Santa Anita for Friday 26 May 2017

Second of 5 straight days of racing and 8 in the next 10 days as well. Yikes-a-rama! I best get busy.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Rye Patch   very consistent sort on the sod including at today's 8F distance ( 5 2 0 2 1) where the most he has been beaten for the win is 2 3/4 lengths.....and he was just snatched up by way of claim by one hot trainer in Eddie Truman

3  Abbey Vale   big wake up in latest and a nice prolonged work series since.....D'Amato must like what he sees to step him up two claiming levels.....very dangerous sort if he gets an honest pace to close into

5  Hollywood Don   woke up some in last especially when it comes to his early speed 1st time with blinkers........2 very nice two-year old turf mile runs in the summer of 2015.......dangerous sort if he benefited from his wake up race and enters today's race as a fitter individual

2  Sky Preacher


race 2    average clarity

5  Run Away   expensive purchase is working as if he can pay some dividends in his two-year old MSW debut for Callaghan and hint he has an abundance of early speed....hardly ever a bad thing in the early 4 1/2 furlong affairs

4  Bookies Luck   was pounded at the windows  in his MSW debut despite having to make his debut on an off track....didn't take any of my money.....continues to work as if he can run some.....catches a fast track today

8  Fast Cotton   speed and endurance has been put into this Koriner has tossed 4 winners from 5 starters and 2 of them were able to graduate at two........colt seems ready to roll but doesn't draw the easiest of posts for a 4 1/2F affair

6  Honeymoonz Over


race 3    average clarity

4  Eckersley   both firm turf one mile grass races are solid and the one on 17 Oct 16 is hidden with about 6L of trip trouble.....away 4 days short off one year but the a.m. prowess hint that he is ready fresh off of the his chances if that is the case

6  Diplodocus   another coming off of a layoff in this case 5 1/2 months.......Baltas four-year old gelding wants more ground then one mile of sod has to offer but it might not matter for this deep closer as he faces a soft looking group and his late kick might be good enough even at only 8F

5  Record Highs   seems better sprinting for Carla Gaines and company but might fire his best turf route to date coming off of two straight turf sprints down the hill.......sprint-sprint-route maneuver and 1st time Gary Stevens.....such a deal

11  David's Memory


race 4    average clarity

4  Starr of Quality   connections got awfully ambitious in their last placement of this three-year old filly in her latest and the youngster was washy to boot.....and on a day that was cloudy and cool......drops back to a level that she fits well especially at today's one mile distance where she is ( 3 2 1 0) on main track surfaces....check to see if she stays dry

5  Pistol Packin Rose   three-year old filly seems likely to sit on or near the lead in an affair where those that do seemingly have a better than average chance of getting reasonable fractions to deal with......Prat knows this girl well having been the rider in all but 2 of her 7 lifetime races

1  Gemini Journey   doubt last would do the trick despite running 2nd but her race 3 back would be tough in this spot.......have my doubts she is up to that effort especially at a route........ but if she is ......lookout


race 5    below average clarity

2  Tap You're It  usually take a closer look at a MC 1st timer that works "big" and then shows average or even weak works since so as not to get claimed....that is the case for this Glatt 1st timer .....trainer has been a little chilly but not when Baze has gotten the call

13  Magical More   last three sprints two on the SA dirt and his last on the turf down the hill all fit and the one down the hill is disguised by a poor start and a very wide trip......back to Pedroza today who was absent for his last....reassuring 4F decent work since his last

4  True Valor   last two sprints in the fall of 2016 in Ky fit well since but his a.m. work hints he is ready.....blinkers on and he already some early speed in Ky......dangerous sort

5  Bloodletting

Long-shot consideration:   10  Calibraska   horrid effort in last but he had a solid wake-up effort two races back.......and his work since his dismal last are night and day better than he's ever shown.....Knapp may have found the trump card for this fellow.......dangerous and at a 50 to 1 ML


race 6    average clarity

2  Rainbow Squall   1st time Prat in his latest and it led to this gelding's best to date........turf route to turf sprint for today.....usually a good thing....trainer is quietly having a good Santa Anita meeting

11 AE  Chief Hosa   has some serious speed down the SA hill turf course and better utilize it as he appears to be a need to lead type.....rate it 60/40 in his favor that he gets the lead.....very dangerous if he gets in

12 AE  My Man Chuckles   on the right end of the learning curve and now gets to try the grass for the 1st time which with his pedigree he a a shot of better better on.....we shall see

4  Sequentially

14 AE  Super Echelon 


race 7   below  average clarity

5  Tough It Out   four-year old gelding has hardly earned his keep in 2017........that and the fact Miyadi isn't afraid to drop a young horse to hit pay-dirt make the drop seem the cut back to one mile as this gelding flattens out some it 1 1/16....apprentice Solis has won 3 of his last 4 for the trainer

6  Dynamic Scoring   trainer shows some small signs of awakening from the doldrums....if he is that makes the drop for this gelding more meaningful

2  Old Man Lake   drops and Becerra has hit the board in 12 of his last 20 (and with 3 wins) sprint to route which of course is the case here.....and I like that Baze sticks around thru the maneuver

3  Frac Candy


race 8    average clarity

2  Allaboutmike   acted up badly in the gate 1st out for Miller since arriving from GP......very strong works since hinting Miller has likely straightened him out mentally speaking......back to the grass which he ran well on in Florida....should be tough if he behaves and take to the SA hill

4  Blame Joe   double barrel action from the Miller barn as he also trains out top choice........lifetime best of 4 races was his lone race on the turf.....away since New Years Eve but training like he is ready and 1st time in MC......dangerous new shooter for Miller as Mulhall trained this fellow previously

9  Rafter One   improving sort drops into MC for the 1st time and gets a rider upgrade to 1st time suggest Pender is all business as he realizes he might lose this fellow and he wants to earn as much purse money as possible in case he does

10  Milhaud

1  Secret Touch

8  Perfection Tale


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Santa Anita for Thursday 25 May 2017

First of 5 straight days of racing and 9 in the next 11 days as well. Yikes-a-rama! I best get busy.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    below average clarity

5  Allowances   toss out last as she is not a dirt horse......two nice 5F works since.....proven at the distance in France......should sit in one of the 1st three position in a race that seems likely to set some slow fractions

2  Shazara   five-year old mare always finds trouble especially most often at the start when she leaves the metal monster poorly....but...last was a ridiculously bad trip....had her giving away 10L....beaten by 5 3/4.....small field should help limit the trouble........but then again Espinoza is only 2 for his last 47 on the sod

1  Mrs Norris   9F grass races are good and usually finishes up well when she is in 1/4 might fit.....rider change for a grass race sure does as in cold on the grass Espinoza to Bejarano


race 2    average clarity

5  Saudi Chroma   2017 big bucks purchase in March is working as if she can cut into that amount in her MSW debut with works put in that suggest she is ready at 1st asking.......and her trainer Doug O'Neill unusually wins his fair share of these baby races

2  Show It Moe It   broke a little tardy and then lagged back quite far out of things.....but.....she sure put in a strong stretch run from far back......might have been somewhat of a test run/tightener.....and she did show some speed in her a.m. work.....believe she sits closer in the early stages today

7  Acharnement   just bought in a Texas sale last Truman and company got a decent look at what they were getting....and Mr Truman is as hot as he has been for many a moon.......and especially so with Pratt up

3  Creative Spark


race 3    average clarity

4  Aura Rose   seems like a good claim by Baltas and company especially now that his new filly showed a liking to the SA hill turf since the race hint the grass muscled her up and that a move forward is likely.....if so that is bad news for her competition

5  Table for Three   filly runs well off of short rest and that is the case for today.....lone effort down the hill fits fine......and she just fired her best ever on the dirt (and the effort is somewhat disguised) and seemingly prefers the sod......potential for lifetime best today

2  Te Amo Mamo   on the improve and the progress can continue today as she might feel really good for today's race as she won her last going away at the wire with a hand ride

7  Pie N True


race 4    average clarity

3  Avicii   ultra consistent sort especially with Prat up (4 1 1 1).........and I sure like the confidence Miller shows in stepping up his six-year-old mare for the 2nd start under his guidance since the 8 April claim back

1  Shy Carmelita   consistent sort when sprinting like today........filly has traded punches with our top selection beating her and losing to her in her last two races....should be in the mix from the get go which is hardly ever a bad thing when Maldonado is in the saddle

2  Cuddle Alert   not a turf horse or a route horse so toss out her last two races....back to a dirt sprint and at her favorite distance where she is  (4 3 0 0)......dangerous late runner


race 5    average clarity

5  Shesa Firstsamamurai   4 of her last 5 races fit in this spot....and she appears to have the best early speed in the race although not by a wide margin.....and she has been a good gate horse in her 6 race career

6  Passion for Papa   so so effort in her latest.....but if she rebounds to her race 2 back she likely will be the one to beat,,,,,,subtle improved 4F work on 15th of May hints she might make that rebound

7  Angel Tears   just fired her best race date and followed that up with her best drill ever.....needs to move forward quite a bit and might as she is really coming around in a big way

4  Sapodilla


race 6    average clarity

6  Fishel   most of her career fits at today's slightly lower level and this doesn't appear to be a very strong 25K nw2 affair........handles ample time between starts fairly well and gets it today.......seems like an overdue drop....better late than never

1  Crafty Cowboy   ran evenly in her race two back 1st at a route and 1st on the grass......last on the dirt might have been a gimme as she had little support at the windows and is back in 8 days......and look who is up for the 1st time......Prat .......who I believe will send this youngster early

5  Cast and Blast   decent efforts when not wearing blinkers.......1st on the sod but owns a decent pedigree for it and for a route....1st start with Mike Chambers as the trainer and he is 35% win in his last 52 "1st start with trainer" category

7  Monterey Shale


race 7    average clarity

6  Gigantis    five your old can really fly early and is a perfect 2 for 2 on the dirt since Bruce Headley put the blinkers on......speed of the speed here...shot for a 3rd straight victory

1  Spanish Hombre   should be a fast pace in this affair which should aid this late should some class relief at today's level which is about 2 to 2 1/2 lengths easier than where he has been competing

7  Bourque   very big step up here 1st out following the Mick Ruiz claim....but the trainer appears to have "tweaked" something for the better as his new shooter just drilled an eye-opening 58:4.....and I like the rider change to Sutherland as she and Ruiz recently teamed up for a nice price shot win

5  Alley Boss


race 8    average clarity

7  Uber Star    last race is a par like effort and was run at today's 9F on the grass and also with the rails out 20 feet like today.....and today we get a significant rider upgrade.....should be tough

3  Haskin  SCRATCHED OUT OF RACE not much in starts number 2 and 3 but his debut is solid here and rather disguised in its strength of effort......that was on the dirt and today is his 1st on the green carpet which he is bred to handle.....and out of nowhere he just worked a very strong 6F drill.....wake up time today

8  Legal Authority   absolutely flew in his last and still stuck around for 3rd in a race which was also at 9F on the grass but in a MSW affair....drops and takes the blinkers off likely in hopes that he will rate better......dangerous 1st time in MC route turf speed horse

5  Hard Arch

1  Fregosi

9  Papa Royale



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Santa Anita for Sunday 21 May 2017

OK race card today. Be back with you Thursday for 5 straight days of racing Thursday thru Monday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Kiss Limit   bug boy has been given live mounts from D'Amato and likely has one here who should sit close up early......drops from 16Knw3 to 8K and the D'A is 8 for his last 20 with multiple level drops

1  Accelerant   solid better than par 7F race off of 7 weeks rest in latest......he ran 3rd to two stout individuals for the given level......back in 16 days for today's route.....would have been top choice if this was run at 1/16 less as the ten-year old tends to flatten some past one mile

5  Press Limit   tough call here for this gelding who has been competing on the grass and synthetic for most of his career......lone race on conventional dirt wasn't too hot.....but......he sure fits solidly off his N Cal form if he handles the "real" thing in his 2nd attempt on it........we shall see


race 2    average clarity

6  Make It a Triple   trainer is hot (won with a 1st timer - our top choice paying $12.00 to win - yesterday) and might add to his fast growing win total here......sprint - sprint - route manuever for 3rd start....blinkers on and bullet 5F work at SA 6 days ago......all systems go

2  Tiz No Bluff   suspicious drop from is our comment yesterday with another from the Ellis barn that ran dead last at 3 to 1......She Rules You won like a good thing in her maiden debut and was pounded at the windows......and the effort was better than appears in why is she racing at such a low level.....tough call but if she has held form she is likely rated too low".......this gelding was entered yesterday in a great spot and one where he couldn't be is he up for 40K today off of a monster run in his latest  ??????? I wrote yesterday it is a tough call but if he has held form he is likely rated too low

3  Liberation   needs more than his latest that is for sure....but rider upgrade......and two of the trainer's best stats ........1st at a route......and 3rd off of a layoff.....should be the highest price on the board


race  3   above average clarity

5  Utana   both lifetime races were sprints and are quite a bit better than par.....trainer is dynamite 1st time at a route......pedigree screams route......seems highly likely to be just as tough in his 1st two turn endeavor

1  Majestic Quality   after two straight races in Graded affairs it is back to the maiden ranks......very sharp 6F work suggests this filly has held form.......Desormeaux brothers at the helm.....should be a major factor in the outcome of this race

4  Tizcool   nice improvement 1st time at a route in her latest her 4th lifetime race.....blinkers on for today and it sure seems like a good spot for it enhances her chances of grabbing the lead......dangerous filly if Jerry H gets her to improve once again


race 4    average clarity

4  Candy Ruler   Glatt three-year old filly moved forward and graduated in her 2nd lifetime 4F work since and retains Pratt for a 3rd straight time.....filly seems capable of succeeding off of the pace some....believe that would be wise here

7  Dixie Chick Rocks   solid race and a fit here run two back off of a two month break......quite a different kind of break this time around as in 9 months....but works say ready and Hendricks is often at his most dangerous off of long layoffs

1  Adios Cali   three-year old filly is (3 2 1 0) when not racing in Stakes races.......allowance race today and a rider upgrade......1st out after the Knapp claim and Knapp is 22% win with his last 41 1st following a claim

6  Haveiture Way


race 5    average clarity

3  Lady Bellamy   one of O'Neill's very best stats is MSW to maiden claiming (31% with his last 91)...that is the case here for this filly who sure seems in need of a drop and a significant one like today

2  Tenthousandreasons   useful maiden debut for Miyadi who wins his fair share of MC's.....filly takes a small drop in MC....and gets a significant rider upgrade especially on a young horse to Prat......seems likely to be a major player

1  Powder   another dangerous drop from MSW to maiden claiming.....good young trainer in Ian Kruljac........dangerous

5  Dixie Crystal


race 6    average clarity

8  Tiburtina   stout rider/trainer combo in Stevens/Gallagher......three year old filly ran evenly versus better in her last two because of the pedestrian pace being set up front....ironically at today's lower level their should be a much more honest pace.....she should be able pass most and hopefully all this go around

7  Zaffinah   on the improve since arriving to the good old U S of A and she might improve again if she avoids a hot pace up front which I believe can develop....more than capable of taking back....and with a sharp grass rider in Prat to make that decision

3  La Force  double barrel action from the Gallagher barn as he also trains our top choice.......filly exits  a small Stakes race that has produced a couple of next out winners.....and she retains Bejarano who should be able to work out a good ground saving mid pack or stalking trip

2  Princess Coco


race 7    below average clarity

3  Moon Kitty   lifetime best was turf to dirt with the blinkers on......turf in last and blinkers go back on today.....should fly early especially with the 17% win 7 lbs bug boy up

6  Settle Down Eileen   par like races in last two endeavors......back to Stevens after being absent for her last......seems like to get a nice outside stalk position....dangerous for sure

5  Candy Swirls   not much in 3 starts for Baffert but he tries the blinkers off to shake things up and drops out of MSW racing for the 1st time.......likely wants to come from off of the pace some

4  Southern Mischief

Long-shot consideration:  2  Spinyatta   15 to 1 ML for a D'amato runner with only one start who went off at 35 to 1 and now drops some for his 2nd lifetime start......and has trained well since her debut.........hard to pass up on


race 8    average clarity

4  Stringent   turf distance fit and now gets back to dirt racing which he seems better suited for......race sure seems set up for those away from the front early....and that is where this fellow will be

1  Soi Phet   old-timer fits a ton if he is ready fresh off of the bench.....super history when Desormeaux is in the saddle.......not sure if he is ready fresh off of the long layoff but this is excellent spot for him if he is

6  Colonist   2 for 2 routing and has shown he can run from off of the pace......only three year old in the field likely needs another forward move......weight off for today and a cut back in distance might help provide one

7  Madiba


race 9    average clarity

8  Cheekaboo   Smith seemingly has gotten the most out of this Eurton runner and is back aboard today for his lone mount of the day......blinkers on seems like a good move to help sit closer especially coming off of 10F & 9F turf races

1  Pacific Heat   double barrel action from the Eurton barn.......back to Prat who owns 2 wins in 3 mounts on this filly four-year old.......should be in the mix from the get go

3  Shehastheritestuff   very consistent filly has a strong late kick and seemingly enough pace in the race to flatter it.....stout rider/trainer combo.....the 1 & 2 horse will be sent which makes Steven's job easy as in getting to the rail on the 1st turn......Gary can relax and time his off pace move come turn two....such a deal

2  Roo's Valentine

7  Moonless Sky


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Santa Anita for Saturday 20 May 2017

Nice card at Santa Anita loaded with quality. Enjoy your day.

Best of luck as always!


Race 13 The Preakness Stakes at Pimlico

5  Classic Empire   giant effort/win in the BCJvnl last Nov at SA.......ran number for a two-year that was off the charts and did so pressing a strong pace......ran poorly in his next as the 1 to 1 favorite........came back to life in his next start off of 2 1/2 months rest to win the ArkDby......jostled around some in the race and I like that he had to cope with traffic and with some kick back for a good majority of the race......then another rotten trip in the Derby.....look for him to sit much closer to the pace today unless he once again gets roughed up at the start

4  Always Dreaming   here is my comment on the Derby winner prior to the race, "very impressive in his G1 win at GP......but he is a bit of a goof and the rowdy environment at CD has a shot of doing him in.....but then again if he repeats his last he should be one major player in the outcome of this race".....he behaved well and ran one nice winning race......but his behavioral issues showed up again in one goofy start to a gallop the other day.....outstanding horse when he behaves.....but.......keep your fingers crossed

1  Multiplier   Hawthorne was part of the circuit that I followed for a couple of decades and let me tell you that 1:47:4 is one fast time for the Hawthrone Derby even a faster than normal surface....colt has put in two works since.....feeling good likely fresher than those who competed two weeks ago.....rider upgrade.....should get a nice mid pack shooter to the party seems dangerous

3  Hence   ran evenly after a poor beginning in the Derby wins for Asmussen....2 Preakness wins.....big race in the Sun Derby two our top choice this youngster is likely to sit much closer today

10  Conquest Mo Money   dangerous speed horse who is also capable of running from off the pace as well........but it appears his best shot to capture this race is on the is speed doing at Pimilco so far ???


race 1    above average clarity

3  Pee Wee Reese   ultra impressive 1st in a turf route going eye to eye in a solid pace and still popping a 133:3 one mile......outstanding grass trainer at the helm........a perfect 4 for 4 on the grass has a decent shot at occurring today

1  What a View   most turf credentials by far and owns a nice history at SA on the sod (9 5 3 0).....not out of the win picture pun intended

2  Smokey Image   only grass race was without the blinkers and he is a regular blinkers he might be quite a bit better on the grass with blinkers....we shall see


race 2    below average clarity

8  Drizzy   trainer has been rather hot of late which bodes well for this Cal-bred two-year old 1st time starter who shows some nice works......and mom has tossed 2 winners from 2 starters and both won at two....and one was a Stakes winner

7  Moonlight Praise   decent debut run on a racetrack that was off near bullet 3F work since.....rider upgrade.......trainer wins his fair share of the early baby races

1  Masco Yodeler   Hollendorfer 1st timer also seems ready and has worked further than today's distance......usually a very good thing in these early two-year old races

3  Caseintime


race  3   average clarity

1  Excavation   nice awakening in latest and it was at only one furlong longer less than today....3 works since hint he exited his latest in good the question seems to be can he run as well around two turns.....pedigree suggests it won't be a problem especially with the D'A as the trainer

3  The All Button   appears to be a need the lead type with only one other speed horse to put away who also appears to be the 3 does appear a bit faster than no. 5....but at what cost....1st time Bejarano seems like a good move as he is good with route speed

6  Night's Watch   decent history with Prat (3 1 1 1) but on the other hand the trainer is cold.....connections likely will have their fingers crossed that the two speed horses go eye to eye in a hot pace as this fellow can sit a few lengths off of them in an advantageous position


race 4    average clarity

1  Dahlia Azul   hottest rider/trainer team on the grounds you say? - Roman/Belvoir (won again yesterday and at a nice price)  .....last two races don't get it done....the race 3 back with bug boy Roman up does and the strength of the effort is recent a.m. work.....hmmm

8  Zanab   fell off in her latest but her race two back fits solidly in this spot.....Chew gives her ample time off to recover her form....the trainer has woken up lately and so a rebound to some degree seems likely

6  She Rules You   won like a good thing in her maiden debut and was pounded at the windows......and the effort was better than appears in why is she racing at such a low level.....tough call but if she has held form she is likely rated too low

4  I'll Be Around


race 5    average clarity

6  Oh Scatty Oh   lone turf route is much better than appears in print and it was run in her 2-year-old debut......layoff turf sprint run in last was a tighten up.......and......go go go back at trainer - bred to appreciate the 9 furlongs......should be player

3  Scandal   ultra consistent grass runner but she likes to hang with 6 2nd's and 2 3rd's in 10 starts......she did cross the wire 1st once only to get DQ'ed.....and I don't mean Dairy Queen......that race was at 9F and all off her 9F races seem strong.....that gives Nakatani plenty of time to pass the last horse in front of her

4  Heavenly Thought    decent MSW debut especially considering it was in a turf route.....bred to appreciate the additional furlong......retains Prat.....should be a factor

8  Crème de La

Long-shot consideration:   7  Causeforcommotion   2 useful not too bad one mile grass races should have her fit for her 3rd lifetime start which is at 9F......and by my book the further she runs the better......seems like a decent "price shot"


race 6    above average clarity

7  Red Carpet Cat   as mentioned above we get the hottest rider/trainer team on the grounds in Roman/Belvoir who won again yesterday and at a nice price.......3 yr old gelding exits a fast heat where he was only beaten by 3 1/2L.......and the cut back in distance with the weight break for the but boy and the fact he is a three-year old makes for 114 lbs....a big advantage at 5 1/2F

6  Rockin My Mojo   lone race was run 363 days ago and was decent and run at a slightly tougher hint he is ready fresh off of the bench and with a better rider this time around......fits quite well in this spot if I am correct in my assessment about his readiness

1  Zachian   both lifetime races fit solidly for the why 3rd choice....our top two selections appear to have more upside potential

9  My Special Image


race 7    below average clarity

7  Oscar Dominguez   seems best at 10 furlongs on the grass and gets it today.......and I sure like the change in riders to Bejarano as Espinoza continues to struggle on the grass especially considering the caliber of his mounts

4  Buster Douglas   another who might be at his best at 10 furlongs of turf........crazy race in his latest as he was uncomfortable (goofy/rank) for about 1/2 of the race......ran awfully well the 2nd half of the race.......if he displays the same energy and settles down early he should surprise many today

10  French Getaway   bred to run all day and it showed in his latest at 12 furlongs....nice recent 5F drill hints he is feeling good.....would have considered placing higher if it wasn't for one nasty post with the hill starting position

5  It's The Ice


race 8    above average clarity

1  West Coast   only three-year old in the field but Baffert trained and with some very strong a.m. work showing......all three lifetime races are routes and fit fine here

2  General Ike   not eligible to be claimed and has one powerful looking work tab......been away a long time but 1st time Ellis and the new trainer has a great spot for his 1st out with his new shooter in a protected (from claiming) spot

4  My Italian Babbo   likes the SA surface and just fired his lifetime best in his 1st ever at today's 1 1/16 distance....and the effort is better than appears in print.....not out of the win picture by any means

5  Magical Mystery


race 9    average clarity

7  Lord Simba   seemingly on the improve with each and every start and that is a scary proposition for his competition as his last two are better than par for today's Grade 2 level

2  Calculator   finally gets back to where he belongs after 3 grass races as on the dirt.......and his recent eye-popping 1:10:2 work hints he is more than happy to be back on it....owns a ton of talent and has a shot at the winners circle if he displays it this afternoon

6  Ransom the Moon   what an incredible job of training by D'Amato who took a distance turf and AW runner from Woodbine and got him run one big sprint race in his 1st out for his stout new trainer.......that race is par like for today's level....but....... he may need more as this appears to be one tough Grade 2 race

8  Eastwood


race 10    average clarity


3  Tony Blackjack   last at a route is OK but what we want is his effort two back where he ran 2nd despite breaking badly and running wide.....seems better suited to sprints that are longer than today's 5 1/2F or would be our top selection

9  Lovely Anzi   lifetime best and a solid fit here was 6 1/2F to 5 1/2F in his 2nd career start.......layoff run in latest was run at 6 1/2F......5 1/2F today.......trainer seldom wins but just might here with T C Baze sticking around

4  Cayate


race 11    below average clarity

1  Guggenheim   sharp work since the Diodoro claim bodes well....comes right back for the same 32K he took this fellow for.....good post and a rider upgrade especially for a turf race....last has slight chance of doing the trick.... but..... he should show more today

11  Atomic Rule    best horse in the race and I believe Baltas has him ready to roll.....but ......he draws a tough post or would have easily made him top choice

2  Bronzino   last two wins came the only time today's rider Baze was that Baze won with him on the pace and off of the pace......he looks as if the lead is his if he wants it or if someone is all out to have it he can stalk....such a deal

6  Frddies Dream

7  Crown the Kitten

4  Runasaurus Rex


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Santa Anita for Friday 19 May 2017

Bad news - tech troubles today as you can see with lack of comments. Good news - 11 race card at Santa Anita for Saturday and also the selections for the Preakness Stakes. Will be posted by 8 a.m. pacific. Saturday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

2  Sheeza Milky Way   in general very consistent.......and.......two necks away from being a perfect 5 for 5 when not racing in Graded races....that is the case today.......Prat jumps on the 5 horse but Bejarano will do just fine

5  Bellamentary   Prat likely choose this filly over our top choice who he just won with.......solid credentials on the dirt.......1st on the turf with a so so pedigree for it.....but Prat wants the mount and a very good grass trainer in D'Amato at the connections believe she will like it

3  Kenriya   needs a rebound to her effort two back........not sure if she is up for it but fits fine if she is


race 2    average clarity

7  Online Request   gimme/go drop 2 races back led to her best so far........same gimme/go drop scenario once again today

5  Princess Nicole   lone lifetime route fits vs. this soft group and she was ridden by a less accomplished rider that day

4  My Heart Is Yours   improved in start no. 2 and it was off of a long layoff....back in short rest so a move forward seems likely.....1st at a route is the ? mark

3  Seaquet


race  3   below average clarity

4  El Tovar   just ran his lifetime best dirt race in start 27 but is was only the 2nd start with Balltas at the helm....and this fellow is at his best down the hill......hmmm

5  Calvert Street   on a roll at Tup and he just won on the grass in his 1st ever on it.......and trainer Eric Kruljak is good with shippers and dynamite 2nd time turf......dangerous for sure

1  Who Cares    decent 1st on the sod (albeit versus a soft group) and it was down the hill......but fits fine here as this is a soft looking bunch once again

3  Senator Robert

Long-shot consideration:   6  Eichel   really flew down the hill in his 1st ever on it.....dangerous speed today if Baze can slow him down some early


race 4    average clarity

6  Quiet No More   way too wide on an inside biased track and in a fast heat....both combined disguise her effort.....Bejarano sticks around......nice improved and reassuring 5F work May 9th

1  Outa Here   lone race with blinkers on running on the dirt fits solidly here.....turf in last......drops today and back on the dirt with the blinkers remaining on....should be tough if holds form

4  Scavenger Hunt   suspicious drop from MSW to mdn30k from a barn that for the most part gives nothing away......but careful because if he is in relatively good health he well be a major player


race 5    average clarity

6  Incredible Luck   like the cut back in distance of one full furlong.....hope Blanc takes back a little as he did 3 races back where this colt ran his lifetime best which also was at one mile

3 Particleacelerator   lifetime best was lone race back in short rest.....and that is the case today.....will try to fly early so as to open up a loose lead and wire

4  Hi Heat Boys   turf sprint - turf sprint - turf route for 3rd lifetime start....right in the D'A's wheelhouse

1  Path of Exile


race 6    below average clarity

5  Braddock

8  Quality Line

6  Colonial Power

4  Whiskey Ginger 


race 7    average clarity

8  Stately Command

9  Ebony Cat

3  Altaira

2  Gianis


race 8    average clarity

3  Dissension

6  Wealthy Shipman

8  Well Caught

7  Handfull

5  Mint Julep Taffy


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