the 4th race "Koriner is better with 2nd time starters but he has this 1st time starter working too well rider/trainer combo of late in Pereira and Koriner".......all systems go again and yesterday's 1st timer won and paid over $30

1  Norwegian   tough post if the outside bias continues at Lrc but if it doesn't lookout as this Michael McCarthy 1st timer appears ready to rock and roll in her MSW debut.......that and my 100% Norwegian northern Minnesota wife and her sister and two brothers would disown me if I didn't put this filly in my selections somewhere

2  Raneem

5  Marrazano

10  Tiz a Sharpie


race 8    average clarity

4  Best of Me  sure like the cut back in distance as this Miller filly is 2 for 2 racing at 6F or less winning both races rather easily.....that and she appears to be the controlling speed in the race

7  Steph Being Steph   trainer sure has had this filly ready in all her races outside of her MSW for one at Lrc and it was an impressive two-year old win......dangerous sort

5  Gas Station Sushi   filly is 2 for 2 running "fresh" and one of those wins was in a Grade 3........4 months "fresh" today......very impressive a.m. preparation at Slr

1  Rayya


race 9    average clarity

2  Translucent    seems like a good spot for a 1st timer and this Mulhall 1st starter is training the best by far of the debut runners in this field

10  Three Ay Em   takes that ever dangerous drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming.......that and Jeff Bonde shows some signs of heating things up a bit

1  Silent Alarm   red-hot trainer rider combo in Pereira and Machowski (3 for last 6)........blinkers off......1st time Pereira.......drops down.........seems well meant today

7  Agronomo

3  Laucala Island

6  Magic Bro

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