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Santa Anita for Friday 25 January 2019

The 2019 special publications are now available for purchase. As usual you can save some money by purchasing all of them as a package. The first special publication is Pegasus Cup Day at Gulfstream Park on January 26th. Purchase for Pegasus Cup day only will be $29.50 and is now available.

The 9 Stakes races covered for our special publication tomorrow Saturday at Gulfstream Park are as follows: race 3 (9:30 a.m. pacific time) and then races 5 thru 12. The Santa Anita Saturday publication will be posted no later than 6:30 a.m. pacific on Saturday for your convenience. 

Seems like a nice card today. Hope I am right so as to help out the bankroll going into Saturday's big race day..

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Love and Peace   solid 1st in the USA effort in latest where she veered out at the start as so many do in route races when drawing the outer-most post........much better post today........strong 6F work since her 26 Dec race......last fits and she is likely up for better today

6  Kelly's Humor   1st on the sod today but owns a decent pedigree for tightly spaced preparatory works for today.......sprint-sprint-route sharp trainer in Miller at the helm

7  Streak of Luck   last three races run for this filly fit and her latest is disguised by a bad trip.......and you have to like that choosy (but the highest jock win %) Mike Smith sticks with the Chew filly

4  Luminoso


race 2    above average clarity

3  Kitty Boom Boom   Baltas is off to a great start at the SA meeting and he appears to have this three year old filly MSW 1ster ready to roll with some aggressive drills

4  Don't Sell   pounded at the windows in her MSW debut last August but didn't live up the "hype".......appears more than ready this time around with drills that are more impressive and for a trainer in Doug O'Neill that can do no wrong right now

1  Silk From Heaven   nice 2nd place finish in her MSW debut at Lrc run about 7 weeks since the race are improved hinting she is up for even more today


race 3    average clarity

2  Swallow Inn Gal   SCRATCHED  claimed for 10.5K so the drop to the 6,250 level doesn't concern me much........filly seems to be best in dirt routes and it appears Hess and friends know that bug boy Figueroa sticks around

1  Miz Tianjin   five year old mare should get a nice mid pack or stalk position saving ground at least thru turn one in a race that should yield a lively set of fractions.......if that is the case it should set things up for a nice stretch run for this gal

5  Smart Rachel   shooting for a third win in a row and she might feel really good coming into this race.......because..........she got away with a pedestrian set of fractions in her latest where she wired the field......that run might have been very stress-free on her physically speaking.....we shall see

6  Resky Business


race 4    average clarity

6  Palermo Style   not the best of trips in all three lifetime races which were all on main track the fact that he shows up as a 1st time gelding seems more important that it usually is.......first on the grass and around two turns........good pedigree for both........trainer is quite a bit better than average "1st time on the grass"

2  Cool Your Jets   by far at his best racing at today's one mile turf distance (3 0 2 1).......jockey has given this fellow two consecutive smooth rides/trips and remains up today.....runs just fine with ample time between starts and gets "ample time" off here......hard not to like

4  Ostini   lacks punch late but he has a shot at getting loose and with the rail out 30 feet and a good 5 lbs bug boy up he might be able to wire the field if the fractions cut are reasonable

3  Hit the Seam


race 5    average clarity

7  Heloise   rider upgrade and a subtle one for this Cerin filly who seems best in sprints and so far has the best late run in the field......and a good kick late can go a long way at getting home a winner in a MC16K

4  Crackling Bread   race lacks speed and this four year old filly seemingly has enough to grab one of the top 3 slots in the early stages of the race......and that seems like a good thing in this affair without much speed signed up

1  Sweetener   not much in both lifetime races but gets 3 months off and adds blinkers for this 1st time .......and.......she has put in plenty of work in the a.m. for Mullins......might by now or never at the "big track" for this filly


race 6    average clarity

1  Grazeninamerica    the D'A is very successful using the sprint-sprint-route scenario and that is the case here for his 3rd time starter........that and the two sprints were at 7F and his gelding finished well in both.........seems well meant today

6  Salutelute   big awakening at Lrc in his 3rd lifetime start and 1st ever in a route.......if he preforms as well this afternoon at The Great Race Place he should be a major factor in the outcome of this race

9  Paul's Diva   double barrel action for Puype as he also trains our 2nd selection.......whereas the 6 should go after the lead this improving for four year old should come from far back........such a deal for the trainer

4  Defense Minister

5  Brahms Forest


race 7    average clarity

7  Gypsy Blu   lifetime best and well disguised in it's strength by a bad trip was run two back in his lone race to date on the grass.......that turf effort was at 5F.........the adjusted for trouble (about 6L of trouble) Santucci fig is about 2L better than par for the level and you don't see too many that can still win at only 5F on the grass with so much to overcome......can she run as well at 6 1/2F down the hill?......we shall fine out at about 3:30 pacific time

4  Scathing   on the improve since the Lorenzo Ruiz claim and this mare could have won the 21 Oct version of this race if not for being blocked about 3L in the stretch........dangerous sort even with a low % grass rider up

6  Emmy and I   need to lead type has a decent chance of getting the lead here.......mare lacks staying power but it might be better today coming off two consecutive turf routes

3  Moonshine Annie

8  Drop the Mic


race 8    average clarity  

2  Mr Paytience   colt ran two impressive races last summer and has been off since........highly likely he returns as good as new as O'Neill has been firing on all cylinders and then some

3  Rickey B   not only did this colt go 4 for 4 in 2018 but he improved with each and every race........he got a nice break of 2 months and he returns with a rider upgrade.......last might do the trick but he just might continue his improvement today

1  Whooping Jay   up the track after two very strong races to start his career.......been away since that disappointing race on Nov. 3rd but returns as if he is as good as new as his a.m. prowess is solid

7  Feeling Strong


race 9    average clarity

7  Zestful   one mile grass race which was run on 12 Nov at Dmr is better than it appears and the 1 Sept race is way way better than appears in print........6 1/2 turf tune-up in last sets him up for today's one mile turf race......O'Neill puts the blinkers back on his four year old for today and the trainer is making all the right moves of late.......should be a handsome price

8  Snazzy Dresser   seems to be an excellent speed spot for this lead type only and the right guy for the job in Maldonado up......dangerous front runner here

1  Souter   very consistent sort who likely will have more endurance today with the cut back in distance.......that and he seems likely to get a very nice ground saving stalk position behind on 2nd selection.......such a deal

4  Via Egnatia

5  Rumpus Cat


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