Santa Anita for Saturday 15 June 2019

Chances are that there will be more then one winning pick 6 ticket today and if that is the case there will be quite the pot for tomorrows mandatory payoff. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Tiz Love   gelding does well racing off of short rest and that is the case today......significant jock upgrade especially when you take into account the 7 lbs weight break.......Velez should sit dead last and be closing in the late stages with only 4 foes to negotiate making for little traffic trouble

6  Baby Bear's Soup   wake up city today for this Knapp claimer who is working markedly better for today's race than he has in his prior two races.......chances are he will stalk the 3 & 4 horses and try to hold off our top choice late

4  Big Shanty   trainer is quite dangerous 1st following a claim like today........jock is by far at his most dangerous in sprint races.......and the cut back from 6 1/2F to 6F today appears to be a plus......a trifecta of reasons to consider this colt


race 2    below average clarity

6  Hardboot   par like efforts in his last two races and both are disguised by poor trips especially so in his latest race........and his only race at 9F on the grass which was run in June of 2018 is a solid fit horse trainer hopefully has this fellow feeling good

4  Inscom   so far night and day better on the SA turf course (5 1 3 0) and (5 0 0 0) the switch to Garcia as he has never ridden better on the turf than he is right now........inconsistent sort but take note that he has never run 3 dull races in a row........last two are dull

9  Push Through   nicely improved since the blinkers were added 3 races ago.......1st running as far as 9F and a owns a pedigree that hints it might be too far for him but his running lines suggest that it isn' N Cal turf rider is up

7  Kenjisstorm

3  Erotic


race 3    average clarity

3  Portal Creek   filly woke up some in her latest and the strength of the effort is disguised by a slightly tardy start and racing too wide.......Bejarano stays put and will be out to make amends......filly is 3 for 6 at SA and 1 for 2 at today's 6 1/2F distance at SA

1  Bam Bams Lil River  (5 2 2 0 1) on conventional the step up in claiming for this Hollendorfer runner especially with a strong work regiment showing.......good history for the rider on this three-year old (3 2 1 0) and the loss was only by a neck


race 4    average clarity

2  Give Me the Lute  no chance in his latest as he was pushed out badly on the turn while pressing the pace.......he did awfully well to only end up 4 1/2 lengths behind the winner at the wire.......tough 9 post in latest (7% win at 5F).......2 post today (30% win at 5F).........Prat stays put........hard not to like

6  Fredrikstad   good MSW debut in the 25 May version of this race which 1/2 of this field exits......that and Mark Glatt's history is better with 2nd time starters than 1st time starters........solid rider/trainer combo of late in Talamo/Glatt

5  Claim of Passion   rather sure this gelding is ready to compete at a high level in his MSW debut as he has put in copious drills at weekly intervals dating back to at least 24 March.......and if he is "meant" in his debut for D'Amato and company my guess is he owns some early gas or he would not be in an abbreviated turf sprint of only 5 furlongs

1  Hit the Seam

10  Master Ryan


race 5    average clarity

4  For the Top   don't see anyone in this field capable of running as well as this fellow did in his last 2 races in Argentina......away since 15 December but Baffert has him doing well and especially so since he started training at SA.........and this colt is eligible for the ship and stay money which makes for a small Stakes like pay-day if he wins.....seems like one strong incentive to be ready for his first in the good old U S of A

1  King Abner   last three times this fellow was placed in an alw race it led to 2 wins and a 2nd by a nose.........that and he sure seems best at one mile on the dirt where he owns 2 wins and 2 seconds in 4 starts

3  El Huerfano  latest won't do but his effort two back might........trainer is a stout 27% win with his last 41 1st out following a claim which is the case today.......and he got this elder statesman to work a 2nd best of 32 5F drill.....hinting......a rebound to his race 2 back might occur and if it does he should have a fighting chance here


race 6    average clarity

2  A Walk in the Park   four-year old filly has a good history 2nd out after layoffs and that is the case today.......if fact she is attempting to make it a perfect 3 for 3 with the maneuver.......and all the races were at today's one mile turf distance........(2 1 1 0) with today's rider up.......such a deal

3  Peter's Kitten   smooth running sort with a good post and with the meets best grass rider in Prat remaining up for a 3rd consecutive turf race.......and this Sadler four-year old filly continues to work like a happy healthy individual

1  Moonless Sky   Eddie Truman is uncharacteristically having a bad 2019 and might be sick of losing (and maybe not as sick of losing as his owners) so he drops this mare 2nd out after a layoff to enhance her chances of getting him his 2nd win in 2019

4  Aunt Lubie

5  Charmingslew


race 7    average clarity

7  Polity   lone lifetime win was run off of a long layoff like today and it was also in a claiming race.....that effort fits well here......and his work regiment indicates this is hardly a tune-up

4  Kidmon  all four of his dirt races since the blinkers were put on fit well in this spot........trainer is dynamite 1st out following a claim and Knapp legs up one of his main go to guys in Joe Talamo

9  Sir Eddie   last win came turf to dirt 3 races back......5F turf sprint in latest and it is much stronger than it appears in print.....dirt today......and back to Prat after being absent since the aforementioned dirt win 3 back

6  Rmanie's Grey Suit

10  Spenditlikechilly


race 8    average clarity

4  Smiling Angelo   four-year old from the D'A's barn has been away since August of 2018 but returns with the blinkers off and work a work regiment that hints the equipment change has made him a better horse and he already was pretty talented.......Talamo is up and he is a perfect 2 for 2 on the dirt with him.....should be in the hunt from the get go

5  Smokey Image  Carla Gaines seemed to have snapped out of a prolonged slump and might keep to ball rolling here with this 1st time gelding who started his career with a bang earning most of his $535K in his 1st 1/2 dozen races or so........but........he has been disappointing since then in 2017/18.......he has been absent since May of 2018 but he is working as if the ultimate equipment change has done him a world of good

1  Coil Me Home   just popped his lifetime best with the blinkers put on for the 1st time......that race which fits OK here was at 6 1/2 furlongs and he appears better suited to 6F......very dangerous up and coming sort

6  Desert Law


race 9    below average clarity

1  Darpa  solid MC debut and the race has panned out to be a key one.....both of the horses in front of her at the wire came back to win.......would like her more if this race was on the dirt like her MC debut.......pedigree for the grass by my book is only so so......but than a gain Sadler is a good judge of who will take to the turf and her pedigree to handle her 1st route is good

8  Dulverton Darling   both lifetime races which were also MC50K route grass races fit fine here.......and this filly should have plenty of endurance when push comes to shove in late stretch coming off of a 9F grass race......two reassuring works since her latest run on 24 May.......hard not to like

6  Shanghai Truffles  trainer has been ice-cold and that might be the main catalyst for today's drop from MSW racing to MC50K........and also for Prat accepting the mount........filly has broken tardy in all three lifetime starts or would have rated higher than 3rd selection

3  Mongolian Midnight

10  So Much Happy



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Santa Anita for Friday 14 June 2019

Might be some scratches today with the thoroughbreds being scrutinized like never before. I'm all for it as racing needs to grow up and clean up it's act. What better place to start then at The Great Race Place.  

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Opus Won  one of the bigger "pace" surprises in a very long time with this Baltas runner as this filly pressed an extremely fast set of fractions in her latest and she had never shown anything close to that in the past......since the race she worked a 58:1 at Slr.........last is solid and she likely moves forward 2nd out after a layoff today

2  Sedamar   best of the late running grass runners in this field that might yield a hot unsustainable pace up front.......that and this filly graduated in her 3rd lifetime start..........that might bode well for today's 3rd out after a hot turf rider in Martin Garcia up

6  Lostintranzlation   double barrel action for Baltas as he also conditions our top selection........five year old mare should get a nice stalk position behind our top choice and the one horse........Franco needs to get on over by the 1st turn to enhance this gal's chances


race 2    average clarity

5  Square Deal   Simon Callaghan is outstanding with young horses and he appears to have this two-year old colt all wound up and ready to go in his MSW debut.......and mom has tossed two winners from two starters one of which was a Stakes winner

AE 9  Cal's Gem  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  bet hard in his MSW debut and ran a nice 2nd in decent time for the given day.......but if he does draw into the field his rider has a tough post to deal with......thus made 2nd pick but still awfully dangerous

6  Next Flight  beat five of seven foes in his MSW debut with a lack of support at the likely wasn't all that wound up for his a debut and he might be now.......we shall see

4  Cheap Cheap Cheap

7  Bam Bam Again

3  With Due Cause


race 3    average clarity

1  Higher Power   1st on the grass today but this colt owns a good pedigree for it.......and.....blinkers go back on today after being off for three races and he just popped an improved 5F work 5 days ago hinting the equipment change is a positive.......rider had a dismal week last week but might get some of his mojo back here

2  Ritzy A. P.   weak stat for Dan Blacker off of layoffs of 3 or more months as in only 3% win with his last 40 starts......but Prat wants the mount and if this five-year old is ready he should get great position here on or close to the lead in a race lacking speed

5  Blended Citizen   blinkers come off this gelding today as O'Neill attempts to shake things up......seems like a more interesting move than it normally is as this fellow won a Grade 3 with "blinkers on" for the 1st time in a race run last year


race 4    average clarity

3  Delta Forum   sprint-route-sprint scenario combined with the turf to dirt scenario for this gelding's 3rd lifetime start and 1st race on the dirt......that and this three-year old has always trained well on the dirt and owns a pedigree that by my book is somewhat better for the dirt than the turf

7  Satchel Paige   bad trip in his MSW debut because of a horrid start from the gate.......even a worse trip in his 2nd lifetime start hides a move forward......but he did break poorly again although not nearly as bad...............hopefully he has been at the gate a few times to rectify the problem........we shall see about 2:30 pacific this afternoon

2  Play Money   needs a rebound to his MSW debut race run 3 back where he broke slowly and them rushed up to duel and as almost all do he cashed it in late.....with a clean break and a loose lead he might have graduated at 1st of late are improved.......dangerous and at a nice price

4  Big Barrel


race 5    below average clarity

5  Strictly Biz   scratched out of a Stakes race on Sunday which was also at 5F on the grass.......he drew outside so that might have been the impetus for going here vs. easier.......been away since his winning MSW debut at Lrc where he crushed the field and set an impressive set of fractions........and he is better bred for the turf than the dirt

3  Capture the Sea   on the improve with every start and now switches to grass racing for the 1st time with an OK pedigree for it.......Maldonado up and the rider has been awfully good in these abbreviated 5F turf races mostly because of his uncanny ability to get out of the gate so quickly/cleanly

7  Yes I Am Free   a perfect 2 for 2 on the grass at the 5F distance........and his other two turf races further than 5F aren't too shabby either.......but I am not too crazy with the way Arroyo is riding the grass and this colt had top-notch grass riders up for all four of his lifetime starts........dangerous for sure but the jock will need to do better from an outside post

1  Asano

6  Carnivorous


race 6    below average clarity

2  Horse Greedy    SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  very impressive win last year at SA racing turf to dirt........that tells me that the latest race at 5F on the grass run off of a long layoff was nothing more than a muscle him up gimme.........Sadler is as good as anyone in S Cal with the turf to dirt move.......and Victor Espinoza rides back and for his lone mount on the card........gelding's history racing in sprint races further than 6F is solid......should be a price-a-rue

5  Lombo   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  laid up since September where he won a race off of a long layoff like today........won a Grade 3 the only time today's jock Prat rode this colt.......preparatory works are very stout.........rather sure the D'A has this fellow ready to roll fresh off of the bench

6  Hot Sean  has never missed the board in 9 starts and he might be at his very best racing at today's 6 1/2 panels.......and today's rider Martin Pedroza has been up for 6 his those races.....3 very reassuring works since this gelding's last on May 11th where he checked on the turn and was up close to a nasty pace yet still won........dangerous Baffert five-year old



race 7    average clarity

5  Kentan Road   speed of the speed and with a good bug boy in grass races and it showed in this mare's latest with a solid win going gate to wire in good final time and with fast splits to get there......and over the years Sadler is awfully successful getting a given horse to repeat

3  Rocky Policy   should get the rail or two path on the turn sitting mid pace with the rest of the field either faster or slower early than she her chances if that scenario comes to fruition......beat our top choice two back on 27 April with a similar situation

7  Gypsy Blu   4 for 4 in turf sprints one of which was at 5 furlongs........trainer is red-hot but the jock who is decent overall has been dismal on the sod (1 for 19).......and look who was up for those 4 turf sprint wins (Gryder & Prat).......still not out of the win picture but maybe a little over-bet

2  Love and Peace


race 8    average clarity

4  Thanks  not too hot off of breaks but rather solid off of relatively short rest.......and her latest off of short rest 2 back is greatly disguised by a bit of a wide trip pressing a nasty pace for the given recent preparatory works.......solid N Cal jock in Cedillo is rider upgrade......good chance to be the controlling speed

6  Zillinda   solid improvement in her latest run on the now deeper SA main track.......and the effort is hidden in its strength quite a bit......that race was run off of 57 days rest.......49 days rest today......she should be a major player this afternoon if giving her ample time between starts works out well again

8  Info's Treasure  13 lengths of trip adjustment in her last her 2nd lifetime start and 1st on the dirt (veer out 3 at start and ran 5 wide on BOTH TURNS)........she also broke 3 slow in her debut which was on the turf......needs to break better today and once again from the outer-most post at a route


2  Cuyahoga Falls



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Santa Anita for Sunday 9 June 2019

Hasn't been a very good week and this wasn't the easiest card to decipher. Sure hope I end up being pleasantly surprised with a good day. Be back with you Friday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Trustini   takes quite the drop in class from alw racing into a 25K nw2 claimer and the only time this filly was in a claiming race she scored her lone lifetime win.......that and we get somewhat of a jock upgrade........filly likes the stalk position and should get that here

1  Untouched Elegance   the lone time this filly was totally loose on the lead she won her lone lifetime race......she looks loose here and with a jock who has been getting the job done on the grass with speed types at Santa Anita in 2019

8  Party Dancer   like our top selection the only time this filly ran in a claiming race she scored her lone lifetime win........race shape might work against this late runner but with a good trip she has some back numbers that suggest she might overcome a race favoring speed types

9  Atina

5  Playa Chica


race 2    below average clarity

6  Platinum Equity   trainer and rider have been pleasant surprises as they both are having break out years at Santa Anita........Fuentes is 4 for 5 on this gelding on the main track and he is 2 for his last 5 for Steve Knapp.......that and this gelding appears very sharp with two straight strong works put in since his latest a win in the sprint version of this race

4  Crown Kitten  very impressive grass race in his latest 1st out with new trainer Saldana.........ran too wide and still nearly won a 25K turf race with a Santucci fig that is 2L better than par for today's racing level.......seems fine on the dirt and he has run well turf to dirt in the past

5  Fast Cotton   just claimed but Palma and he legs up E Flores who just rode an upset winner (at least for me) for the trainer yesterday........two nice works since the claim.......speed of the speed in this race.......1st at a route is a question mark


race 3    average clarity

1  Madaket Sunset   race lacks speed and this filly has some and appears to have the lead if the connections want it.......sure like that she won stalking the lead in her last as that tells me that Bejarano will be able to slow things down early.......and Rafael owns both of this gal's lifetime turf wins

5  Watheeqa   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  goofy ML (20-1) for this filly who is bred to run all day long and just ran an effort in her latest on the dirt that fits solidly here if she can run as well on the SA turf.......but what really catches my eye is that she is (3 2 1 0) racing off of short rest which includes a 7L one mile turf win in GB.......only 3 weeks since her last

6  Guiliana   by far the most proven in this field of seven running as far as 10 furlongs on the grass.........and retains top S Cal turf jock Prat for a 3rd straight race......but........her overall record on the grass is rather glaring considering her ability on the turf (16 1 1 5)......might like to hang

7  Truffalino


race 4    average clarity

7  Jen Go Unchained   trainer is often at his most dangerous dropping from MSW to MC which is today's scenario.......and this gelding is exiting a decent 5F turf race that might have him all beefed up and poised for his lifetime best

4  Baby Gronk   claimed for 50K over two years ago and he still is looking to break his with that in mind her latest off a year layoff appears to be a muscle her up needed race on the sod to drop back to where she started as in a MC50K Cal-bred race.......but then again Bill Spawr seldom gives anything away over the years

3  Mighty Elijah  last was OK but his maiden debut two back was a very fast heat for the given level and in that race he had a bad trip.........did well to finish 5th and beat 5 of 9 recent speed drills......not totally out of the win picture here

6  Rocket Ship


race 5    average clarity

7  Clochard Street   takes that ever dangerous sometimes magical drop from MSW into low-level maiden claiming......and along with the drop comes a positive jockey change......interesting that Glatt drops this filly and also makes the same move with a filly in the 2nd division of this MC30K in race 7

3  And Counting   small drop here for this filly.........and it might be best if she takes back in this spot as she seems capable of it.......two other speed challengers in the race in our 3rd and 4th picks

2  Rattle   away over 13 months but if she returns ready and similar to what she was she should be tough in this spot as both of her lifetime dirt races which were in MSW affairs are better than par for today lower level

5  Appolina


race 6    below average clarity

3  Legends of War  back to a turf sprint for this O'Neill colt who is racing 3rd out after a layoff today and with the sprint-route-sprint scenario.......along with our 2nd choice she sure has the best turf sprint credentials in the race.......and he gets 1st time Prat

1  Ginger Nut  filly vs. the boys but that sure hasn't been a problem in GB where she had to beat 24 foes and 17 foes (of bot sexes) to get to the winners circle.....that had her two grass sprints run in Kentucky fit solidly here as be coming from far back with a big kick late

2  Listing  Ben Cecil might be snapping out of a slump as he won yesterday's opener which was also a grass race and for the same owner......2 for 25 sure sounds better than 1 for 24........Cal-bred might get a great mid-pack trip with our top two picks a couple of lengths behind him and the rest of the field (speed types) pressing the issue (we hope) in front of him


race 7    average clarity

4  Gas Can   new trainer for today and the switch in conditioners (and I don't mean for your hair) seemingly has improved this filly immensely as her recent a.m. work is stout.....race lacks speed and I think she will show improved early foot today which should enhance her chances of a visit to the circle of joy

7  Royally Blend   races route turf to dirt sprint so she might be muscled up some with improved staying power.......that and she should sit close to the front end of things in a race that seems to favor those that do

6  Girona  takes that ever dangerous sometimes magical drop from MSW into low-level maiden claiming.......Glatt made the same move in the 1st division of this MC30K in race 5 as our top did he do?

1  Magnificent Q T

5  Hansen Tale Blues


race 8    below average clarity

3  Taylor and Burton   tepid top pick was pounded in his MSW debut at Dmr but got hurt in the race.......returns almost two years later like he will get support at the windows once again as her a.m. work is solid.......let's hope she lives up to the great actors she is named after

4  Miss Hot Legs  decent MSW debut 3 weeks ago in the mid May version of this MSW 5F grass race........1st time Lasix today.........solid reassuring a.m. work.......hard not to like in her 2nd start

9  Objective  very powerful stretch run in her debut in Nov. at Dmr in a 5F grass start in late Dec was an awkward run and she has been absent since......working fantastically and only placed as 3rd pick because she might get caught wide as inside posts dominate these 5F grass races at SA

2  Full Eclipse

7  Saints Paynter


race 9    average clarity

3  Into Chocolate   exits an extremely fast heat of MSW runners that has yielded 3 next out winners.......solid work regiment since the 12 April race......Sise is decent 1st time at a route......and over the years when he gets Smith (only mount on the card) to ride good things happen more often than not

8  Loving Moment   lifetime best and a better than par effort was the only time this filly raced at one mile on the dirt and the race was at SA........and she is the lone four year old in the race......such a deal

4  Sunny Dale   par like turf race in her latest for Hollendorfer and company.........1st on the dirt is a ? mark but her pedigree to handle is decent.......Smith does get off her but Prat will do just fine

1  Mongolian Lotus

2  Karmically




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Santa Anita for Saturday 8 June 2109

Quite a few prices in our selections this afternoon. Sure hope a few of them come through.

Best of luck as always!


Belmont Stakes  race 11    below average clarity

6  Spinoff   both lifetime route races run on fast surfaces are decent winning by 11 lengths in an alw race at Tampa and then should have won a G2 at FG if not for a bad trip.......pedigree to get the 12F is decent.........and I think he will sit either 2nd or 3rd early behind the 1 horse in a race that should favor those that do........and last but not least Pletcher knows how to win the Belmont

10  Tacitus   would have been top selection if this colt hadn't drawn such a tough post but the rider can do no wrong of late and he knows this colt well having been aboard for all of his races........wouldn't be surprised if Jose Ortiz used him hard early as to not get caught too wide and at the same time sit close to the front........we shall see

9  War of Will  owns tactical speed so it likely will be pedal to the metal from the opening bell to get on over as soon as he our top selection he might sit 2nd or 3rd behind a suspect note that our top pick beat him handily in the aforementioned G2 at FG and he also had a dream trip on a strong rail bias at Pimlico to win ....still if he holds form he will have to be reckoned with

7  Sir Wiston   significant awakening in his latest in his 1st ever on the Belmont main track......lookout if he builds on the effort and gets a little more heat up front than anticipated

3  Master Fencer   game finish in the Derby and his pedigree screams "the longer the better"


Santa Anita  race 1   average clarity

3  Super Patriot   ignore figs earned in his last two races as the pace up front was so slow it made for invalid (not useful) final time figs.......improved work tab in preparation for today's race.........believe Van Dyke will try to sit as close to our 2nd choice (who looks loose) as he can

1  Candy Swirls   need to lead type is highly likely to get what she needs here........she usually needs a very slow pace to stick around and she seemingly has a decent shot to get just that in this race totally lacking speed

7  Tammy Windows   usually very competitive but not in her latest........but......Sadler wisely gives her plenty of time off to recover and her a.m. hints that she has

4  Fool's Paradise


race 2    below average clarity

3  Jack's Diva   on the right end of the learning curve and his last move forward is somewhat hidden by racing wide on a decent rail hot rider/trainer combo in Velez and Sadler.......well placed to win

1  Miss That Kat  after two straight crushing wins at LA to start his career and broke slightly tardy and then ran 4 wide in a nw 5F turf race at SA.......he lost about 5L to trip and was beaten by 5 1/4.......faces softer today and gets back to dirt......seems dangerous especially if he breaks well which he has failed to do in all three lifetime races

2  I Belong to Becky  drop after the claim for this now Glatt three-year old doesn't bother me whatsoever as good as the purse is for a 20K claimer.........and with the claim we get a jock upgrade especially so when Arroyo rides in a sprint


race 3    average clarity

1  Oh Man   trainer Steven Miyadi is at his often at his very best 2nd out after a claim and he seems to have a good spot for his new shooter here........looks loose on the lead and with a rider who is dynamite when competing in dirt routes

2  Dukes Up   trainer Glatt is heating things up of late and he sends out this six-year-old that owns three consecutive adjusted for trip Santucci figs that are 2 lengths better than par all of which were at SA and at today's one mile dirt distance.........and.......unless you are a touring golf pro two lengths better than par is a very good thing

3  Very Very Stella   moved forward in his last and the effort is disguised by a slightly tardy beginning and a three wide trip in only a 5 horse field........drops a couple of levels......fits fine in this spot if he produces the same effort as his last with a decent trip


race 4    average clarity

4  Unusually Handsome  moved forward in his 2nd lifetime start and the strength on the effort is disguised by a tough trip.......and the works since are improved hinting he is moving forward once again has tossed 5 turf winners two of which were Stakes winners.........trainer is quietly having a nice 2019 and might add to his win total here

2  Jamming Eddie   didn't seem deserving of his support at the windows but it turns out he last time he should be able to get a nice up close ground saving trip

5  No Parking Here   brutal trip in latest might have been the catalyst for trainer Miyadi putting the blinkers on this three-year old to help him focus.......and if the equipment change works he seemingly will have as a good a shot as anyone in this soft looking field

3  Desmond Doss


race 5    average clarity

2  Convince  just claimed by Belvoir who seems to be exiting a prolonged slump......both life 6F races vs. better fit very well in this spot.......four year old filly seems likely to sit close up in a race that has a decent chance to favor those that that Bejarano takes the mount as he has teamed up well with the trainer in the past

3  A Dime foe Me   consistent three-year old filly is the most likely to snatch the front end here.....and with one tough veteran rider in Pedroza to get by.......that and trainer Mark Glatt is rather hot of late

1  Time for Kisses   promising filly in 2018 hasn't run a bit in 2019.....but her recent a.m. work is improved and she drops once again........a wake up might be in the cards


race 6    average clarity

4  Great Return   solid efforts in both lifetime races which were 5F grass races like today.......really like her strong back to back works on 29 May and 3 June........finally draws a good post for a 5F grass race.......might sit closer off of some faster a.m. work........trainer has had a good SA meeting

2  C Q Covergirl   six-year-old mare has plenty of early speed and is capable of winning on or just off of the pace........that and stout speed jock Maldonado knows her well as this is the 7th straight mount on her......such a deal

6  Give Me a Hint   decently bred to appreciate a turf sprint and if she runs on it as well as she has on main track surfaces she can make it 4 for 4 lifetime.......only time that Kent Desormeaux got the mount on her she won by 9+ lengths in her debut which was run at 5 1/2 furlongs

5  Don't Sell

3  Tizanillusion


race 7    average clarity

7  For the Hustle   gelding has run well following a clunker in the past......and his last effort sure qualifies for one.....recent solid back to back works hint its turnaround time.....should be a handsome price

1  Market Sentiment  two nice 2nd place finishes in a row following a needed nine week break........sure appears to appreciate the deepened SA main track.......continues to train like a happy healthy individual........seems poised for another highly competitive race

4  For Him   best time to drop a horse precipitously is off of an extended layoff......this gelding has been absent for 10 months and drops way down the claiming ladder....and the D'A just happens to be 5 for his last 11 with multiple level drop downs

5  Hollywood Dancer

2  Smokin B


race 8    average clarity

3  Factorial  bet very hard in her 1st ever in a route and she did not disappoint.......she wired the field producing her lifetime best......with Pratt out-of-town Maldonado gets the mount and normally that would be a rider downgrade put not necessarily so with a route turf speed horse

5  Bellerin   Gaines five-year old handles ample time off well and gets it today.......does seem better on the main track than the grass but the spread is much less than appears in print......that and she sure is working the best of her career for today's race

8  Overdue   might be rated too low especially if Van Dyke can give as good a ride from the 8 post as Pratt did from the 11 post in the 18 May version of this race........rate it about a 50/50 chance that he can

2  Continental Divide

9  Ground Attack


race 9    below average clarity

9  Checks in the Mail   away since his debut at Tup in early November where he showed some life after a tardy start in a two turn grass race.....and take note that the race was in a nw2 lifetime alw race and not a MSW affair.....returns with a new trainer and a top-notch one in Bill Spawr.....doubt this is a tune-up or he would have been placed in a protected race and not a MC30K

6  Wicked Fen   on the improve with each and every it might be a good claim by Glatt and company........trainer is a solid 21% win with his last 81 1st out after a claim.....and he is heating things up of late

8  Bull Fighter  three-year old has been away since late December but returns as a 1st time gelding and with a prolonged work regiment that finished up with back to back decent 4F works spaced only 6 days apart........hinting......this is not a tune-up.......upside potential today

2  Lil Sidney

10  San Giorgio


race 10    average clarity

5  Formal Dude as stated above D'Amato just happens to be 5 for his last 11 with multiple level drop downs (how did the 4 horse do in race 7).....lifetime best for this gelding was the only time he ran on the dirt (and in a route race like today) and it was run turf to dirt.....turf in last.......dirt today........hmmm

10  Dawood   latest on the turf fits and his pedigree to handle the dirt is good.......and both times this four-year old dropped in class he improved.......MC50K in last......MC30K today......excellent dirt route jock up for the 1st time in Fuentes

1  No More Sweets  Clifford Sise is quite dangerous with MC 1st time starters and he sure has put in copious drills into this debut runner......and mom has tossed 5 winners from 5 starters and three of them were also Stakes winners......never easy to get a 1st time starter to handle two turns well but this one just might

4  Union Station

9  Drink



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Santa Anita for Friday 7 June 2019

Belmont Stakes Day tomorrow has 13 races total 10 of which are Stakes races. Eight Grade 1 races and one Grade 2. Our special publication with full race card selections and comments is now available for purchase. Forecast is for great weather. Our track record with our special pubs when we know we will get "fast and firm" surfaces is awfully good.

Because of the early post for Belmont Day our Santa Anita selections will be posted no later than 5:30 a.m pacific time on Saturday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  Our Romance   bad trip in her latest might have kept this filly from graduating in a MSW 5F turf race....1st at a route today but she owns a pedigree that should handle one.......3 reassuring drills since her last race which was run on 12 May suggests she is feeling good

7  Goodtingscominpink   on the improve with each and every race and seems poised for another move in the desired direction as she just put in a strong improved 4F work........also seems to be feeling good

1  Y Not Sizzle   fell off some in her latest race but if she mounts a rebound to her race 2 back she should be in the hunt for the top prize here.......good to see Aaron Gryder stick with her........good post to boot

8  Lucky Ms Jones

4  Laker Jet


race 2    average clarity

1  Friday's At Shady   two of three lifetime races fit well at today's higher level (last race and debut) and both are disguised by trip his latest he should be in the mix from the get go and sit either 1st or 2nd down the backside in this one mile affair........jock is 32% win with his last 38 routes races.....quite the stat

3  Alfareed   double barrel action for Jeff Bonde as he also trains our top selection.......good history on conventional dirt for this four-year old and gets to race turf to dirt today......and that move is one of the trainer's better stats

4  Topgallant  consistent sort when competing in dirt routes and he fits today's level of racing just fine.....mainly placed as our 3rd selection because this gelding likes to hang in the stretch


race 3    below average clarity

3  Twirling Apples   five-year old mare has been absent since May put she is working up to snuff and seemingly catches a soft spot to return in......and I doubt this is a tune-up or Cerin and friends would have put her in a "protected" race instead of one for a tag

5  Wind Tartare   trainer shows signs of snapping out of a prolonged slump......mare seems to appreciate getting ample time between starts and gets that today......and she owns some back numbers that fit fine here

1  Heart of the Nile   decent turf route (considering today's lower level of racing) in her race two back......goofy looking ease in a dirt sprint in her recent drill......good post and an adequate enough turf rider in Sanchez......should be a price


race 4    above average clarity

3  Duranga   mare really seems to appreciate getting weight off her back as she has preformed well when apprentice riders are up........and........especially so in her latest with 7 lbs bug boy Velez up......never has run in a route but does well racing at 7F

1  Baby Ice   best early speed in the race will likely attempt to open up a lead and never look back.......low percentage jock but he is decent with speed types in route races

2  Majestic Diva  whereas our top two selections have something to prove racing a route of ground she does not........mare keeps stepping up and succeeding fairly well......steps up again today.......she won her latest but with a soft fig.......she might need either of her efforts two and three races back.......and.......both efforts are disguised in their strength


race 5    above average clarity

2  Psycho Dar   very impressive run in the 17 May version of this race.......raced too wide on the turn and still only lost by a jock today and he is an upgrade.......gelding shows a solid reassuring work since his last.......hard not to like this one

3  Fashionably Fast   laid up four-year old is training as if he is 100% ready to roll......highlight of his work tab is a blistering 46:3 bullet put in only 5 days ago.......jock knows this fellow well-being up for all of his races when competing in S Cal

9  Prodigal Son   three-year old can fly and he best do that here as to not get caught wide on the turn which is tough to overcome in these 5F turf rider/trainer combo in Garcia/O'Neill

5  First in Show

1  Joe Jackson


race 6    average clarity

2  My Gal Toots   nice MC30K debut and likely exited the race in good shape to now step up to MC50K........trainer Jorge Periban has upped his game in 2019 and might add to his 14% win total here

6  Vella   on the improve with each and every start and if the trend can continue Quinonez might score his 2nd win in 2019 with 107 least we know he is "hungry"......and in all fairness he has given this filly decent rides

1  California Comet   rather dull number despite running 3rd in her maiden debut.......but she has dangerous one post speed especially with bug boy Velez in the irons.........apprentice jockey is awfully good when grabs the early lead


race 7    average clarity

5  Miss Ricochet   only one lifetime clunker in 7 starts albeit run in her latest racing since hint it was an anomaly........improved works since the poor effort hint she will rebound today........lone race on the turf is quite a bit better than it appears in print......should be in the mix from the get go

4  Miss Indefatigable  Peter Miller knows how to win turf sprints and appears to have this MSW 1st time starter wound up and ready to roll.......and mom has tossed 6 winners from 6 starters 3 of which won on the turf

1  Ancona  Carla Gaines 1ster has a prolong work tab and draws inside which has dominated these abbreviated 5F turf sprints......that and Victor Espinosa (24% win) shows up for his only mount of the day

7  Flying to the Line

6  Into Rissa


race 8    average clarity

1  Takes a Village   trainer does fairly well in these early two-year old maiden races.....filly 1st time starter worked well at Dxd and since arriving at SA she put in a soft 3F drill but then followed that up with a sizzling bullet 4F gate work and then a solid near bullet 3F gate work......good post and good speed rider to get her in the mix from he get go in Maldonado

5  None of Your Biz   another MSW 1st timer who appears all set to compete at a high level in her debut with a prolonged work tab that includes some nice speed works........and mom has been prolific tossing 6 winners from 6 starters

4  Fran's Empire  two-year old filly ran like she needed her MSW debut race......if that is the case her 3rd place finish could easily turn into a visit to the winners circle today

7  Sassyserb

2  Kissable





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