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Los Alamitos for Thursday 12 December 2019

Final week of racing at Los Alamitos for the Thoroughbreds. Decent card today. Let's call it a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Coilette   very high percentage trainer in Jorge Rosales and man is he stout with getting horses to repeat as in 50% win with his last 70......and he is even better with "claim repeaters"........Gutierrez wisely stays up and he knows this filly well as he has the mount for the sixth straight time on this filly

6  So Gucci   severe drop down is somewhat suspicious but the catalyst for it might be that this filly has been dismal at SA and SA is only 2 weeks away.....that and this girl's lifetime best was run at Lrc and at today's 5 1/2 furlongs

3  Gas Can   on the right end of the learning curve and his two races at Lrc are better than they appear in print.......and like our top choice the impetus for the drop down today might be his bad race record at SA


race 2    average clarity

1  Enemy Runner   not the best of trips in his MSW debut at Lrc and then in his 2nd start 2 months later he had a brutal trip stumbling at the start - running somewhat wide - and checking in the stretch drive........could have won for fun at the MC100K level.......MC50K today......1st time bug boy Velez which is often a dangerous thing when riding for Sadler

3  Megameister   gelding has been in training for a long time preparing for his maiden debut so I doubt this is a gimme for Baffert and company.......and Baffert is 7 for 13 to start the Lrc meeting........yikes

5  Shootin Money   quite the improvement in his 4th lifetime start both in final time and and pace........the effort was run just 13 days ago.......can he handle short rest........we shall see about 1:28 p.m. pacific time

6  Benny Change


race 3    below average clarity

2  According to Buddy  four year old is 2 for 3 at Lrc and both wins were at today's 5 1/2F distance.....toss out his latest as he likely dislikes the off going......previous race was a route gimme placed way over his head to protect him.......good time to drop with plenty of doubt in the minds of those searching for a horse to claim

3  Seahawk Wave   gelding has his physical problems so being away 2 1/2 months seems like a plus......trainer is dangerous dropping off a win......jock A Espinoza has been a good fit on this Ellis four year old

4  Onthewingsofadream   if this Belvoir five year old can run as far as 5 1/2 furlong his 870 races at LA sure suggest he owns enough ability to compete at the $8K claiming level

5  It's Just Bob


race 4    average clarity

6  Sierra Sunset   best time to drop precipitously is off of long layoffs......that is the case for this Bonde filly today as her last race was vs. much better way back in mid guess is this filly has only one or two races in her before she will need to be laid up for cheap to win and lose her by way of the claiming box

4  Rosie's Gold   owns an abundance of early speed in a race that lacks it and has only 5 furlongs to hold together......1st to date on the Lrc surface is a question mark

5  At the Margin   toss out her last race which was at Lrc as this three year old filly acted up prior to the win and a 2nd in her other two races at Lrc.......away since 21 September but she is training as if whatever was bothering her is not now..........dangerous 3rd choice and likely will be a handsome price

7  Chic Clementine

8  Thanks


race 5    average clarity

5  Rizzi's Honors   best recent credentials coming into this race and the race sure seems to set up for a nice mid pack runner like this Glatt six year old mare happens to be........all three races at Lrc without blinkers look good vs. today's competition

3  Fracas   very "live" the only two times that Craig Dollase saw fit to put up an apprentice rider on this filly......bug boy Diaz is up today.......four year old is (3 1 2 0) at Lrc

1  Rattle   lifetime best was the only time this filly raced at Lrc with the blinkers off........they are off today.......trainer isn't so hot off of 46 to 90 day breaks or this filly would have been made our 2nd selection


race 6    average clarity

3  Red Valor   what we want is this youngster's race 3 back which was a solid 5 1/4 length win but where he fouled and was disqualified to 8th.........recent sizzling best of 17 34:2 bullet drill hints we might see similar today hopefully minus the the DQ

7  Corrana En Limen   blinkers on in his latest and this three year old gelding popped his lifetime best in a race at Del Mar.......his previous best was run in his lone race at logic suggests that he might fire his best to date back at Lrc but with the blinkers on this time around

2  Credance   poor start in his MC debut and followed that up with a horrid start in his 2nd start.........obviously needs a better start and if he provides one he likely will show some unexpected (by most) early speed

5  Strong Ruler


race 7    average clarity

3  D's Lovely Sophia   1st four lifetime races fit well in this spot and two of them were at Lrc and both were at today's 5 1/2 furlong distance.......last two racing endeavors do not........recent improved 4F drill hints of a rebound.......we shall see about 3:58 p.m. pacific

4  Grinningeartoear   filly has shown that she can run fresh and she is 2 months "fresh" today.......and she was running very well in her debut until she "bled" so bad that she had to be vanned hint she is ready fresh once again as ample time between starts appears to be her friend

8  South Boot Shirley   filly has spent way too much time racing on the AW and the turf where she is a combined (8 0 0 1).........conventional dirt is a different story (4 2 2 0).......and she is 1 for 1 at Lrc and the race was at today's 5 1/2 furlong sprint distance

1  Bako Sweets

9  Sunsise Royale


race 8    average clarity   

6  He's a Hit   takes that ever dangerous drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming.........and high percentage trainer Jonathan Wong as you would expect is stout with the move

3  Extractor   good drills prior to his debut (especially considering the level of racing) but really didn't carryover anything to the afternoon........trainer is much more dangerous with 2nd time starters........deserving of another shot?.........we will find out soon

7  I Dub Thee   needs her best to date.......maybe her most aggressive a.m. preparation to date can provide it

8  Quiet Charm

1  Shackmandu

9  Wicked Blue



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