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Santa Anita for Saturday 24 October 2020

Take note that this year's special publication for the Breeders Cup at Keeneland will cover both days but with only a comment for the top choice. (also take note that the 6 special pubs. are finished and you will need to purchase the Breeders Cup publications). Purchase will be available soon.

Closing weekend at Santa Anita. 10 races on Saturday and 11 races with mandatory payouts on Sunday.

Decent card this afternoon but at 1st glance Sunday's card appears difficult to decipher.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Brickyard Ride   acceptable 11% win percentage for bug boy Centeno.....but like so many apprentice riders he is rather raw on the turf......he is in fact 0 for 32 and counting on the grass.........but.........he still is the top choice in this spot as he can get loose and stay out of trouble........colt is one for one at today's 5 1/2 turf ditance at SA and the win was a strong final time and pace

2  One Flew South   only race run at SA on the grass was at today's distance and was decent.......and the jock up for the race is not nearly as accomplished as the rider who is aboard today in Prat.....away since 20 Feb but he is working as if O'Neill has him ready to roll......and O'Neill is firing on all cylinders of late

1  Octopus   (6 2 2 2) racing at 6 furlongs or less on the dirt.......that bodes well for his chances of appreciating a 5 1/2 furlong grass race if of course he takes to the so pedigree for it......about 50/50 proposition that he handles it


race 2    above average clarity

6  Chipper   2 of his 3 dirt sprint races are "big numbers" and especially his MSW debut which was at SA run over a year ago.........trainer is often at his most dangerous 3rd out after a long layoff and that is the case for this three year old gelding today.........Prat stays put despite two straight dismal turf races........hmmm

3  Curry    lone race which was run 1 1/2 years age was dismal.........returns as a 1st time gelding and his a.m. work hints he is returning as a vastly improved individual........we shall see if that is so about 1:30 pacific time

5  Secret Club   MSW debut for this gelding was decent and disguised in it's strength.......and his trainer is way better with 2nd time starters than 1st time starters........still he best move forward significantly to handle our top choice if he runs the race I think that he will


race 3    average clarity

6  Holden the Lute   big wake up in his 3rd lifetime start and 1st at Santa Anita..........nice reassuring 4F drill since the race.......takes the ever magical drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming........hard not to like

4  Prince Magician   works are numerous for this laid up Palma colt and quite a few are solid especially for a trainer like Hector Palma who doesn't push them too hard in the a.m.......believe this three year old is meant and ready fresh off of the bench and draws bug boy Centeno who to date does his best riding in dirt sprints

5  Defense Wins   all of his sprint races fit fine but I am a touch leery of the significant drop down to MC50K and without a work listed since his 4 Oct race........also this O'Neill gelding likes Dmr and Dmr is only a couple of weeks in why drop now


race 4    average clarity

6  Superstition   impressive 2nd lifetime start which was run off of a long hiatus from the game and it was this girl's 1st on the sod.......her Santucci fig earned is better than par when you add a pace factor of about 3L.....that and she likely will benefit from the race

5  Vegas Palm   very smooth consistent runner seems best sprinting on the grass.......but........she is 0 for 11 and counting as she appears to be a "hanger" to some that J J Hernandez remains on her as he is often aggressive which might help this mare get over her tendency to settle for 2nd or 3rd

1  Fierce for Sul   last is likely short of what it will take to win this race but her a.m. work since her 29 August race is improved........and a good sign Rispoli stays put on this three year old filly from Baffert's barn


race 5    below average clarity

2  Potantico   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  toss his last as his running lines suggest he fires a big race following a dismal fact all three lifetime wins came after a double digit beaten lengths loss (20L-10L -17L) at it's best......LOL

3  Pepe Tono   trainer is red hot and the drills for this gelding hint at a wake-up today.........jock upgrade and Gonzalez has won 2 of his last 3 mounts given to him from the Victor Garcia barn

4  Unbroken Star   best at SA and best racing at today's 1 1/16 distance (2 for 4 and 2 for 3 respectively).......not sure how ready he is for today's race but if he is fully wound up he likely is rated too low


race 6    average clarity

7  Three Ay Em   might be a good claim by Eddie Truman as this colt's last two races are better than par.......nice history on the SA turf (4 2 0 2).........four year old has never run 9F on the grass but his pedigree suggests he can handle the added distance........turf jock upgrade.........hard not to like

3  Irish Heatwave   O'Neill has been rather hot the 2nd half of the fall SA my guess is that this colt will mount a rebound off of a 7 week (likely needed) break.........lone effort at 9F is solid........positive jock change

6  Go Daddy Go   just ran his lifetime best Santucci fig and the effort is somewhat hidden by a wide trip-a-rue........and the race was his 1st to date at the 9F turf distance.......such a deal

1  The Stiff


race 7    average clarity

4  Blazing Charm   three year old filly has put in a nice late run in all four lifetime sprints........and she graduated in a 7F she should be closing fast at today's 6 1/2F and many in here will not.......light weight 7 lbs bug boy stays put and does his best in dirt sprints

3  Malibu Cat   filly has a win and a 2nd in 2 racing endeavors on fast rated SA dirt........and 0 for 6 anywhere else..........Prat stays put for the 3rd straight race and blinkers go on..........dangerous sort

5  Andyoushallreceive  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  sure seems meant & ready off of the extended hiatus from the game and why not as she has shown she can run fresh and this is the 1st time this Koriner filly has been up for sale.......back to Pereira who has a decent history on this four year old after being absent for a couple of races


race 8    average clarity

2  Biddy Duke   decent sprint on the grass in her latest and she might not have been at her best coming off of her lifetime top only 20 days prior in a 5 1/2 dirt race......if she can rebound to that race she will be tough......she should sit pretty stalking our 2nd selection.......jock upgrade to boot

5  Magic At Midnight   four year old filly is a perfect 4 for 4 to start her career and one of the wins was a 5F turf race.........she has opened up big leads in all 4 races and should once again today

6  Aqua Seaform Shame   seems the most dangerous of the off pace runners in this field of seven........if our top choice goes after our 2nd choice early things might set up for this Baltas filly who owns 2 wins and a 2nd in three turf sprints

3  An Eddie Surprise


race 9    below average clarity

8  Go On  bet hard in his MSW debut but didn't run so hot outside of showing some early speed......blinkers off and if his strong works since his 29 August debut are worth a hoot he should fire the race the connections were looking for in his debut

6  North Pole   debut was decent for this colt who went for over a million at sale.......and top gun Prat stays put for one fine trainer with developing young horses in Simon Callaghan.....good works since debut.....more seems likely for his 2nd lifetime start

1  Classier   Baffert 1st time starter is training up to snuff.......would have considered higher if he hadn't drawn the one hole at the 6 1/2 furlong distance and it's dreaded gap to the left

3  Union Soldier

5  First Class Dad


race 10    average clarity

8  Shadow Sphinx   very good history when top jock Prat has been in the saddle......(6 3 1 1) at the distance on the grass................five year old should get a nice mid pack or stalk position behind our 4th selection.......gelding has won 4 of his last 5 when up for a tag.......$25K today

1  Erotic   lifetime best grass race in his latest......hard to tell if he is up for similar today but he has been given ample recovery time to enhnce his chances of success

4  Move Over   plenty of run in this horse but he often runs too wide......well at least with most jocks but Baze took him inside way back on 20 Jan 19.........he is up today.........come on T C ride that rail as long as you can.........should be a price

9  Mithqaal

12  Grand Meister

5  Worthy Turf

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