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Santa Anita for Sunday 31 March 2019

OK card this afternoon. Be back with you next Thursday to start off the month of April which if you live in the Midwest I like do couldn't come any sooner because of one prolonged nasty winter. I guess not so hot in S Cal as well.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

7  Incredibly Lucky   prolonged work series for this Bill Spawr four-year old filly and her drills a couple of months ago were quite strong........backed off some since then maybe to keep the claiming vultures at bay.......solid rider/trainer combo over the last 3 months or so

3  Vella   speed and endurance put into this Lloyd Wicker 1st time starter over at Slr.......trainer hasn't won with a debut maiden in many a moon but maybe that changes today

9  A Dime for Me   Bill Morey wins his fair share the 1st time he takes over the training duties of given horse and he sends out this three-year old filly for the 1st time since he got her from the Mulhall barn.......his new shooter might be muscled up some coming off a grass race........upside potential

2  And Counting

8  Meritocracy


race 2    average clarity

2  Brandothebartender   "Brando" is nicely improved since Dollase took over the training duties of this six-year-old and he sure appears to have him sharp for today's race off of a 3 month break........that and this fellow is an off pace hill runner in a field with plenty of speed in it

7  Pee Wee Reese   2 for 2 on the SA hill grass course winning by wide margins in both races and one of the wins was in a small Stakes why is he not top choice you say - he is coming off a long layoff and he is a speed horse with plenty of speed signed up

5  Eddie Haskell   not much punch in the late stages of his 6 races down the SA hill thus the record of (6 0 0 3) on it........but he has been able to take back when Rosario rides which can really help him from flattening out at 6 1/2 furlongs today

6  Tule Fog


race 3    average clarity

7  Heloise   latest race on a good rated track run at 6 1/2F isn't bad but what we are looking for is his race two back where he ran his lifetime best was run on a fast track.......and that race was at today's 6F distance

8  Lovely Raquel   not my favorite trainer with drop down in claiming types but it is encouraging that Delgadillo jumps back aboard after being absent for a race.........and if this mare has remained in relatively good health she should have as good a shot as anyone to take down this race

4  Chay Up and Away   another questionable drop down in this case for Aquirre who is dangerous with if this gal's latest off of a 13 month layoff was a gimme........lookout today

6  Queen Carmelita

2  Copper Cowgirl


race 4    average clarity

7  La Sardane   bad trips in last two grass races and before that she faced males in a tough Grade 2 which seems a bit over her head......she ran two big winning one turn turf races at Belmont last summer which tells me she prefers one turn turf races......gets weight off today because of her sex........and it seems like a very good sign that Rosario stays put......upset city in the making I hope

1  Conquest Tsunami   very good history back quick but he hasn't been as tough off of breaks like today's 2 month break......but than again he has a good chance to get what he needs as in a loose lead

3  Arms Runner   double barrel action from Miller as he also conditions our 2nd selection.......gelding ran a solid race on the hill to win in his latest.......tightly spaced works since his latest on 27 Jan indicate he is doing awfully.......feel like he might be sitting on his lifetime best

5  Mesut


race 5    below average clarity

3  Diamond Blitz   Keith Desormeaux is often at his most dangerous with the sprint/route/sprint maneuver and that is the scenario for this colt who is also making a necessary drop in race level........and two decent drills since his last on March 1 support the idea he is very well-meant today

6  Owning   moved forward 1st out following the Carava claim and his works since the race indicate he has remained a happy healthy individual......not out of the win picture by any means here

2  Wild Bean   last race fits fine and he might be the speed of the speed in the race......he does lose Rosario despite a 6 1/2L win.......that's perplexing but in the long run you can't get too carried away with where jocks land (that statement will probably put the 4 horse with Rosario up in the winners circle)

7  Toothless Wonder


race 6    average clarity

2  Via Egnatia   decent 1st out for Baltas and company for this five-year old in the 1st start since arriving from NY where he was with Bill Mott.......and the works since the 25 Jan. race are terrific.........draws Rosario........rather sure this guy is up for a big race today unless he dislikes the configuration of the SA hill

10  Oiseau de Guerre   appreciates ample time between starts and gets it today........(6 1 3 1) on the SA hill but his efforts are better than his record would indicate as he has had many tough trips in his hill jock in Desormeaux gets a shot to smooth things out today

5  Blitzkrieg   solid move forward in his latest 1st out following the Doug O'Neill claim.......three reassuring works since........more upside potential here.......dangerous sort

11  Mr. Twinery

1  Galloping Mischief


race 7    below average clarity

5  Dialed Up   tepid top pick but at least his ML is 12 to 1 is this 1st time starter from the Becerra barn who owns a work regiment that spells "meant and ready".........his a.m. work has both speed and endurance put in

9  Runnin'withdadevil   another 1ster that sure appears to be training well enough to be a factor in the outcome of this race.........low percent trainer with MSW 1st time starters in Mark Glatt but that is not necessary the case when he shows solid works

1  Posterize   trainer is dynamite turf to dirt (5 for his last 13)........and that stat might be even more significant today as this gelding is racing turf route to dirt sprint which might give him the best shot to finish up well in the late stages of this 6 furlong affair

10  Jamming Eddy

3  Summer Games


race 8    average clarity

4  Fiery Lady   lone race down the SA hill (two races back) is her career best and disguised by a bad fact I assigned her the same adjusted fig as our 2nd choice in the race.......and today for a race down the hill I like the jock who is up this afternoon more than the one who rode in the 6 1/2 furlong grass race on 26 Jan.

10  S Y Sky   five-year old shows up every race on difference surfaces and distances (10 5 4 1).........and these days it seems that this mare is at her best on the Santa Anita hill grass course where she happens to be a perfect 2 for of the reasons I have her picked 2nd is that Talamo has been up for all of her career but not today

5  Gypsy Blu   another who is 2 for 2 on the hill but in her case vs. softer........but she just put in two improved drills and retains Rosario who carries 4 lbs less today.......needs a significant move forward and might provide one

2  Queen Bee to You

9  X S Gold


race 9    below average clarity

5  Caracortada   very solid drills especially considering the MC level for this Peter Miller 1ster.........and why not debut in a MC25K as she is a five-year old has tossed an impressive 8 winners from 8 starters one of which was a Stakes winner

1  Whata Flirt   1st time Maldonado up like he is here has been a very dangerous thing the last 3 months or so........that and in general he has been very live teaming up with O'Neill

6  Awesome Amanda   all three lifetime races on main track surfaces appear to fit well in this spot......and the cut back of a full furlong today should help her endurance in this 6F MC25K when push comes to shove in the late stages of the race

10  Encountress

2  Crackling Bread

12  Princess Jada




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