Del Mar for Friday 4 August 2017

Seems like a better than average card handicapping wise. Let's call it a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Nothins Free   eventful MSW debut in that this 2 yr old filly dueled in solid pace on a dull inside at Lrc in early since that race suggest she exited the race in good shape......good shot to dominate from the get go.......Austin Solis best take advantage of this mount as his opportunities with fellow apprentice Roman (who likely choose the 4 horse over this guy) doing so well are diminishing

7  Streetwithnoname   nice spin around the track in his MSW debut which sure appeared to be a gimme.....returns with 1st time Lasix and he is showing some stout a.m. work since his debut......we see what he is made of today

2  Pasadena Princess  SCRATCHED OUT OR THE RACE  works aren't flashy but numerous for this Baltas 1st timer.....but what really catches me eye is the prowess of the broodmare with 9 wins from 9 starters and that includes 3 Stakes winners......very impressive

4  Cute Knows Cute    NOTE:  splitting the order of these 4 selections by hairs


race 2    average clarity

2  Supreme Venture   sure appears to be a good claim by Miller as he gets to face easier and yet is protected first out following the claim.....such a deal that you don't get too often in the claiming game

4  Sir Ransom   seems best on the dirt in 6F races like today.....and might be very muscled up coming off of two consecutive grass races......back to Theriot who got plenty out of this gelding the last time he rode 6 races back

7  Street Vision   sharp move be Glatt to race this fellow for a 40K tag off of some dismal efforts to get him eligible for today's starter condition.....and the race (where he ran 2nd) has turned out to be a productive one

1  Fly to Mars


race 3    average clarity

6  Desert Steel  SCRATCHED OUT OR THE RACE very well proven racing at 5F at Del Mar......Prat and his agent know that thus land here......hard not seeing him perk up back at a surface and a distance he appreciates

2  Long Hot Summer   useful return to the race wars in his latest and some impressive a.m. work since.....seems poised for very best......should be motoring late just as he did in the 2016 version of this Stakes race

1  Watch This Cat   might like this 5F turf sprint distance as he owns some fast 5F split times (and big leads at that point of the race) in his races down the SA notch rider/trainer combo in Raffy/Richie


race 4    above average clarity

2  Whatyouciswhatuget   SCRATCHED OUT OR THE RACE bad trip in last breaking slowly and running wide......earned a nice adjustrd for trouble Santucci fig.....and you have to like blinkers on for this filly who needs to focus better exiting the metal monster

4  One Fast Broad   good work tab for this two-year old filly 1st timer especially for a Cal-bred......and mom has tossed two Stakes winners from two starters......trainer has been rather silent to start the meet...... but...... that might change here

6  Goodlooknbroad   pounded at windows and ran fairly well but not like her backers thought she would.......blinkers on today......likely bet hard again.....but will the equipment do the trick.....we shall see

1  Got an Obsession


race 5    average clarity

4  Elegant Street   not my favorite rider for a route turf race in Delgadillo but I like his chances more when he can sit close to the front which he should be able to do today......both one mile grass races for this fellow fit and in those races he was ridden by a rider who even has a more difficult time in turf routes than Delgadillo......thus......a rider upgrade

6  Beaumarchais   last seems like a much-needed sprint tune-up off of the long layoff to prepare for today's turf route.......owns solid early speed in this spot......look for Sutherland to go after the front end......should be able to be no worse than 2 wide on turn one.......hoping this guy can come close to his effort run last 2 Sept at Dmr

5  Red King   invader ships in and shows up in the Cerin barn so one has to take note as the veteran trainer is off to a good start......but on the other hand this three-year old has only one effort in his 6 race career that fits well in this spot.......dangerous if Cerin gets that race out of him

3  Fishel


race 6    average clarity

5  Invasion Looming   significant drop and owns plenty of speed in this spot.....rider is chilly but he usually does a decent job of riding a speed horse who is well placed to win......only race a Dmr fits fine

9  Bucky Goldstein   lifetime best and by a wide margin was his debut run on 23 March 4 races 2 2/3 month layoff combined with a trainer upgrade might make for one big effort this evening

1  First Responder   Ellis is off to a hot start and might keep the ball rolling here with this drop down off of the layoff hint he is ready.....and he be better be as he appears to be a one and done type

2  Upperclassman


race 7    average clarity

3  Burnaroudtheedges   smartly steps up following a vastly improved turf route in his latest........cold jock up but he gets a good post to work with.........seems to appreciate ample time between races and his trainer shows patience and gives it to him

6  Klondike Creek   very consistent sort seems likely to finish strongly off of 10F & 12F turf races.....that and Mr Pratt knows him well having been up for all 8 career races

1  Eckersley  our top selection in his last at 10 to 1 could have won if it wasn't for 4.5 lengths of trip trouble (ck 1 on turn 2 and blocked 3.5L in the stretch).......away 2+ months but working like he is ready jock gets a try.......and Van Dyke won two yesterday both of which were on the grass

8  Conquest Superstar   SCRATCHED OUT OR THE RACE


race 8    average clarity

6  Seaquet   five-year old mare seems to be making a rebound of sorts and appears to be best suited for abbreviated sprint races like this one of 5 1/2F......five year old mare seems to respond to Laura Werner and her 7 lbs weight break on her back....1st on the Dmr surface is a ? mark

4  Norwegian Spy   drops a couple of maiden claiming levels and that makes sense as even at MC20K her best dirt race (her last) still works out to be a little above par......but easier competition and the oh so hot bug boy Roman takes over.....very dangerous

1  Tap On a Star   doubt her latest will do the trick for Molly Pearson and company.....what we need (and maybe a little more) is her effort two races back

3  Radio Chatter

10  Stormy Countess

9  Knowitallhousewife


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Del Mar for Thursday 3 August 2017

Average looking card this afternoon. Let's call it a 6 on the 1 to 10 scale of things.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Looks Good N a Tux   high percentage trainer in John Martin who is quite dangerous when he runs a given horse back quickly......12 days since this gelding's last qualifies for that.......2nd time over the Dmr surface seems like a positive

4  Mr. Hale   likely to get a nice stalk position......the cut back of 1/2 furlong to 6F appears to be a plus as it sure looks little anything further and he lacks much "punch" late as he did in his latest

3  Bullet Express   mixed bag here......races at Emd sure long solid in this spot......but he was a vet scratch on 20 July......but then again Bejarano is willing to ride him for the first time.....tough call but plenty dangerous if he is healthy enough


race 2    average clarity

3  Danuska's My Girl   appears that it is likely that Bejarano will get the wood on the 1st turn and sit in one of the first 3 positions at the first call.....that is a dangerous proposition for the competition

6  Chocolate Coated   two nice sprint races down the majestic SA hill grass course to start her career......been away 3 1/2 months but is training as if she is fit and ready for the new challenge of the dirt and a route.......Stevens remains in the saddle for his lone mount of the day.....pedigree is fine for the dirt and a route

5  Slim Fit   sprint-sprint-route maneuver for this Proctor three-year old filly who is very well-bred to get the two turns......and like our top selection she should get good up close or on the lead position in an affair that seems to be "advantage front-runners" to some degree


race 3    average clarity

6  West Coast Bias   east coast invader trained by Tom Proctor is on the improve and I like how well she ran on very firm turf in her latest at Lrl........she is a front-runner and that sure appears to be a good thing in this affair void of speed

2  Mag the Mighty   showed plenty of life in her debut after multiple early trouble in a race down the SA hill......she has been able to work steadily for D'Amato since.......and her pedigree fits route racing more than sprint racing.......trainer is very dangerous 1st time at a route

5  Bee Sweet   handles ample time between starts and gets that today.....meets leading rider is aboard but the bug boy has struggled in two turn grass races......but then again in my trip notes he has been improving in turf routes is only a matter of time that the successful (and here to stay) apprentice will be tough on the sod in routes as well

3  Onzaway


race 4    average clarity

3  Special Story   only time this gelding was up for a tag he won in his maiden debut race which was at Del Mar on the it so appears that Ron Ellis has pointed him for this race to some degree and once again he is up for sale......and suddenly Ellis is as hot as he has been in some time

2  Braddock   just claimed by Hollendorfer and he likely means business running his new shooter 5K less than he claimed him for......that and it appears to be a good spot for a speed horse like himself......light weight hot bug boy has a shot to get away and hide

4  Tribal Roar   positive: appears to be at his best on the Del Mar dirt......negative: flattens out some when competing at 6 1/2........been off for 8 weeks but he does fine running off of breaks

6  Informality


race 5    average clarity

6  Summer's Burst   1st time running as a gelding.....trainer switch from Brocklebank to O'Neill......and the 2 yr old for his 2nd start takes that magical drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming......a trifecta of reasons to place him as our top selection

3  Isee It in Hiseyes   2 yr old flashed some decent quarter-mile speed in his MC debut and then steadily flattened with that race under his belt and 1/2 furlong less to run he should be a dangerous speed horse from start to finish today

5  Optic   SCRATCHED OUT Desormeaux 1st time starter has put in copious furlongs of work......hinting he should finish to whether he has early speed or not I am leaning towards "that he does not".......note that trainer Keith Desormeaux won with a 2 yr old 1ster yesterday in a grass affair of 5F as our top choice

1  Unobtainable


race 6    below average clarity

2  Merrily Merrily   appears to have much more speed on the grass than on the dirt......if she shows as much early gas today as she did two races back down the SA hill she should be on the lead especially with the hot bug boy and his 5 lbs weight break up

5  Secret Thorn   away from the game following her 2nd start which was way back in Sept.....but she showed she can fire fresh as she won her MSW debut and did so at Del Mar albeit on the dirt.....relatively new sire is a little weak so far producing turf runners but mom has tossed 2 turf winners

6  La Premiere Etoile   sharp recent a.m. work hints she is primed for today's race......believe the connections will likely want to take back some their chances more if they do as it seems about 60/40 that a lively pace will develop up front

3  Ready to Hula Lula


race 7    average clarity

4  Ike Walker   seems like a great time to drop off of a couple of dull races and getting to compete on his favorte surface......2 wins and a 2nd in 4 races on the Del Mar main track.....and sure appears to be a good spot for an off pace runner with plenty of speed signed up

7  Kristo   SCRATCHED OUT owns some massive adjusted for trouble figs especially for today's lower level.....seems like a somewhat suspicious drop .....but then again he has only 2 wins in 21 career races

2  General Ike   latest is greatly disguised as he dueled on a very dull rail at Lrc on the 15th of July and rightfully tired.......reassuring work trainer drops.......rider has options as this follow can win on or off of the lead

1  Pioneerof the West


race 8    average clarity

9  Thermopolis   three-year old has displayed plenty of effort/energy but has been a bit of a goof finding it sure seems more significant than it normally is that he has been gelded since his last race.....he will be very tough in this spot if the surgery settles him down

10  Majestic Journey   sprint-sprint-route scenario and he owns a good turf route pedigree........but he does draw a difficult post.....but on the other hand he gets a significant rider upgrade for a grass race from ice-cold on the sod Garcia to Pereira riding well on it

2  Insubordination   both lifetime turf routes fit fine at today's level........and T C Baze is awfully good at staying inside to save ground for as long as possible when he  has a good post to work with like today

4  Captain Call

1  Spend It

6  Save Ground


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Del Mar for Wednesday 2 August 2017

So so race card at Del Mar today.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  My Perfect Gem   SCRATCHED OUT OF RACE   nice debut race exactly 60 days ago at SA.....seemingly did little wrong in his debut but still has been gelded since......maybe he is difficult around the barn....last if the surgery helped he should be especially tough here

1  Inhibition   Cassidy seldom drops a horse multiple levels so there isn't much help stat wise to gauge his chances.......but the recent works he has put into this four-year old at LA hints he means business.......and than there is that "everyone wants to get to the Del Mar winners circle" factor

4  Nicos Way   not much in his return to the race wars in his last run off of an 11 month layoff.....but his other lifetime race was at Dmr and it was markedly better......needs that effort and likely a little more to hit pay-dirt

7  Malibu d'Oro


race 2    below average clarity

1  Small Town Hero   drops $12K below were Ellis claimed this gelding for 2 races back.....catalyst for the risky drop might be the $30K purse for this 20K claiming race restricted to 3 yr old if this youngster is doing well enough health wise look for him to dominate from the get go....2 for 2 when loose on the lead

5  Savrolag   stepped on conventional dirt for the 1st time in his latest and ran one of the best races of his nine race career his trainer smartly and likely deservedly gives him a shot at the BIG playground .....and draws the attention of Bejarano and his agent

2  Ucanthankmelater   faced way too tough in his latest which was a Stakes race at Emd.....back to a 20K claiming race where he scored a nice win at SA and did so at the same distance as today.......and ......back to the jock in T C Baze who was aboard for the win


race 3    below average clarity

1  Bombardeo   brand new sire is off to a good start and with his turf babies .....and this 2-year-old sure is training well for K Desormeaux who is at his most dangerous when he legs up his sire Violence might add to his resume here

7  Desert Domination   another training as if he is ready at 1st asking but in his case with a pedigree that has plenty to prove as far as turf runners is concerned.....and usually prolific Peter Miller is only 1 for his last 22 with 1st timers on the turf.....still...... Miller and good drills can't be ignored

4  Butte City   so so a.m. work but good breeding to be a turf sprinter......somewhat dangerous Carla Gaines 1ster

9 AE  Silver Fury

Long-shot consideration:  2  Restrainedvengence   sure like his pedigree for the grass and his a.m. work is adequate......and this doesn't seem like that tough of a field for a small potatoes barn to pull off an upset


race 4    below average clarity

1  Hollywood Strike   performs well with ample time between races and gets that today......colt has never raced on the Dmr dirt but his 1st work showing on it strongly suggests the surface is to his liking....and 1st time Pratt

3  Thorpe d"Oro   good MSW debut and then even better in his 2nd lifetime start going off at an insane 1 to 9 for a maiden.....hard not to see him give another highly competitive effort

7  Union Rebel   let's call the theme Baltas and changes:  impressive arguably best race of his lifetime 4 races back with 1st time blinkers.......1st time racing as a gelding today and he shows a nice 4F drill at Dmr followed by a very solid bullet 5F drill at Dmr only 6 days later......ready for a top effort once again and should go off around 10 to 1

2  Roosevelt


race 5    average clarity

6  Sheeza Milky Way   seems like a good spot for an off the pace runner in this race that has 4 front running types in a 7 horse field......Eurton filly has a very good history when racing in allowance affairs like today......good off pace grass rider Bejarano knows her well

5  Bellamentary   one of the aforementioned front running types should sit 1st or 2nd in the early stages....and this filly might have some upside having only raced on the grass once and the effort looks to fit well in this spot

7  Belvoir Bay   the only time Prat rode (six races ago) this Miller four-year old won by 7 1/4 lengths....and in that race Pratt was able to get her to stalk rather than lead which might come in handy here

4  Kenriya


race 6    below average clarity

8  Miss Remembering   3 wide trip up on the pace hides an effort that is better than appears in print.......1st race on the Del Mar dirt but shows two fast 4F drills on it.....stout rider/trainer combo these days in Bejarano/Baffert

4  Vegastruck   first time racing in maiden claiming and a very significant rider upgrade especially when you consider the 5 lbs weight break.....and even though this gal went for $350K at sale in 2014 the drop doesn't concern me much as she is still a maiden at five and will be six in 5 months

6  Twirling Apples   back in a maiden claimer for her 3rd start after giving the MSW ranks a whirl in her 2nd start......actually moved forward in the race despite only beating 3 foes.....two solid works at Dmr since.......sure seems like a major player today

2  Lil Graze

Long-shot consideration:  9  Sweet Treat   Clifford Sise has been firing on all cylinders to start the new meeting and when he goes to Kent Desormeaux his stock is usually very "live".......filly has been away from the game 5 days short of one year but she is training as if the is meant and ready fresh off of the bench


race 7    above average clarity

8  Kimberlea K   is any one better at keeping good young fillies sharp race after after than Hollendorfer......going for 3rd in a row to start her career.....1st two sure look good here....seems like she just needs to handle her 3rd different surface

5  Show It N Moe It   last race is better than par at today's higher level and like our top pick if she can run similar on a new surface she faces today she should be a major factor in the outcome of this race

3  Gorgeous Ginny   last won't do but her debut 2 races back would.......hard to handicap what race we get selection

9  Family Girl


race 8    above average clarity

8  Pistol Packin Rose   last race is decent (at 62 to 1 versus better) and now we go from Frey who struggles on the green carpet to Bejarano who obviously does not.....and that big price hints the last race was a gimme.....go go go go today

1  Shazara   trainer Sherlock is often at his best 2nd out following a claim....that and the fact that this mare who is a turf route runner raced in a turf sprint in her last suggest she has always been pointed for her 2nd out following the claim

4  Lady Ninja   improving sort seemingly should be in the vanguard from the opening bell and with Pratt riding for the 4th straight time.......dangerous sort

5  Quinn Murphy

6  Road Test

10  Looking At Thelake


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Del Mar for Saturday 29 July 2017

Make sure you have the correct day as both Saturday and Sunday's selections were posted on Saturday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

5  Tatters to Riches   best set of works (for the given level) for a Jeff Mullins 1st starter in a very long time.....and it makes sense as this colt was just bought for big bucks 3 months ago.......colt appears to be ready to pay some dividends at 1st asking

6  Jungle Warfare   decent MSW debut race on June 10th and he has put in 30 furlongs of work since.......seems well meant today and very likely to move what degree seems like the ? mark

2  Ayacara   Keith Desormeaux often runs his youngster's into shape but I don't think that is the case with this 2 yr old 1ster......much stronger works than you usually see .....and.....Pratt and his agent want the debut mount


race 2    average clarity

1  Mama's Sugar   obviously this filly has some physical issues......but her a.m. work is seems good enough......and......Peter Miller is super at evaluating how much a declining horse has left in them off of long alarming layoffs

10  Tiz Delightful   good spot for blinkers on especially with the scratch of the 4 horse as this filly is one of the few in here that have early speed trainer combo

2  Lady Cloud   yet another drop down as everyone seems to love getting to the Del Mar winners circle.....trainer has had a tough year and that more than anything else might be the catalyst for the drop down

9  Fashion Fair


race 3    average clarity

6  He Will   last two times this 5 yr old competed in route turf races he ran 2 solid efforts that fit well at today's level and versus today's competition........very stout rider/trainer combo in Smith/Dorfer

1  My Italian Babbo   very dangerous trainer in Richard Baltas the 1st time he steps up a given runner to a Stakes......last turf race for this gelding is close to what it usually takes to compete for the win at today's level.....and he gets in with 5 lbs less today.......and a better post......dangerous sort

2  G. G. Rider   double barrel action for Hollendorfer as he also trains our top selection......this 6 yr old should get a nice mid pack ground saving position and that is very dangerous when the rider is Mr. Prat


race 4    average clarity

5  Munny Spunt   very consistent sort going back to Feb and hse might by more dangerous than ever as she is now capable of winning on or off of the lead.....seems like a very good claim by O'Neill who appears to be in "go mode" at the new meeting

1  Table for Three   scratched out of protected and tougher spot on Wednesday to go in this race.....the D'A has started the meet a little chilly (by his lofty standards) and might want to change that "pronto"

3  Gemini Journey   Spawr is ultra successful 1st out following a claim and he brings this filly back for the same claiming price he snatched her up for......and he might have claimed her for Dmr where she has 1 win and a 3rd in 2 starts

7  Sly Humor


race 5    average clarity

3  Tequila Sunrise   bad trip in her MSW debut where she had about 6L of trip trouble and only lost by 5 1/4 to run 2nd.....4 nice drills since.....bred fine to get a turf route....better trip and she should be tough.....better trip and a move forward with that debut under her belt and she will be more than tough

8  Breezy Bee   1st timer sure has put in the kind of endurance work to be ready for the challenge of a turf route in her MSW debut.....and whereas Keith Desormeaux is not that dangerous with dirt maiden 1sters.....he is better than average with turf 1st time starters especially those debuting in a turf route

10 Medaglia Gold   sprint-sprint-route maneuver here and very strong works since her latest.....decent route turf pedigree....and Cliff Sise is 3 for his last 10 "1st on the grass".....blinkers on....faster recent speed drills....switch to a speed rider in Maldonado......believe will try to clear and get away

5  Encinitas  

Long-shot consideration:    6  Poco Suenos   showed some life in the 1 July version of this race at SA.....but what catches my eye is her recent work which suggests the turf muscled her up as only it can do sometimes.....expecting more today


race 6    below average clarity

7  Sheza Chattykat   slowly developing sort stepped up way over her head in her last in what appears to me to be an endurance building run.....and if the works are worth a hoot if sure worked out well.....believe this Baltas filly is sitting on her lifetime best....we shall see

1  Go On Mary   lone lifetime win came the last time she saw Dmr.....and the recent impressive 4F best of 54 bullet drill at Dmr suggests she is happy to be back....solid horse for course angle with this O'Neill filly

3  Delightful Lady   another Baltas runner as he also conditions our top selection......had about 14 lengths of trip trouble in her debut and ran 3rd to a "monster" beaten by 14L.......then 2 months later she beat a (mini) monster......hard to tell if she is ready fresh off of the bench but if she is lookout

5  Precious Dixie


race 7    below average clarity

6  Lady Mamba   ironically this filly dead heated with our 3rd choice in race 6 in the aforementioned monster of a race winner in Unique Bella back in Nov....... but this filly had a good trip.......she is returning off of the layoff as if she is 100% meant and ready to roll ......and for one hot trainer to start the meet in Peter Eurton......outstanding pedigree for this filly to handle a turf route

4  Domestic Vintage   filly has had multiple excuses in her 3 route grass in she is better than appears in print.....and her best grass race ever ???? her lone race at Del Mar which is much better than par when you adjust for a very wide trip

3  Scandal   has only missed the board once in 10 lifetime starts on the grass and the most she has been beaten for the win is by 2 3/4!.....but......that says she is one major league hanger......but on the other hand the two times Nakatani rode she lost by the smallest of margins (a head bobbing nose)

5  Causeforcommotion   


race 8    average clarity

4  Gentrified   2 for 2 at the somewhat speciality distance of 7F and his off pace running style seems to be an advantage in this race that will likely produce a lively pace...and at Dmr if there is a lively pace at 7F it is....."here come the late runners"

2  Who's Hot   speed crazy in his latest might be the impetus for this fellow getting gelded......and the recent works hint the surgery worked......lookout if he relaxes better......very dangerous sort

11  Big League   trainer Peter Miller is not afraid to lose a horse at the claiming box......and why not risk him for 50K as he sure likes the Del Mar oval

8  Night's Watch


race 9    average clarity

4  Ransom the Moon   tremendous job of turning this fellow into a Stakes horse by Phil D'Amato.....and his latest was rather stunning as he almost won a Grade 2 at SA despite running 3 wide stalking and then pressing a strong pace....he was so much the best by my book.....believe Prat saves some ground this time around with a better timed move

2  Drefong   away from the game since winning the B C Sprint at SA in early Nov......capable of handling strong pace and lasting......and he likely will have to deal with some blistering pace in the race in the 3 horse St Joe Bay who can really fly as well (and actually might upset to field)

8  Roy H   two straight big efforts for this Miler five year old who is returning home from Belmont following a Grade 2 win.....and he must still be sharp for Paco Lopez to ship x-country to retain the mount

1  Denman's Call


race 10    average clarity

5  Mucho Chrome   trainer does little on the dirt but he is getting quite good with his turf stock......two straight good turf races in a row down the SA hill....showed he can handle a route in a one mile dirt race 3 back.....first route turf race today should be a piece of cake

7  Rings of Jupiter   on the improve and he appears to appreciate a route of ground......1st on the sod but owns a decent pedigree for it....and a very dangerous turf trainer in was tough to split top two choices

3  Uber Star   1st time running for Morey led to his 1st lifetime win in 10 starts......connections wisely retain Nakatani.......won at 9F in his last but seems better suited to 8F....dangerous late runner especially with a rider that handles off pace runners well

10  Kona Dreams

13  AE   Beaumarchais

14  AE  Red King

8  He Could

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Del Mar for Friday 28 July 2017

Seems like a good card today. One of the best so far (handicapping wise) at the new meeting. Take note that Saturday and Sunday's publications will both be posted on Saturday morning and the comments shortened some on Sunday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

7  Tera Lago   cheapest two-year old maiden claimer of the year to date on the S Cal racing circuit.......and the works for this low-level sure are strong for this 1st time starter......and considering Peter Miller is her trainer it sure is easy to put this filly as the top selection

5  Mis Viola   39 to 1 for a Jerry Hollendorfer MSW 1st timer screams gimme.....should be all set for her drop into this low-level 2 yr old MC......should be very tough especially if I am all wet about my evaluation of the top choice

1  Trust Fund Kitty   invader from GP winds up in the Machowsky barn.....that is a dangerous thing these days as almost anything the trainer starts has been "live" to some degree although he is 0 for 3 to start the meet.....not out of the win picture but easy to make as our 3rd selection

8  Boss Move


race 2    average clarity

6  Excavation   even though this 3 yr old had a wide trip in his latest I would still classify the effort as a "clunker".......he needs a rebound to his effort 2 back which would be quite good in this since his disappointing last hint he might provide one

1  El Super   last couple of races sure fit well in this spot,,,,,,but......he is a speed horse with a couple of other speed types in the contest......he does show some signs that he might be capable of winning without the lead......that obviously is a plus if he can

3  Pick One   consistent sort (8 1 3 3 1) ships south for today's race and draws the attention of Prat and his agent......mid pack style seems like a plus.....should get the wood on the 1st turn with the two horses inside of him having more speed

8  Wheresthemoneyjack


race 3    average clarity

3  Stormy Rocit   decent in abbreviated turf sprints like today's 5F affair at Dmr and his lone race at Dmr at 5F on the grass is very good and hidden by breaking 3 slow and rushing up.......all that and he was only beaten by less than 2L for the win......that race was run off of 48 days rest.......exactly 48 days since his last......outstanding trainer with turf sprinters in Miller

1  Zuri Chop   should welcome the return to 5F grass races as he appears better suited for them than 6 1/2F down the hill at SA.....and his recent hill races aren't too shabby

7  May B   ran his eyeballs out to win by about 10 lengths in a 5 1/2F dirt race at Lrc in a blistering 102:2.......owns plenty of early speed at least on the dirt and this race doesn't have that much.....failed in his lone lifetime grass race.......deserves one more shot?

4  Native Treasure


race 4    average clarity

5  Dangerously Close   won her MSW debut in good time and then in her 2nd lifetime start she dueled on a dull inside in one nasty pace and rightfully tired....did awfully well to beat 1/2 the the way the Dan Blacker barn is going of late.....filly should be in the mix from the get go

6  Zuzu's Petals   talk about over-bet in her year old has been doing all her best the last year or so off of short rest.......that was not the case in her last but is today....has a good history at Dmr and is OK at the distance....retains Bejarano

7  Papa Mambo   trainer has been tough with his stock returning from a with that in mind this five yr old might be ready for a top effort fresh off of 5 month break......if that is so she should be a factor in the outcome of this affair

9  Freedom Journey


race 5    above average clarity

1  Bold Papa   nicely improved in his latest with a major upgrade in trainers to Baltas.....that sprint turf race run off of 2 year layoff should set him up well for today's turf route,,,,,,good post.....Prat sticks around.....easy to put on top

3  Bottle Service   2nd straight par like effort for the state-bred MSW level......and one hot rider/trainer combo in Talamo/Machowsky.....3 for their last 9 with 5 others hitting the boards......impressive

8  Kings River King   ran 3rd behind our top selection in his latest......might find the winners circle if he builds on the effort.....but I do see the top selection with more upside potential

9  Tatar


race 6    average clarity

4  Edwards Going Left   nicely improved to say the least since Sadler took over the training duties....quite impressive in his last overcoming a bad trip and still managing to win on the step up in class......steps up once again and he sure is drilling as if for the 3rd straight time he will handle the class hike

6  Ann Arbor Eddie   very consistent sort for O'Neill and company and well proven at today's level of racing......lone race at Dmr was a Grade 3 and he was able to run a nice 3rd..... and...... it was at today's somewhat specialty sprint distance of 7F.......seems likely to be a major factor in the outcome of this state-bred 150K Stakes race

7  Mr. Hinx  undefeated in 3 lifetime sprint races two of which were on the dirt and one that was on the his last dirt race which was run 2 back he was still able to win despite a wide trip up close to a decent pace.....not out of the win picture by any means

5  Milton Freewater


race 7    average clarity

7  Fritz Johansen   awfully consistent at 1 & 1 1/16 on the grass since the blinkers were added 9 races back.....and arguably his best ever was the last time he ran at 1 1/16 at Dmr (back on 19th November 19th with the rail at 24 ft).....seems very dangerous in today's 1 1/16 turf affair with the rail at 30 ft

10  Record Highs   best of the speed types in here and I believe he is capable of winning without the lead as well.....Tyler Baze knows him quite well having been aboard for 6 of his last 7 races

12  Special Season   nice work tab for this GB invader who has been away from the game for 4 months......the work tab and the fact that Pratt jumped off of a decent Drysdale horse for this fellow once he got into the field from the AE list supports the notion he is ready to roll in his U S of A debut

3  Trifecta

Long-shot consideration:  4  Cafe Flavor   was on the improve and then he tried a distance (12F) that he predictably found too far.....and he returns with 1st time Lasix......lookout if Lasix helps


race 8    average clarity

1  Hoppitty   blinkers off in his last and the equipment change really woke him up and the strength of the little 5F race is disguised by a multitude of reasons.....two solid reassuring works since his last......Mulhall is very good with the sprint-sprint-route maneuver which is the case here....Baze will likely have his mount in the mix from the get go

2  Rick's Dream   last 3 sprint races fit fine for the mdn20K level.....1st at a route is the ? mark it seems as is his pedigree to handle one.....tough call but Palma is a respectable 4 for his last 21 1st at a route

5  Idium   takes that ever dangerous drop out of MSW racing to maiden claiming......both lifetime starts were on the grass but his pedigree for the dirt seems fine

4  The Real McCann

6  You'll Be Lucky

8  Mr. Brightside


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