Los Alamitos for Saturday 16 September 2017

Feeling good despite a little jet lag following a little R & R in Barcelona Spain.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Hi Heat Boy   drops off of a layoff and does so as a first time gelding......and the a.m. work in preparation for today's race suggests the operation has made a difference.....we shall see

4  Adventurous   cuts maiden claiming price in half which seems necessary.......seems likely to get a nice stalk position behind our 3rd selection

1  Malibu d'Oro   the mostly likely to get the lead in this field....and that is a good thing as he seems to need it to compete as witnessed by his last race....was sharp in the a.m. prior to his last and remains sharp in the morning.....gate to wire threat


race 2    average clarity

6  Wheresthemoneyjack   last two times this fellow dropped he ran 1st and 2nd......drops today...... 1 for 1 at today's 7F distance and the effort was his lifetime best.....in the race which was run 3 back at SA he was caught very wide up on the pace....still won going away at the wire......1st at Lrc is a ? mark

4  Rafter One   last two races fit decently at today's level especially the effort two back........rather consistent in one turn races.......7 panels seems to be within his reach

2  My Golden One   very consistent racing on conventional dirt fast tracks.....but he does have something to prove sprinting or I would have rated his chances higher


race 3    average clarity

2  Warrior Vixen   only four-year old in the field......gets the meets leading rider and his 5 lbs break.....seems very solid if she holds form 3rd out following a break.....should be motoring late

3  Eye of the River   sprint-sprint-route maneuver and racing turf to dirt for 3rd lifetime start and drops from MSW to MC 30K........decent endurance building 6F works.....seems dangerous

6  Of Note   a strong likelihood this Matt Chew three-year old filly will get loose on the front in this spot lacking speed......so.....she has the potential to pop the best race of her life if she finds being loose on the lead to her liking


race 4    average clarity

2  Coronado Cool   best early gas in the field and with the hot bug boy and his weight break in the saddle.......drops one level......only race at Lrc fits fine.....hard not to like and place as top pick

4  It's Not So Easy   at her best racing off of short rest and that is the case today.....also preforms well sprint to route and that also is the case for this afternoon's race

5  Zanab   in decent form right now and like our top two selections she drops a notch......but........she sure likes to hang in the stretch


race 5    above average clarity

2  Chatty   very strong MSW debut at Del Mar on August 12th nearly cracking the 58 flat barrier despite veering out (losing 2 or 3 lengths) at the start from the outer-most post........trainer has had a solid 2017.......very formidable he she runs as well on the Lrc surface

6  Saint Tropez   Miller 2nd time starter has dangerous early speed and likely will move forward with a race under her bell......leading rider up and with his 5 lbs off.......and .......with only 5 1/2 furlongs to run he might be tough to wheel in

4  Summer's Indy   dangerous looking work tab for this D'Amato first time starter and the works are at Los Alamitos.....both speed and endurance has been put into this two-year old filly

3  Angels N Devidogs


race 6    average clarity

4  Prince Charmant   trainer knows how to win races (30% over his last 275) and especially 1st following a claim which was the case for this fellow's last endeavor......that race fits just fine at today's higher level......and John Martin is 35% win with claimer repeaters over his last 200.....hard stats to ignore

3  Pat the Bear   last fits very well both final time wise and pace wise at today's lower level.......but the conditioner is only 1 for 58 in 2017 which makes it hard to put this five-year old on top considering the gaudy stats for the trainer of our top pick-a-rue

2  Hackleton    1 for 1 at today's distance and when examining his recent races at longer sprint distances it sure appears he needs a cut back in distance......and.....he ran well in his only race on the Lrc surface

8  Swiss Cheese


race 7    average clarity

5  Avicii   as of this writing Kent Desormeaux has made the lost of his only two starts at the meeting winning both......and it appears as if Miller has given him a very live horse who is likely feeling good as he is up for a price where he likely will be snatched up at the claiming box

9  Alpenhorn   2 for 2 when Maldonado has been up and 0 for 2 when he hasn't been......runs well "fresh" and she is 7 weeks fresh today......should be motoring late with ample speed signed up to flatter her off pace style

4  Go On Mary   seems best at today's 6F distance and really woke-up in her latest with 1st time blinkers......that race might do the trick and she might build on her latest effort.......lookout if she does

1  Lake Time


race 8    average clarity

1  Ismelucky   best races/figs and she appears to be loose in this spot....trainer Jeff Bonde is hot at the new meeting and likely will have this two-year old ready.....hard not to like in a field of mostly maidens

3  Exuberance   still a maiden but she ran well in her lone start and I like the way in which she finished up past the wire......sharp work since.....should be fully cranked for her 2nd lifetime endeavor

8  My Claw   nothing special about both of her lifetime races but she sure appears as if another full furlong of ground to cover will be a plus and likely won't be for many in this field of nine

9  Shaken Memories


race 9    average clarity

8  Tiz Love   been away since March but one of his three wins was off of a two month layoff and he also won his maiden debut at 1st asking and you can't get any "fresher" than that.......so he is capable off of the bench and returns to the race wars with the potential to be better as a 1st time gelding

9  Luckarack   deservedly steps up in class quite a bit following a strong 5F win at Lrc just 8 days ago.....decent history back in two or three weeks.....but can he handle the turnaround of only a weeks and a day.....we shall find out

6  Overcome   much-needed drop (and yet still in a protected (can't be claimed) spot) should make this Jeffery Metz five-year old gelding a major player in the nightcap.....handles the surface and also the 5 1/2 furlong distance

7  Casuality

4  Tiz Jolie

2  Templar



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Del Mar for Monday 4 September 2017

Much needed break as Del Mar with it's extra day of racing and large fields makes for some long work weeks. Back back with you on the 16th of September.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  General Interest   solid MSW debut and without any action on the board whatsoever....that tells me this Hess runner wasn't fully cranked and that more can be expected today......good post and main man for Hess in Desormeaux up

11  Powerful Thirst 

9  Gringo Star

1  Campainer


race 2    average clarity

1  Woodstock Memory   really responded top the change in riders to Maldonado in his latest......same post and Maldonado remains up.....very consistent in routes in 2017 (8 3 4 1)......smooth running mid pack runner

6  Accelerant

4  Awesome Return

2  Freddies Dream


race 3    average clarity

1  Eric the Trojan   won the August 13th version of this race..........both lifetime races at 5F on the grass at Del Mar with Pratt up are arguably his career two best races....... Carava has had a solid Del Mar meeting and might add to his 26% win total this afternoon

9  Zuri Chop

3  Rocket Heat

8  Secreto Primero


race 4    average clarity

8  So I Sang   strong better than par effort in 2nd lifetime start and he was totally dead on the board.....might not have been that cranked up and likely surprised the connections......if that is true lookout today as a move forward would be tough for others in here to overcome

5  Miss Ricochet

7  Meiji

11  Pretty Owl


race 5    average clarity

4  Retro   rather sure this Richard Mandella 1st time starter is meant and ready to roll in her two year old MSW debut.......very tightly spaced works and many of them quite strong.....good pedigree to get a turf route.......Mandella owes Pratt a good one as amazingly they are only 1 for their last 15 teaming up

3  Breezy Bee

8  Super Good

6  Encinitas


race 6    average clarity

5  Classy Tune   Simon Callaghan sure becoming a force in S Cal and the way he has been going it is hard to not like this steadily improving filly who has a decent shot at making it 3 for 3 at Del Mar....really just needs a repeat of her latest

4  Lunar Express

3  Miss Sunset

6  Bad Ju Ju


race 7    average clarity

3  Kathy's Song   seemingly raced way over her head in her last in a Grade 1 for three year old fillies yet she was beaten by 5 1/2L for the win despite a trip from you know where......faces older but easier today......decent post for Talamo to work out a good trip

5  Jeremy's Legacy

2  Nodiac

1  Starlite Style


race 8    average clarity

9  Zatter   seems like one of Baffert's top two-year old runners as he won his MSW debut in solid time and did so despite being caught 3 wide dueling in a solid pace and still won going away......that race was only 15 days ago yet he still put in a fast bullet 5F work since.....and only 5 days ago

6  Bolt d'Oro

3  Run Away

4  Tatters to Riches


race 9    below average clarity

2  Medaglia Gold   won rather easily to break her MSW at today's one mile distance on the grass.......3 reassuring work-outs since.......Maldonado very likely had his choice of two Sise runners and the other has some talent too......should get a ground saving trip on or close the lead

13  Navajo Dreamer

1  Dawn Traveller

6  Multiplayer  tie for 4th pick

8  Klosters   tie for 4th pick


race 10    average clarity

4  Touching Rainbows   might feel really good as this D'Amato four year old is coming off of a fast race where she was very loose on the lead with only an average set of fractions.....thus the effort likely was relatively stress free......likely feeling great and Prat has options as this fellow showed he can rate some in his effort two back

12  Big League

2  Red Lightning

6  Prime Issue

10  Special Reason

5  Midnight Pleasure

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Del Mar for Sunday 3 September 2017

Take note that on Monday the 4th of September we will only have a comment for the top selection because of some time constraints. Also, the only two days that we cover of the upcoming Los Alamitos meeting are the 16th & 17th of September.

Bad results yesterday and then some and I found today's card difficult. Closing day on Monday seems better.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

5  Los Borrachos   obviously the connections were all out to win 3 weeks ago with the added win 1st in $.....and they did....claimed in the race by Miller......doubt the "all out to win" effort took a toll because Desormeaux wants the mount back....and this gelding's last fit's fine in this spot

2  Tuogh But Nice   set a brutal pace in a grass route and predictably tired,,,,,since then he worked an eye-popping best of 87 4F work......might feel awfully good.....dangerous gate to wire loose on the lead attempt

4  Logan's Moon   awfully popular at the claiming box for a 7 yr old with only 21 starts.......Hollendorfer is the latest to claim him and sees fit to put him up one level......maybe he has tweaked something for the better......needs a couple lengths more today and maybe the Hall of Fame trainer can get it out of him

3  Nardo


race 2    below average clarity

9  Jet Set Man   very consistent turf sprinter has learned to rate and that should come in handy here with what should be a hot pace.....reassuring 3F bullet work since his last......bug boy has ridden him well

7  Plate Side   like the sprint-route-sprint scenario for this O'Neill three-year old who was caught wide in his only 5F grass race at Dmr but showed that he fits if Gutierrez gives him a more clever ride

2  Rim Ditch   seems like the speed of the speed here and with 1st time Pratt.......trainer does OK with limited starters......dangerous sort

3  Ultra Fame


race 3    average clarity

(AE 11 and/or AE 12 have a shot if they draw into the field)

8  Royal Trump   nice forward move in 2nd lifetime start......connections want to win at Del Mar as they drop this colt some in order to enhance their chances of getting to the circle of joy

7  Come On In   3 gate works in a row hint this Miyadi 1st timer is meant and ready.....that and he has teamed up for 4 wins in the last 9 starts over the last 60 days with today's rider Roman

4  Respect the Shot   ran well to almost win his maiden debut but was a voided claim which is obviously a bad sign health wise......but it is a good sign that he was able to put in back to back tightly spaced 5F drills since.......tough call

10  Paul's Diva


race 4    below average clarity

9  Tasunke Witco   hard not to put on top as Hess mostly when using Desormeaux has taken advantage of the win first in for added money more than anyone else....that and this five yr old seems by far at his best running at today' 6F distance

1  Native Treasure   seems poised for a good race 2nd out after the claim......turf tightener placed over his head in last and now drops multiple levels for a full-blown "go" today back on the dirt.....handles the Dmr surface and likes 6F......Prat knows him well

8  Iron Rob   seems best at today's 6F distance........last at 6 1/2F is OK but his race two back at 6F might do the trick here with a good trip.....we shall see if Jaime Ricardo is up to providing one

7  Old Man Lake


race 5    average clarity

8  My Boy Jack   on the improve with every start and he is the only starter with two route grass races run.....and the fig earned in his last is better than anyone else in the field has run.......almost won  in his latest having to overcome the outer-most 10 post....so the 8 post (and not the outer-most) should be a piece of cake for Nakatani  LOL

2  Pubilius Syrus   last was OK but he likely need to put forth more today......his recent a.m. work hints he might.....good post and a rider upgrade.......dangerous Cerin two-year old colt

9  Linburgh's Kitten   like our 2nd selection his latest was decent but he likely will need more today.......Wesley Ward is solid with shippers and gets Smith to ride.....would be surprised if this two-year old gelding didn't move forward today to some degree

4  Big Buzz

Long-shot consideration:   10  Captain Buzzkill   slow start and blocked/boxed up on turn 2 or would have been near the winner at the wire.......might have badly needed debut and if he did....... lookout...... if of course Sutherland gives him a clever ride from post10


race 6    average clarity

3  Alluring Star   bought in March for $850K so Baffert and company got a good look at what they were looking at..........filly has worked six times at Del Mar with many of those works quite stout.....I'd say she is ready and then some

2  Two Steps Faster   year in and year out Hollendorfer has a future star two year old filly debut in mid to late summer and this baby shows signs she might be one.....we shall see

5  Thirteen Squared   another dangerous looking Bob Baffert two-year old filly 1ster.....and Baff/Raff have been clicking at about 30% as a team the last two or three months

7  She's Funny


race 7    average clarity

2  The Lieutenant   last appeared to be your classic spin around the track to tighten up and be ready 2nd out following the layoff.......and his pace style appears to be a plus with plenty of speed signed up.....trainer has really come into his own in 2017

1  Show Me Da Lute   only one race since going on the shelf last December.....that race was run in June and likely isn't good enough here....but he has worked eight times since and lately the works are awfully good......Baffert likely has him "right" this time around.....good post and a rider in Talamo who is on a roll of late

9  Kristo   seems to get a trouble trip in most of her races.......if she gets a good one this afternoon with the drop in class......lookout

3  Got Even



race 8    below average clarity

4  Mackie's Water   2 for 3 at today's turf distance and the time/fig earned 2 back in June at 9F is very solid for a three-year old in May....working well and one of the better turf rider/trainer combinations around in Nakatani/Baltas

5  Sharp Samurai   3 for 4 lifetime on the sod and a perfect 2 for 2 at nine furlongs.....Glatt is having a super meeting winning two Graded races the 1st of which was with this smooth running three-year old....and coming into this meet he was something like 0 for his last 30 in Graded races....Stevens sticks around

3  Bowies Hero   2 for 2 on the Dmr turf......likely needs even more than his lifetime best effort in his latest but has plenty of potential to give it with the D'A as his trainer

2  Monster Man


race 9   below  average clarity

5  Rings of Jupiter   turf to dirt is usually a good thing........and a surface change that is significant for bug boy Edwin Roman.....love the late kick this gelding has on the dirt at a route....should be flying late once again and with the 5 lbs off

2  Excavation   back in only 7 days is quite unusual for D'Amato....this three year old might be feeling awfully good coming off a grass race and for his trainer to bring him back in one week......we shall see

10  Desert General   2nd out after the layoff and very sharp in the a.m.....sitting on a move forward........would have rated higher if he had a better post....at least he gets Pratt

3  Dukes Up

Long-shot consideration:   6  Go Ghetto   quite the step up today but his latest was his lifetime best....... and as well as Mike McCarthy is going these days we might see even more today.....Stevens sticks around to find out


race 10    average clarity

8  Fibonacci   only went for $20K at sale but he is working like he would go for a heck of a lot more now......plenty of endurance put in by Baltas.....good route turf pedigree.....and Smith seldom rides for Richard but is today.....hmmm

2  Kylemore   experience advantage as he is the only one with a start in the race and the start was also on the grass at one mile.....the race was on the 1st of July and was an average 1st out....but the works since hint he is bringing more than average in his 2nd start.....Harty is having a decent meeting with his limited starters

9  Dignitaire   Gary Mandella can get a route turf 1st time starter to run well now and then and he is training his colt like he wants a good showing from him in his debut.....and mom tossed 4 winner from 5 starters and 3 of them won on the sod

7  Spanish Bay

6  Bitter Ring Home

1  Shane Zain

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Del Mar for Saturday 2 September 2017

Take note that on Monday the 4th of September we will only have a comment for the top selection because of some time constraints. Also, the only two days that we cover of the upcoming Los Alamitos meeting are the 16th & 17th of September.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

9  Cal Cal Li Gowchis   very fast maiden breaking time two races back on 24 June albeit in only a 5F race.......so if his latest run 3 weeks ago is nothing more than a turf tune-up in a protected race..... lookout today on the drop down

10  Gone With It   four-year old has mostly been routing which I can't figure out why as he is much more consistent and has run better numbers in sprints .......including abbreviated sprints races like today's 5 1/2F....away since March but a.m. work hints he is ready fresh

5  Have Some Pride   might be a good claim by William Morey as this three-year old has been competitive in all 3 lifetime starts.....and as hot as Morey has been this meeting that is one dangerous proposition for the opposition

6  Moving


race 2    average clarity

1  Majestic Authority   21 to 1 in her MSW debut hints that she wasn't all that cranked up for her MSW debut and yet she ran a strong effort.......bullet work since hints she is now......Baltas 1s very solid 1st at a route....hard not to like this two-year filly

2  Time to Play   Harty is a stellar 27% win with 2nd time starters.....with that in mind her MSW debut was likely needed and that much more can be expected today ......and Harty is also better than average the 1st time he sends a given horse long .....impressive recent endurance building 6F work

5  Gia Lula   on the improve with each and every start....and should have plenty of endurance coming off a one mile turf route.....not out of the win picture by any means

8  Rag Top


race 3    average clarity

4  Resky Business   trainer Morey is often at his most dangerous off of extended layoffs and this filly has been absent since late January......filly could have made it 3 for 3 in routes and 1 for 1 on the turf if not getting block and steadied 2 different times in her last and as our top pick I might add......should be tough if she is ready fresh

5  Aura Rose   steadily improving since Baltas claimed in Feb and that includes her 1st turf route in her latest which was a win........and I like the confidence Richard shows as he steps his filly up into an allowance affair

2  Joe'sgoldenholiday   fits fine here as when she is not in a turf Stakes she has run 1st and near win 3rd.......good rider and Bejarano has a good post to work with.....3 yr old filly definitely seems like a major player here

1  Cynthiana

Long-shot consideration:   3  Goseecal    big hidden awakening in latest.....good post and an adequate rider.....same effort as her last and a decent trip and she might upset the apple cart here


race 4    above average clarity

6  Morgan S.   nice MSW win right out of the box.......4F work since (only 4 days ago) the effort hints that this Hendricks three-year old gelding exited the race in good shape.....see few reasons not to believe he shouldn't fire another good race

2  Private Marini   deservedly steps up following a 109 flat at SR in a conditioned 12.5K claimer....that and 3 wins and a 2nd since the blinkers were put on......high % trainer in Wong

4  Sindys Luck   just claimed by Palma off of an improved effort and worked an eye-popping best of 87 46 flat a week ago.......trainer might have the trump card for this five-year old.....we shall see

1  Gigantis


race 5    average clarity

9  Solomini   believe Baffert might have waited until the sprints were longer than 6F to get the most out of this two-year old in his 1st start as he has a pedigree that suggests the longer the better....works are solid......6 1/2 seems far enough

1  Holy Ghost   good debut after a tardy start from the one post.....that race fits but he must cope with the same post again and this time at 6 1/2 with a gap....would have been top choice with a more favorable starting position

5  It's a New Year   Peter Miler 1st timer appears locked and loaded.....and I have a feeling Miller might finish the Dmr meeting with a bang this ......we shall see

6  Bahamian


race 6    average clarity

6  Spanish Hombre   love the upgrade in trainers especially for turf and Baltas and company might have made a good claim as this gelding has gotten quite sharp.....and he should get a nice up close ground saving trip and with Bejarano up

14  Alaskan Sun   really appreciates the Del Mar grass course and his last effort run 3 weeks ago is strong and hidden quite a bit.....believe the connections jumped for joy when they heard they got in from the AE list

3  Ample Sufficiency   impressive wide run win in latest and in general this colt is consistent....same or better seems likely today.......good post and good turf rider

11  Klondike Creek   colt has never missed the board in 8 turf starts yet has only found the winners circle once.......but the race was the only time he has competed at today's 9 furlongs......outside post but owns tactical speed and a rider in Pratt who knows how to use it


race  7    above average clarity

5  Just a Smidge   quite a few in this race are coming off of races that are par or better for this Grade 1 level and this Baffert filly is one of them.......but she is out working anyone in the field in typical Baffert style

3  Spectator   hard to say much negative about a D'Amato two-year old filly who won both of her lifetime starts by over 5 lengths and the last win was a Grade 2.....should be tough once again

8  Poetic   strong wide run to win her MSW debut......not sure how the track surface will play but about 1/2 of the days of the last dozen race days running wide (especially in sprints) has been a winning move

2  Moonshine Memories


race 8    below average clarity

2  Major Cabbie   just purchased in April for a handsome sum and training awfully well for his MSW debut.......and trainer Dan Hendriks is quite reliable with MSW 1st timers that show good a.m. work

1  St Patrick's Day   very strong MSW debut both in pace and final time for a two-year in summer......if he switched posts with our top choice it would have been a no brainer to make him top pick.....the one post at Dmr at 6 1/2 furlongs can be a nightmare for a two-year old mostly because of the gap.....believe this Baffert baby has a bright future but might be vulnerable today

7  Restrainedvengence   nice MSW debut on the turf at 5 furlongs.....and he owns a pedigree that should take to the dirt and appreciate another 3/16 to travel........and he gets a significant rider upgrade......interesting Grayson 2nd time starter

3  Instilled Regret


race 9    average clarity

4  Cambodia   powerful effort/fig in his latest to win a Grade 2 at Der Mar at 1 1/16th on the grass............bullet best of 19 5F turf drill just 5 days ago.......acts like another 1/16th to travel will be a plus......very hard not to like

13  Goodyearforroses   this Baltas runner is also coming off of a powerful race which like our top pick was quite a bit better than par......been away since May and has to deal with a difficult post.......but blinkers on today and she already had some good tactical speed.....not out of this if Nakatani works his magic and gives her a clever ride

3  Decked Out   consistent sort won a Grade 1 when last seen in December off of 3 months....tougher amount of time off this go around to have her fit enough to compete....but if she is she fits decently here

6  Mrs McDougal


race 10    below average clarity

6  Airfoil   Iggy Puglisi is 2 for 4 riding for Michael McCarthy over the last two months and his overall record for 2017 is 2 for 92......seven year old drops one claiming notch off of a win and why not as he is ( 5 1 3 1) racing at today's distance of 7 furlongs

7  He'saruler   seems like a decent claim by Jeff Mullins and he must like what he sees to race his new shooter at two levels higher

3  Prohibition   claimed way back in Feb. and has been away since.......but this fellow sure is training as if he is more than fit for his return to the races war....and he is 1 for 2 at the distance and the win was solid

8  Willing to Travel


race 11    average clarity

7  Taniko   not much in two lifetime starts on the dirs......returns off of an extended hiatus from the game with works that suggest he is meant and ready fresh....and he gets to run on grass which he owns a very good pedigree for....and trained by a top turf conditioner in D'Amato

5  Comic One   strong run in her 3rd lifetime start and 1st on the grass and did so impressively off of a two-year layoff........still she likely needs a little more today and logically she should give it with that decent race under her belt

8  Combat Zone   on the improve with each and every start and now gets the best grass rider she has seen so far in Pratt....might be rated too low if she improves once again with a better turf jock on her back

1  Principal Bob

3  Amazon Cry

12  Ice Kat


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Del Mar for Friday 1 September 2017

Take note that on Monday the 4th of September we will only have a comment for the top selection because of some time constraints. Also, the only two days that we cover of the upcoming Los Alamitos meeting are the 16th & 17th of September.

Today's card and tomorrow's card I found interesting and feel fairly good about both. Sunday's was a different matter as the majority of the races were extremely difficult to decipher.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Remesses   only needs to get another furlong today as his maiden 20K 2nd at 7F fits fine here....and he sure has a decent shot at getting loose on the lead which is often more significant than it normally is the 1st time a sprinter attempts a route.....impressive 6F gate work put in just 5 days ago.....feeling good

5  Roosevelt   suspicious drop here but if he is still OK physically speaking he obviously should have been the top choice

6  Majestic Journey   race two back fig wise fits fine......turf endurance building route in last......now he drops below the claiming level that Hess took this three-year old gelding for......and what really catches my eye is that his buddy Desormeaux is in the saddle for the 1st time

3  Big Day Tomorrow


race 2    average clarity

5  Miss Viola   might be a good claim by O'Neill and company as this two-year old filly ran an effort in her 2nd lifetime start that fits at today's higher level....and the effort was run on the Del Mar surface to boot

2  Hold That Smile   on the right end of the learning curve for Callaghan and friends.....her latest fits just fine here......so if the trend continues she will be quite tough

4  Midnight Summer    obviously needs a rebound to her effort run 2 back in her maiden debut......recent a.m. work hints Miller might get one out of her......very dangerous 3rd selection

6  Mama's Kid


race 3    average clarity

(AE 11  Mr Vargas  has a shot if draws into the field)

4  Member State   blinkers on and he already has shown some good early speed albeit in turf routes......cut back to a turf sprint sure appears what he needs........Simon Callaghan has had an impressive year especially with young developing horses......should be in the mix from the opening bell

2  Shaky Alibi   dangerous looking 1st time starter for Carla Gaines and company with a nice and prolonged work tab......trainer has struggled in 2017 and might feel a little bit better about the year if this one runs as well as I believe she will in her maiden debut

5  Impression   away from the game for over a year following 2 dirt starts at CD but his new trainer has him working well....and Richard Mandella is very solid stat wise off of long layoffs and with shippers.....1st time running as a gelding too

1  Dreams of Valor


race 4    below average clarity

12  New Dancer   not much in both lifetime endeavors....but comes out as a 1st time gelding......and......with a series of very strong and tightly spaced works....believe the surgery has been very successful....we shall see

9  Way Gone   exits a fat heat where being beat by 5L (running 4th) still worked out to be a par like effort.....two next out runners from this fast race......and his a.m. work since is very solid....hard not to like this Bob Baffert 2nd time starter

1  Saldamente   yet another working very impressively.....been absent since Sept of last year put appears all set to rock and roll....trainer has had a good meeting especially using today's jock

2  Towards the Light

Long-shot consideration:   6 Air On Fire   new year......new trainer......new rider........and training like a night and day better racehorse.....rather sure he is meant and ready fresh off of the bench for his new connections


race 5    below average clarity

8  That's a Lady   brutal trip in latest earning a strong adjusted for pace and trouble fig..........was wide thru out up on the pace.....did awfully well to finish 3 1/2L behind the winner.....bug boy will be out to make amends

9  Spooky Woods   back to the dirt following an OK effort in her 1st turf race to date......tough call when she is going to run her "A game" but if it is today she should have been top selection

3  Midnight Lilly   fired her lifetime best in her latest and it was the 1st time she competed on the Del Mar dirt.....repeat of the race fits fine here.......works since suggest she has held her form and might even be up for more

6  Knk's Dolce Vita

Long-shot consideration:   2  Longstocking   sprint-sprint route maneuver and her last sprint is much better than appears in print......Michael McCarthy is 6 for his last 18 3rd out after a layoff which is the case here......dangerous sort with a good post to boot


race 6    average clarity

3  Zillinda   fell off a little in last but her race two back fits well here.......recent a.m. work is quite a bit improved hinting we will see that effort 2 back and maybe more.....should be in the mix from the get go and saving ground

1  Halo Ahead   much more dangerous turf route filly taking back early as she fades when on or near the lead.......seems highly likely to get a very nice ground saving stalk position.....and with Bejarano in the saddle that should be one dangerous proposition for her opposition

6  Tangeline   24 to 1 in her MSW debut strongly suggests she wasn't all the cranked up and needed her debut and her 1st out was not too bad.......better trip and with a logical forward move and she should be part of the win picture here

8  Speakers


race 7    average clarity

4  Drizzy    won MSW debut in May very easily by 5 1/2 in only a 4 1/2F race......then ran much stronger in his 2nd lifetime start (which was in early August) than appears in print....broke slightly slow and then checked....... and followed that poor beginning with a 4 wide trip......seemingly never worked any better....trainer is heating up in the 2nd 1/2 of this Dmr meeting

9  Unpossible   1st two lifetime races he had bad trips which led to 4th place finishes.....and then in start number three he had a good trip and ran a 103:3 and won by 7L albeit at a weaker California track......but that time appears awfully good here....dangerous sort

3  Continental Divide   won a $100K state-bred Stakes race in his last and did so with a very wide trip........would have rated higher if not for having to carry 6 more lbs today and when his competition carries the same weight as before.......that and the extra 1/2 furlong might hurt some

7  Smokem


race 8    average clarity

9  Lord of Choas   effort and fig stand out in this spot and he sure does his best running on the Del Mar grass (3 2 0 1).......that and 3rd out following a layoff is a strong stat for Koriner....and that is the case today

13  Excessive Kid   exits the same fast heat as our top choice and beat him by the smallest of margins for 2nd.....race prior to that is also strong and hidden by a very wide journey....difficult post but still very dangerous

6  Cowboy  3rd out following a one year hiatus from the game......might be primed for a move forward.....fits if he provides one

2  Path of David

10  American League

11  Buymebond




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