Santa Anita for Friday 5 May 2017

Saturday's card for Santa Anita (which includes selections for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs) most likely will be available late Friday evening and if not it will be available by 6 a.m. Pacific time.

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($35.95) full card selections (14 races this year) for Churchill Downs on Derby Day Saturday May 6th please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes it easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time today. Thank you.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Dissension   claimed in her last....... making for a trainer change from one in a prolonged slump to one on an extended roll......3 wide trip compromised her chances in her latest or she could have possible year old mare has some solid back numbers down the hill and my guess is Miller will get one of them out of her today

1  Del Mar Ann   both lifetime races down the SA hill were versus better and fit well in this spot.......drop makes sense as this mare has found it a little too tough of late in the allowance ranks

5  Madame Mouse   doubt this is a tune-up off of the extended layoff or Machowsky would have put this lady in a protected race.....five year mare sure has taken to the hill as she owns 2 wins and a 2nd in 3 starts on it......seems to come down to - do the connections want to lose her or are they trying to steal a win with the threat of losing her

4  Little Bit Lovely


race 2    above average clarity

4  Individual Design   John Brocklebank is on fire right now and can do no wrong.....big 5+ length win for this mare in her latest and since then her a.m. work is improved......seems more than worthy of a step up in claiming.....good consistency at the distance ( 17 6 3 3)

3  Sidepocket Run   eight year old mare is by far at her best at Santa Anita and at today's one mile distance.......away since 18 Nov. but her back to back 6F works (one of which is an impressive 1:12:2H) at LA suggest she is ready fresh off of the bench

5  Papaslilproncess   stepped up in her last first out following the Knapp claim and did not embarrass herself ......and that is rather hidden as she ran 3rd despite breaking slowly and running on a dull inside.....Pena stays up and he has done decent riding her with a win and three 3rd's in three mounts


race 3    above average clarity

7  My Heart Is Yours   lone lifetime race which was run last summer as a two-year old is better than it appears and run at a couple of levels higher than today's bottom level maiden claimer.......filly was bet fairly hard in her debut hinting she had some ability.......believe she is meant and ready today same as she likely was in her debut......Steven Miyadi is very dangerous with these kind

2  Mandy D   only dirt race of her career was her lifetime best and the effort is disguised by a trip where she broke poorly then veered and ran a little wide......that effort is about 2 or 3 lengths better than par for today's lower level.......trainer is decent turf to dirt and quite good route to sprint....both are the case today

3  Bona Fide Image   kind of runs the same race every time and the efforts fit fine at today's level.....placed as the 3rd selection because our top two selections have more potential to run a stronger race.......put a different way - she seems the surest to hit the board but not necessarily to win

8  Forthe Lovof Patty


race 4    above? average clarity

6  Juansagain   failed in latest which was run off of a long layoff.......Baltas gives him 7 weeks off to get his act together and meanwhile he has put into him some solid a.m. work.....and I like the jock switch to Delgadillo as the jock has won his last 2 of 3 mounts for the stout trainer

1  Tiz Jolie   claim back by Brocklebank and right now that is a very dangerous proposition as he is ever so hot over the last couple of weeks.....five yer old gelding has been plagued by many bad trips in her career.....blinkers go back on after being off for a race.....seems like a good move

2  Antinanco   last at a slightly higher level fits fine.....but she was a vet scratch on 21 April.....tough call if she has recovered or not


race 5    average clarity

8  Dream Police   Baltas legs up Delgadillo again (how did they do in the 4th race?) and steps up this fellow following a disappointing 3rd place finish as the 3 to 10 favorite.....ouch......but I believe Baltas has discovered something about this guy and tweaked/changed something for the better as his preparatory drill for today's race was a sizzling 46:2 best of 73 bullet just 4 days ago.....the crafty trainer must love what he sees for him to place him higher

7  Getoffmyback   better history for this Miller four-year old with the blinkers off......and they come off today following two races with them on......and back to the dirt following 4 races on the grass.........might be better on the main track.....tough to tell

5  Moonman   not only was his only win run in his route run at SA on the dirt but he overcame plenty of trip trouble to win by over 6L.....bug boy up....three year old gets in much lighter than the older horses he has to beat

3  Our Nation


race 6    average clarity

2  Spin Me a Kiss   solid awakening in 2nd lifetime start and 1st on the sod.....filly has been able to hit that track in the a.m. to work 4X since her near win down the hill where she led until the last jump.....the D'A leaves speed rider aboard......rail position is the same as her other hill race at 20 feet out......such a deal

3  Christy Jackson   3 2nd place finishes in 3 lifetime races all of which were on the dirt and run in last spring and summer......been away since.......1st on the grass for today is a ? mark as she is by a new sire with few runners to least you know she can fire fresh as her debut was the best of her 3 career starts

9  Sarah Sunshine  OK dirt races and bred decently for the sod.....solid 5F work at Slr a week ago......lookout if this filly moves up on the grass today.....should go off at a decent price because win-less rider and trainer for all of 2017

7  Californiasummer   tie for 4th

10  Lostintranzlation  tie for 4th


race 7    average clarity

3  Princess Dorian   Peter Eurton is much more dangerous with 1st time starters these days than he has been over the years and that is especially true with maiden claiming are weekly and quite consistently good for today's level of racing........rather sure this filly is ready to roll and with Maldonado named she is likely to have some early speed

6  Table for Three   5 lifetime starts to date and yet to win......drop seems very logical......and the D'A is 27% win over his last 49 MSW to MC.....should be a major player

5  Gypsy Treasure   likely surprised her connections grabbing the lead and finishing 2nd at odds of 38 to 1 in only a 6 horse field......blinkers go on today to help ensure she gest the lead once again today and with the light weight bug boy up

7  Ruby's Gone Again


race 8    average clarity

1  Ike Walker   Jerry Hollendorfer can do no wrong of late and he sure appears to have greatly improved this five-year old that he claimed for $50K 3 races back.......gelding seems at his best on the SA dirt and at today's 8F distance........very impressive 6F bullet work one week ago.......might be up for lifetime best today

6  Accelerate   2 for 3 at today's distance........1 for 6 at other distances........runs well with ample time between starts and gets it.......B game would give him some shot.....A game and it might take a bad trip to stop him from winning

5  Smokey Image   won his 1st 6 races and his 6th win was one very strong route race at SA........then he lost 6 in a row........but he did rebound some in his latest.......and the works since hint he might be "back"......fits just fine if he is

3  Danzig Candy


race 9    average clarity

4  Awesome Return   likely lured into dropping to take advantage of the seldom run 32K nw for a defined period of time conditioned claimer.......sure appears to fit well at today's lower level......draws Nakatani and a good post.....hard not to see as a major player here

10  Mission Drive   also seems lured into dropping (see above).......Michael McCarthy seems to have changed his ways the last 6 months or so as now he is dangerous dropping a horse whereas before his drop downs were basically "shot" in - claim me please

7  County Lineman   wide trip in latest or would have won.......bad trips have been this fellow's demise as he seems to find them one way or another......maybe a new hungry rider can give him a relatively clean spin around the turf oval

8  Site Read

1  On Draft

3  Lindante


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Santa Anita for Thursday 4 May 2017

Saturday's card for Santa Anita (which includes selections for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs) most likely will be available Friday evening and if not it will be available by 6 a.m. pacific time.

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($35.95) full card selections (14 races this year) for Churchill Downs on Derby Day Saturday May 6th please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes it easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 6th. Thank you.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    above average clarity

6  Ponder Lea   1st on the lawn but mom has tossed 3 turf winners........very consistent dirt sprinter......seems likely to take to the turf and if she does she should great position on or close to the lead in a race totally void of notch rider/trainer combo to boot

5  Nodiac   good history down the majestic SA hill grass course.......four year old filly has been solid when not competing in Stakes in 2 wins and a 2nd in 3 the Scottish caddie's say following an in-play mediocre tee shot - that'll do

2  Scattagirl   just fired her best ever down the SA hill and by quite a bit.....good works since.......and she should be up for another strong race as Desormeaux is here for only one mount on the card


race 2    average clarity

3  Gorgeous Ginny  sizzling back to back gate works especially for an early May two-year old state-bred filly 1st timer.....that and Diodoro wins his fair share of MSW 1st time starters

5  Show It Moe It   Gary Sherlock can be quite dangerous in these early two-year old races and he seemingly has his filly cranked up and ready for her has tossed 3 winners from 4 starters including a Stakes winner

1  Venice   Mulhall bred and trained 1st time starter shows plenty of early speed in her a.m. preparation and something you don't see for an early baby race as in 11 works.......doubt you would work that much and then run a "gimme"

8  Whata Flirt


race 3    average clarity

2  Settle Down Eileen  of the 3 in this race that have run to date none of them have any for the 1st timers it is tough to tell if they Spwar one level drop down filly should be in great position either on a loose lead or in a ground saving stalk position......a very dangerous proposition for her competition with Stevens up

5  Brandy   like the work regiment put into this filly 1st timer quite a bit.....but then on the other hand it is a bit surprising with her pedigree and cost that she is in a maiden claimer for her debut......albeit a high-priced one

1  Lady Preacher   all three turf sprints which were at the MSW level fit well at today's lower level if of course she can fire similar on the dirt......I actually prefer her pedigree for the dirt........recent two works indicate Hecter Palma is all business with his filly placed up for a tag for the 1st time


race 4    below average clarity

5  Aikau   good history with Ramon Guce up and that includes a decent race run at SA in January.......and Guce has won 3 of his last 5 mounts for Deleon.......last is better than appears in print.....and his race two back is much better than appears in print.......decent history at 5 1/2F.....believe this fellow is feeling good.......hoping that the step up of two levels isn't overly ambitious

2  Royal F J   bad trip in latest for this iron horse making start number 97 this afternoon.....broke slow and ran wide on a day the rail was somewhat biased.....drops a level......hope this 10-year-old woke up with his ailments (such as arthritis) at a minimum

6  Broadway Nika   hard duel in last and hung on for 2nd......only one dull work since that 9 April race......hints he isn't as sharp for today......but.....if my hypothesis is incorrect I have rated him too low

3  Madelyn's Wild Max


race 5    average clarity

3  Will Tell   like the only other time today's rider Bejarano was aboard this gelding has a chance to get a nice stalk position .....and..... that position led to a Bejarano/Cerin win.....but today he will need to do it on the hill.....his pedigree suggests he will handle it

7  Exotic Ghost   solid move forward 2nd out following a layoff in his latest.......and coming off a turf route he might have better stamina to finish up with more pop than he did in his only SA hill race

5  Who Cares   might be a good claim by O'Neill as this three-year old won his last two main track sprints by a total of 11 lengths......and I would rate his turf pedigree as slightly above average

8  Closing Time

Long-shot consideration:  2 Popular Kid    Keith Desprmeaux is quite dangerous 1st out following a claim and the works are markedly better since the claim.....rider upgrade especially for a grass race....only race on the hill is better than it appears in print......believe improves plenty what degree is the ? mark


race 6    above average clarity

8  Dressed in Prada   trainer Janet Armstrong has been missing in action but she might return with a bang as her 1st time starter shows some sizzling drills especially considering the level of racing......and mom has tossed 4 winners from 4 starters

7  Passion for Papa   solid race in her latest which was run off of a long layoff and only her 2nd career start......repeat of the effort would make her tough the move back to Sutherland who has won 5 of her last 25 sprint races and she isn't exactly getting top mounts all the time

5  Sheza Firstsamurai   3 of 5 lifetime starts are better than par for today's lower level.....and trainer Steven Miyadi sure wins his fair share with maiden claimers

4  Call the Queen


race 7    average clarity

2  S Y Sky   you don't see many Cal-breds run in their debut versus 200K stakes competition and win by 5 1/2 lengths.......and visually it was kind of open company three-year old filly nw alw should be a piece of cake if of course she handles a route as well as she did a sprint.....pedigree says she should

3  Zapperkat   tossed a disappointing effort in her 1st race at three (March 10th) following a good two race campaign at two where she ran won and ran 3rd in a route Grade 1......but the preparatory work since the dull effort hints she is "back".....and if she is she obviously should be tough

5  Bernina Star   best race of her career which might be good enough here to be a factor for the top prize was her only race at SA at a mile on fast rated dirt.......she likely gets that today

4  Spooky Woods


race 8    average clarity

9  Kona Dreams   best two grass races by my book are his two with the blinkers off and one of them was a better that looks key race down the hill......blinkers off today and just what you want to in improved recent works.....and 1st time Raffy

5  Gotnoquit   drop to mdn40K from MSW racing doesn't make much sense following a bad race in his 1st on the dirt......because........his grass races are good especially his latest with the blinkers on......but.....if he is still in good enough physical condition.......lookout

1  Go Ghetto   best by far was his race down the SA hill......and back to Gary Stevens who rode that day........such a deal

6  Irish Goodbye   

8  Cleanup Hitter

13  Red Carpet Cat



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Santa Anita for Sunday 30 April 2017

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($35.95) full card selections (13 or 14 races this year) for Churchill Downs on Derby Day Saturday May 6th please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes it easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 6th. Thank you.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

3  Rainbow Squall   acted up at the gate and still showed life in his 1st turf route endeavor.....trainer wisely puts him in this protected race.....and......makes a major rider upgrade.....Prat seems likely to be able to get a nice stalking or mid pack ground saving trip with a lively pace to close into

7  Elegant Street   quite the 86 to 1 shocker (and 86 to 1 in only an 8 horse field) running 2nd and earning a par like fig in the April 2nd version of this race......might have muscled up off of that vastly better effort.....if so.......lookout

1  Silent Movie   very impressive 2nd and the effort was run off of a layoff......set a nasty pace and still hung on for bullet 5F drill 6 days ago.....seems up for similar today.....would have rated higher if it wasn't for the fact she might once again have to deal with very fast fractions

2  Crafty Cowboy


race 2    below average clarity

5  Lob City  tepid top choice can finish well in a two turn affair and the attribute stands out in this small but difficult race to decipher

3  Nazareth   double barrel action from Sherlock as he also trains our top selection.....never thought 7F was the best distance for this mare but she won her last and did so racing wide and a day where the wood was the place to be.....and she steps up to a higher level......might have made a break thru of sorts

1  Miz Graycee  went the wrong direction effort/fig wise 1st out following the Mick Ruis claim.....but.....better a.m. work since is encouraging for the 2nd out for Ruis and company


race 3    average clarity

2  El Tovar   showed life for the 1st time in quite some time and it came with the switch in trainers to Baltas......and now Baltas makes a rider upgrade to his buddy Bejarano......such a deal

5  St. Reno   consistent to date in his 6 race career.......drop is somewhat suspicious but then again he has only been up for a tag twice in his career and won both races by over 3 lengths

1  Ajac   needs to and might move forward 2nd out following an extended break from the game.......trainer has had a decent 2016/17 and he is usually more dangerous 2nd out after layoffs than 1st

6  Air Pocket


race 4    average clarity

7  Cool Hunter   if it wasn't for dropping quite a bit of his stock significantly usually stout trainer Mike Puype would have a dismal win percentage the last 7 months or so .....drops another here and from top to in MSW racing to mdn20K racing

3  Run Like Rhett   and the right end of the learning curve and retains Desormeaux.....nice reassuring work since his last.......another move in the desired direction seems possible......very dangerous improving sort

4  Monterey Shale   trainer is by far at his most dangerous 1st following a claim.....and I like that Bejarano rides thru the claim as he seldom rides for Stute

1  My Golden One


race 5    below average clarity

2  Allowances   very consistent as a three-year old in France.........Cassidy likely had his new shooter out for a leisurely spin around the turf oval on the 16th of April in her first endeavor in the good old U S of A.....useful decent telltale 5/8ths drill since.....full throttle go likely today 1st on the dirt which she is well-bred to handle

3  Mining Diamonds   sprint race is better than it appears as this Miller runner was wide and up on the pace by the 2nd call......adjusted for trouble fig fits fine......previous race which is her lone route race is a toss out as a glacial pace led to no chance to produce a valid final time rider trainer combo to boot

5  That's a Lady  seems to make a good account of herself whenever she competes in dirt routes at SA.....would have rated higher if this race was a 1/16th less where she finishes with more pop


race 6    above average clarity

2  Place des Vosges   ultra impressive stretch run in last flying home with a hand ride.....pedigree screams the further the better.....and they don't card them further than 1 1/2 miles too rider/trainer combo at the helm to boot

3  Dressed to a T   0 for 1 at 12F on the grass but she had a bad trip in the race.....and she has won at 11F on the grass.......recent round of works are improved and the improvement is somewhat subtle.......not out of the win picture here and at a price

8  Evo Campo   likes contact to the front and seems likely to sit either 1st or 2nd early on......tough call pedigree wise as to whether or not 12F is doable....but....if it is she might lull them to sleep early on as the speed not to worry about

9  Laseen


race 7    average clarity

6  Li'l Grazen   away since Nov. where he ran a solid rather hidden race in her 2nd lifetime start.....rather sure he is meant and ready "fresh" off of the long layoff as he shows extremely tightly spaced works.....not flashy but the kind the can really muscled up a given horse

4  Candy Ruler   not the best of trips in her MSW debut breaking slowly and running a little wide......she earned an adjusted for trouble fig 2 1/2 lengths better than par for the level.......Prat wisely sticks around and will be out to make amends

3  Zillinda   two reasons I believe her MSW debut to be a gimme/tightener.... (1) - she went off at 30 to 1 odds...... (2) - her works since her debut are vastly improved......rather sure we see quite a bit more out of this filly this afternoon

8  Powder


race 8    average clarity

5  Mr. Opportunist   18 to 1 in latest strongly suggests this Sadler four-year old colt needed his last and didn't run that badly anyway..........two sharp drills since......ready to strut his stuff......and it appears as if the lead can be his if he wants it

4  Texas Two Step   bad trip in latest somewhat disguised a strong route race.......and I believe this gelding prefers to sprint.....strange that Miller hasn't used his go to rider on the fellow yet.....but.....he finally puts Arroyo up today............hmmmm

6  Ransom the Moon   been away since early December where he was competing at WO on the turf and AW in routes......lone lifetime race on the conventional dirt isn't much.....but.....his work tab for his new trainer (D'Amato) on the conventional dirt at SA is very impressive especially his last preparatory drill of 1:11 flat handling from the gate.....dangerous sort for sure


race 9    average clarity

2  Particleaccelerator   on the improve with every start and he sure showed a high level of speed in his 1st lifetime route turf race which was run in his latest......unless our 2nd choice also goes after the lead he should set a pace that would make it tough on his competition to wheel him in

4  Fortune of War   another who appears on the guess is (and my hope is) that Stevens will elect to stalk rather than press our top pick and in doing so enhance his chance of running 1st or 2nd

7  Traffic Thief   18 to 1 in his debut for a costly Sadler runner hints his grass race down the hill was a tune-up......switches riders to Gonzo who has won 2 of his last 3 mounts for the trainer and the other hit the did Gonzo/Sadler do today in the 3rd with the 5 horse?

3  Pavelski

10  Oregon

1  Heavenly Thought



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Santa Anita for Saturday 29 April 2017

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($35.95) full card selections (13 or 14 races this year) for Churchill Downs on Derby Day Saturday May 6th please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes it easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 6th. Thank you.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity   

1  Easy Song   solid forward move dirt sprint to turf route in spring of sprint to turf route for fourth career start in 2017 likely is a good thing.....that..... and the fact he appears loose on the lead makes his dangerous

5  Starlite Style   almost her whole 11 race turf career fits very solidly versus today's competition but she sure likes to hang and has done so with some top echelon turf jocks on her back for her last 7 endeavors

6  Moonshine Annie   seemingly has upside potential because her turf sprint MSW debut sure appears as if it was a tune-up of sorts (going off at 17 to 1 supports the notion) to set her up for today's turf route

2  Gee Street


race 2    below average clarity

4  Loud Stalker   last was poor......needs a rebound.......did go off with zero support at the windows (26 to 1 in a 7 horse field) in his last in a protected race.......hinting the race was just a spin around the track to dirty up his form to keep the claiming vultures at bay....we shall see

5  Iceberg Slim   should finish well at today's extended sprint distance of 7 furlongs coming off of 4 straight route races......and in this dismal looking group that likely is more than  half the battle

1  Slasher   dropped in last and only beat 1/2 the field......drops again.....1 for 1 at today's 7F albeit on an off track


race 3    average clarity

5  Marchtothemusic   gelding has made a rebound of sorts since the blinkers were added 2 back........two very strong drills since his last especially considering the level of racing......should be in it from the opening bell and tough throughout

3  Gato Dulce   seems highly likely to sit in a nice stalk position.......5 1/2 furlongs easily seems to be his best distance.....not out of the win picture here by any means

2  Curly Creek   Philip Oviedo 1st time starter shows some life in the a.m.....and he uses T C Baze who he has had a great deal of his success with the last year or so.....not impossible but easy to make as our 3rd selection

7  King Parcel


race 4    average clarity

5  Lady Bellamy   brutal trip getting wiped out wide on turn one.....did extremely well to be beaten only 5 3/4L at the wire.....blistering work since........graduation day seems at hand even with just an OK trip

3  Goseecal   consistent sort responded well to T C Baze riding for the first time......that race is better than par.......blinkers off today.......not sure why he would remove the blinkers after a good race but Cerin has a good history with the move

6  Scandal   very consistent grass cutter but has a tendency to hang in late stretch.......continues to train as if he has held form and then some

8  Line

Long-shot consideration:   7  Causeforcommotion   went off 51 to 1 in his debut and really didn't run too bad and at today's one mile turf distance......and Eric Kruljac is much more dangerous with 2nd time starters and extremely dangerous 2nd time turf....should be a big price-a-rue


race 5    average clarity

3  Lifeline   powerful maiden breaking 9F grass race in his latest his 2nd lifetime race.....1st start also at 9F on the sod isn't too shabby either.......pedigree for the dirt is top notch.....back to back wins seem very doable

2  Colonist   very easy seemingly stress free soft paced front end win......the kind of race that often is like the perfect rider/trainer team.....and with a colt who is likely looking at his lifetime best

7  Milton Freewater   late runner in a field that seemingly should produce a strong set of fractions......still he does have to deal with our top choice as he also runs hard late.....unless of course our top choice isn't as good on the dirt as he has been on the turf

1  Who's Hot


race 6    average clarity

6  Woodstock Memory   1 1/16th seems like a plus for this fellow and won't be for many in this affair.....sharpest of his career in his last two races......and.....his 4F drill 6 days ago strongly suggest's he has held form......and Ocampo has looked good on him and remains up today

7  Unbridled Rocket   very sharp right now and like our top selection his recent a.m. work suggests he is still feeling good......he does like to hang but not today with a rider like Pedroza who will be very aggressive late if he has a shot at the winners circle

1  Ebony Gold   seems like the best of the rest.......will need our top two choices both to have bad days  to get to the winners

4  Spanish Eyes


race 7    average clarity

7  Sawyer's Hill   should be able to stalk or lead here and with the red-hot (on the grass) Pedroza up.......over the years Pedroza's record on the grass is much less than his record on the dirt....but not now as he has won 10 of his last 36 on the sod......Mulhall has this five-year old very sharp right now including a 58:4H bullet work a week ago

6  Farhaan   last which was off a layoff and 1st with D'Amato as the trainer is better than it was one of those ridiculously slow-paced races where a good final time becomes impossible to produce.......since that 8 March race the D'A has worked his new shooter weekly and his latest drill indicates he has him sharper than that start on March 9th......should be motoring late

1  Perfectly Majestic   five-year old gelding always seems ready to roll when Desormeaux is named......last which was down the hill is way better than it appears.......I actually assigned him an adjusted number that was slightly better than SA hill lover Stormy Liberal who won a stakes race in his next out

2  Twentytwentyvision


race 8    average clarity

2  Honor and Courage   Hollendorfer seems to have confidence in apprentice Evin Roman (and so do I as the kid seems to be patient and doesn't panic) in at 113 lbs with his weight break seems well worth it.......should be in the mix from the get go and might have plenty left in the tank late with light weight and the cut back of 1/16

4  Union Rebel   quite the awakening in his latest 1st time with blinkers......two reassuring works since.......and Bejarano sticks around for Baltas and company......and they sure have made for a dangerous team over the last 3 or 4 years

1  Secret Touch   good efforts in both lifetime races for Eurton and the cut back from 1 1/16 to one mile especially considering he is 3 and has to face a few older individuals.......recent a.m. work hints he has held form......and he maybe up for a forward move

5  Principle Bob


race 9    below average clarity

5  Terzetto   bug boy wasn't able to hold/rate this Sadler six-year-old who got very loose in a 10F grass race setting an unsustainable set of fractions......nice work tab since......cut back of a quarter-mile seems like a plus......should be in the hunt from the get go with veteran Elliott aboard

2  McHeat   trainer does well with limited starters and makes a logical drop for his fiver year old gelding in need of easier......usually moves forward some turf sprint to turf route......turf sprint in last.....turf route today and drops......seems well meant this afternoon

4  Hero Ten All   work regiment strongly suggests this Mullins late runner has a decent chance of putting in the best run from those who come from out of it......dangerous sort

1  It's The Ice

12  Ebadan

10  Rye Patch




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Santa Anita for Friday 28 April 2017

For those of you planning on purchasing our special ($35.95) full card selections (13 or 14 races this year) for Churchill Downs on Derby Day Saturday May 6th  please don't procrastinate as logistically it makes it easier on yours truly setting up the emails that will be sent at about 6 p.m. central time on Friday night, May 6th. Thank you.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

5  Liam the Charmer   owns a ton of talent but quite often has been compromised by some bad trips......1 for 1 at the distance of 10 furlongs....and how bad of a trip can you have only dealing with 4 others in the race

4  Beach View   owns the most early speed in this field and appreciates the 1 1/4 distance on the turf.......likely to be in front turning for home......and with a rider in Elliot who can be awfully tough at times to get by

2  Vigilante   five-year old has the ability to take down this level but is up against it some as the pace scenario has a good chance of hurting his late running style......not impossible...... but ......easy to make as the 3rd selection


race 2    average clarity

2  Hot Blooded Girl   par like MSW debut for Baffert and company in a sprint race.....filly owns a pedigree that screams route........good post and decent speed to grab an advantageous spot on the back side.......likelihood of a good effort in her 2nd lifetime start appears high

3  Tizcool   nice works prior her last (and her 1st on the turf) but no play at the windows suggest the race was part of the preparation to get her ready for her 1st at a route.....2 drills since the race too......nicely bred for the two turns........dangerous

5  Majestic Vixen   two mediocre turf sprints for this three-year old filly to date........Eurton shakes things up putting her in a dirt route.......OK pedigree for a route and the dirt......and has always trained well on the dirt.......finally gets to run on it


race 3    below average clarity

2  Gemini Journey   much stronger dirt races at 6F & 6 1/2F than his two racing endeavors at 5 1/2F......6F today and retains Tiago Pereira which has been a good thing of late teaming up with Doug O' in........4 wins in their last 9 as a team

4  Rcatcanscat   just claimed by Treece who is doing OK at the "big track" these days.....filly would be a perfect 3 for 3 at today's 6F distance if not for being disqualified once......and she sure finishes with vigor (no less than 4 of her last 5 sprint races)

3  Adios Cali   somewhat suspicious drop but not so much when the trainer is Peter Miller as he consistently drops to win.....and if his filly fails to win this race she becomes eligible for a starter alw40K nw2......another incentive to risk her for 40K


race 4    average clarity

2  Over Par   sprint turf tune-up of sorts should have this O'Neill five-year old gelding fully primed for his one mile turf route off of 8 days rest........seems likely to work out a good trip from the 2 hole......good history running one mile on the sod (3 0 3 0)

3  Calli Way   has the potential for better not only as a 1st time gelding but also running 2nd out following a layoff......and for the first time in four one mile turf routes he draws one of the inside posts instead of one of the far outside........Bejarano seems likely to work out a good trip sitting well within striking distance throughout

7  Alsatian   wide trip in latest and checked a length in the stretch or he could have won the 31 March version of this race......would definitely have rated higher if he didn't have a tendency to run wide especially considering he starts from the outer-most 7 post (and the rails are 20 ft out so the 1st turn comes up quick)

4  Dr. Troutman


race 5    average clarity

2  La Galy   most of this gal's career says she is the one to overcome if of course she responds to the challenge of being ready enough off of a 7+ month strongly hint that she will........and she sure catches a very weak looking group of foes

5  No Name Just Fame   the two times this four-year old filly broke well (both when she didn't have to break from the one hole) she showed good early speed albeit on the sod.....that speed might put her on the lead in this spot......and the front end can do wonders in waking up a cheap maiden claimer

8  Fellina   only race where she got to compete off of relatively short rest she popped her best of her 4 race career......back in 4 weeks for today's race and owns enough early speed to sit about 1st, 2nd or 3rd at the 1st call

3  Madera Jubilee


race 6    average clarity

7  Passed by Paul   lifetime best was his lone route race which was run at SA and at today's one mile distance......O'Neill has a good history wheeling horses back quick......6 days sure qualifies for that.........should be in the hunt from the get go

6  Kitten's Royal   average trip trouble in 3 lifetime MSW grass races is 6 lengths.......yikes.......drops to a level where he can be competitive even with a poor trip providing he can handle the dirt as well as he has the turf.....last two drills on the SA dirt sure suggest that he might

3  Never Double Dip   trainer Steve Miyadi is often at his most dangerous 2nd time at a route and that is the case today for this three-year old colt.......needs more than he has shown to date but isn't impossible to provide it

4  Wheresthemoneyjack


race 7    average clarity

1  Golden Light   five-year old mare does well running off of short rest.......21 days since her latest qualifies for that.......and she sure is consistent racing around two turns on the turf (5 1 3 1)

6  Moonless Sky   appreciates ample time between starts and Truman shows patience and gives it to his filly......filly seems best at one mile on the grass.....1 for 1 with Desormeaux on her back........and she just drilled her best work since arriving in S Cal in mid January......some shot shes fires her lifetime best today

2  Halo Darlin   rebounded in form some in a race down the hill with the blinkers on for the 1st time ever.......she has been flattening out some in her turf routes but maybe the blinkers will help alleviate (or at least lessen) that......we shall see

4  Pistol Packin Rose


race 8    average clarity

4  Dr. Dorr   big forward move in his 2nd lifetime start (2015) and the strength of the effort is hidden.....solid forward move 2nd out after a layoff in it seems likely that this Baffert colt is sitting on a top effort 2nd out following the layoff this afternoon.......and the works since his layoff run support the notion

1  Giant Influence   both lifetime endeavors sprinting on the dirt fit fairly well in this spot.....believe Eurton and company realize his best opportunity for success is as a sprinter and they can adjust his training accordingly......if that is so he sure seems dangerous today

3  Bolita Boyz   might be a good claim by Mulhall and company of a six-year-old who is very consistent on a fast conventional dirt surface ( 11 6 1 2)......(19 0 3 2) on other surfaces.....sunny forecast......Prat rides thru the claim.......dangerous

5  Guy Code


race 9    average clarity

8  Van Cortlandt   both races run at 9F on the grass were very strong for today's lower level and somewhat disguised by a poor trip.......same effort/energy with only a so so trip could make for graduation day.......Pedroza has won 2 of his last 3 mounts for Callaghan

1  Californium   colt gets to run off of relatively short rest for the 1st time in his career......and......with a sharp 4F bullet drill since his last which was run on the 1st of April......blinkers off for today to likely slow him down some in the early stages.......retains Nakatani......seems like a dangerous speed type in Corey can slow things down early

5  Marq One   Keith Desormeaux often brings his young stock around slowly......with that in mind we likely haven't seen this colt's "top" Kent jumps aboard for the 1st time......dangerous sort

9  Street Rules

3  Odyssey Explorer

2  Papa Royale


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