Santa Anita for Thursday 1 March 2018

Decent card handicapping wise. Let's call it a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale of things. I have finished studying both Friday and Saturday and they also appear to be good cards. Saturday March 3rd is the first Saturday that I have liked in 3 weeks. Hope we get even racing surfaces for all three days.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

9  Tell Me More   par like sprint down the SA hill grass course in latest and a strong one dirt route prior to that.......nice reassuring 5F drill at Dmr in preparation for this race........difficult post but the right guy for the job in Nakatani and this filly has some tactical (handy) speed

2  Flammetta   seems like the best of the three-year old runners in this 3 and up MC and owns good early speed and with a nice post to work the sprint-sprint-route scenario for today.........if this filly handles the grass in her 1st race on it she should be a factor in the outcome of this affair

1  Swallows Inn Gal   last turf race which was run only 9 days ago fits OK (and is better than it appears) and she gets in 15 lbs less than the older competitors in this race.........seems slightly dangerous and at a price

4  Turing Machine

7  Unlucky Hillary

8  Brandon's Law


race 2    above average clarity

5  Emboldened   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   three-year old filly ran par for today's nw alw level in her MSW 4L winning MSW debut......then she ran even better than that in the 8 Feb version of this race.....she was caught 3 wide up on a solid set of fractions.....did well to hang on for 3rd.......impressive 4F bullet work since......all systems go for Baffert and company

3  First Dudette   on the improve with each and every start all of which were in Florida.......shows up in the Koriner barn and with preparatory works that hint she is ready for her 1st in S Cal......and she showed that she can handle the somewhat specialty sprint distance of 7F

1  Cognitive   double barrel action as Baffert also trains our top Emboldened this filly also won her MSW debut like a good thing but unlike her barn mate she hasn't run since.......instead she has put in some very nice preparatory work.......not out of the win picture by any means


race 3    average clarity

6  Sharon's Fury   seems likely to get a very nice 2 path stalk position behind a suspect speed horse in the 4 horse.......rider upgrade and to one hungry to reestablish himself in S Cal in Madonado

5  Fabrication  similar to our top selection he might sit fairly close up which seems advantageous in this affair without much speed signed up......trainer is quietly having a good meeting

1  Bourbon Dude   not much in two lifetime starts both in MSW races......but this colt takes that somewhat magical drop from MSW to low-priced maiden claiming.......and......her a.m. work seems improved........dangerous sort


race 4    average clarity

8  Towards the Light   3 of 4 lifetime dirt races look awfully solid in this spot the lowest level that this four-year old gelding has ever seen........away since 5 January but he has put in 6 useful works since

5  Pure Pursuit   cut back in distance appears significant for this gelding lacking endurance as does his recent a.m. work over at LA........rider upgrade to boot.....should be in the mix from the opening bell with only 5 furlongs to deal with

1  Milhaud   dropped precipitously in the maiden ranks and only managed 3rd as the heavy favorite in his scratch since the race.........obvious physical problems but Prat sticks with for the R Mandella runner.......and usually the shorter the race the better for this kind...... and....... you don't get any shorter than 5F

3  Awesome E K

6  Capes Hot Rocket


race 5    average clarity

3  Zero Zee   lifetime best was run the only opportunity that this filly had to compete down the SA hill grass course........that and her off pace running style appears to be a good fit in this race with ample speed types

4  Lori's Attitude   yet to win on the hill but she does own 4 2nd's and a 3rd in 8 races down it.........should be in the mix from the get go and with 1st time Roman up....... and that 5 lbs off might help her hold to together when push comes to shove in the late stages of this conditioned claiming race

8  Looking At Thelake    SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   definitely appears to be a hanger but she has been at her best when Bejarano is on her back......she can really fly late and with one good rider with off pace runners up.......and as mentioned above this race seems to favor those sitting back off of the lead

7  Candy Ruler

9  Coalinga Nills

1  Paddy Jean


race 6    below average clarity

5  Pica   took awhile but Eddie Truman really appears to have a handle on what this eight year old needs as she is awfully consistent these days......that and her a.m. work since her latest is improved.......stepped up and won in latest and she has a decent chance of doing that again

1  Scathing   just claimed but Cerin who is having a great 2018 and is very dangerous 1st after a claim....... and....... also when teaming up with Hall of Fame jockey Kent Desormeaux

4  Sturdy One   best at SA on the dirt (and with numbers that fit very well) but not at her best at 6 1/2 furlongs.........something has to give


race 7    average clarity

2  Big Day Tomorrow   bad trip in latest hides an effort that fits decently here........race 2 back is very strong and also disguised by racing wide up on a decent pace following a slightly tardy start.......gave it 8.5L of adjustment making for a Santucci fig that is 5.5L better than par for today's level.....Roman wisely sticks around

3  Moonlight Blue   like so many apprentice riders Ceballos is at his most dangerous on or near the lead with few decisions to make and he should be able to be in that position in this spot.....dangerous if that is what occurs

7  Dominant Don   full speed ahead from the opening bell as this gelding sure responded to the blinkers on to graduate in his latest which was run at today's 1 1/16 distance and was a front running effort.....that and he is realistically spotted to win right back

9  Seau

4  Moonman

5  Super Echelon


race 8    average clarity

7  Bee Sweet   takes that ever dangerous drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming and catches a group that really doesn't finish well and she can........she does show a tendency to hang but if others in here finish as poorly as I believe they will I doubt she hangs

1  Tim's Girl   filly is a bit short number wise in her latest which was run down the hill.......but.......she did finish up the best that she has in 3 career races and she owns a pedigree that might prefer racing at today's one mile turf distance......not out of the win picture if that is the case

3  Christmas Carol   tough call if this filly is fully ready fresh off of the bench for Ricahrd Baltas and company but if she is she has a shot at the circle of joy in this spot

8  All Net

5  Silverado Mist

2  Cee Sam's Girl



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Santa Anita for Sunday 25 February 2018

Decent card to finish off the week. By back with you on Thursday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  Particleacelerator   good history 2nd out after a layoff and sure appears loose on the lead in this race lacking speed

4  Sunny Kat   racing for the 1st time since April of 2015 but sure returns as if he is totally fit off of some nice works.......and he owns a touch of speed in this spot and might find himself in a distance stalk position

7  Royal Opera House   not sure if a turf sprint is the best thing for him....... and....... he will need more pace than anticipated but his strong off pace abilities still give him a small shot here

8  Awesome Heights

6  Curly's Waterfront


race 2    average clarity

5  Imagineiamfatest   seems like a good claim by Palma and the works since he snatched up this colt for 30K indicate he has a good handle on his new pick-up.......decent rider/combo at the meeting

4  El Asesino  cut back in distance appears to be a plus and so is the drop from MSW racing to mid-priced maiden claiming......should be in the hunt from the get go

2  Alternate Rhythm 


race 3    above average clarity

3  Miss Sunset   best speed in the field and 2 for 2 at today's 6 panels.......good history when today's rider Mike Smith has been the pilot........seems loose and if that is the case she should be difficult to wheel in

1  Majestic Heat   very strong 7F sprint (much better than par) win on 12 November run off of 8 days rest in a 100K Cal-bred Stakes race similar to off of 15 days rest for today's race......can she run as strong a race at 6F as she did at 7F.....we will find out

5  Bad Ju Ju


race 4    average clarity

1  Zaffinah   filly has done little wrong in 8 lifetime starts and I believe she will be up for her best 2nd out after a layoff.......that and I like the way she finished in her latest after she got out of the box she was in her 1st ever on the hill

2  Instant Reflex   double barrel action as Cassidy also trains our top all 4 of this girl's lifetime turf sprint races and her latest is disguised by a bad trip......rider is low % on the sod but he knows this one well having been aboard for all of her lifetime races

4  Bowie   best of the speed horses and if she manages to shake free or turns out to be capable of stalking she is likely rated to low

6  Blame It On Alphie


race 5    average clarity

4  Upo   believe that this Peter Miller 1st time starter is ready to roll off of a nice work regiment with many furlongs of work put in and with some drills that hint he has some early speed........that and mom has tossed two winners from two starters

2  Graycaster   three-year old has been absent for 3 1/2 months but returns as a 1st time tab hints he is ready.....owns some decent early speed and has only 5 1/2 furlongs to cope with

5  Facts Matter  


race 6    average clarity

4  Pomp and Party   not much doing in latest but all of her other lifetime starts fit solidly here......that and the D'A is dynamite with multiple level drops in claiming

7  Herunbridlepower   voided claim in last at today's 8K level but that was way back in October.........plenty of time off to recover.........and if she does lookout as she is (11 4 5 0) on conventional dirt.........trainer wins races with limited starters........should be in the hunt from the get go

3  Sweetwater Gal   high percentage trainer year in and year out in John Martin ships in a mare that just won on the synthetic at GG at today's 8K level......... and.........she might be even better on conventional dirt.....we shall see 

1  Fruity


race 7    average clarity

1  Magic Musketier   fell of some in his latest but his previous two route grass races fit very well in this spot if he can run as well in his 1st turf sprint down the that Desormeaux sticks around as it suggests that this youngster will make a rebound of sorts if of course he takes to the hill

3  Masked   nice win in 2nd lifetime start and 1st on the grass to graduate at today's distance for Baffert and company.......nice reassuring 4F work since......likely needs a small forward move and seems more likely to provide one than not

8  Cono   3 of his last 4 turf races fit well here and that includes his latest which was down the majestic Santa Anita hill turf course....likely needs to sit closer today and with the change to M Smith (and a recent speedy 4F work put in) I believe he will

4  Risky Proposition

5  Colonel Cash

7  La La Land


race 8    below average clarity

3  Stormin Monarcho   last appeared to be nothing more than a spin around the track against much tougher to dirty him up for today's drop in claiming.......solid improved works since his "gimme" indicate he is sharp

6  Ike Walker  another dropping to be much more competitive and at a distance that seemingly suites him well......very tough if he brings his "A game"

4  Mr. Opportunist   no shot whatsoever in his latest as he was caught way too wide up on the I believe he will be the pace setter and with one dangerous front running rider in Maldonado


race 9    average clarity

3  Stradella Road   this filly can really fly early and if she had gotten out of the gate in her latest a little better she likely would have graduated.....and her race prior to that (her debut and also down the hill) was rather good as well......dangerous gate to wire sort

10  Rockin Ready   very impressive MSW debut and it was at today's 6 1/2F down the SA hill.......if she improves off of her debut she will be awfully tough..... or...... if she gets caught a little less wide this time she likely only needs her debut effort

5  Travieza   nice 1st ever down the SA hill in latest and today we get a very significant rider upgrade especially for a race on the hill.......not out of the win picture by any means

8  My Prince Taylor

9  Ladybug

1  Sea Glass

11  AE Sutro



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Santa Anita for Friday 23 February 2018

Decent looking card today. Saturday was difficult to decipher and lacking quality which was disappointing because last Saturday was the same.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  Mongolian Window   only had a bit wide of a trip but it was significant as it was on a rail bias day........earned a Santucci adjusted fig that was close to par for today's lower level.......and there is a good chance the race was a tune-up........1st at a route and the turf but this filly owns a pedigree that has a good chance of handling both

6  Super Patriot   filly has the advantage of a couple of route grass races under her belt........but she is a little short fig wise of what it usually takes to take down today's MC level of racing.......then again she has been a fairly "smooth" runner and that often gets the job done on the grass despite being "a little short" figure wise

7  Seattle Drop   1st time in a maiden claiming race today..........turf sprint - turf sprint - turf route scenario also for today......and that might be more significant than it usually is as this three-year old filly from the Gary Mandella barn owns a pedigree that is better for a route than a sprint........dangerous sort

2  Prairie Citizen


race 2    below average clarity

2  Lake Time   lifetime best was the only time that Corey Nakatani rode this filly........better speed of late since the blinkers were put on 3 races back........seems likely to save ground sitting 1st or 2nd.......four year old has only missed the board once in 9 conventional dirt races and that race was a Grade 1

4  Dalsaros   2 for 2 at today's distance and both races were at Santa why is she not the top choice?.......Gaines sees fit to put the blinkers on.......unless it is Bob Baffert an equipment change for a given horse that is doing well is often a bad move

5  Mistressofthenight   last win was 3 races back in a one mile dirt race and it came 2nd out after a layoff and turf to dirt.......2nd out after a layoff today and you guessed it......turf to dirt


race 3    average clarity

5  Mor Candy   returns off of a layoff for his 4th lifetime start as a 1st time regiment in preparation for his return to the race wars hint he is ready and if he is the drop from Cal-bred MSW racing to Cal-bred MC50K should do him a world of good.....should be in the hunt from the opening bell

7  Bad Boy Leroy   decent MC50K debut 4 weeks ago and two very reassuring works since especially his latest work which was the 4th best of 54 five furlong works on the morning of 19 Feb......feeling good when it counts the most

4  Jerry's Thunder   away since his 2nd lifetime start on 13 May which was a dull turf race......but his MC debut which was on the SA dirt was not.......obviously he showed he is capable fresh so if he has recovered from whatever sidelined him he has some shot at taking down this race

3  Bear Down Cats


race 4    average clarity

1  Shining Armada   two 2nd's and one 3rd all of which were sprints to start her racing career.........1st at a route today and likely has a very good opportunity to get loose on the lead.......positive rider switch especially considering the 5 lbs apprentice weight break........seems very dangerous despite the trainer being 0 for his last 15 1st time at a route

6  Millie Joel   awfully early for a three-year old to compete against older especially in a two turn race but this filly has route figs that fit OK especially with the 6 lbs weight break

8  Wasatch Wonder   apprentice rider is only 1 for 16 but she has hit the board 4 times with 8 mounts at the SA meeting.....that and her mount will only have to carry 110 once again I believe a late Feb. 3-year-old might be capable of beating her elders

7  Solar Corona

5  Victorious Falls


race 5    average clarity

4  Desert law  only race on the turf was at today's 6 1/2 furlong distance and was down the hill.......the effort was decent as he showed plenty of life after a slow start and the race was his MSW debut.......race 2 back on the SA dirt is very strong and disguised by about 5L of trip adjustment........regressed in his latest on December 31st.......but given ample time to mount a rebound and his recent a.m. prowess hints he will provide one

2  Double Touch  not really a Stakes horse so back to reality for the connections......fits fine in this nw2 alw race if he is fully ready off of the 6 month hint he is with a series of tightly spaced (every 6 days) muscle him up drills......Dan Blacker is only 2 for his last 43 with layoffs greater than ninety days but might boost the stat today

1  Critical Way   no shot in latest (on the hill) as he went up against tougher and had a bad trip.......race two back also on the hill fits fine at today's level........difficult to tell if he is up to his effort two back but if he is he might be rated too low

9  B Squared

3  Incensed


race 6    average clarity

2  Whacked   believe the connections were surprised by how well their three-year old filly ran in her MC debut as she went off at 53 to 1 and was only beaten 3L for the win despite a tardy start........likely wasn't all that cranked up.......might be today

1  Oh My Soul   51 to 1 in her MSW debut for Miyadi and company suggests the race was needed.......that and the effort was better than appears in print as she ran four wide on a rail biased day........drops into MC50K today which was likely the plan for her 2nd start all along........dangerous sort from a barn that shows signs of snapping out of a small slump

8  Mixed Emotions   another who went off a big price in her MSW debut and didn't run that bad and now drops.......and Eric Kruljac is much better with 2nd time starters than 1st time starters

7  Lucky Lula

4  Lily Be Good

6  Calimonco Action


race 7    average clarity

7  Winning Causeway   exits a very fast heat at one level higher where despite being beaten by 8 1/4L the effort is better than par for today's 6,250........high percentage trainer with limited starters in Vallejo

9  Rafter One   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  last three wins came on significant drops in class and two of them were run back in short rest.......placed way over his head in latest and went off 88 to 1........drops 6 days later to the new low-level of 6,250 available at SA these days........hmmm

4  Rprettyboyfloyd   cut back in distance appears to be a plus for this seven-year old gelding......race seems to set up for a mid pack runner and that is where he usually sits........drop of 2 levels is somewhat suspicious or would have rated higher

5  Tribal Jewel

6  South Texas Lingo

3  Storm Comin Thru


race 8    average clarity

3  Principal Bob   improved on the grass since the blinkers were added 4 races back........five year old exits a very fast MC50K race which was over 5 clicks faster than the other division of MC50K runners that day.......good post and he is capable of handling the 9 furlongs of sod and many in here likely will not

1  Bacoli   lifetime best was the only time this four-year old got to run as far as today's 1 1/8 turf distance.......seems likely to be motoring late for a hungry new to the scene rider in Tyler Conner

4  Winning Element  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   likely will need his lifetime best and he has some potential to provide it as he is competing this afternoon as a 1st time gelding.......we shall see at about 4:30 p.m. this afternoon

8  Lauren's Ladd

9  Acker

5  For Him


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Santa Anita for Monday 19 February 2018

Like yesterday the card seems decent and playable.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

7  Morning Dance   on the improve seemingly with every race and the last forward move is hidden by a bad trip.......blinkers off for today and that is one of Phil D'Amato's better trainer stats........sure appears to be the one to overcome if the positive trend continues

1  Lady Mamba   very dangerous early speed and with a rider in Mike Smith who is dynamite on the lead in turf routes.....and it sure appears as though this filly will be able to shake free and get loose

5  Dhafeera   filly is exiting a key race in Ireland on Dec. 8th vs. the boys where she finished 2nd......1st and 3rd came back to win their next start1st time on Lasix and draws a top echelon grass rider in Nakatani.......not out of the win picture by any means

6  Radish

4  Deccan Queen


race 2    average clarity

1  Zap Again   when Baffert drops a nice horse way down he wants to win and lose a given horse and most turn out to be very bad claims........but so far that is not the case for Treece and company as the two races run since Treece claimed are as good as they were for Baffert.......and.......the 2 drills since this colt's last hint his relative good health has remained intact

4  Pampers n' Boots   four-year ran an adjusted for trouble Santucci fig that is a couple of lengths better than par in the 15 January version of this 25K nw2 race.....and today he gets a significant rider upgrade

2  Stone Hands   somewhat suspicious drop but if this colt is still doing OK he has as good a shot as anyone of taking down this race


race 3    average clarity

3  Tiki Bar Logic   lookout if this filly is up to her a game as she owns 3 lifetime races that would make her extremely tough to overcome in this spot.....two of those stout races came loose on the lead in routes......she sure looks loose today.....such  deal

1  Quiet No More   likely needed her last and drops to lowest level of her career......and back to Bejarano for the 1st time in five races and that seems significant as he is (5 1 2 1) on her and everyone else is (5 0 0 0).......hmmm

4  Little Nati    filly won her lone lifetime dirt route with a drop down in class .......that win was run following a funky wide race albeit a turf race.......Garcia filly was all alone in her last yet wide.......and wide on a rail bias......hmmm (again)


race 4    below average clarity

7  Peach Cove   six year old mare is fairly consistent and her trainer is often at his best 2nd out following a claim......that is the case today for this new addition to the Jacobson barn.......good rider/trainer team to boot

4  Little Bit Lovely   another grass mare that is consistent......and seems to appreciate running off of short rest......17 days since her last qualifies for that

6  Award it   nicely improved since Bill McClean claimed......needs some help up front and if she gets a decent set of fractions she might be able to get up in time from far back

2  Revenue Virginius

8  Miss Boom Boom


race 5    average clarity

5  Shifty Dancer    here is the comment for our 2nd pick (a $34.00 winner) in the 4th race on Friday, "Hector Palma had a couple of winning MC 1st time starters last fall that had the same kind of work regiment (that doesn't draw attention) as this in OK or decent works but not flashy ones......and copious works.......same scenario today

3  Ministertomyheart   solid forward move in his 2nd lifetime race which was run off of a prolonged layoff.......the effort is better than it appears in print as this colt broke slowly and then ran a bit wide on a day the rail was somewhat biased.....better trip today might put him in the winners circle

2  Moon Juice   very similar trip to our 2nd choice in the same 26 January rider and he best be up for some more magic as the extra 1/2 furlong seems detrimental to this three in it will be tough to hold him together........not impossible but easy to make 3rd pick

6  Catability


race 6    average clarity

7  Willy Tell Him   very strong works for a Miyadi 1ster as the trainer doesn't push them too hard in the a.m......finished up his prolonged work tab with back to back impressive gate works.......the last one a bullet 3F gate work hints this colt has early has tossed 4 winners from 5 starters two of which were Stakes winners.....rather sure he is meant and ready

3  Yes I'm Ready   low % trainer these days but not "1st time in MC"........two slower horses inside of him so Elliot should be able to grab the rail in ground saving close up position......cut back of 1/2F appears to be a plus.......such a deal

4  Rustic Canyon   dueled in solid pace with the 5 horse in his latest and faded for a distance 2nd......but maybe the 5 horse will have less speed today because the blinkers are coming off.....that and the cut back of one furlong appears beneficial to this guy

2  Lucky Sun


race 7    above average clarity

5  One Fast Board   three-year old filly has done little wrong in 6 lifetime starts three of which were on the grass and all at today's one mile turf distance........she might be up to her lifetime best as her a.m. prowess has never been better.......we shall see about 3:30 pm

1  Pulpit Rider   stepped on the turf for the 1st time in her latest and ran her lifetime best albeit in a turf sprint....and the strength of the race is hidden some.....slightly tardy start and then she was caught 3 wide and she still put in a strong stretch run......3 tightly spaced works since.....seems very prepared to handle the two turf turns

3  Mo See Cal   likely needs quite a bit more than her latest where she broke her MSW......but.......she has as good a shot as anyone to get loose on the lead and if she does she might get awfully brave come stretch time

7  X S Gold

2  Nice Ice


race 8    average clarity

4  Heck Yeah   Mike Smith jumps aboard this nice Baffert colt for the first who crushed his foes in both lifetime races one of which was a turf sprint and the other a dirt sprint.......two endurance building 6F works since the last of which is a best of 19 bullet work at SA........all systems go for his 1st at a route

6  Intimidate   both lifetime route races fit well in this spot.......Nakatani is up for the 1st time and that might indicate that this colt might attempt to take back some as Nakatani seldom sends hard early.....and this seems like a decent spot to lay off of the pace a little as the pace has a decent chance at being "hot"

5  Faversham   full brother to California Chrome ran a nice 2nd in a 6F sprint where I doubt the connections were overly concerned about winning.....they likely pointed to today's route Stakes all along........dangerous for sure with a brilliant pedigree to handle the dirt at SA which his brother loved

1  Violent Ridge

2  Hardboot

3  Lucky Romano


race 9    above average clarity

9  Skelton Pass   away for 50 days but wound up like a top hitting the track mostly every 4 days since the 13 of January.....and his latest work is 3 days ago.....sign of both a healthy six year old and an individual that is very well meant today.......(4 1 1 2) on the SA hill.........that and a very significant rider upgrade

2  Radio Silence   1st time running as a gelding and just what you want to see as in a strong work tab........that and after two turf routes since arriving in the U S of A he finally gets to run a sprint grass race which was his "thing" in Ireland........should be a major player

8  Moonlight Drive   might be a one and done type as you have to go back to the summer of 2016 to see a race where this gelding handled short rest.......but if he does handle it he might pay some big dividends 1st out following the Sadler claim

6  Mesut 

7  Home Run Kitten

4  El Tover



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Santa Anita for Sunday 18 February 2018

Feel rather good about a rebound to our winning ways following yesterday's debacle. Tomorrow's card also looks good.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Radish   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  last appeared to be a tune-up off of the long layoff.....that and the drills put in since are quite nice.......race on SA hill in February is solid and disguised by a bad trip......filly seems likely to sit in a ground saving close up position

6  Glorious Hour   solid conventional MSW debut back in February at the difficult debut distance of 7F.......decent layoff race at GG for her 2nd lifetime start........good grass pedigree.....if she does take to the sod look for her to finish with vigor

3  Meal Ticket   sold effort down the hill in latest especially considering the extended 15 month hiatus from the game.......two reassuring works since.....not out of the win picture by any means

5  Beauty Divine

4  California Breeze

8  Chalky


race 2    average clarity

3  Justify   Baffert appears to have his 1st timer well prepared for the challenge of getting 7 panels in his MSW debut........finished his a.m. preparation with two consecutive 6F gate has tossed 2 winners from 2 starters

4  Camby   lifetime best and better than par for today's MSW level was run two back and at today's somewhat specialty distance of 7F.....that and this colt might have better endurance coming off of a two turn mile

2  Show Time Rocket   broke slightly tardy and still managed to grab the lead in his MSW.......3 tightly spaced works since.......might be tough on the front end if he breaks better today


race 3    average clarity

3  Beantown Boys   plenty of speed signed up should enhance the chances of this off pace runner who should trail the field and come roaring down the stretch........he has been breaking a bit slow of late but that might not matter as much in this spot

6  Big League   four-year old gelding should sit 3 or 4 lengths behind a small wall of speed and get 1st crack at the leaders down the stretch.......gelding has been 1st and 2nd the only two times he was put up for a tag like today

5  Burn Me Twice   might be rated too low as he is capable of winning on or off or the pace.......but.......he has put in a sporadic work tab since his latest which was 3 months ago.......thus placed as 3rd selection.......albeit a dangerous one


race 4    above average clarity

5  Colosi   ultra impressive in his 1st run down the SA hill grass course breaking 2 lengths slow and losing about 2 lengths by running a bit wide.....yet......he finished very fast and then galloped out very well.......believe this gelding loves the turf

1  Hemp Hemp Hemp   colt is a very nice grass horse and from a barn that knows how to win grass races........only rated as 2nd selection because Espinoza is dynamite on the dirt but not so hot on the grass especially considering the quality of the mounts that he gets.......he is only 9 for his last 155 on the grass

2  Pubilius   like our 2nd choice he has very little to prove on the turf.......but he has been in turf routes and he might not get enough pace up front to get up in time


race 5    average clarity

2  Awesome Anywhere   MC20K debut fits solidly here and he appears to be lone speed.......that and he retains the advantage of Edwin Roman and his 5 lbs weight break

7  Williston Dude   1st out following the claim is one dangerous proposition for the opposition when the trainer is Mark Glatt......that and with the change in trainers comes a rider upgrade..........not out of the win picture by any means here

6  Path of Exile   7F seems like a good fit and it likely might not be for many in here.......and he has the potential for his lifetime best (or worst) as this is the 1st time he has run off of very short rest

4  Beloved Holiday

3  Cosmotivo

5  Awesome E K


race 6   below average clarity

5  Cynthiana   lifetime best was run on 21 July sprint to route 2nd out following a layoff.....same scenario today......that and Nakatani seems likely to grab the rail on the 1st turn as the 4 horses lined up inside of her are either much slower or faster than she is.....nice work tab to boot

3  The Tulip   good history back in short rest in Ireland........1st race in the USA off of short rest today.......race two back at SA is a par like race for today's level......dangerous sort from a trainer who seems overdue

4  Siberian Iris    nice layoff sprint turf race down the hill in her latest......Prat wisely sticks around for today's route.......trainer/rider have been a "live" combo of late after months of not being one

7  Girl Downstairs

2  Candy Swirls

6  Glory and Power


race 7    above average clarity

8  Velvet Jones   off pace filly seemingly needs to go bad or have to deal with a bias that would work against her not to be formidable rider/trainer in Baze/Miller to boot

3  Ransomed   new to the scene apprentice rider Franklin Ceballos is doing nicely and like so many bug boys he is at his best sitting near the appears he should have this mare sitting 1st, 2nd or 3rd down the back stretch

2  Majestic Diva   seems at her best racing in sprints and her latest race which was at 5 1/2F is hidden in its strength as this gal was caught wide on a day the rail was biased........that and expect this four-year old to sit closer today with the blinkers going back on after being absent for a race

5  Sharp Holiday

1  Blissful Lady


race 8    average clarity

6  Selcourt   filly owns as much early speed as any female on the grounds and only seems to have one other speed type to put away and that filly starts from the 1st post......and this Sadler four year old shows one sharp 5F drill a week ago

5  Skye Diamonds   awfully impressive record on conventional dirt as in 8 wins and 2 seconds in 12 starts........that and she has wheeled off 6 straight wins when racing at 6 of 6 1/2 heck of  a nice claim (and training job) back in August of 2016 by Spawr and company

3  Coniah   filly has been on a nice roll since Morey took over the training duties of this five-year old mare.......solid race turf to turf two races back......turf to dirt today.......not impossible


race 9    average clarity

3  Mischievous Song   blinkers off for the 1st time and just what you want to see as in good-looking works (assuming she trained with them off).........1st on the sod and a route but she owns a solid pedigree to handle both.......good post and turf rider and trainer to help her handle the conversion

1  Bunny Yogurt   only grass race at a route that she competed in is solid considering today's level........the winning final time for two-year fillies in November was very fast and supported by the fact it turned out to be a key race.....jock upgrade and with a good post......such a deal

7  Curlin's Journey   decent layoff race in last and four works since........seems all set for today's drop into high-priced maiden claiming........that and she is coming off a 9F grass race which should boost her endurance for today's one mile affair when push comes to shove in the late stages

6  Biscate

11 AE   Super Patriot

4  Sekhmet's Revenge



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