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Santa Anita for Sunday 7 October 2018

Both today's card and Monday's holiday card appear to be fairly decent.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

1  Lynn's Legacy   O'Neill wisely gave this mare a break following a dull race on 10 August...............solid preparatory works for today hint she has a chance at a rebound......fits well in this spot if she provides one

4  Siberian Iris   1 for 1 at today's turf distance......0 for 9 at other turf distances......and the win was with bug boy Solis.......Prat is the rider today....... such a deal

5  Miss Boom Boom   finally gets a good post after two straight outer-most posts........believe new jock Geovanni will send in this race lacking her chances if he does


race 2    average clarity

6  Typhoon Harry   first out following the O'Neill claim is a dangerous proposition for the opposition and even more so when he rides Bejarano......that and the two drills since the claim indicate his new trainer has tweaked something for the better

5  Midnight Soot   trainer Carava has really snapped out of a slump and is winning more than his fair share the last couple of months or so.........and his record outside of the turf and the Del Mar dirt (which he dislikes) is solid (6 2 1 2)

3  We Go Over   good spot for the blinkers going back on as he has better early speed with them and should be able to grab the lead here and with a good speed rider in Maldonado up


race 3    average clarity

(NOTE: SHF carryover here of $17K)

5  Private Joke   trainer has had a very nice 2018 racing in S since the 15 August claim hint Morey has a good handle on his new shooter........combine that with the fact he drops his gelding one level and you have a TRD top selection

3  St Reno   believe this six-year-old gelding to be better outside of Lrc.......Quinonez is likely to send here and might be able to get the lead enhancing his chances at a visit to the circle of joy

6  Bitte   seems to run well fresh and this Hess four-year old is 3 1/2 months "fresh" today.....bug boy Espinoza won two yesterday and did so sending early which is likely what he will do here

2  Reverend Al


race 4    average clarity

7  Classy Atlantic   last win can the last time this filly was up for a claim and it was also at today's 6 1/2 furlong distance distance......jock knows this filly well have been aboard her for all of lifetime starts

2  Vallestina   believe the connections were lured some by the seldom run 35K nw3 condition for a race down the hint they want to win badly as they realize that someone might claim her

5  Twirling Apples   connections might be playing a little hanky panky here as they likely knew their filly hated the dirt.......she stopped running in her latest on the dirt and WALKED OFF.......up for a tag today and at a turf distance she likes

8  Operandi   

1  Halo Darling


race 5    above average clarity

5  Anonymity   seems like a great spot to snatch her 1st Graded win as she has an abundance of speed in a race that lacks it......that and like so many speed types she runs well fresh......8 weeks "fresh" today

3  Yuvetsi   likely will stalk or press our top choice........6 1/2F appears to be her best distance......would have considered as our top pick if not for her having to carry high-weight of 125 lbs

1  Skye Diamonds   14 of 16 in the money on fast track conventional dirt.......5 for 8 "at the distance" of the off pace runners in the field.....not out of the win picture by any means if our top two knock heads early and often


race 6    average clarity

8  Todos Santos   best racing on the SA dirt and handles the 6 panels offered here quite well.......runs well route to sprint which is the case today.....last sprint was run 3 races back and was one strong effort.....deep closer should get what she needs as in a lively pace up front

1  Lucky Student   mare has been in the exacta at today's distance 10 of 16 times.......and the fact that Stevens sticks around to ride a cheap claiming horse sure suggests this gal has held her form

6  Kristie's Heart   lookout here as this mare is racing off of short rest today and the last four times that she has led to 3 wins and a 2nd.....hmmm

4  Hero for Hire

7  Cioppino Pasadino


race 7    average clarity

5  Astonishing Tweet   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  Cal-bred 1ster has hit the track weekly going back to 28 July and with quite a few works of merit.......and his trainer Michael McCarthy is hot right now and in general has had a very nice 2018.......and he gets top grass rider Prat to ride who for me is easily the best jock on the grounds at getting the most out of young developing grass horses

9  Sir Eddie   4 2nd's in 4 lifetime sprint turf races all as the favorite and with Prat up.......can Baze do any better on this three-year old who might be a "hanger"......we shall see

10  Ostini   cut back in distance for a turf route speed type often bodes well for some improvement in a race down the the switch in riders to Talamo who won last night's nightcap gate to wire in race on the hill

7  Nevermissesabeat

4  Cool Your Jets


race 8    average clarity

3  Unplayable  might have some "horse left" for today as he was blocked badly in the stretch in his last.......that and the blinkers go on for today and the recent works hint the equipment change has improved him

6  Starring John Wain   very dangerous trainer in Jerry Hollendorfer with the MSW to MC move which is the case here.....and......especially at this time when the conditioner is rather hot

5  Stay in Yo Lane   decent debut for this O'Neill 2nd time starter who might feel awfully good to be able to race back in 17 days......not out of the win picture by any means in this spot

4  I Belong to Becky

1  Poppy's C Note


race 9    average clarity

2  Starr of Quality   fires every time racing at Santa Anita when competing at today's one mile distance......lifetime best was the last time this Spawr filly raced at SA (and it also was in a one mile affair) in May.......the trainer is very good getting stock ready coming off of 46 to 90 days rest........72 days rest today

1  Just Grazed Me   2 wins and a 2nd in a Grade 3 to start her career but only one of those three lifetime races stand out here.........that was was run two back at 7F........she regressed some racing in a two turn mile and her pedigree hinted she might.......but...... she may have increased her endurance from the race......we shall see

5  Ransomed   seems best in route races and her latest fits fine here.....but......she does lose Pereira to our top choice......but then again Raffy will do

7  Secret Spice


race 10    average clarity

10  Fahan Mura   the shorter the 2 turn distance the better as witnessed by his perfect 4 for 4 at one mile on the usual he should open up a lead and with Maldonado and his speed riding abilities remaining in the saddle

1  Way to Versailles   invader from WO winds up in the dangerous Miller barn and especially so when he uses Prat.......filly seems likely to get a nice stalking trip and she should be one of the 1st to challenge our top choice......danger city here

9  Cordiality   another who will sit in striking distance of our top pick........and.......she gets to race what appears to be her favorite distance.......last two endeavors fit just fine number wise.......not out of the win picture by any means

4  Quebec

6  The Tulip




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