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Santa Anita for Friday 10 May 2019

Chance of rain but it appears that if it comes it won't be enough to mess with the dirt or the turf. Hope that is the case.

So much as been said about the DQ of Maximum Security (for & against) that I could only think of two things that have I have not read. One is that decent enough video (or none at all) has only been available the last 4 decades. And then there is the fact that prior to 1980 the average field size was less that 12. When you think in those terms you might say that in the modern era of large fields and adequate technology there has been one disqualification in 40 years which seems rather normal. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  River God   both lifetime grass races (which were also run at today's one turf distance) fit just fine here......and today we get quite the rider upgrade........and a very strong rider/trainer combo to boot

4  Formal Dude   D'Amato four-year old has been away for over 13 months but shows an impressive prolonged work regiment that suggests he is fit and ready to roll.......prior to being laid up he was on the improve.........believe he continues the positive trend today........and the fact he isn't in a protected MSW race only supports the notion

7  Springs Eternal   colt broke poorly in his MSW debut and then showed plenty of life following his bad exit from the metal monster.......trainer has solid stats both 2nd time route and 2nd time grass with a given horse.......and of course the drop into MC75,000 helps too

3  Temple Secret

6  Will Dancer


race 2    average clarity

2  Clear the Mine  last win came sprint to route albeit turf sprint to dirt route.....dirt sprint in last and the strength of the race is disguised by breaking a little tardy and yet still sitting close to a fast pace.........and today we get a rider upgrade to R Fuentes who has won 10 of his last 30 route races

6  Comes the Dream  nine-year old owns some good races 3rd out after a break and that is today's scenario........and drops a couple of could the jock use a winner or a softer racing circuit as he has yet to find the winners circle in 2018........come on Alfonso

5  Bay Area   trainer is at his best racing a given horse off of very short rest.......last race for this gelding was 12 days ago on the grass.......that and the last time this eight year old raced turf to dirt like today he won


race 3    average clarity

6  A Dream Is a Wish   only runner in the race to work as far as today's 4 1/2 furlongs and he worked 5F out of the gate in 102:3 which is rather strong for an early May two-year old filly Cal-bred

4  Vegan  nicely bred Cal-bred is training as if she is meant and ready for her MSW debut.......and mom has tossed 3 winners from 3 starters and 2 of them were debut winners.......and it appears that Gutierrez took this filly over our 3rd choice

5  Cheap Cheap Cheap   double barrel action from the O'Neill barn as he also trains our 2nd selection........this filly also seems to be working as if she can be a player in this spot.......we shall see about 2 pm pacific time


race 4    average clarity

2  Persephone   5 to 1 top choice winner in her last......thought she would get a good trip in the race and once again she looks as if she will get another good trip sitting mid pack and saving ground for most of the way like she did in her last..........especially with Prat staying put

1  Norwegian   solid 1st on the grass in her latest in a race run at Tup and the strength of the effort is somewhat disguised.......that and the only time that today's rider Ruben Fuentes rode for Michael McCarthy over the last two months led to win........hmmm

6  Super Klaus   ignoring this girl's lone grass race as it was her MSW debut and she went off at 92 to 1 hinting it was a muscle her up spin around the track.......just ran a vastly improved race in her latest albeit in a dirt so grass breeding but lookout if she does take to it the green carpet


race 5    average clarity

2  Cabin John  talk about moving forward in his 1st effort on the new much deeper/slower SA dirt surface......his Santucci fig earned (all pace adjustment) is about 7 lengths better than par for today's higher level of racing........two reassuring maintenance works since.......should be tough if he holds form

3  Treasure Hunter   another coming off a much better than par one mile route race in his latest.......but he has been away 2 1/2 months.....if he returns as good as he was he might have just as good a shot of taking down this race as our top choice

5  Arch Prince as stated in today's 2nd race Quinonez could use a winner and he has some shot to get one here as this gelding drops multiple levels and also cuts back 1/2 mile in distance.......his endurance should be enhanced.....still he likely will need our top two picks to press the issue early and often which they just might wind up doing


race 6    below average clarity

10  Miss Voluptuous  pressed a fast pace in her latest and rightfully tired but not as bad as it appears in print as she also had to check a couple of lengths in the late since are improved.......should be in the hunt from the get go and with more staying power this time around

8  Lostintranzlation   broke her maiden in an allowance race........and in her latest she nearly beat the boys......continues to train like a happy healthy five year old mare.......races where she belongs today

2  Drop the Mic   solid better than it appears in print turf route in her latest......finished up fast and galloped out as if there was more in the tank.......five works since the 4 April race.......better trip and a small move forward can lead to a visit to the circle of joy

3  Hotitude

6  Sedamar


race 7    average clarity

4  Uno Trouble Maker   this Spawr four-year old filly should be a repeat winner is she returns where she left off as her last race which was run on 24 Feb is very strong......trainer is solid off of 45 to 90 day breaks and the works are quite good

5  Big Red Seven   1st at SA but this mare has consistently handled many different tracks and track conditions in her career.......not sure how meant she is off of an 11 month layoff and the fact she is running in a protected race.........but.........she sure fits if she is "meant & ready"

1  Convince   sprint-route-sprint maneuver for today and with a nice speed work put in to help her gear up for today's 6 panels......only one lifetime race on the dirt in a sprint (two races back) and it was decent


race 8    average clarity

3  Carnivorous  talk about dead on the board in this colt's latest which was his 1st race in 8 months.....likely pointed for today's race his 1st on the grass.......his sire is 14% turf and most of that coming in turf sprints.......should be a price

7  My Mandate  lone turf sprint race which was down the I miss you Santa Anita hill grass course is solid.........just popped a bullet work one week ago.....feeling good.......rider needs to be clever and avoid getting caught too wide

10 AE  Yes I Am Free   best credentials in the race by far.......mostly rated as third selection because his post is a tough one to overcome at 5F on the grass where inside posts have been dominating the winners circle of late

1  Boa Nova

5  Nice Work

2  Alleva




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