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On August 12, 2003, Martin Dermer, the founder of The Racing Digest (formerly known as Martin Dermer's Racing Digest) sadly passed away from complications from cancer.

The Racing Digest has been published almost every race day for the past 30 years and its history and success will continue long into the future. We promise that Marty's memory will be kept alive with the kind of hard work and expertise that would make him proud.

The primary handicapper for the last 9 years (since December 2007) and hopefully for years to come is Rich Santucci. Rich is a lifelong handicapper. In the past he has bred and raced thoroughbreds including a few that he owned with a former owner of this publication. In the 1990's he appeared as the guest television handicapper for Arlington International Racecourse on numerous occasions. He has been the author and publisher of past performance racing data for the Chicago, New York, Kentucky, and Florida racing circuits. He is a Midwest boy who is thrilled to be covering Southern California racing.