Santa Anita for Friday 6 March 2020

Kudos to Santa Anita as there are many big fields this weekend. Hope that keeps up. OK race card to start the new week of racing at The Great Race Place.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Preaching Trainer   9 lengths of trip adjust in his MSW debut - 18 lengths of trip adjustment in his 2nd start - 6 lengths of trip adjustment in his 3rd start (wide 1st turn and still set a strong set of fractions) and still graduated - appeared to have gotten hurt in his 4th since and but training as if he has fully recovered from whatever ailed him

3  Rookie Mistake   colt needs these 5 1/2 furlong abbreviated sprint races (turf or dirt) as he lacks endurance.......he owns a record of (4 1 1 2) at the distance (turf or dirt)........latest race is his lifetime best and somewhat disguised in it's strength.......two solid works since.......hard not to like

1  Summer Fire   funky rides by Mike Smith in his last two races........Rosario is up for one at today's 5 1/2 furlong distance albeit in the dirt race......but.......he showed he can handle the turf in his latest........and the trainer is better 2nd time turf........should be a price despite Santa Anita's top rider up

8  Jetovater

6  Rinse and Repeat


race 2    average clarity

7  King Parker   efforts when racing on the Santa Anita main track when not wearing blinkers fit decently here especially his latest........he ran 2nd in the 15 Feb MC20K which was run in one fast time time for the given day.......he was beaten by 7L but that still worked out to be a par effort and there were gaps of 2 1/2L & 6 1/2L behind him

3  Shared   trainer Rosales has done well when teaming up with Edgar Payeras and they appear to have a gelding who is improving and that is rather hidden......two back on the SA dirt this gelding ran his best dirt effort to date......then in his latest in a turf route he pressed a hot pace over his head all the way thru the 6F mark of the race.....should be in the mix from the get go and might be feeling good coming off a turf race

6  Git On Your Pulpit   Kathy Walsh five year old has run numerous races that fit here number wise at today's bottom MC level but he sure needs to overcome his tendency to hang in the stretch when the real running starts

14  Bobs Blues Man

10  Unmasked

5  Lil Sydney


race 3    way below average clarity

6  Red Valor   seems like the most likely to grab the lead and that is where this gelding seemingly needs to be as he is (4 2 1 1) the last 4 times he has been on or dueling on the lead

2  Blue Skye Jade   tepid top selection just set an unsustainable set of fractions in his latest and tired in the stretch in a one mile dirt race at the cut back in distance......and......the last time this gelding sprinted (8 races back) he ran a strong par like effort for today's level........trainer shows signs of breaking out of a small slump

1  Norski   voided claim in latest but switches barns since and with a good work showing hinting he is doing OK.......that and you know he will be highly scrutinized before he is allowed to start..........fits well if he rebounded from what ailed him on 7 Feb

5  Kidman


race 4    above average clarity

2  Smiling Shirlee   all of this youngster's dirt races fit solidly and then some vs. this weak group of foes........and she gets Rosario in the saddle today who 4 races back got a lifetime best number out of this filly the only time he rode her........9-5 ML would be a steal but I wouldn't be surprised if she went off at even odds

4  Time for Ebby   just claimed by Chew and the veteran trainer puts his new shooter in a route race where she has plenty to prove........but her best effort/fig and a good fit here was run 10 races back which was the last time she ran as far as 7F........hmmm.......might be an interesting more

1  Desert Smoke   rather short figure wise but she sure likes contact to the front end of things and she should get that today........that and her trainer Eddie Truman has down awfully well with limited starters at the meeting as in 3 wins - 2 2nd's - 2 3rds with 9 starts


race 5    average clarity

3  Audace   finally gets a shot on the grass and I say finally because he owns some stout grass breeding.......that and he has progressed nicely with each and every dirt sprint with his latest progression rather hidden.......not the best pedigree for a route but you can say that about many in this Cal-bred MSW race

8  Big City Bane   best of those who have competed on the grass and retains Joel Rosario for a 3rd straight class rider does have a tricky post to deal with especially with the rails out 30 feet where turn one comes up quickly......or.........would have been top pick-a-rue

7  Brace for Impact  last race is better than par and was with 1st time blinkers........pedigree for the grass and a route are not the best but he sure is well prepared for a route with many drills of 5, 6 and 7 furlongs........a couple of which are quite impressive

5  Tropical Terror

1  Saturday Johnny


race 6    average clarity

1  Concur   like the turf sprint tune-up in his latest.......prior to that he was only 6L behind River Boyne  who won a Grade 3 on the grass at SA quite easily.......he is a speed horse in a race with other speed but inside posts had dominated the one mile dirt races at SA and Mr. go go go is up in Edwin Maldonado.......should be a price

2  Uno Dancer   here is another price and likely a very big one..........last was a gimme in a protected race to drop and go 2nd out after a long layoff.......gelding will sit back towards the rear in a race that should yield a fast set of fractions.......if he saves some ground he should come flying late

3  Kylemore   five year old shows signs that he might be able to win without the lead........and if he can he might be rated too low as his number earned in his latest race is quite a bit better than par for today's $25K claiming level

5  Impression

4  Fabozzi


race 7    above average clarity

3  Tig Tog   solid improvement in latest running slightly better than par for today's higher claiming level and retains Rosario......Sadler is dynamite at getting back to back wins with a given horse and this mare just put in a strong 4F drill since her winning 17 Feb race.....hard not seeing her anything but one tough cookie

2  Kynance   Prat accepting a mount from the Periban barn hints this mare is doing well.........race two back which was at today's one mile turf distance and versus better is strong for today's lower level........good post should help Prat get a nice fairly close to front ground saving trip thru at least turn his chances of being a factor in this race if that is what transpires

9  Sugary   nasty post especially with the rails out 30 feet so Van Dyke will have to work some magic.......not out of the win picture if he does.........pun intended

6  So Much Happy

8  Wind Tartare


race 8    average clarity

5  Synthesis   four year old gelding dueled in a nasty set of fractions and still held on for 2nd in a race run in a good one mile final time for the given level on 7 Feb.......can he repeat the effort.......a ton if he does

2  Hoffa's Union   gelding has been laid up since 27 July following his fifth lifetime race which was at Elp.........but he won his MSW debut by 15L so you know he is capable of winning a route race off of a long layoff........1st time racing in the Miller barn.........draws Prat who has won 4 of his last 8 teaming up with Miller.......can you spell - d-a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s

7  Street Class   plenty of speed signed up might lead to a brutal pace.......if the is the case this gelding is more than capable of taking back and and come flying down the stretch........and Rosario sticking around suggests he is doing well off of the 2 month break

8  Lambeau

4  Justin's Quest




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Santa Anita for Saturday 29 February 2020

Decent card today but the weather is iffy for tomorrow which might mean there will be selections for on or off of the turf so fewer comments because of time constraints.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

1  Establish Justice   2 months off and then a solid win/effort 2 back off of 28 days rest on a drop into claiming.......then another 2 month break in a protected alw race where this filly ran so back in 29 days for today's race.......and you guessed it dropping back into a claiming race........hmmm

3  Going in Vegas   consistent sort has fired back to back one mile grass races that fit fine at today's racing level.......with Prat not at SA today Cedillo gets the mount and with a better post than Prat had to work with........let's call it a wash as far as the jock situation is concerned

2  Kleen Karma   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  first on the grass might wake this filly up some as new sire Clubhouse Ride is off to an outstanding start as a sire of grass runners and he hasn't exactly mated with top mares

7  Sugar Pickle


race 2    below average clarity

1  Blame It On Kitty    trainer Craig Dollase stepped his gelding up very ambitiously and he was right in doing so as his four year old improved drastically in a 9F turf race.........he steps him up again and if he handles the longest race of his life he has a shot to upset the apple-cart here.....pedigree to get 10F is decent

6  French Getaway  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  3 of his 5 foes in this race are speed our top pick he is not........that and he was able to win his latest overcoming soft fractions from the rear of the field.......should be once again motoring late

5  Royal Insider   seems better on the dirt and shorter distances.......but he sure is very sharp right now and for a trainer in Knapp who is quite hot.......tough call but dangerous

4  Swamp Souffle


race 3    average clarity

6  Castle Gate   lone lifetime race run on conventional dirt which was run in August was his lifetime best and fits fine here.......but.......more importantly than that this Mullins colt is training like an alw/Stakes horse and he is in a 25K nw2 claiming race......and with no worry of being claimed as he is not eligible to be claimed......should be tough and then some

3  Factorial   O'Neill turf horse has figs that fit fine but his lone dirt race is poor.......but it was run three years ago and of course was only one race.......working OK on dirt especially in December.......dangerous

2  Moonoverthebayou   both lifetime races run at SA on a fast track which were run over a year ago are his two best lifetime races and a solid fit at today's lower level.......but his abilities have diminished some since then......maybe the "real dirt" and racing 2nd out after a long layoff (and turf to dirt) will wake him up


race 4    above average clarity

3  Galilean   amazing that this outstanding Cal-bred is still eligible for this nw alw race........all his fast track races fit solidly here and his a.m. work hints this is not a gimme........and Sadler is ever so tough with his top runners returning off of long layoffs

7  Dessman   one of this fellow's three lifetime races has a shot to beat our top selection and that race was his second lifetime start which was at 7F at SA......but the race was run on a sloppy track......Baffert does have him training sharply for his return off of an extended layoff suggesting he might be just as good on a "fast" surface

4  Principe Carlo   seems like a good claim by Ryan Hanson and company of a colt who likes the SA dirt .........especially considering more than half the races run in a given year in S Cal are at SA ........3 wins and 3 2nd's competing at today's 6 1/2 furlong distance........not impossible but easy to place 3rd as the top two are monster's if they fire like I believe they will

5  Rogallo



race 5    average clarity

7  Predictable Tully   not much cooking in her 1st U S of A race (after showing plenty of ability in GB) but she showed it in his 2nd start in the U.S..........and the effort is somewhat disguised by an uncharacteristically wide trip by newcomer Rispoli........stout turf jock will be out to make amends

4  Lucia's Design   improving sort (impetus for stepping back up to the MSW level) and her latest race/improvement is hidden as she sat too far of a slow pace and did well to still close down for 2nd........4F speed work put in since......Velez will be sitting much closer in all likelihood today.........dangerous sort

2  Reducta   very bad trip given from a struggling rider these days in Bejarano or this filly might have broken her MSW in her latest which was run at 5 1/2 on the sod........route-sprint-route scenario today and changes jocks to one that is not struggling in Cedillo..........not out of the win picture by any means

10  Le Tub

5  Lookintogeteven


race 6    below average clarity

2  Caerulean   Ben Cecil's three year old colt has to face older in his MSW debut but he shows some drills that indicate he owns some talent.......and this seems like a good spot for a 1ster as the three that have run so far aren't exactly world beaters

6  Fellow Citizen   best of those that have run a race to date and gets to run turf to dirt.......2nd out after a long layoff.......and with 1st time blinkers........trainer Miller is strong in each of those three moves......needs a move forward and might be up for one

4  Luck is Golden   another three year old 1ster who has to deal with older but like our top selection he shows some drills that indicate he owns some talent.......and this seems like a good spot for a 1ster as the three that have run so far aren't exactly world beaters........and when Mike Puype has legged up Rispoli his stock for the most part has been "live"


race 7    average clarity

6  Smooth Like Strait   colt has plenty of early speed and he is 2 for 2 when getting the lead.......last time our 2nd choice stupidly went with him when he has shown that he is a good I doubt the 8 horse will put himself in that position this time around.......thus 6 should be loose on the lead today

8  Goliad   as mentioned above this colt has been successful stalking the lead and my guess is that is where R Mandella will want Cedillo to sit down the back his chances if that is what occurs

9  Hariboux   off pace turf runner might be a ton if the 1 and the 6 and the 8 all press the issue early.......but like mentioned above I doubt that will occur........still warrants 3rd pick as sort of a safety value in case my race shape scenario is all wet

2  Last Opportunity

5  Liar Liar


race 8    average clarity

3  Noble Contessa   four year old filly has won her last two distance dirt races at SA by a combined 13 lengths (7 Feb 19 & 12 Jan 20).......seems ready for another strong route race at The Great Race Place off of 5 solid looking works since her 12 Jan winning endeavor

1  Miss Stormy D   improved since switching to the dirt and she showed she can handle the two turns.........she did flatten out some in her last at the 1 1/16 dirt cut back to a one mile affair seems to be a plus

6  Mongolian Humor   five year old mare owns some big back numbers but is she capable of rebounding to those 2019 races?.........seems like a mixed bag 1st out following the Miller claim (from Cerin) as Cerin tends to "give nothing away" but Miller seldom makes a bad claim........tough call but dangerous


race 9    average clarity

7  Wound Tight   five year old gelding has been at his best at today's 9F turf distance going 2 for 2 and winning both by daylight.......that and both races were run on the Santa Anita turf course.......Cedillo has options as this guy is capable on or off of the pace

1  Foray   quite consistent in his turf route races in 2019 and 2020........and his lone attempt racing as far as 9F is one of his better career efforts.......bug boy Velez remains up and he owns a good history riding this Sadler seven year old

6  Originaire   owns plenty of talent for the given level (alw racing) of racing today and yet he has come up short the last two times he has been entered in one running 2nd and 3rd.........but Rispoli stays put and with many of the top jocks out of town today he likely had an opportunity to ride quite a few in this race but landed on this Mullins runner

4  Chosen Vessel

9  Gregorian Chant



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Santa Anita for Friday 28 February 2020

Decent card today and at 1st glance also on Saturday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

1  Mongolian Legend  here is the comment prior to this fellow's last race where he was our top pick, "gelding just popped one strong adjusted for trouble Santucci fig for the MSW level with about 8L of trip adjustment........that and he has put in two quality drills since the 26 Jan race......decent history racing off of short rest and 26 days since his latest qualifies for that"........he ran well but once again Assael Espinoza gave him a bad ride as in too wide up near the pace.......essentially earning the same adjusted for trouble Santucci fig........blinkers on......going for lead and he or our 2nd choice should get it

3  T Bones Trick   3 of his 4 lifetime races fit fine at today's lower level (one on the turf and two on the AW) if he can run as well on conventional dirt he should be a major factor in the outcome of this MC40K for Andy Mathis and friends.......blinkers on and as mentioned above it appears as if he or our top pick will grab the lead

2  Irish Spirit   trainer Michael McCarthy has been on a roll of late and he might keep the good times coming with this five year old gelding who if he runs as well on the SA dirt as he did on the Lrc dirt he should be a major player here.......his late running chances will obviously be enhanced if the 1 and the 3 end up dueling


race 2    average clarity

2  Classy Atlantic   nice layoff 5 1/2 turf sprint in her latest and the strength of the effort is somewhat disguised by wide trip up on the pace.......claimed in the race by Cerin who is very stout 1st following a claim.......strong work regiment since the 10 Jan race is solid........Maldonado rides thru the claim

4  Dearborn   last victory came the last time this mare was up for sale and the race came 2nd out after a break......same scenario this afternoon.......and her latest sure seemed like a "gimme" in a protected alw race.........dangerous sort from the  Bonde barn........trainer is having a strong meeting with limited starters

1  Point Hope   two solid races for this mare who switches trainers today following the Mark Glatt claim.......she has the ability to be tough here but she must cope with a difficult post at the 5 1/2F turf distance at SA (so many are breaking slowly) least she has Prat up for the 1st time to help her chances of breaking well


race 3    average clarity

6  Raneem   very logical drop for this Baffert four filly year old as she has had seven chances at the MSW level and has tried the turf and the dirt multiple times each.........gets to race turf to dirt for her drop to the MC50K level.......and take note that the only time this filly raced with blinkers at SA (27 May 19) she ran an effort/fig that is very strong for today's given level

5  Malibu Cat   exits the same turf race as our top pick with a similar effort and she also races in a maiden claiming race for the first time ........1st ever on a fast track dirt today (slop race not too hot) and if her solid a.m. prowess is any indication she should handle the main track at SA just fine......hard to split top two

1  Enriched by Deb   three year old filly vs older this early is often a tough proposition for a three year old but not necessarily at the abbreviated sprint distance of 5 1/ Baltas 1st starter who is training awfully well can't be ignored by yours truly

8  Palm d'Oro

4  Pammi Dearest


race 4    average clarity

4  Will Dancer   four year old gelding has decent early speed and seemingly enough to grab the lead here........and essentially all three of his three fast rated route dirt races with the blinkers on fit solidly.......and his latest one is disguised by dueling in very fast fractions for the given day........trainer Eddie Truman has done well with limited starters (8 2 2 2)

1  Super Classic   trainer Ruben Gomez was quite often an easy toss out but not of late.......10 lbs apprentice rider looked good on this late runner in his latest where he beat our top choice but benefited from a nasty pace.......lone win came at today's 8 1/2 furlong distance.......connections likely have their fingers crossed that once again our top pick will have to deal with another fast pace

5  Indy Jones   poor trip in his latest or could have won the 7 Feb version if this race which was run at 1/16 less.......that extra 1/2 furlong to deal with is the main reason he is placed as low as our third selection because both his efforts at 1 1/16 are dismal as he has flattened out badly in late stretch


race 5    average clarity

6  Commanding Chief   consistent sort has only raced at 9F on the turf once and by my book the race is his lifetime best and disguised by too wide of a trip..........three sharp 5F drills since his latest run 4 weeks ago......turf rider upgrade.....all systems go

7  Border Town   on the improve with each and every race.......blinkers on today likely to attempt to get him to exit the metal monster better as he has broken slowly in all 4 lifetime his chances if the equipment change works......recent improved drills hint that it will

4  Trojan Magic   should be loose thus dangerous.......young trainer Lerner continues to impress.....but.........Fuentes (who I like on the dirt) struggles on the grass so it is easy to make him 3rd pick especially with our top two picks likely closing fast in the stretch

3  Capital Call


race 6    average clarity

6  It's a Riddle   seems like a smart move by Hess and company to drop their consistent three year old (7 0 5 1) one MC level as she has to face older for the first time.....her numbers fit fine here especially at the 5 1/2 furlong mark of her races.....that and she gets an eight lbs break in the weights........jock knows her well as Cedillo has been aboard for 6 of her 7 lifetime races

5  Dorita's Lemon   Eric Kruljac 1st time starter is working well enough to be ready to handle the MC20K level at 1st asking......and when the veteran trainer has legged up Umberto Rispoli his stock has been very "live" for the most

3  Caught in a Trappe   another 1st time starter training well enough (especially drill on on 14 Feb) to possible be sharp enough to be a factor in his MC20K debut for Val Brinkerhoff


race 7    average clarity

5  Truth Seeker   should be a lively pace up front which can play into the hands of this four year old gelding who cuts back in distance for his 2nd lifetime turf endeavor.......his latest was the turf route version of this 50K turf claiming event and it was decent especially considering it was his 1st ever on the sod.......and the only time he sprinted on the dirt he won at only 1/2 furlong more

4  Restless Rambler   double barrel action from Glatt as he also conditions our top pick-a-rue......lead type only can really fly and sure seems like he is the speed of the speed.......rider upgrade and a recent best of 70 bullet 4F work.......should be tough and he also sets things up nicely for his barn mate

2  Kazan   only other true closer in the race has been away since August........he is likely pointed more for his next start which likely will be a route but that doesn't mean that he can't fly very late if one hot pace up front develops which it could


race 8    average clarity

6  Perfect Affection   usually a tough spot for a three year this early in the year to have to compete in a 3 & up MC 50K but there is only one older horse in the field (our 3rd choice)........gelding is in need of a drop out of MSW racing and he seems ready for his best ever with a strong 4F preparatory drill.........if he is ready for a lifetime best he will be very dangerous with today's drop

2  World O Luck   Puype year in and year out is dangerous with the MSW to MC move........1st on the dirt today for start number 3 and his pedigree seems better for it.......might be muscled up nicely coming off of two 5 1/2F turf sprints........and he gets a rider upgrade

1  Tejon   only horse in the field older than three and he happens to be suggest he is ready enough to face a bunch of youngsters......would have rated higher if he didn't have such a difficult post to debut from in 6 1/2 furlongs with it's gap to the left soon after the start

5  Seizetheday Rexy



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Santa Anita for Saturday 22 February 2020

Good card today handicapping wise unless we get more rain than predicted which seems to be only one tenth of an inch at most. Take note that the rail (on the dirt) was somewhat dull yesterday but with the cool temperatures and some moisture my guess is it will firm up and be OK this afternoon. 

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

8  Royal Suspect   tough trips in last two starts earning adjusted for trouble and pace Santucci figs that are both 4 1/2 lengths better than par for today's 7/70 48:1H drill put in since his 22 Feb......feeling good

2  Kadesh   colt sure fits with the double level drop in MC if he is still has held his form.......but.......this drop is somewhat suspicious as is the fact he only shows one drill since his latest run 33 days ago........tough call......but......dangerous

5  Debt Monger   on the improve with each and every race and if his upswing in ability can continue on today he might have as good a shot as anyone of taking down this MC30K affair

4  Mr. Nasty


race 2    average clarity

3  Catch the Eye   both lifetime races run at SA on the turf at today's one mile distance are good and both disguised in their strength.......and today we get a better grass jock on this girl's back than who was up for the two aforementioned grass races at SA..........a.m. preparation is solid........I would be surprised in this filly didn't give a good account of herself today

2  Tagline   only one lifetime race to date for this filly four year old and it was way back in May.......she beat 7 of 11 foes but went off at 65 to 1 hinting she wasn't all that meant or cranked hint that she is today.........might go off a decent price

7  Saving Sophie   1st racing with blinkers today and also first time Hall of Fame rider Mike Smith in the saddle...... all 3 route races are par like efforts for this filly and the latest one was her 1st on the lawn at a route.......and unless you are a touring golf pro "par" is a good thing

1  Kelani Kim


race 3    average clarity

1  Zillinda   six year old mare has been at her best when racing at one mile on a fast main track at Santa Anita (2 1 1 0)........good post and a jock in Pereira who was aboard for the 2 one mile fast track races at SA......should be in the mix from the get go and likely tough throughout

4  Shanghai Barbie   very consistent at Santa Anita when competing in fast track routes (4 1 2 1).......and in those 4 races 3/4 of a length is the most this filly finished behind the winner........hard not to like

5  Boonesboro Beauty   bet hard to favorite in her latest where she dropped multiple levels........she ran fine but was compromised by a wide trip.......switch in riders today to Rispoli who when teaming up with Eric Kruljac has been given nothing but "live" runners.......that and Kruljac is 32% win and 76% in the money with beaten favorites........dangerous sort


race 4    average clarity

4  Exaulted   powerful MSW debut running 2nd to a next out winner (in a Grade 2) who ran a sub 1:16 6 1/2 furlongs.........Mike Smith stays put for today's 2nd start and 1st at a route........solid 3 work series has this colt well prepared for the challenge of 2 turns which he owns a decent pedigree for

2  Cool Runnings   tried the dirt (and at SA) for the 1st time and fired his lifetime best and earned a Santucci fig that was 6L better than par when you adjust for trouble.......three year old from the Desormeaux barn has been away since the 3 November 1st on the dirt race but he has put in copious drills since including a very strong 6F gate work on 8 Feb........and Desormeaux seldom pushes his stock hard........dangerous off pace runner who should be a handsome price

6  Yeng Again   pounded at the windows in his MSW debut and ran too well to lose.......and like our top two selections he ran much better than par..........1st at a route today which is a solid stat for Baltas.......and appears as though he has enough early speed so as not to get caught wide on the 1st his chances if bug boy Velez (semi-chilly theses days) accomplishes the task

3  Divine Armor

7  Reprobate


race 5    above average clarity

1  Jolie Olimpica   after crushing her competition in Brazil by 4, 3 and 6 lengths in her first three lifetime starts she won a grade 3 at SA in solid record breaking 101 flat.......and one mile seems like a better fit..........Mike Smith wisely stays put and has a good post to work with........should be one tough cookie

2  Carressa   four year old filly from the Shirreffs barn won a Grade 3 in her 1st on the turf in her latest and the race was at today's one mile distance......doubt that race would beat our top choice but her effort two back run at one mile on the dirt could if of course she is as good on the turf as the dirt..........we shall see about 2:30 pacific time

10  La Sardane   six year old mare seems to only respond to today's rider Flavien Prat on her back and he remains up today following a decent wake-up race in her latest.......needs to build on the effort and wouldn't be impossible to win this race if she does

4  Mucho Unusual

8  Lady Prancealot


race 6    average clarity 

7  Temple Knights   young trainer Andrew Lerner is red hot and he appears to have the trump card for this five year old gelding who just ran his lifetime best 2nd out after a claim......that race was at 6 1/2F and the way in which he finished the race hints his 1st at 7F will be doable

4  Bouncing Around   strong wake-up in his latest in a race run at SA where he has both his lifetime wins......and the strength of the race is somewhat disguised by a bad trip........five year old has never raced at 7 panels but he sure appreciates 6 1/2F........low % trainer and jock might help the odds go higher than his 5 to 2 ML

5  Whatsittoya   most likely to get a loose lead and his latest looks better than it appears on paper as he dueled in a decent pace on a dull inside at SA on 24 Jan......can he last 6 1/2F........that seems up in the air

2  Rinse and Repeat


race 7    average clarity

1  Sunrise Royale  five year old mare dueled in a nasty set of fractions and predictably flattened out late to run 4th.......she looks loose today and this time her hot turf jock will likely set more reasonable fractions.........and as mentioned in today's 3rd race when jockey Umberto Rispoli teams up with Eric Kruljac the trainers horses have been very "live" for the most part

2  Charmingslew   Prat takes a mount that went off of 62 to 1 in her last and was beaten 30 lengths at the wire........that hints the race was a total no go to drop down to the optional 20K for today's nw alw race placing some doubt in the minds of the claiming vultures lurking........mare is 2 for 6 at today's one mile turf distance and 0 for 6 at other turf distances

3  Avalon Ride   hard trying competitive filly should get a ground saving trip from the rear of the field with little traffic to negotiate with only 4 foes.......she is a little short number wise but if there is a lively pace up front it might not matter


race 8    below average clarity

6  Jaxon's Goldie   so so debut on the turf for this colt but his a.m. work on the dirt hints the main track might be a better fit.......if it is a better fit this O'Neill three year old should be in the mix from the opening bell and tough throughout

5  Prince Ricky   good speed here and gets 5 lbs off.......and........cuts back in distance from 6 1/2 to 6F.......gelding has been able to work a reassuring 3 times since his last run on 24 Jan.......might be feeling good

10  Nietzsche   needs more endurance for his sprint races so his last run at one mile seems likely to provide it.......if that is the case it should be a major factor in the outcome off this maiden claiming $30K for three year old runners

12  Golden Victory

11  Call Ofthe Lure


race 9    average clarity

8  Much More Halo   both lifetime turf races for this Baffert colt fit fine in this spot.........and today this colt gets one significant rider upgrade for a grass race.....from a jock who struggles on it to one who is outstanding on it especially with young developing horses like this youngster

7  K P Indy   both lifetime sprint races on the turf fit fine here.......colt has been absent since 5 October but he has put in 12 works hot trainer/rider combo over the last two months in Cedillo/Mullins (5 3 1 0)........seems like a major player

3  Restoring Dreams   dueled in one nasty pace in his latest and predictably tired late........blinkers on and the works since the 5 1/2F grass race are vastly improved hinting the equipment change has helped.......we shall see at about 4:30 Pacific time if that is the case

1  Munnings' Pilot

5  Eastern Ocean




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Santa Anita for Friday 21 February 2020

Nice card handicapping wise to start off the new week of racing at Santa Anita. Saturday's also looks good.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Vannavanna Bo Bana   3 of her last 4 dirt routes since the blinkers were put on fit well vs. this weak group........cut back of 1/16 should be a plus........trainer Steve Knapp is off to a very good start in 2020

6  First Empress  MC debut which was on the turf wasn't too bad considering today's lower level and the softness of the field........pedigree for the dirt is this filly benefited from her debut on the sod she should fit just fine here

2  Turkish Angel   likely needs her best to date and she might provide it as she has been on the AW and the turf for her three career races and now gets to race on conventional dirt which her pedigree seems best for.........also she gets a new conditioner in Marcelo Polanco who is a respectable (6 2 0 1) to start 2020

7  Queen Arya


race 2    above average clarity

3  Smiling Annie   Marc Glatt has been chilly at SA so far but might jump start the barn here with this mare who owns solid efforts when racing on the turf at 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 furlongs.....checked and blocked in the stretch in her latest (versus somewhat better) or had a shot at the winners circle.......2 works since the race are improved

4  Querella   blinkers on to help adjust (hopefully with a little more early speed) to a sprint race after 9 consecutive route endeavors.........also Rosario gets the call and he is 6 for his last 16 teaming up with Peter Miller

2  Roses and Candy   like so many speed types this mare often shows her best early speed when racing fresh off of the bench........if she if ready to roll she has a shot to go gate to wire


race 3    average clarity   

8  Daddy's Melody   mare has yet to race at today's 6 1/2 furlongs but when you examine her running lines it looks as though the distance will suit her the rider change back to Cedillo (Rispoli is dynamite of the turf but so far not so hot on the dirt 26% vs 8%) who won for fun on his lady 3 races back

5  Purdue   very dangerous speed if this Truman five year old mare is ready to roll off of a 9 month hiatus from racing.......and if she is ready she sure has the best speed jock on her back (and by a wide margin) that she has ever seen when racing at SA

4  Encountress   both Santa Anita races run on fast rated surfaces fit fine here........and I like the sprint-route-sprint maneuver for this mare which should enhance her chances of having something left in late stretch at today's 6 1/2 furlongs.......should be a nice price

1  Queen Carmelita

6  Promnesia


race 4    average clarity

1  Naughty Sophie   laid up Javier Sierra five year old mare is working extremely well for today's level of racing........she might display some of the ability she had in the summer of 2018 where she ran three races that would beat these handily

5  Tiz Toffee   two nice races at LA since Rosemary Trela claimed three races back.......that and her mare has a decent history at Santa Anita (7 2 1 2) on the dirt........five year old is capable on or just off of the pace..........such a deal

7  Love a Honeybadger   seemingly needs the lead to run well........good news is that she gets speed jock Edwin Maldonado on her back for the 1st time.......bad news is she has 3 speed horses lined up inside of her

6  Christy Jackson


race 5    average clarity

7  Mongolian Legend   gelding just popped one strong adjusted for trouble Santucci fig for the MSW level with about 8L of trip adjustment........that and he has but in two quality drills since the 26 Jan race......decent history racing off of short rest and 26 days since his latest qualifies for that

3  Paint Me Lucky   bet fairly hard prior to his return to the race wars following an extended hiatus from the game but tossed a clunker......since that race in late November Baffert has him training like a Stakes runner.......blinkers off for today which is a strong stat for Baffert.......definitely deserves another shot

2  Muralist   3 decent lifetime turf routes and this gelding's pedigree to handle the dirt seems adequate.......that and he gets a rider upgrade to Rosario to help him with the adjustment.......two nice drills since his 30 January race suggests he is one happy healthy individual

4  Strugar


race 6    average clarity

2  Order and Law   four year old gets a monumental rider upgrade for a turf race and he already owns some one mile turf numbers for today's level that are quite good........barn is ice cold but the fact that they coax Rosario to ride hints this one might break their win-less at the meet

6  Takeo   might be loose in this spot void of much early speed and with a decent front running route turf rider in Brice Blanc.......and.........trainer John Shirreffs has had a very fine 2020 with limited starters (15 4 1 3)

3  Sea of Liberty   all four lifetime grass races were run at today's one mile distance and were at Santa Anita.......gelding was competitive in all four and his last two worked out to be par like for today's level when you adjust for trip.......not out of the win picture by any pun intended


race 7    above average clarity

5  Mucho Macho Woman   Ellis and company had to be relieved that they didn't lose this filly dropping to MC40K in her last where she won by about 10 lengths running a time that is 4+ lengths better than par for today's higher level of racing.......and her a.m work since hints she should be up for similar or better today.......believe that this Ellis filly will be one tough cookie this afternoon

2  Jaccat   lifetime best by my book was run last summer utilizing the turf to dirt move..........turf in last and now dirt today 26 days later.......and back to Prat (after being absent for 3 races) who by far has gotten the most out of this Leonard Powell six year old mare

3  Tinsel Town Queen   toss out her latest as she doesn't care much for the sod.......likely needs her best ever today (and then some) and maybe racing turf to dirt can provide it


race 8    above average clarity

3  Best Chance   powerful back to back tightly spaced works the last of which was only 4 days ago should have this Sadler colt razor sharp.......solid better than par dirt route race in latest and the strength of the effort is somewhat disguised........handles the turf OK and that also is somewhat hidden.......hopefully that will help the price that this three year old goes of at

7  Champers   all three lifetime grass races fit fine here and they were run at SA at today's one mile distance.......and you have to like that this is Mike Smith's only mount on the card.......that and Smith and Hess teamed up for a nice win last weekend

4  Railsplitter  lifetime best was run last summer at Del Mar in his lone turf race of his career and it was at today's one mile distance........1st time gelding today and also takes the blinkers regiment preparing for today hints that changes have worked........we shall see about 4:30 p.m. pacific

9  Brother Reid

6  Master Recovery


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