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Del Mar for Thursday 22 November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Very Very Stella   ran awfully well to run 4th beaten by 6 1/2 lengths versus one strong 75K Stakes race that had G2 talent.......that and this race sure appears to set up for those that can sit back some in the early stages which he likely will........has run OK on an off track in the past

2  El Huerfano   most of his career fits well at the 50K level and Mr. Miller is hardly ever afraid to lose a horse so my guess is this fellow is doing just fine.......that fact Prat sticks around supports the notion.......has run OK on an off track in the past

4  Little Scotty   might be speed of the speed and that seems especially dangerous in a racing surface that might have some moisture in it


race 2    average clarity 

(if off the turf: 1-3-9-2-8)

3  Storming Lady   on the improve which each and every turf race with her latest being much better than par for today's level........that and we get 1st time Pratt

1  Bashful   Richard Mandella's first time starter is training as if she is ready to roll in her MSW debut.......draws Mike Smith.......and mom has tossed 2 turf winners

9  Strengthinnumbers   nice forward move in her 2nd lifetime start earning a number that is deserving of today's step up out of MC75K to MSW racing......should be closing late

5  Magical Gray

2  Ria Munk


race 3    average clarity

3  R B Eye   seems very likely to get a nice ground saving close to the front trip........and with a rider upgrade......that and if the track is off to any degree I think his breeding to handle it is quite good

6  Lagoon Macaroon    solid move forward running a par like fig for today's level in his 2nd lifetime start.......sprint-sprint-route scenario for his 3rd start........Maldonado will likely send early because outside of our top choice the other four in this race have shown no early speed

5  Anvil Rock   deep closer appears to be the most dangerous of the late running types in this affair........owns a decent pedigree to handle a track with moisture in it


race 4    below average clarity

(if off the turf:  2-3-9-7-6)

5  Starting Bloc   3 for 4 since Bejarano took over the riding duties of this grass horse who sure appreciates the 10F and 11F marathon distances.......that and the trainer is having a terrific second half of 2018

3  Morse Code   2 for 2 at 1 1/16th on the grass (the two farthest races of his life) and he finishes like the marathon 11F distance will fit him well........runs well with plenty of time off between races and 3 months since his latest qualifies for that

1  Oscar Dominguez   no visible excuse in his last which was quite dull......but if he mounts a rebound today he fits as well as anybody in the race

9  Arms Runner

2  Majestic Eagle


race 5    average clarity

4  Secret Touch   somewhat suspicious multiple level drop.....but then again his latest sure appeared to be nothing more than a 60 to 1 spin around the track in protected race at a level way over his head........both lifetime races at Del Mar fit well

8  Midnight Soot   if the race track has some moisture in it take note that this three-year old runner's best was run the only time he has seen an off the switch to Baze as Carava/Baze have been a hot combo over the last couple of months or so

5  Original Intent   another who won his only race on an off track so if we have some moisture in the track that would likely be a plus......and his latest is par like for today's higher level

7  Topgallant

2  Jersey's Heat


race 6    average clarity

(if off the turf: 9-3-1-7-5)

4  The Tulip   par like number earned in her latest and it was at one mile on the grass.......and she sure runs and is bred as it 11F of turf will be a plus.....and she is also bred to appreciate a turf with some give to it if that is what we get

3  Vexatious   sure likes marathon turf races and 1 3/8 of grass offered here sure qualifies for that........won her lone race at 11F on the turf and the race was at Dmr....... and........ she earned a par like fig for today's higher level

2  Pantsonfire   like the rider change to the hot rider in Geovanni Franco.......and like our top two selections she has shown an appreciation for marathon turf races.......trainer has had one heck of a rebound year with a great majority of his success in the 2nd half of 2018

7  Lucy De

5  India Mantuana


race 7    average clarity

2  Amuse   exit's an extremely fast heat of MSW runners where her winning time is still very strong for today's F & M nw's alw level........and since she is training at Del Mar as if she is a Stakes caliber three-year old filly.......and she owns a good off track pedigree

4  Oozle   nice pick-up for Mullins as her latest race on the east coast was a MSW breaking win which has turned out to be a key race......away since that June 3rd race but she is training as well as any laid up runner from the Mullins barn in many a moon.....dangerous sort

3  Conquest Flatterme   likely will need her very best but might just provide it with a significant rider upgrade and getting to compete at what appears to be her best in six furlongs

1  Danuska's My Girl


race 8    average clarity

(if off the turf: 3-4-1-12-9)

1  Oleksandra   four-year old Drysdale turf runner is racing 1st time at a route but she owns a pedigree that is better suited for a turf route than she is for a turf sprint where she hasn't been too shabby (4 1 2 1)........and she retains Mike Smith and gets a good post for the Hall of Fame rider to break from

5  A Little Bit Me   filly is very consistent on the turf (7 2 3 2) and at Dmr on the grass where she has a win and 2nd in two the tightly spaced numerous works in preparation for today......wound up like a top and ready to unwind this afternoon for Peter Miller on company

3  Tell Me More   dynamite trainer in Vladimir Cerin 1st out following a claim as in 15 wins in his last 45 with 14 others hitting the board.........sprint-sprint-route scenario and for a filly who ran a very strong race the only time she competed at one mile on the grass at Del Mar

6  Lynne's Legacy

2  Amandine

12  Miss Boom Boom




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