Santa Anita for Sunday 8 October 2017

Not an easy race card today. Might need quite a few good trips to end up having a good day. Be back with you Monday in what appears to be a good card.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

8  Speakers   all four lifetime races are at one mile on the grass and they all fit here......and two of those efforts are disguised by poor ever was his lone grass race at SA and it was his debut....and that seems significant as Gallagher is bad with 1st time starters likely by design

1  Moonshine Annie   looking to see her race 4 races back......break off 7 weeks since her last might freshen her up and awaken her.....if so she might by up to her effort 4 back which would fit fine here

4  My Pi Romance   appreciates ample time between starts and Desormeaux shows patience and gives it to her.......her game is going to the front and try to hang on.....should be able to get loose here......Prat knows her well have been aboard for all 7 lifetime races

6  R Sunday Surprise


race 2    average clarity

1  Omerta   trained so so prior to her MC debut and had no play on the board......since the debut this filly has trained impressively.....that and she gets a rider upgrade....and that rider Kent Desormeaux has won 4 of his last 6 mounts riding for Jeff Bonde

3  Snaked   hidden debut for this Miyadi filly as she broke slowly and then rushed to grab the lead by the quarter in an unsustainable pace......same speed with a good start and she should be loose and very dangerous

4  Krissys Manicre   poor trips in both lifetime starts which were in MSW affairs.....been away since 23 July but she is working as if she is totally ready for her return to the race wars......Baltas/Bejarano at the helm.....such a deal

5  Spritualist


race 3    above average clarity

5  Pulpit Rider   gimme/go led to one strong MSW win and the effort is par like for today's tougher gimme this afternoon for start number three

7  Family Girl   tough to split the top two choices as the youngster has also displayed plenty of talent......blinkers on and for a trainer getting his mojo back......and that is saying something when the trainer is Peter Miller

6  Silverspun Pickup   needs to improve about 6L to compete with our top two selections as she won her debut but in a lackluster time......she has trained like her MSW debut win has muscled her up what degree is the ? mark

1  Empress of Lov


race 4    below average clarity

2  Trust Fund Kitty   toss her MSW debut at GP which was on the turf as she lost all chance getting hammered at the start......2nd start 3 months later was on the dirt and it was good effort at Dmr.......back to the grass for start number three and she sure is well-bred for it

4  Factorofwon   nice move forward in 2nd lifetime start should set her up well for her 1st on the grass which she is well-bred to handle....... and maybe always pointed to

7  Fracas   showed some life on the grass in latest on the 24th of August at Dmr......but......will likely need a move forward to get to the circle of joy......trainer has had a great year so maybe that move is in the cards

6  Camino Song


race 5    average clarity

5  Unique Belle   not only runs like a superstar by she trains like she is from a different planet.......Breeders Cup win is next

3  Bad Ju Ju   never better and another 1/2 furlong should be a plus.....but a monster stands in her way unless of course she has a bad in they aren't machines

4  Princess Karen   should be on the lead but with you know who breathing down her neck

6  Dis Smart Cat


race 6    below average clarity

5  Norwegian Spy  scratched the other day for this softer spot which in S Cal is usually strong move....... much more so than any circuit I can recall........last two racing endeavors fit fine.....1st time Prat

8  What A Ten   vet scratch on 15 Sept and in a protected race is alarming.....but......2 for 2 on the dirt and the races were with Maldonado up and at SA......maybe not the kind you would want to claim but could consider supporting at the windows

4  Sly Humor   Cerin must like what he sees with his new shooter as he doubles her claiming price 1st out following the claim....and he also entices Roman to stick around and the bug boy has down ell riding this filly

2  Gemini Journey


race 7    average clarity

9  Vegas Vic   good race.....better race.....stellar race...... that stellar race would have made for graduation day in about 90% of MSW affairs since suggest he has held form.....1st on the grass with a good pedigree for it.....terrific turf trainer in D'Amato

5  Bold Papa   2 of his last 3 races fit solidly for the level and one of them was down the hill.....should be arriving late on the scene and maybe with a flourish

2  Tatar   on the improve with each and every race.....not impossible if the trend stays intact and he handles his 1st down the majestic SA hill grass course

8  Catfish Hunter


race 8    below average clarity

2  Nardo   by far at his best at SA and especially so at 6 1/2 furlongs....... and Puype sees fit to drop him 2 claiming levels likely to take advantage of the SA surface before things switch to Del Mar.....Prat sticking around supports the notion

4  Native Treasure   last two dirt races fit solidly here......but.....they were run turf to dirt.....he will need to produce similar today racing dirt to dirt.....tough call but dangerous

1  Jes Jaa   2 wins and a 3rd since Glatt claimed........but........he was a voided claim 2 back which obviously is a concern........but then again Glatt kicks his four year old up two levels

8  Tasunke Witco


race 9    average clarity

2  Crown the Kitten   by far at his best racing on the grass at the distance of eight furlongs.....last three grass races run all fit well in this spot.......good post with the same rider up in Pedroza......should be a major player if this five year old gelding holds form

1  Lord of Chaos   8 post - 8 post - 1 post today......Theriot - Theriot - Bejarano today.......1st out following the Morey claim is usually a very dangerous proposition when he names a top rider like Raffy

8  A Red Tie Day   suspicious drop of multiple levels......but Baltas gets Nakatani to ride and he has been very selective not riding very many but with great success......tough call

3  Burger and Fries

5  Buymeabond

4  Secreto Primero  

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Santa Anita for Saturday 7 October 2017

Seems like a decent card this afternoon. Remember that there is racing at Santa Anita on Monday for the holiday!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

9  Ima Take Charge   seems to be running into shape just as many horses do for Keith Desormeaux......and now drops multiple claiming levels,,,,,,and I like the speed works put in as brother Kent should sit much closer to the leaders early

3  Cause for Pardon   fired lifetime best in latest and now gets a significant rider upgrade......Maldonado should have this gelding close to the front and saving ground

4  Fabrication   another getting a rider upgrade and appears to be the most likely to snatch the front end.......gelding has moved forward in every start and if he does again today he should be a major factor in the outcome of this maiden claiming race

6  Dramatic Ride


race 2    average clarity

1  Blackjackcat   3 for 3 at one mile on firm turf including a Grade 2 win in his latest.....gets a nice break of 7 weeks and he is training like he will continue where he left off.....seems likely to stalk a weak speed horse in number 5.....such a deal

3  He Will   likely will need to bring his A game to upset our top selection but he just fired his best to date on the dirt and he has been better on the grass than the suggests if he has held form he might fire one of his better efforts on the sod

6  Tequila Joe   trainer has had his best year to date and he seemingly has gotten this grass horse back to his form that did he displayed last summer when running for Michael Stidham......late runner is not impossible if there is enough pace up in a little more than I anticipate


race 3    average clarity

6  New Dancer   good name for a 1st timer who I believe is meant and ready in his MSW debut......when Sadler works a 1st timer 6F in at least one of his two last works it is usually a signal he is "meant" 1st out....and this guy has worked 6F twice including a solid bullet 6F drill

2  Puig   nice par like MSW debut running 2nd at 32 to 1.....away for about 8 weeks but his recent bullet 5F work hints he should fire similar this afternoon

8  Mister Mojo   Jeff Mullins is more dangerous with MSW 2nd time with that in mind his MSW debut in all likelihood was a tune-up for today's 2nd start.....blinkers go on and main man T C Baze sticks around.....dangerous sort

3  Catalina Cruiser


race 4    above average clarity

6  City of Light   powerful forward move in his 2nd lifetime start and seemingly enough time off (as in 5 weeks) to recover from what might have been a stressful run physically speaking.......trainer has been very reliable in 2017 with these kind.....and a good sign that Stevens is back aboard......should be on the front end once again

1  Colis Gold   there are some signs that this Baffert colt might be at his best at Del Mar.....but.....if that is not the case he will be a major player in this affair

2  Americanize   ultra consistent on the dirt (6 1 5 0).....mostly rated as the 3rd selection because of those five 2nd place finishes


race 5    below average clarity

3  Silken Spy  decent 5F MSW turf sprint debut at Del Mar......and this two-year old filly sure seems likely to move forward this afternoon as one of Eric Kruljac's stats that really stand out is 2nd time in 5 for his last 15 and with 5 others in the money.....and many of those 15 did not run as well in their debut

7  Sappho   strong races vs. the boys over in Ireland in July and August for this Phil D'Amato invader.......trainer is good with shippers and has been firing on all cylinders at the new meeting better than his record to date indicates

2  Into Glamour   like the route race in her last in far as to helping her endurance....that and she is training as if Baltas tweaked something for the better........first on the sod but that is usually a dangerous thing when Baltas is the conditioner

6  Bunny Yogurt


race 6    average clarity

1  Ransom the Moon   3 wins and a 2nd since D'Amato turned this Grade 1 winner into a sprinter.....and I believe she is at her best with ample time between starts like today.......ironically race two back where she ran 2nd is her best overcoming a wide trip up on the pace

4  American Anthem   3 wins and a 2nd in 4 lifetime sprints including a G2 victory at Belmont......excellent work tab since returning home from New York.....three year old faces older for the first time but that is no big deal in October in a sprint race

3  Edwards Going Left   just keeps getting better.....and better.....and better......and better.........and ? matter what he does this afternoon he deserves this shot in a big time race


race 7    average clarity

8  Royal Bar   poor trip in MSW debut hides a better than appears 1st out.......and the a.m. work since is quite a bit better.....expecting more today and if he gets a better trip he will be a major factor in the outcome of this race

1  Oh Man   dueled on a dull rail in his latest and still hung on for 2nd.......4 tightly spaced (6 day intervals) works might have him wound up like a top......would have been top choice if I wasn't slightly concerned that another 1/16th to travel might hurt his chances

7  Royal Trump   on the right end of the learning curve and if the trend continues this afternoon he should be a major player in this two year old maiden claimer for Cal-breds

3  Run Jeanne Run


race 8    above average clarity

3  Mrs McDougal   Mandella has started the meeting firing on all cylinders and has a decent chance to add to his win total here with this five-year old mare who has run way better than it appears in print in her last two races.....and......she happens to have 3 wins in 4 one mile grass races

6  Insta Irma   nicely improved 1st out with Richard Baltas as the trainer......and he had about 4 1/2 lengths of trip troube........switch to Nakatani who so far has been very selective but highly successful winning 4 of his 7 mounts at the meeting......Baltas on the other hand is only 1 for 18 at the new meeting but might jump-start things here

1  Madame Stripes   very nice mare to be placed as the 3rd selection and it is mostly because the turf distance of one mile might hurt her chances of getting up in time from off of the pace

8  Belvoir Bay


race 9    below average clarity

3  Dadtaughtmewell   excellent prolonged work series for this laid up Dean Pederson five-year old....rather sure he is meant and ready......and take note that Prat is up and the only time Dean used him over the last couple of months they won

8  Just Kidding   apprentice rider upgrade......drops a couple of levels......decent recent works......all adds up to what I believe to be a very live Peter Eurton five-year old gelding

10 City Steel   13 for 16 on the board at today's distance......(8 3 2 2) at Santa Santa........good time to drop as this seven-year old had a bad trip and missed the board in his latest......regular rider Talamo wisely sticks around

9  Kristo


race 10    average clarity

3  Looking At Thelake   consistent sort finally gets a top echelon grass rider and also gets a good post for Bejarano to work with.....both lifetime grass races at one mile at SA are solid.......hard not to like

4  Shazara   tough otter-most 9 post at one mile on the grass in last....did well to run 2nd as he predictably broke a little slow and ran somewhat wide.....same racing level and distance today and a much better post for Baze to deal with

5  Midnight Swinger   seemingly needs a target to run Prat takes back some his chances much more if he does

9  Bridal Arch

10  Tammy's Window

2  Candy Swirls

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Santa Anita for Friday 6 October 2017

After two decent days to start the meeting the next two were ugly. Hoping that changes today.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

1  Where's the D   drop makes sense as this filly sure likes SA (4 1 2 1).....and Roman (4 wins yesterday) knows her well as this is his 5th consecutive mount on her back......bug boy seems most comfortable at SA and it sure showed yesterday

5  Southern Treasure   very consistent sort on conventional dirt or the synthetic.....and not too shabby at today's distance as in 5 for 10.....and she drops out of the same higher level race as our top selection

2  Fourthenineteen   claimed in her latest and the a.m. work since is awfully strong for a F&M8K.......trainer does very well with limited starters

10  Herunbridledpower


race 2    average clarity

3  Mag the Mighty   lifetime best was her lone race down the SA hill grass course....and the effort was her debut......and the effort was compromised by a poor trip and fits at today's lower series of 4 works since her latest which was run on Aug 31st....seems ready for best

4  Coalinga Hills   owns good early speed on the dirt.....1st on the grass but has a decent pedigree for it with two sibs who are turf winners....and takes the magical drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming

9  Paddy Jean   not crazy about only one work showing since her last which was run on the last day of August......but if she is alright physically speaking I have rated her chances too low

6  Lord Attitude

Long-shot consideration:   10  Schwary's Girl   there is the gimme/go and drop......and then sometimes there is the gimme-gimme - go and drop ....that and 1st time with Roman up supports the notion


race 3    average clarity

5  Christy Jackson   all 4 of his lifetime dirt races fit and Ken Black sees fit to drop her to the lowest level of her life......sure seems like the one to beat if she has remained in relatively decent health......good sign that Baze stays put

2  Bona Fide Image   quite the year for Bill Spawr and he might keep the good times rolling with this filly who has only missed the board twice in her 10 race career.....but......she has yet to win showing "hanger" tendencies

6  Purrfect of Course   1st time starter appears to be training well enough to be ready for Mullins and company......and mom has tossed 3 winners from 3 starters.......seems dangerous

12  Grace Hopper


race 4    average clarity

6  Awesometastic   both lifetime fast track sprints (both at CD and with two next out winners in her last) are very solid for today's given level......seems like a good pick-up for Baltas and company and the trainer usually is very good at getting horses sent to him to improve

3  Princess Dorian   toss out her lastest as she had a brutal trip.....prior to that debacle she had 2 2nd's and a 1st to begin her carer and all the efforts were at SA in sprints.....seems likely to get back on track this afternoon

8  Pomp and Party   29 to 1 shocker in her 2nd lifetime start and off a prolonged layoff to boot.......that 2nd place finish can lead to graduation day if she benefited from the race......Fuentes deservedly gets the call again and will sure want to impress the D'A with another good ride

2  Pied N True


race 5    average clarity

9  Scatterling   seven weak break appears to have turned this filly around as her a.m. prowess sure is improved.....that and I like the rider change.......Maldonado has won 3 of his last 8 for D'Amato and with 3 other hitting the board

4  Brooks All Mine   another training very well while enjoying a break from having to race in the afternnon......that and Hollendorfer is likely all out with this gal as he drops her a notch following the 10 August claim

6  An Unusual Group   very consistent sort racing at the turf distance of one mile as in 7 for 15.......don't really mind that she doesn't step up following a solid win as she has needed 7 weeks to get back to the races

10  Peach Cove


race 6    average clarity

3  Thorpe d'Oro   appears to be lone speed in this spot and with Maldonado in the irons for the 1st time......that should should make him very tough in the late stages as Edwin is one tough speed rider to get by

1  Captivate   nice par like effort in his 2nd lifetime start and 1st on the dirt.......sprint-sprint -route maneuver for today and with a good looking work regiment put in in preparation for his new challange.......Prat wisely remains aboard

5  Ziconic   best ever was run in his latest and the effort is disguised by a bad trip given by Espinoza......rider has started the meeting cold but might feel better following this race if he gets Zenyatta's son to the winners circle for the 1st time

4  Principle Bob


race 7    average clarity

5  Ms Wakaya   race seems set for an off pace runner like herself with plenty of speed signed up.....that and this Miyadi filly appears to like the SA dirt surface the most.......and she has run very well "fresh" in the past........7 months "fresh" today

9  Dreamy Girl   recent a.m. work is vastly more impressive.......1 for 1 at today's 6F she up to her big effort 3 running lines back (August of 2016)......if she is she will be in the winners circle

4  Red Stich   last 3 races at SA on fast rated track (and they were also at 6F) led to a win and two second place finiishes........Ocampo knows her well and for the most part has given her decent trips

3  Powder


race 8    above average clarity

3  Be Mine   one heck of a nice turf runner to still be eligible for a nw alw race......away from the game for over 14 months but training very sharply at Slr.........1st on the hill ia a ? mark but the right guy up to guide her thru the zigzag in Pratt

1  Ava Forty Seven   double barrel action from the DA's office as he also conditions our to our top pick she is racing off of a layoff and also training like she is ready to roll........not out of the win picture by any means if she takes to the hill

8  West Coast Bias   (6 1 3 2) to start her career which has been all on the our top two picks this is her 1st on the hill.....but she has handled 5 1/F on the turf as well as one mile on the you would surmise she has a decent chance of coping well down the hill

5  Cash prize

2  Chocolate Coated

7  Angel Allie





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Santa Anita for Saturday 30 September 2017

Rail bias to some degree yesterday especially in the stretch. Leaned that way some today but not too much when making my selections.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

10  Pubilius Syrus   talk about being on the right end of the learning curve......decent race at GP followed by a solid MSW route in his 2nd lifetime start and 1st in S Cal......and then he nearly graduated in Stakes race.....back in a MSW today.....should be a ton he he holds form.....and you never know as he might be up for even more today if he continues his upward trend

5  Martin Riggs   two-year old maiden exits the same Stakes race as our top choice with a Santucci fig earned that is 2.5 lengths less than that what our top choice was assigned.....and now he gets a rider upgrade to Gary Stevens

8  Inscom   pounded at the windows in his MSW debut which was on the dirt.......attempts the turf for lifetime start number two and his grass breeding is better than his dirt breeding.......definitely deserves another shot as he cost a cool $850K and his trainer and rider are both having terrific years

6  Treasure Hunter

Long-shot consideration:   3  Impeachableoffense   very good drills since an unimpressive MSW dirt debut in early this colt's  pedigree for the grass and Scott Hansen is a rather decent trainer when it comes to getting a given horse ready for his 1st ever on the sod and at a route


race 2    average clarity

2  Supreme Venture   3 of 4 lifetime races are solid in this spot and two of the races are disguised........Talamo seems likely to sit behind the leaders saving ground in a race that should produce a lively set of fractions....such a deal

7  Bolster   nice strong layoff race in his last to graduate and he did it in style with a hand ride by Prat in the late stages......that hints the sharp jock left something in the gelding's tank for today....that and the four-year old responds to ample time between starts and his trainer shows patience and gives it to him

5  Handful of Stripes   seems likely to benefit from his layoff run in latest.......speed getting over to the rail had good day yesterday and if we get a similar strong rail again today Maldonado and his ability to grab the lead will in all likelihood be a plus

3  Quiet Dude


race 3    below average clarity

10  Mourinbo   went for $625K for in March and is working as you would expect for a Bob Baffert first time starter .........speed and endurance put into him.......with the 10 post I obviously like his chances better if the track plays more even/fair than yesterday

9  Peace   Richard Mandella appears to have his two-year old colt ready for his debut with a prolonged tightly spaced work regiment.......and he gets Prat to ride who handles two-year old runners awfully well

6  Instilled Regard   million dollar colt showed ability in his MSW debut and might have graduated at 1st asking with a little better trip.....but he might need more versus today's bunch...... but...... with his debut under his belt and the fact Smith stays put he seems likely to provide it

3  Alternate Rhythm

Long-shot consideration:   5  Tizona   showed powerful route speed in latest and just worked a bullet 3F drill 5 days ago......speed inside bias yesterday so if that is the case again today this fellow might be tough to reel in if he gets loose on the inside


race 4    average clarity

5  Big Buzz   how did our top two selections do in the 1st race as this baby maiden exited the same Stakes race as they did and today gets to compete in the 2nd division of this split MSW route turf race for two-year old runners

9  Rockaway   another exiting the aforementioned two-year Stakes the race he predictably had the trip from you know where having to break from the impossible 14 post in a mile grass race........he did should plenty of life on the grass despite being beaten by 10L....not out of this by any means with a better trip

8  Pitching   nice forward move in his 2nd lifetime start and 1st at a route......likely needs another move in the desired direction in lifetime start number three and considering his connections he has a decent shot at proving one

4  Formal Dude


race 5    above average clarity

4  Paradise Woods   Mandella three-year old filly loves Santa Anita and she been working brilliantly since switching her training from Dmr to SA......all that and her rider Flavien Prat knows her well having been aboard for all 5 career starts

1  Faithfully   very consistent sort in routes as she has never missed the board in a route race......regressed some in her latest but ample time to recover and rebound to her lifetime best which was run 2 back.......and her mid pack style should benefit from what likely will be a solid pace up front

6  Shenandoah Queen   John Sadler can be quite dangerous the 1st time he places a given runner in a Graded race which is the case here.....five-year old mare is 3 for 3 racing in dirt routes......tall task this afternoon.....but.....stranger things have happened


race 6    above average clarity

9  Ritzy A. P.   seems well suited to the 9 furlongs of turf he once again faces today ........and.........his effort run in his latest vs. too tough sure fits well in today's lower level....that and he gets a major rider upgrade especially for a turf race

6  Troublewithatee   should get a nice trip stalking the lead or maybe even setting the pace in what should be a very doable set of fractions

3  Golden Doughnut   acts as if his 1st as far as 9 furlongs will be to his liking and it will not be for quite of few in here......should be motoring late

8  Kencumin

Long-shot consideration:   10  Taki's Choice   lifetime best of three grass races is his lone effort on the SA sod.....that effort fits fine as does his tactical speed which should help Blanc get on over by the 1st turn.........and like our third selection he acts as if 1 1/8th will be a plus


race 7    above average clarity

3  Moonshine Memories   Simon Callaghan sure has become quite the trainer developing young horses and that includes this two-year old filly who won a 7F Grade 1 at Del Mar in her last......and she did it displaying a solid set of fractions and overcoming a slightly dull inside.......1st at a route but bred to run all day

2  Alluring Star   exits one fast heat for the MSW level and the time was supported by significant gaps in the race to 2nd, 3rd & 4th........and she likely exited the race in good shape as she has put in 3 solid works since her stellar MSW debut

7  Piedi Bianchi   two-year old filly can rate and that should come in handy here with plenty of speed signed up......that and she just keeps getting better......and better.......and better........and............

4  Super Good


race 8    average clarity

1  Zatter   stalked and then pressed a nasty pace and paid a price late to run 2nd in a Grade 1 at Dmr.......1st around two turns today and with a two-year old that couldn't be anymore in Bob Baffert's wheelhouse......Bejarano wisely sticks around

4  Bolt d'Oro   trainer had a hat trick yesterday and might keep the ball rolling here with this baby who beat our top selection in his latest but benefited from taking back off of a strong pace.......but that might occur once again today

7  Encumbered   very solid grass win in latest and he owns a pedigree that should also handle the dirt......likely will occupy one of the last 3 positions in the 1st half of the race and make one big run especially if we get a more even playing field than yesterday

8  Solomini


race 9    average clarity

10  Goodforroses   five-year old mare has really turned into something special since Baltas took over the training duties 6 races back......and the 10 furlongs offered today should enhance her chances as the further she runs the better and her last two races which were 9F are not too shabby

7  Beau Recall   ultra consistent sort for Callaghan and company could have won two straight Grade 1 races if not for wide trips......for the 3rd straight time a new jock gets a try .......should be tough if Bejarano can save ground on at least one of the turns

5  Avenge   the best of the speed types in this G1 affair and Pratt knows this Richard Mandella 5 yr old mare very well as he has ridden her a good portion of her 15 race career......and she sure has put in some impressive endurance works to help her stamina when push comes to shove late

3  Responsibleforlove


race 10    average clarity

8  Cupid   sure appears at his very best at Santa Anita (3 2 1 0) and his Grade 1 win two races back in May was very impressive overcoming a wide trip to win going away at the wire......that and he usually makes a forward move the 2nd out after a layoff which is the case today and his last is not too shabby

3  Midnight Storm   had this fellow as my 4th choice until I saw how good the wood was this six-year-old is very comfortable scrapping the paint on the might want to lessen his chances if you believe the track has changed this afternoon

5  Breaking Lucky   invader is putting in some strong a.m. work at WO and nearly won two prestigious Grade 1 races in 2016 at CD and Sar....and look who wants the in Mr Money - Mike Smith

4  Curlin Rules


race 11    below average clarity

10  Kathy's Song   nice forward move 2nd out since Baltas took over and the works since her latest indicate she is even up for more this afternoon if of course she handles her 1st ever down the tricky SA hill grass course

11  Miss southern Miss   talented filly from the Keith Desormeaux barn ran a very strong effort/fig for a two-year old filly last Oct in her one grass race which was at one in preparation for today are as good as you ever see for Keith Kent wisely sticks around

1  Take A Deep Breath   seems best in turf sprints and she ran 2nd in a Grade 3 in Ireland at 7F and won a small Stakes race prior to that also in Ireland......doubt the SA hill will be a problem the way she handled two different somewhat funky Irish turf courses

3  Kendra

5  Storm the Hill

4  Tapped

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Santa Anita for Friday 29 September 2017

It is good to be back! Hope the track plays fair this weekend as all 3 racing cards appear to be very playable.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

9  Amazon Cry   tough trip two back and then an even tougher one in his last out somewhat hides an improving Phil D'Amato colt.....that and they drop back into a maiden claimer which should make him the one to beat if of course he receives a better trip

10  Bacoli   wide trip in a MSW turf race in his latest losing about 5 lengths and only was beaten 4L for the win......and now he drops into a maiden claimer for the 1st time in his career.....should be a major player

5  Sirari   very dangerous looking and prolonged work regiment for this Clifford Sise 1st time starter........ especially for the  MC50K level

3  Kinematico


race 2    average clarity

5  Saint Dermot   no shot whatsoever to do much damage in his latest racing wide and doing so up on a strong pace ......rightfully had little left in the tank late........connections drop claiming price in half for today....he does like to run wide but how wide can you be in only a 5 horse field

1  Over Achiever   last appeared to be a gimme off of the layoff as Ellis placed his six-year-old at a level I imagine he thought no one would put in a claim.....gelding is stout at SA as in 2 for 3.......Morey has had a good go of it in S Cal this year and is quite dangerous dropping 1st out following a claim.....Bejarano up

2  Freddies Dream   might be a decent claim by Mullins and company as this six-year-old owns a good history on conventional dirt......and he might be running at his favorite distance (4 2 1 1).....(5 2 0 2) on the SA dirt is noteworthy as well


race 3    above average clarity

7  Airfoil   significant rider upgrade with the change in trainers to Mark Glatt who happens to be one of the more dangerous trainers around in S Cal when he drops 1st out following a claim

6  Heir of Storm   awfully dangerous looking work preparation for this significant drop down who has been away since April Fools Day

2  Royal F J   seems to prefer racing off of ample time between starts these days and that sure makes sense as this is start number 101 for this 10 year old.......that and he drop 2 notches for Carava who has had him for most of his career

1  Golden Atlantic


race 4    average clarity

7  Conqueror   lone career race on conventional dirt fits well here and it was run at SA at today's one mile distance and Ocampo was up.......Pratt is up today.......very sharp a.m. work

5  Fregosi   quite the makeover jock......1st time racing on change back to blinkers on.....and races at the lowest level of his life......all that suggests to yours truly that he is well-meant on opening day SA

4  Inhibition   very wide trip in last somewhat hides a nice forward move 1st out following the claim by Cassidy and company........and the confidence shown by the connections (moving him up in claiming once again) hints he is doing awfully well

3  Divisor


race 5    average clarity

7  Haulin' Freight   sure appeared to be nothing more than a public work-out in his MSW debut to drop and........ go go go in today's maiden claimer......and .the fact he worked 6F just 3 days ago supports the notion as does the fact he went for only 42K at sale

4  American Currency   decent debut racing in a MC80K affair on the last day of August.......returns for start number two in a MC50K and switches jocks to Gary Stevens......nice 5F gate work put in just 5 days ago......all-systems go for Truman and friends

9  Sandbed    solid work tab for this Sise 1st timer.......and Cliff Sise years back used to pop at a price with MC 1sters quite often.....that hasn't been the case the last couple of years.....but....the works sure hint it might to a return to the past this afternoon

3  Colormemoney


race 6    below average clarity

4  Red Carper Cat   front running type was taken back in his latest and it sure worked out well making an impressive turn move and winning very easily.....thru the years when a given horse successfully changes his running style they often win right back if they utilize the same running style

7  Gentrified   seems like a bad claim by Salder and friends and the connections realize it as they drop this fellow way down to cut the red ink while the can.....or.....he is totally shot....we shall see

8  One I'm Running To   appears to be the speed of the speed in this race with quite a few that will want the front end.......and retains the bug boy who is 2 for 2 on this three-year old at Santa Anita

6  Cupid's Beau


race 7    above average clarity

7  Luck De   very strong race with Desormeaux up for the 1st time and the strength of the run is disguised by a very wide trip.....rather solid history on the turf racing at 1 1/16th or less.......should get a nice mid pack position and if Kent gets over closer to the wood  this time around she should be tough

1  Ok Doll   seems at her best on the SA turf course and also appears to appreciate the one mile turf distance.....should get a good trip on or near the lead in what should be a workable set of fractions

5  Domestic Vintage   Roman has been one heck of an apprentice rider to date but not in route turf the switch to Talamo following a poor trip by Roman should move this three-year filly forward off of a nice set of works

2  Salsita


race 8    above average clarity

6  Xten   ultra impressive 2nd lifetime start and 1st running a route.......did extremely well to run 2nd with as wide a trip as he a.m. work since.......T C will be out to make amends

5  Jungle Warfare   seems well-meant today off of a vastly better series of works of late......and draws Mike Smith for the 1st time who is showing up for his only mount of the day on this two-year old......and last but not least Jerry H is solid with the sprint-sprint-route maneuver

1  Major Cabbie   last appears to be a racing experience tune-up for this well-bed colt who has been working awfully well prior to and after his debut and working like is preparing for a distance race......if that is true....lookout

2  Unlawful Act


race 9    above average clarity

2  Tribalist   extremely talented turf sprinter is 4 for 4 when wearing front bandages.....and the only time he raced down the majestic SA hill grass course he did not have them on and nearly won anyway.....and he is capable on or off of the pace giving his rider options

4  Om   ultra consistent grass horse and at any distance..........which includes a near miss in the B C turf sprint down the hill last year......not crazy that regular rider Stevens isn't up......but Van Dyke will do

7  Guns Loaded   has really been on a roll down the hill dating back to 26 Dec 15 when the course has been rated firm (3 2 0 1).......and should be in top condition racing 2nd out following a layoff

3  California Diamond

8  Coastline

1  Prize Exhibit



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