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Santa Anita for Saturday 8 May 2021

Average card at best today but Sunday's looks very good both in quality and handicapping.

Best of luck as always !


race 1    average clarity

3  Dancing Diva   (7 1 2 4) since the blinkers were put on........only career turf race was "decent" time wise but it was also a key race........dirt race 2 back is very good and disguised in it's strength.......regressed some in latest but she might mount a rebound......should be a ton back on the grass today if she does

2  Frazzled  lone win came in her 2nd lifetime start dirt sprint to turf route.......turf sprint in her last off of a long layoff.......turf route today.........highly likely pointed for today.........jock upgrade to boot

1  Delta Gamma Cats

6  St Helen


race 2    average clarity

7  Season to Remember   useful MC debut which is better than it appears in print.......but what really catches my eye is the equipment change to blinkers on and the near bullet 4F gate drill.......likely is returning for her 2nd lifetime start as an improved individual.....and with 10 lbs less to carry on her back

4  Mamma Rama   three year old filly takes that ever dangerous somewhat magical drop from MSW racing to MC20K........and doing so off of a prolonged layoff is usually the time to do it as there is plenty of trepidation in the minds of those thinking about making a claim

5  Indi Galle

1  Life's Emotions


race 3    average clarity

4  Real News   lone race at SA was way back in January (also 1st time P Miller as the trainer) and it was a solid 6F grass sprint and the strength of the effort is disguised by a wide trip up on the pace........away since but working as if he has improved now that Miller has had him in his barn for awhile..........we shall see about 2PM pacific it that is the case

1  Cono   likely to get a nice stalking trip behind the 2 horse who I obviously believe won't hold together attempting to get 6 1/2F........should trip out well which should make him very dangerous

5  The Black Album


race 4    average clarity

2  Curvette   inside speed has been an awfully good position to be in for the last month or so and that is where this Baffert 2nd time starter should be.....and with the meets top gun (by a wide margin) up

5  Miss Fia   sprint-route-sprint scenario and that can be quite meaningful when the upcoming sprint is at 7F........that and the last two figs earned for this mare are better than what our top choice produced in her 5 1/2 length win

3  Bye Bye Miss Pie


race 5    average clarity

6  Bestrella   two very powerful stats for this Gallagher 1st time starter - 2nd start with trainer 25% and 2nd time Lasix where Patty G. is an eye popping 50% win with his last 30 (a stat play)

4  Sapphire Kid   race lacks speed and this mare owns some and she has a win and a 2nd at today's 9F turf distance in 3 starts.......she was on the lead in one of them and stalking the lead in the other (a trip play)

1  Almost a Factor


race 6    average clarity

3  Brio Is Awesome   nice wake up in latest and the strength of the effort is disguised by a wide trip and some pace factor......solid bullet work at LA since the 10 April race........and quite the rider upgrade.........good meet for the trainer.......plenty to like

4  Summer Rose   takes that ever dangerous drop from MSW racing down to low level MC.......away since mid January but training like she is fit and ready to trainer at the helm in D'Amato.......hard not to like

6  Sweet Sonny

5  Queen of Arendale

7  Big Passion


race 7    average clarity

7  Go Big Blue Nation   four year old filly has only had a top echelon rider on her back once in 7 grass races and it led to a win.......major upgrade in jocks for today (especially for a marathon turf race) to one of the best turf riders in the U S of A in Rispoli.......1st as far as 12F today for this McCarthy filly but she acts like the added distance will suite her well

3  Tapwater   back to Prat who was absent for a race and Flavien owns all 3 lifetime wins for this Mandella five year old........mare has never run further than one mile on the grass but Mandella has made all the right moves in 2021 as witnessed by his 30% win & 60% in the money for 2021

1  Catch the Eye


6  Neige Blanche


race 8    below average clarity

6  It's Fitting   Cassidy has won his last 3 of 5 when dropping multiple levels like he is here with this five year old gelding who is cutting his claiming price in half today.......that and the drop makes sense as this fellow has only made it to post 5 times since he started his career in August of 2019

2  Kennecbec   nice to have Kent Desormeaux back riding at a high level again........blinkers off today for this three year old colt who won the last time they were off which was 3 races back.......trainer is winning at a 13% clip for 2021 but he is 3 for 9 with 6 others hitting the board 1st out following a claim which is the case today

5  Gabby Hayes

7  Brazilian Summer

3  Betito


race 9    average clarity

8  June Gloom   Peter Miller is heating thing up of late and his top go to guy has been Flavien Prat which supports the idea P.M. is in full go mode right now......sprint-sprint-route maneuver for this 1st time router and with back to back endurance building 6F works put in.......all systems go

1  Power Source   Richie Baltas is ice cold of late but he seems due to snap out or the doldrums and this laid up colt sure is training as if he is ready to roll fresh off of the bench......both U S of A races are "OK" considering today's lower level but what we want to see is his effort 3 back which was a two year old 7F race in Ireland where his effort that day looks awfully good here

9  On Easy Street

4  Lemonade Stand

2  Summer Invasion




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