Santa Anita for Saturday 5 January 2019

Average card at best today and the same can be said for Sunday's at first glance. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity  (SHF carryover here of $9K)

7  Iron Alex   hope this five-year old is up to a top effort like his latest race (albeit on the dirt) as for the 1st time ever he has a top echelon turf jock on his back in Bejarano

6  Union Rebel   both of his turf races likely are not good enough but he sure woke up on the dirt in his last with the blinkers taken this is 1st time blinkers off on the turf......dangerous price shot

8  Encumbered   won his 1st two grass races and then went south from there........he did run one race that fits here fresh off of the bench like today at Pen........fresh today and 1st time racing as a gelding and finally drops........hmmm

3  Incedible Luck

1  Van Cortlandt


race 2    average clarity

4  Queen of the Track   speed had a field day yesterday as the inside appeared slightly biased......if that is the case today this Bonde fillies chances are enhanced to open up a lead and never get caught

3  True Validity   Callaghan is an eye-popping 34% win & 71% in the money with the MSW to MC move......that and his filly should be able to stalk our top selection and get the 1st crack at her

1  Lily Con   another dropping from MSW racing to MC but off of a long layoff......plenty of works put in......a good pedigree to handle her 1st route........rider trainer

2  Super Klaus


race 3    average clarity

4  Tastemaker   9 furlongs of turf especially racing with 7 lbs less than his competition gives this Sise five-year old a shot to be the last one standing at the wire.......he seems to have the best running lines and pedigree to have something left running as far as 9F......bug boy won two races yesterday

3  Aussie Fox   after a very solid race two back this gelding fell off some in his next start.......if he rebounds he is rated too low......if he doesn't he is not......tough to tell which will occur but the trainer is a bit chilly to start the SA meeting

7  Falcone   very strong race two back and with a low percentage rider up.......fell off in his last maybe because he tried to come back too quick 2nd out after a strong layoff........gets ample time off team at the helm

6  Mo Bob

5  Reckless Gravity


race 4    average clarity

2  Cayate   not too crazy about Lrc but handles the SA dirt decently.......two ultra impressive drills since his last only 3 weeks ago at Lrc........good shot to get a loose lead and with 1st time Prat on his back......such a deal

6  Spa Shackalacka   cut back of one half furlong seems like a plus especially with weight off.......last is better than appears in print.....takes a logical drop......slow start to the meeting for the D'A but he has a shot to win this trial

8  Kidmon   suspicious drop to some degree but if this gelding is healthy enough he sure is at his best on the SA dirt.........2 of his 3 lifetime dirt races at SA would crush these

5  Bear Chum

3  Vintage Hollywood


race 5    below average clarity

9  Parsimony   both lifetime dirt sprints not wearing blinkers are good 2nd place finishes at blinks for his 1st on the grass today.......good pedigree to handle the sod.......away 4 1/2 months but ran well in his MSW debut......good a.m. work.....believe he is "meant and ready"

1  Stubbins   double barrel action for O'Neill and as he also trains our top the trainer's other horse this colt has ran well on the dirt and is bred to handle the grass.......also like our top pick his a.m. work hints he is ready at 1st asking off of the layoff just as he was in his debut

8  Mutineer   decent forward move in his 2nd lifetime start and now switches to grass racing for his 3rd lifetime endeavor.......pedigree for the turf is solid......trainer & rider are 2 for their last 5.....dangerous sort

10  Secret Courier

14 AE   Mountain Spirit

4  Volubile


race 6    average clarity

4  Zatter   both lifetime sprints races for this Baffert colt are dynamite......and the preparatory works for today indicate he is returning to the race wars as good as new

2  Cool Bobby   better than par for today's nw alw level in all of his 3 sprint races one of which was his only race at SA and it was his MSW debut......but if our top pick-a-rue runs as well as I believe he will he well need even more today

5  Best Two Minutes   solid improvement in his latest and another move in the desired direction might occur as his works since his last are vastly improved......Knapp is fairly hot of late and he might have discovered the trump card for this fellow

1  Goren


race 7    below average clarity

7  Next Shares   Baltas has been in the exacta 16 of 32 to start the SA meeting.........with that in mind there is a good chance this six-year-old with some time off might bring his effort two back (or three 3 back for that matter) and if he does he appears tough in this spot.....we shall see

3  Cleopatra's Strike   D'Amato so often moves up a given horse the 1st time he takes over the training duties.......that is the case are good and the 9F of turf should be a good kid on the block is dangerous

2  Platinum Warrior   jock Foley is a competent rider overseas and shows up here with experience and a Grade 3 win on this fellow who Van Dyke didn't give very good rides on........rather interesting change in jocks hints this colt is ready for a strong effort today

9  Big Bend

10  Arms Runner


race 8    average clarity

7  Popular Kid   (6 4 2 0) since the blinkers were put on 7 races ago.......and his number earned 1st out after the Hollendorfer claim in his last is awfully strong......if he repeats it he should be very tough

3  Extrordinary Jerry   big race in last in a race taken off of the turf and moved to the dirt......and it might have been a piece of luck for the barn as he popped his best ever (other lifetime dirt was poor but in only his 2nd lifetime start).........3rd reassuring works since.......if he is up for similar today on a different dirt surface lookout

6  Show Me Da Lute    believe this laid up Baffert five-year-old will attempt to take the lead and never look back.........and speed was quite powerful yesterday

5  The Big Train

1  Mongolian Groom


race 9    above average clarity

5  Coliseum   here's my comment for this fellow in his MSW debut "Baffert colt is working at SA as if he is a Stakes caliber horse but unlike many overzealous barns Baffert does what most should do and debuts him in a MSW race".......I was right and then some........and the works since stand out like sore thumb here

6  Gunmetal Gray   quality colt can be flying late if the pace up front gets really hot.......connections should be crossing their fingers that is what occurs

2  Gray Magician   seemingly a very easy stress-less maiden breaking wining by 9L with something to spare in his last which was his 1st at a route and nearly par for today's G3 hint the race took little out of him.....if that is so look for even better much is the ? mark

1  Sueno 


race 10    average clarity

4  Sergio   races seems set for someone coming from off of the pace........away  since October of 2017 but training as a 1st time gelding as if he is ready to compete at a high level.........should sit mid pack and pounce on the leaders when called on

7  Getaloadofthis   speed of the speed and if the track doesn't change much from what we saw yesterday of might have been better placed as our top pick

5  Paul's Diva   SCRATCHED OUT   races seems set for someone coming from off of the pace and maybe way off of the pace and that is where he likely will be

2  Bless His Heart

3  Bitter Ring Home




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Santa Anita for Friday 4 January 2019

OK card today. Let's rate it a 6 on the 1 to 10 scale of things. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Taki's Choice   won the only time the D'A ran this fellow for a tag.......1st time blinkers that day and this gelding wore them until his latest where they were taken off.......back on today and in for a tag........hmmm

9  Exultation   needs plenty of time between starts and gets it today......needs to be ready as it likely will be quite some time before he can get back to the track.......rider upgrade helps especially for a race down the hill

7  Bellerin   major rider upgrade and a solid work regiment says this gelding is ready for a rebound following an "up the track" effort in his latest.......Gaines is decent 1st time in claiming and 3rd out after a layoff both of which are the case today

6  Ice Kat

2  Hollywood Square


race 2    below average clarity

6  Princess Leia   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  tepid top selection might be in a bad race / good race / bad race mode and if she is this is the desired side of the pendulum.....that and she is best on the SA dirt where she is 3 for 8

2  Miz Tianjin   3 for 6 at Santa Anita and 0 for 7 everywhere else......race 2 back which was her last endeavor at SA is much better than it appears as she broke poorly and ran wide

1  Smart Rachel   lead type only so far to date as both of her lifetime wins came the only two times she had the early her long seems like a good idea as it enhances her chances of getting a loose lead


race 3    average clarity

6  Normandy Beach   latest which was run off of a long layoff is nicely disguised in its strength.......dueled inside in a decent set of fractions on a dull inside..........predictably tired........5 works since........Jeff Mullins has been rather hot the last few months

4  Aggressivity   takes that magical drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming........seems slightly suspicious but Ellis is 23% with the move with his last 22.......blinkers on and with a big gate drill showing.........very dangerous if his good health is intact

3  Stonegate   another taking the MSW to MC plunge........again like our 2nd choice it seems slightly suspicious that Sadler is dropping this colt.......but very dangerous if he is still feeling OK

7  Paladar


race 4    average clarity

2  Foxtail   very good figure earned in her latest which was vs the boys........good last time a very good grass rider gets the call.......five year old mare has only run one dull effort the six times she has raced at one mile on the grass like today

8  Take a Leap   seems to slightly prefer the SA grass and appears to appreciate running fresh........8 weeks "fresh" today.......Mike Smith stays up........would have considered as the top choice if the rails weren't out 30 feet as the outer-most 8 post at 30 feet is awfully close to the 1st turn making it tough to get on over

6  Drift Away   filly has plenty of run but tends to find trouble but when she does get a decent (ground saving) trip she is formidable as in 12/31/17 - 3/3/18 - 7/4/18 - 8/5/18 (3 wins and a 2nd).......T C Baze likes the wood

7  Sugary

4  Trust Fund Kitty


race 5    below average clarity

2  Junior Gilliam   big race off of 47 days rest two back at SA........62 days rest for this afternoon's race and a very solid work tab.....that and this six-year-old is (13 4 5 2) racing on the SA dirt......drop to 25K doesn't concern me much as Hollendorfer took this fellow for 20K

3  Denman's Call   another who seems best at SA........gelding has seen better days so O'Neill and company see fit to drop again and why not as she has earned only about 5K since 11 March of 2017.......ouch

6  Big League   gelding is by far at his best on conventional dirt (19 4 5 2).....not sure why the connections see fit to race on any other surface.......1st start for Mike Puype.....that is often a good thing


race 6    average clarity

6  Omaha Beach   ran a very close 2nd in his last two grass races which produced two solid grass figs and those numbers were supported by the fact that the winners came back to win their next out.......1st on the dirt but owns a very good pedigree to handle it

7  Nolo Contesto   bad trip hides a par like MSW debut which was likely only a tune-up for today's route race.......and the connections didn't shell out $385K to own a since his debut are very stout......all systems go for Sadler and company

4  Asano   last which was his 1st at a route is better than appears in print (wide on the 1st turn to grab a fast paced lead).......switch to bug boy Espinoza who is by far at his best in dirt routes.......if this colt benefited from his last he can be very tough to wheel in today with the 5 lbs bug boy up

2  Railman

10  Green Fleet


race 7    average clarity

6  Travieza   very good history when today's rider Bejarano is up and that includes races down the majestic Santa Anita hill grass course (4 2 1 1).........Doug O'Neill appears to be in go mode and has a decent opportunity to keep the ball rolling here

7  Tonahutu   runs well fresh and this mare is 8 weeks fresh today........this 6 1/2 furlong turf race lacks early speed but that might be a plus in this affair with plenty of speed signed up........also signed up is top echelon rider Joel Rosdario

2  Okinawa   Baltas is red-hot and his hot streak might continue here with this five-year old mare who is training extremely well

3  A Little Bit Me


race 8    average clarity

7  Cylde's Pride   seemingly only one other speed horse to cope with who happens to be our 3rd selection........Hollendorfer has been a little chilly (by his lofty standards) to start the meet but might lite the fire here

5  Minoso   six furlongs seem best for this gelding who appears to have the best shot of the off pace runners in this field......connections will likely have their fingers crossed that the 7 & 8 duel each other into oblivion

8  Raul Rosas   very impressive MSW debut at four years of age way back in July 2017.......away since but working as if he is all heeled up from whatever was ailing him........this is almost like a 1st start all over again......and we know what he did in his MSW debut

3  Leroy

6  Cyclometric


race 9    below average clarity

9  Unusual Rider   strong route pace displayed by this colt in all three of his lifetime races two of which were on the grass.......these kind usually perform awfully well the 1st time they run on the SA hill.......Van Dyke wisely stays put

10  Brix   woke up some in his 2nd lifetime start and 1st out with Baltas as the trainer.......showed solid pace and held together much longer than he did in his debut.......but what I really like his pedigree to take to the far the trainer is making all the right moves this meet.......1st time racing as a gelding.......should be a price

6  Unusual Angel   only beaten by 1 1/4 for the win in his lone grass race which turned out to be a key one.......rider is often at his best with off pace turf types and this colt will be coming from the clouds here


11 AE  Trending Higher    SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE

8  Tiger Hunter

2  Vezuchiy




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Santa Anita for Tuesday 1 January 2019


Happy New Year!


Best of luck in all of 2019!


race 1    average clarity

($8,997 SHF carryover here)

1  Runpus Cat   it appears that for a 3rd straight time a given race sets up for his off pace style as there is enough early speed signed up once again today........four year old colt had a good trip starting from the one post in his latest and gets the one hole again today.......same jock in Flavien Prat up who has been red-hot teaming with Baltas of late

2  Blitzkreig   another who should benefit from a likely lively set of fractions......he does lose Prat on his back but Talamo will do.......last is OK but what we want is his effort two back

4  Acclimate   last two racing endeavors fit well and the strength of the effort 2 back is hidden.......nice that bug boy Figueroa stays up as he is (3 2 1 0) on this D'Amato five-year-old

3  Fortune of War

5  Jimmy Chila


race 2    average clarity

3  Winsinfashion   should welcome a return to the SA dirt as she is night and day better on the SA dirt than the Dmr dirt........if she can run as well sprinting at SA as she has run in route races at SA she should be solid fit in this race

7  Smitten Kitten   if this Bill Spawr five-year old mare is still healthy enough two of her four lifetime races fit fine here......tough to tell how she is doing physically speaking as she started her career 22+ months ago and only managed 4 lifetime races

1  Kindred   greatly in need of a significant drop to be competitive and finally gets one today........recent 5F work is  better and I like that it was only put in only 4 days in feeling good when it counts the most as in right before the race

2  Dannnie Joe


race 3    below average clarity

2  Lea's Reward   new to the scene trainer will likely get ignored at the windows this time following a dull race 1st out after a claim in his last.....but the works since that race are more impressive than they were prior to her last start.....mare is (6 2 1 0) at the distance

5  Road Test   better on the dirt and it appears that the barn knows that now.......Roman made what most likely was a premature move to the leaders in last......a more patient better timed move today can put this mare in the thick of things at the wire

1  Carrie's Success   tough call as her sprint ability fits today's racing level.......but.......she has never been a route of ground and that might be a good thing has her pedigree for a route race doesn't exactly scream "long"

4  Bunny Yogurt


race 4    average clarity

6  Sea's Journey   very aggressive work regiment for this Hollendorfer gelding who has been away since 18 Feb. 17 and was trained by Puype before......believe Jerry has a good handle on this five-year old and has him ready to roll off of the extended hiatus from the game

1  Coil to Strike   not much showing in his lone lifetime race way back in February.......but 2019 might be a different story if his good-looking work tab is worth a hoot

2  Dudnation   decent debut.......the kind of 1st start that if he builds off of the effort he can find his way to the circle of joy in his 2nd start

7  Red Envelope


race 5    average clarity

(AE 14  Sea of Liberty   SCRATCHED)

9  You Must Chill   should be tough as nails if he holds form cutting back in claiming price........and.........especially so if he is up to his race 2 back......and that race is better than it appears in print

11  Surprise Fashion   improved grass race in his latest.......drops to the lowest MC level to date.......and gets a significant rider upgrade for a grass race........a trifecta of reasons to consider to three-year old gelding

4  Indy Jones   after two decent trips to start this colt's career he had a bad (very wide) trip with the blinkers put on in his latest......blinkers off today and drops........dangerous sort

3  Zorich

5  Red Clem


race 6    average clarity

3  Ike Walker  stop and drop in he was giving a much-needed break following two sub par efforts.......returns with a solid work tab and drops.....right in Peter Miller's wheelhouse

5  Very Very Stella   new trainer's stock keeps running well but not winning........last 3 races all routes fit fine here......maybe she gets her 1st win to celebrate the new year

4  Arch Prince   3 for 5 at the distance overall and 1 for 1 at SA at the distance........trainer had a big rebound in 2018........rider has fit this Koriner gelding well


race 7    average clarity

1  Solid Wager   eight years old and still going strong especially of late with 2 wins & 4 2nd's in his last 6 races.......needs 6 to 8 weeks between starts to run his best and as he does most of the time Peter Miller gives it to him......big race 1st time Van Dyke in last and he wisely rides right usual he should be closing late

3  Threefiveindia   very consistent when not wearing blinkers which is the case today.......and especially so racing less than seven panels.......6 1/2F here.......Rosario up

6  Red Lightning   gimme go 24 Nov 17 at Dmr to 26 Dec 17 SA led to 5L powerful win at 6 1/2F.......last race 2 Dec 18 Dmr.......6 1/2 furlongs at SA today.........hmmmm

5  Captain Scotty


race 8    above average clarity

3  Stormy Liberal   shows up almost every time and especially for his races down the SA hill grass course........8 wins and 4 2nd's at the distance in 14 starts.......that'l do

8  Caribou Club   tough trip down the hill in September when Talamo was not riding as well as he is now......should have won that G3.......Talamo will be out to make amends

2  Calculator   double barrel action for Miller as he also trains our top choice.......this seven year old is 3 for 4 on the hill......and 2 for 19 everywhere else........and he pops some big efforts now and than......dangerous sort

4  Afleet Ascent

7  Conquest Tsunami


race 9    average clarity

4  Princess Kendra  hard not to like her off pace ability in this spot loaded with speed.....that and she is rather consistent.........she has been in the exacta on conventional dirt surfaces (19 of 43) and many of those races were at SA

1  Eskenforadrink   1 post you say is a problem.......not for this filly as she won from the post in her last and her race 3 back.......don't know diddly about the trainer but if he knows what he is doing I like this gal's chances

8  Lucky Student   many physical problems but if he holds the body together today he is rated too low by yours truly

6  Tiger Mom

2  Hero for Hire


race 10    below average clarity

12  Offshore Affair   very consistent and versatile as he has handled 3 different surfaces and can sprint or go his chances of taking to the hill seem awfully good.......Baze has been a little chilly to start the meet but might jump-start things here

11  Grab the Munny   ran evenly versus open company in a route grass race in last following a bit of a slow pace up front to close into so the effort is hidden.........showed he can sprint and on the AW or the real thing.........doubt handling the hill will be a problem especially with Rosario jumping aboard

14 AE  Whooping Jay    SCRATCHED OUT  if this guy (who nearly won a 100K Stakes on the turf) draws in and Rosario takes this fellow over the 11 horse lookout as it will indicate this three-year old likely is ready........and he has plenty of ability on the sod

8  Takeo Squared

10  Clem Labine    SCRATCHED OUT

7  Scouted

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Santa Anita for Monday 31 December 2018


OK card today and New Years Day's card also seems decent. Have some safe fun tonight!

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

8  Ayacara   only earned chump change since the 18 July claim for Cerin and company so finally they drop in hopes of cutting into the red ink.......Prat sticks around........blinkers off today which is often a good move for Cerin

10  Offshore   Baltas won 3 and ran 2nd in two other races on yesterday's our top choice this fellow drops back into claiming to face softer.......and he draws the attention of Rosario and his agent

4  Platinum Equity   needs to stay focused and finish better so first time blinkers turf might help him keep from flattening out in the late stages of this race.......should get a nice ground saving trip thru turn one as the three starters inside of him lack early speed

6  All I Can Say

7  Friendly Steve


race 2    average clarity

8  Trappiza   ran much better in her last two races which were both at today's 7F distance......4L of trip adjustment in her race two back and 6 lengths of trip adjustment in her latest getting squeezed at the start and running jock up today

2  Here'slookinatya   caught an off track in her 1st on conventional dirt as the 4 to 5 favorite at Lrc at one MC level higher and ran a close 2nd.......if she prefers a fast track she should run more like a 4 to 5 shot today

5  Heloise   squeezed back badly at the start of her latest and then showed plenty of run.......that race was also at 7F........she can be a major player with a better break today flying in the late stages of this race

3  Second Fiddle

6  Brite Rivers


race 3    average clarity

7  King Abner   vastly improved since switching to route racing albeit on the dirt........but he ran just fine in his only grass race to date in a 5F affair at Dmr last summer (running 3rd by a length) where the two horses that beat him came back to win......good rider/trainer combo in Baze/D'A

1  He Will   2 for 4 at one mile on the grass.......2 for 13 at all other grass distances.......and he faces the softest field that he has seen in many a moon........should by motoring late as usual

3  Brandothebartender   trainer is often at his most dangerous with the sprint-sprint-route maneuver and/or the 1st time he runs a given horse "long"......both are the case today

4  Accountability


race 4    above average clarity

4  Route Six Six   very powerful 1st at a route last Feb in his 3rd lifetime start.......ran much better than par for the MSW level despite a wide trip in a tough hint he is ready off of the 9 month hiatus.......if he is he will be one tough cookie

2  Justin's Quest    Baltas won 3 and ran 2nd in another race teaming up with Prat on yesterday's card.......that bodes well for this colt who is on the improve with each and every race......should be in the mix from the get go

6  Caribbean   strong race 2nd out after a break on August 30th......2nd out after a break again today.......1st time Mike Smith.......might be a player here

3  Aced


race 5    average clarity

9  North County Guy   Prat/Baltas at it again with this three year old Cal-bred who won by a widening 5 3/4 lengths in his 1st to date on the majestic SA hill grass course........away since the late October race but his a.m. work says he is ready to roll.......faces open company today but his effort/number down the hill fits

3  Count Alexander   away since Nov of 2017 but he has put in many tightly spaced drills suggesting he is returning fully fit for his return to the race wars.......that and he won his debut at WO by 4L......and he showed a liking to the SA turf course running a close 2nd in a 100K Stakes in the fall of 2017

8  Luke's On Fire   solid return to races off of a layoff in his latest in a 5F grass race at Del Mar........and he won his only race on the SA hill grass course........might be poised for his best ever 2nd out after a layoff

7  Mesut

2  Paddock Pick


race 6    average clarity

2  Divine Dharma   scenario here (making for a top selection) is that this filly had a needed sprint tune-up on 4 Oct in her 1st at SA to sharpen up for her 26 Oct route race at SA......she won that race by 15L earning a number that would crush her only race at SA where she was meant is terrific.......working well on the SA track.......hmmmm

4  Diose   speed of the speed and she gets one significant rider upgrade.......filly should appreciate the cut back in distance.......gate to wire shot here for this Pender two year old

3  Sass Machine   believe Bill Morey made a good claim here (and he is 21% win in his last 120 1st out following a claim) as Papaprodromou usually takes his time with his young horses.........which says that this filly should some upside

7  Kate's Princess


race 7    average clarity

8  Mongolian Window   Van Dyke likely chose this filly over Baffert's horse (our 3rd choice) hinting this Peter Miller filly is ready for another strong race off of a 7 1/2 week break.......7 drills over that span including a strong 7F work supports the notion

1  Tell Me More   double barrel action from the Miller barn as he also trains our top choice.......this filly is ultra consistent as she has hit the board in all 9 2018 races and on 3 different surfaces........that and she also is 8 for 8 lifetime in the money on the grass.......1st as far as 9F today but her pedigree and her running lines suggest she will appreciate the added distance

4  Super Patriot   Cal-bred has run quite a few efforts that fit fine in open company at the non winners allowance level........Van Dyke lands on the 8 horse but Rosario jumps aboard......that'l do just fine

7  Don't Blame Judy

9  Katherine


race 8    below average clarity

13  Dual Account   tepid top choice........ but....... a dangerous looking work tab for this Palma 1st timer who has won with with quite a few MC 1sters this year with similar work in copious prolonged weekly drills

2  Loud Mouth   SCRATCHED OUT  very solid history for Michael Machowsky racing MSW to MC which this colt is doing for his 2nd lifetime endeavor........Baze wisely sticks around

5  John's Intuition   1st timer from the Bonde barn is training well enough to possible be ready enough to win at 1st asking......that and mom has tossed 5 winners from 6 starters including a Stakes winner......decent trainer/rider combo to boot

4  C J My Boy

9  Scrappy Deville

14  Jack's Reign



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Santa Anita for Sunday 30 December 2018

Sure like today's card and following a rough day yesterday It would be nice to get our fair sure of decent trips. Two more days of racing and then two days off and we are back at it again on Friday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

9  More Over   colt tailed off some but has been given enough time off in 12 weeks (with 10 works since his last) to get his act together physically speaking........and the fact that Rosario takes the mount supports the idea of a rebound of sorts today......and he owns a good history on the SA hill turf course to boot

5   Flip the Coin Jan   two for three on the hill and his best to date on it was with today's bug boy up.......trainer has had one solid year with his stock competing on the turf

1  Bahamian   lifetime best and that is rather hidden was his lone race down the SA hill grass course.......drop back into claiming doesn't concern me much as 50K is where Cerin took him for 3 races back

2  Raven Creek

6   Shadow Sphinx


race 2    average clarity

6  Secret Maneuver   lone win can the only time that Keith Desormeaux risked losing this filly running for a tag and the race was her MC debut........up for 20K tag today and back to his brother Kent whose only mount on this filly was in that debut......hmmm

3  At the Margin   Ed Freeman is doing his Mike Mitchell imitation as in working this two-year old filly with a series of very tightly spaced drills averaging less that 6 days apart since 21 November........wound up like a top and ready to unwind

5  Portal Creek   lifetime best and a fit here was run two back at SA where she won as our 2nd selection at 16 to 1........then in her next start she faced tougher and ran better than it appears in print as she stumbled badly


race 3    average clarity

2  Red Shelby   she can fly that's for sure but she has lacked staying sure like the back to back 6F works that Miller put into her to finish off her a.m. preparation for today's layoff riding bug boy should kick clear and be tough to wheel in

6  Conquest Flatterme     SCRATCHED OUT   mare has been racing versus better maybe for a touch too long and finally gets placed where she has a good shot at success.......and look who jumps aboard the Cerin runner.......Mr Joel Rosario

1  Bragging Rights   seems best of the late runners and there should be a hot pace.......that and the trainer and rider have won their last three as a team (Franco/Sherlock)

4  Lady Ninja


race 4    average clarity

1  Lady Prancealot   two-year old filly has shown that she belongs in non-Graded Stakes races with 2 2nd's in as many starts in them.....and her best race to date was the lone time she got to compete on the SA turf.......away since 2 Nov but Baltas appears to have her all cranked up and ready to go......1st time Rosario supports the notion she is "ready"

5  Colonial Creed   filly has done little wrong in 3 lifetime one mile grass races as in a win and two solid 2nd's in 3 starts........Bejarano knows her well having been up for all of career races.......believe she will get a decent stalking trip

8  Thriving   toss out last as she checked hard and after that Prat wisely wrapped up on her........nice 4 work series since the 24 Nov race.......Pratt stays aboard for her 2nd USA of start.......trainer is off to a good start and is very dangerous with new turf stock

2  Splashy Kisses

7  Giza Goddess


race 5    below average clarity

2  Psychedelicat   not much in a couple of attempts at today's distance but those races were early in his career......and.......his last two wins came at 7F with his latest run two races back being very solid and somewhat hidden in its strength by a wide trip up on a decent pace

4  Super Duper Cooper   last win came 10 races back and it was the last time this gelding was put in a claiming race.......and it was also the last time T C Baze rode this Michael McCarthy gelding......hmmmm

8  Impression   right guy for the job in Martin Pedroza to clear by the turn and get what this gelding needs as a loose lead.........our 4th choice also has plenty of early speed and has a strong speed rider up as well so this won't be an easy task

5  Elwood J

7  Ronton


race 6    average clarity

8  Anuket   Baffert two-year old filly finished up her a.m. preparation with 3 of her last 4 drills from the gate and two of them were quite impressive......all systems go for the world's best trainer with MSW debut runners

3  Blue Moonrise   double barrel action for Baffert as he trains our top his other 1ster this filly is working as if she has plenty of talent

2  Miss Ava's Union   Baltas 1st time starter draws Rosario and the works seem dangerous especially the best of 67 bullet gate work put in on 3 Dec at SA

5  Twice Golden

6  Emrata


race 7    average clarity

6  On the Right   Miller three-year old gelding has been away over a year but returns at the lowest MC level available (and of his career) ..........5 of his 6 lifetime starts fit solidly here........trainer is ultra dangerous with horses dropping following long layoffs

3  Serve Me a Double   best ever and a fig that fits well here was run the only opportunity he had to sprint at SA.......that race which was run in Oct. at one MC level higher is vastly better than it appears in print......broke a little tardy and then ran too rider/trainer combo of late to boot

4  Arno's Mane Man   gelding takes that magical drop from MSW racing to low-level MC........if he is OK physically speaking he is dangerous

9  Emotional Ride

1  Bartlett Hall


race 8    average clarity

2  Cordiality   good history with today's rider T C Baze up.......last  5 times this mare raced at one mile on the grass look awfully good here........should get a good up close trip saving ground most of the way........believe she is very ready for this race as the connections likely realize they might lose her by way of claim

4  English Dancer   ran a close 3rd in the 24 Nov version of this race run over at Del Mar.....that race fits fine here and today she gets a solid rider upgrade for a grass race.........such a deal

3  Pulpit Rider   beat our 2nd selection in the aforementioned 24 Nov race at Dmr.......stout history racing on the grass at one in 3 wins and a 2nd in 5 starts

8  Ippodamia's Girl

10  Lemoona


race 9    average clarity

7  Amuse   not one of Mike Smith's finer moments in this youngster's last race as she broke badly and then ran wide or would have made it back to back wins......race two back which was her only race at SA is stellar winning in fast time for the given day with gaps of 4 1/4 - 5 1/2 and 5 1/4 to 2nd - 3rd - start after this if she runs like I believe she will is likely in a Stakes race

4  Spend Spend Spend   very solid return to the race wars in latest following a 10 month hiatus breaking her MSW by nearly 5 widening lengths.......that and her race last January at SA was even stronger and hidden in that she ran wide on a rail bias day and still somehow was only beaten by 1/2L.....not out of the win picture by any means

10  Dulce   nice pick-up for new trainer Anna Meah who has yet to win but hit the board in 7 of 12 starts.........race two back at SA like our 2nd choice is strong and disguised......ran 3 wide up on a solid pace and also like our 2nd pick did extremely well to only lose by only 1/2L........draws my pick to win the SA riding title (if he sticks around) in Joel Rosario

8  Oozle

5  Exuberance


race 10    average clarity

3  Apache Princess   wide trip following a slightly tardy start of about 1 length and she still managed to get beat by only a neck for the win.......that MSW race was for Cal-breds whereas today's MSW is for open company.........likely exited the race in great shape for her connections to tackle a tougher MSW race........obviously I believe she will up to the task

9  Unicorn   Richard Baltas 1st time starter draws the attention of Prat and his agent off of some decent preparatory drills.....that and the two-year old filly owns a good grass pedigree........Baltas is 2 for his last 23 maiden turf debut runners

1  Gallantlystreaming   two fairly decent turf sprints to start her career.......bred just fine to handle a route........switch to Rosario who has won 3 of his last 4 mounts teaming up with Sadler..........that'l do

10  Harmless

2  Gemagine


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