Kentucky Derby Day full card selections for Churchill Downs (most likely 14 races) is less than 2 weeks away. Purchase is now available. Click on Ky Derby logo to purchase.

The Racing Digest is now available for Sunday

2 April 2021:  Another nice day at the Great Race Place. After any scratches at Santa Anita: Top choice won 6 of the 8 races carded and a 2nd pick one another. 1st race pick 3 hit ICE COLD for $135.20. 1st race exacta also hit COLD $9.20. 2nd race trifecta hit COLD $28.00 (COLD exacta $18.40). 3rd race top pick won and paid $21.60 and that pick over our other 4 given picks paid a $1 SHF of $817.10. 5th race trifecta box of our top 3 picks paid $66.00. 6th race box of our top two picks paid $26.40. 6th race pick 3 hit COLD $20.80. 7th race exacta hit COLD $7.40.

27 March 2021:  Nice day at the Great Race Place. After any scratches at Santa Anita:  1st race double hit COLD for $19.40. 1st race pick 3 was top, top, 2nd pick for $91.80. 2nd race trifecta hit COLD $11.60. 5th race double hit COLD for $25.40. 5th race pick 5 was top, top, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd pick for $2,940.60. 6th race top pick, 4th pick exacta $36.80. 7th race trifecta box of 3 given picks paid $72.60.

27 March 2021:   After any scratches at Gulfstream Park where our special publication covered the 10 Stakes races:  Top choice won 5 of the 10 races. 3rd race double hit COLD $22.80. 3rd race pick 3 was top, top, 2nd pick for $70.80. 4th race exacta hit COLD for $9.40. 4th race top pick over our other 3 picks paid a superfecta of $103.20. 8th race box of top 3 picks paid a trifecta of $83.00. 8th race superfecta box of top 4 selections $154.20. 10th race superfecta box of 4 given picks paid $618.20. 11th race double hit COLD $12.60. 12th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $32.40. Bombs away in the 14th race in the Gulfstream Park Derby as our top choice ($12.80) over our next 4 picks paid a $1 SHF of $3,332.80. (big superfecta and exacta as well)

26 March 2021:  After any scratches 1st race pick 5 was top, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, top pick $3,569.40.

19 March 2021:   Top choice won 5 of the 8 races and 2nd choice won another. 1st race pick 5 was top, 2nd, top, top, top pick for $441.20. 3rd race pick 3 hit COLD for $141.80. 4th race COLD double paid $53.00.

14 March 2021:  1st race pick 5 was 2nd, top, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd selection for $45,481.40. (50 cent payoff was $11,370.35). 3rd, 4th, 5th pick 3 was $1,320.40.

7 March 2021:   Nice day again at Sanita Anita. Top choice won 4 of the 9 races and the 2nd choice won 3 races. 3rd race trifecta hot ICE COLD for $116.60. 5th race pick 3 hit ICE COLD for $187.40. 5th race pick 5 was top, top, top, 5th, 2nd pick for $7,549.50. 6th race top pick, 3rd pick exacta $74.20. (top pick, 3rd pick, 2nd pick trifecta $124.20). 7th race top pick over the next 3 picks paid a trifecta of $203.60.

6 March 2021:  Bombs away at Santa Anita as the top choice won 4 of the of the 11 races and ran 2nd in 5 others with many going off nice prices. 1st race 3rd pick, top pick (10 to 1) exacta $22.20. 2nd race box of 4 given horses paid a superfecta of $240.00. 3rd race top pick over our other 3 picks paid a superfecta of $384.60. 4th race 3rd pick, top pick exacta $124.60. 5th race 2nd pick, top pick exacta $13.20. 6th race 20 cent pick 6 was 3rd, top, 2nd, 3rd, top, top pick for $2,014.44. 6th race exacta hit COLD for $8.40. 7th race pick 5 was top, 2nd, 3rd, top, top pick for $8,423.60. 8th race 2nd pick, 3rd pick exacta $40.00. 9th race 3rd pick, top pick exacta $37.60. 10th race double hit ICE COLD for $107.80. 10th race top choice over our next 3 picks paid a superfecta of $405.20. 11th race trifecta hit ICE COLD for $218.40. (COLD exacta $78.40). I maybe a Midwest boy but I love S Cal racing.

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Santa Anita for Sunday 11 April 2021

Kentucky Derby Day and our full card selections for Churchill Downs is only 3 weeks away. In a few days you will see our discounted price which will be available for five days only at a $6 savings.

Turf course gets a break this weekend as all 18 races are on the dirt. Sure seems like a good card today.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Big Passion   both lifetime races with apprentice rider Emily Ellingwood fit fine at today's slightly higher level........Emily is 3 for her last 12 competing in route races.........trainer Tim Yakteen is decent "1st at a route" and also very solid when he moves a given horse up one level.......and last but not least this filly owns a decent pedigree for a route race

7  Starship Sky   mare has something to prove on the dirt as she did not handle it well but it was early in her career........trainer is hot and the drop is significant if she handles the dirt today as well as she has been racing on the trainer of late in Hess and some of that success has been teaming up with jockey J J Hernandez

3  Nicole Grace   

4  Keep It Classy


race 2    average clarity

2  Kenzou's Rhythm   toss out latest as it appears Treece helped the racing office make the race go and at the same time dirtying up the form of his new acquisition........2nd out after the claim and drops one level below where he was claimed.........Treece is 11 for his last 44 2nd after a claim.........gelding likes one mile on main track as in (10 3 4 0) and you can make that 10 a 9 as his last was a "no go".........go go go today

4  Fabozzi   only time this Mulhall runner went for a claiming price less than 12,500 the eight year old ran what appears to be his lifetime best and it was at today's one mile distance albeit at Lrc.......up for $10K today and with a nice recent improved work showing........gelding likes the SA dirt and also having J J Hernandez on his back



race 3    average clarity

2  Barraza   last race fits well in this spot and the race two back for this Baffert colt is even better and disguised plenty by dueling in fast pace on a dull rail..........cut back in distance appears to be a plus.......easy to like this one

5  Doncic   trainer has won with only 2 of his last 32 maiden debut runners but this colt has been training too well too ignore......that and the ever dangerous meets leading jock Flavien Prat wants the mount

4  Perfecto Amor


race 4    average clarity

7  Bristol Bayou   wow does it appear that Miyadi and company made quite the claim as this filly who hadn't raced on the dirt since 29 Dec 19 really woke-up on the surface.......she ran a race that is much better than par for today's drastically higher level (MC20K to 32Knw2).........and the effort is supported by gaps of 7 and 4 to 2nd and 3rd........and a jock upgrade to Prat to boot

1  Ballet de Cour   MSW debut gimme to drop and go in 2nd start and win by 5L.........she was not eligible to be claimed in her 3rd lifetime start which off of a long layoff and the effort sure appears to be another gimme to muscle up for a full go's not rocket science

4  Wild Arch

3  Varoma


race 5    average clarity

3  Dancing Dana   ultra consistent sort since the blinkers were put on 6 races ago (6 1 2 3) and the most this filly was behind the winner in the 6 races was 1 3/4L.........two very reassuring works since her latest race on 14 March......feeling good......repeat of her latest would be tough here

7  Agreetodisagree   lost to our top choice by 2 1/2 lengths fair and square.......but........she is improving in each and every race and today she draws 1st time Flavien Prat which "might he be good" for those "2 1/2 lengths".......we shall see this afternoon at The Great Race Place

6  Mama Superior

2  Shanghai Sunrise


race 6    average clarity

4  Wedding Groom   big forward move in latest and the effort is disguised by a combination of being wide on the turn and with plenty of pace........jock upgrade and Desormeaux looks loose on the lead.......5 to 1 ML would be nice

5  Go Daddy Go   last looks like a gimme to put some doubt into the minds of the claiming vultures lurking above and drop into the claiming ranks for the 1st time.......late runner will be hoping someone pushes our top picks or he might be too late to the party

1  Invictatatus


race 7    above average clarity

4  Stressed   with Gutierrez not riding today look who hops aboard this O'Neill three year old filly - Flavien Prat - filly only cost $110K as a two year old so the drop into a MC100/80K (6 lbs off for entering for 80K) is not much of a concern......both lifetime dirt races look good vs. today's competition

2  Ginja   another dropping to aid her chances of getting to the circle of joy.......she only went for $60K at sale so like our top choice it doesn't bother me that this Baffert three year filly is up for $100K today

5  Queen of Arendell

6  Caparegime


race 8    below average clarity

5  Trina   on the improve with each and every race since Wong claimed........mare has only been on conventional dirt and the effort run at Lrc is better than it appears in that Wong is using Cedillo as he knows the jock well from the riders prowess in N Cal........trainer is dynamite at getting a given horse to get back to back wins and this five year old won her latest at GG

3  Liberalism   Koriner is awfully good at getting a "fresh" speed horse to fire a strong race off of a long are solid for her 1st race since 21 August.......speed rider who won two yesterday in Maldonado up........all systems seem to be "go"

8  Little Grazen

2  Little Miss Ellie

9  Homehome


race 9    average clarity

6  Uncaged Kitty   Peter Miller three year old filly put in back to back solid 5F gate works (especially considering the given level of racing) to finish her a.m. preparation for her MC50K debut.......that and mom has tossed 4 winners from 4 starters and one of them was also a Stakes winner........trainer is an impressive 18% with debuting MCs

3  Chiquita Piquita   total turf tightening gimme in this girl's debut........and the Cassidy three year filly old sure appears to have muscled up from the race as she just popped a strong 47H bullet work since the race...........should be a price

2  My Tigress

1  Life's Emotions

8  Saturday Heist


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Santa Anita for Saturday 10 April 2021

Kentucky Derby Day and our full card selections for Churchill Downs is only 3 weeks away. In a few days you will see our discounted price which will be available for four days only at a $6 savings.

Turf course gets a break this weekend as all 18 races are on the dirt. OK card today and at first glance Sunday's is even better.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Littlebitamedal   last two wins were run in his last race and 5 back and were the only two times that the hottest jock around in Flavien Prat rode and both efforts/figs fit well in this spot.......four year old gelding beat our 3rd selection in this race rather handedly when they faced each other on 13 March

5  Handsome Cat   gelding should get a nice stalk position behind our 3rd selection who will likely be on the recent 5F workout hints he is feeling good........jock upgrade (at least for a dirt sprint where Gonzalez is at his best)

4  Posterize


race 2    average clarity

3  Lone Scout   trainer had a very good go of it last week and might keep the ball rolling with this colt who just popped a strong effort in his 2nd lifetime start and 1st at a route albeit a turf route.......but his pedigree is just fine for the dirt and if he fires a similar race as his latest and gets a better trip (broke slow, ran somewhat wide and was bumped a little in the stretch) he will be tough in this spot

2  Phantom Dance   another who appears to be a contender if he can race as well on the conventional dirt as he has on the turf or the synthetic.......trainer has been firing on all cylinders for the entire SA meeting so odds are this four year old will handle his first on the "real dirt".....trainer & rider are 2 for 6 with 2 others in the money with 6 starts over the last 2 months

5  Papale


race 3    average clarity

4  Luckys Last Stand   great spot to utilize his speed unless the one horse (a first time starter) has some........last fits decently but he appears sharper in the a.m. hinting his 1st to date racing off of short rest will be his best to date

5  Gordy's Boy   seems like an overdue drop into MC50K.......the drop should help as should putting the blinkers on after being off for two races with little response to the change........both lifetime sprint races with the blinkers on fit decently jock in Baze today as it appears Pereira took our top pick over this colt

2  Gerlach's


race 4    below average clarity

3  Chollima   four year old filly has a good history when she has early contact to the front end of things and she should get that here.........that and she is (2 1 1 0) at today's 6F distance........trainer Lorenzo Ruiz has had a decent SA meeting and he might add to his 16% win total this afternoon

2  Bella Renella   filly is on the improve as is her rider Kent Desormeaux who is breaking out of quite the slump.......sure would be nice if the jock who can ride with the best of them (when he is "right") keeps improving

6  Your Royal Coil


race 5    above average clarity

5  Prince Magician   big race 6F turf to 6F dirt two races back running an effort/fig that appears awfully solid considering today's lower mile turf race in last and 5 1/2F dirt today......and with one significant rider upgrade from a jock who is ice cold to one that is not......hard not to like

2  Moon Mischief   Sadler colt was beaten by our top selection in his latest but he earned the same Santucci fig........and like our top choice he also gets a jock change for the better from an average one to the meetings runaway leader in Prat........another hard not to like

3  Stir the Pot


race 6    average clarity

1  Exaulted  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  on the improve with each and every start and he has shown that he can handle the somewhat specialty distance of 7F with and easy win in an alw nw race (same level as today) & a 3rd place finish in a Grade 2 missing 2nd by a nose........Smith wisely stays put as this four year old colt who continues to train like a happy healthy individual

4  Colt Fiction   lifetime best was run 3rd out following a layoff.......same scenario for this afternoon's of Bill Spawr's stronger stats is - you guessed it - 3rd out after a layoff.........gelding is consistent and acts as if 7F will be a good fit.......we shall see if that is so about 3:30 p.m. pacific

3  Howbeit   


race 7    average clarity

2  Conquest Cobra    elder statesman here for sure but 49 lifetime races for a nine year old is a very reasonable number and this is only his 3rd race of 2021.......gelding steps up two levels and retains Prat.......if he fires his latest race he should be a major factor in the outcome of this race.......the fact Belvoir steps a nine year old up so much hints he is doing great

4  Causeididitmyway   six year old gelding has a decent history at today's one mile dirt distance (8 3 1 1) and he should get very good position for Desormeaux likely on or near the lead in what should a reasonable set of fractions.......that and one of the trainer's better stats is with "claiming race repeaters"

1  Contagion


race 8    below average clarity

7  Bold Endeavor  capable on or off of the pace and that should come in handy here for top jock Prat as he can take back some in a race that should yield some hot fractions.........Glatt has done a great job of improving this gelding as his 2nd and 3rd races since he claimed this five year old are very solid......hard not to like

3  Charlito   apprentice rider Jessica Pyfer has done a nice job riding this horse for Richard Mandella who is having a fabulous meeting (50 13 7 7)........recent a.m. work is quite a bit better and that bodes well for this fellow's chances of handling the step up of one allowance level.......hard not seeing this five year old not making a good account of himself here

2  Lambeau

4  Ekklesia

1  Taishan


race 9    below average clarity

4  Lulu D' Oro   nice awakening in her 2nd lifetime start with the blinkers going on for the 1st time.........and the strength of the effort is disguised some as this filly dueled on a dull inside on 5 March at SA........3 reassuring works since the race.......hard not to like

7  Medusa's Gaze   3 of 4 races since going on Lasix fit well in this spot.......filly should finish well today coming off a 7F sprint........trainer Kristin Mulhall is quietly having a nice SA meeting and she seemingly has a shot at increasing her 18% win percentage this afternoon

1  Big Al's Princess

9  Kind But She Lies

3  Best of Show

5  Ensleys Dream




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Santa Anita for Sunday 4 April 2021

Happy Easter and best of luck as always!!!


race 1    average clarity

6  Square Root   last two races are better than they appear in print.......gelding owns good early speed and gets one significant rider upgrade for a grass race.......good rider/trainer combo in Rispoli/O'Neill

5  Queen's Code  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  both lifetime turf sprints fit well in this spot and J J Hernandez stays put......solid grass jock should get a nice stalk position in a race without that much speed signed up

1  Racetrackers

3  Zero Down

8  Storm Seeker


race 2    above average clarity

1  Gamine   very special filly from the Baffert barn has won her 4 one turn races by 6, 18, 7 & 6 lengths thus 1 the 9 morning line

2  Qahira    Baffert filly will need quite the forward move to upset her barn least she gets to run at a distance where she is a perfect 2 for 2


race 3    below average clarity

2  Kalon    trainer/rider teamed up to win the Santa Anita Derby yesterday and Rispoli & Sadler have been a solid team for the SA meeting.........late running turf sprinter should like the 6 1/2F distance and the small field to negotiate........solid recent a.m. work......rather sure this filly will be closing fast

5  Honey Jar   significant rider switch (upgrade) especially for a grass race for this Mike McCarthy 2nd time starter......that and the trainer is better with 2nd time starters than 1st.......hard not to like

4  Brooklyns Best


race 4    below average clarity

3  See You At the Top   rider upgrade (other jock is 1 for 78) to Desormeaux who is breaking out of a slump.........nice set of preparatory works for this 2nd time starter who ran a decent effort in his MC debut which was also at one mile.........1st time Lasix........trainer is quietly having one of his better SA meetings......should be a handsome price

6  Simmer Down   two consecutive strong one mile dirt races in a why 2nd selection you might ask? - the pace was fast in both and she hasn't put in a drill since her latest so I am a touch leery she won't be up for a 3rd strong effort......but if I am all wet about my "leeriness" she likely wins this race

2  Esja 

7  Avisse


race 5    below average clarity

1  Hot Rageous   both lifetime races on the AW at GG a solid trainer in Peter Miller who sees fit to race this filly on the grass today and why not as this youngster is sired by a hot new sire of turf runners in Idiot Proof.......and look who wants the mount.......Prat

6  Squared Shady   back where she belongs as in vs. Cal-Breds........that and she gets to race on Lasix today and the two times that she has raced with Lasix she ran her best two lifetime efforts

2  Respectfully


race 6    average clarity

4  Kirsch Truffle   five year old mare has been away from the game since 19 July 2020 but she returns with a prolonged work regiment that hints she is meant and ready to roll........and if she is her last three races run at 5F or 6F sure appear solid vs. this field

3  Uno Trouble Maker   solid history racing at The Great Race Place (15 7 1 3) and all 8 of her lifetime wins have come at today's 6F usual this mare should be forwardly placed in the early stages and might not quit too easily with the 7 lbs bug boy up in Centeno who is by far at his best in sprint dirt races

1  Brilliant Bird

5  Zelaia

8  Todos Santos


race 7    average clarity

1  Moonhall Milly   filly has steadily improved for Leonard Powell since arriving in the U S of A.......and considering he goes from Flores (who never wins on the turf) to Rispoli one can conclude he will fire his best ever today if of course he handles his 1st racing as far as 10F.......pedigree for it is good

2  On Mars   very consistent sort and Mike Smith who is the regular rider for this filly shows up to ride on a Holiday to ride one mount......mostly made 2nd pick as like our top choice this is the longest race this gal has ever run but unlike our top pick her pedigree to handle the distance is questionable

6  Rocking Redhead

5  Lucky Peridot


race 8    average clarity

3  Majestic Gigi   speed of the speed for this laid up Palma filly making her 1st start in 5 1/2 months.......her work tab is the best preparatory set of drills for the trainer in many a moon.....trainer has been in a slump and seems overdue.....dangerous sort

1  Paid Informant   blinkers on........Prat on....... who last rode this filly in late August and owns the only lifetime win for this four year old........Flavien might get a great trip stalking a potential duel between our top and 3rd this girl's chances if that scenario comes to fruition

2  Kelani Kim


race 9    below average clarity

8  Wishtheyallcouldbe   both lifetime races were on the dirt and very solid for today's level........and her route and turf pedigree is good especially so for a Cal-bred.......that and those that have raced on the grass in this affair are nothing to write home about

5  Aristeia   quite the move forward 1st time on Lasix.......cuts back in distance a full quarter mile so her endurance might be quite good come stretch time......1 for 77 jock up and that win was on the dirt or might have made top choice

6  Pistachio Princess

3  Ultimate Hy

7  Flew South





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Santa Anita for Saturday 3 April 2021

Mandatory payout of the 20 cent pick 6 at Santa Anita today for Derby Day. The pool is estimated to exceed $5,000,000 and starts in race 7. The race card is first class and I hope my handicapping turns out to be the same.

Best of luck as always!!


race 1    average clarity

1  Undisturbed   new trainer in Dean Pederson for this filly who has been absent for 13 months........and Dean sure seems to have the trump card for this filly as her a.m. work is vastly improved.........look for Tyler Baze to go after the front end and try and wire the field

2  Cinnte Winnte   Patrick Gallagher is decent with Euro invaders making their 1st start in the USA and this girl's lone start overseas in Ireland appears to  be a solid effort on the turf and at today's one mile distance.......good grass jock in Rispoli and the only two mounts that Umberto has had for the trainer over the last two months were very "live"

8  Crazy Speigty

7  Lookintogeteven

5  Lady Crocker


race 2    average clarity

4  Zestful   last two races are quite a bit better than par for today's given level when you adjust for trip......cut back in distance should help his staying power........and he appears to be the most likely leader and with Maldonado up.......that is always a very dangerous proposition for the opposition

1  Pubilius Syrus   (5 4 1 0) since switching to dirt racing and 4 of the races were with today's rider J J Hernandez in the irons......late runner is a smooth running sort who seems to handle dirt in his face very well......six year old should be on the scene late

6  Kershaw

3  King Abner


race 3    average clarity

2  I Will Not   very solid figs in his last 4 races albeit on the dirt but his lone USA grass race was a 5 1/2F turf race that also fits well vs. today's competition..........Gutierrez should work out a nice ground saving near the front end of things trip in a race likely to reward those that do

5  Took Charge   average turf pedigree for this Miller invader coming in from the east coast where he was trained by a 19% trainer (Miller for 20/21 is a 20% trainer).....if this colt does handle the green carpet he should be in a great spot as he appears to be the lone speed in the field

7  City Rage

4  Best Chance


race 4    average clarity

5  Bobby Bo  three year old colt is training exceptionally well for his MSW debut even be the lofty standards of a Baffert horse......that and Prat gets the call and Flavien has won his last 6 of 8 mounts for the world's best trainer with three year old colts

7  Patron d'Oro   trainer is much better with 2nd time starters than 1st time starters and Koriner sure has gotten his colt to train well since his MSW debut where he showed brilliant speed but tired in the stretch.......believe this three year old with plenty of early gas won't quit so easily today


4  Laurel River


race 5    average clarity

6  Closing Remarks   difficult to separate our top three picks but this filly seems best on the Santa Anita turf and retains Rispoli who has given this filly good rides in 3 of his 4 races riding her........1st racing as far as 9F but she sure has finished her last two 8F races with vigor

4  Going Global   beat our top selection in her latest race but earned the same Santucci fig.......and today she carries 4 lbs more while our top pick carries the same weight..........but then again Prat is 8 for his last 20 riding for the D' let me repeat that it is difficult to separate our top three picks

2  Quattroelle

5  Royal Address


race 6    average clarity

1  Moraz   talk about being on the right end of the learning curve......filly just keeps improving and she likely only has to repeat her latest to be quite formidable here.....and of course her upward trend has a shot of continuing.......trainer has had a chilly meeting but this filly has been a bright spot for him

3  Soothsay   thru the years Mandella has been outstanding with young fillies and he just might have another good one here with this three year old who was impressive in her MSW debut and even more so in the a.m. since......and the fact that the red hot high in demand Prat stays put reinforces the idea this one is ready for today's big step up in class

5  Beautiful Gift


race 7    average clarity

7  Rip City   quite the individual as a four year old (6 4 2 0) and all of the efforts were run in one mile grass races..........1st to date racing at 9F of turf.........sire's stats are so so for 9F but the Dam's sire screams the longer the better......that and this gelding should get great up close position in a race that seemingly favors those that do and with Mario Gutierrez up who was aboard for all 6 of the aforementioned 2021 turf races

2  Club Aspen   like on top pick this colt should sit on or near the lead and with one fine jock in John Velasquez who is so tough with speed types route or sprint........four year old has only raced on the turf at 9F and the race is arguably his lifetime best

8  Coast of Roan

3  Storm the Bastille

4  Motown Music


race 8    average clarity

7  Medina Spirit   best credentials in this field by far and his works since his 2nd place finish in a Grade 2 have never been usual this Baffert youngster should be in the mix from the get go........Johnny V coming in for the mount......hard not seeing this colt being anything but tough

9  The Great One   bombed in his latest race but his efforts 2 and 3 back give him some shot at upsetting our top choice........I doubt O'Neill would enter this three year old colt in this prestigious Garde 1 if he didn't believe his colt could mount a rebound

2  Dream Shake

6  Ottothelegend

10  Defunded


race 9    average clarity

4  Warren's Showtime  ultra consistent Cal-bred and especially so on the SA turf (10 5 1 4)........fell off slightly in her latest race but her previous 4 one mile grass races are very strong and the one on 27 December is disguised in it's strength by about 5L of trip adjustment......should be a decent price

3  Charmaine's Mia  The D'A is awfully good at getting a turf sprinter to handle a two turn one mile turf race for the 1st time in their career and he sure showed it in this mare's latest winning a Grade 2 at today's one mile turf distance........five year old mare has run her two lifetime best figs since D'Amato took over as the trainer.......Prat wisely stays put.......she is proven running well without Lasix ........plenty to like

1  Dogtag

6  Laura's Light

5  Raymundos Secret


race 10    average clarity

5  Becca Taylor   last race run fits well at today's higher level of racing and today we get a monumental jock upgrade to the hottest jock around in Prat.......1st racing as far as 6 1/2F but the way she has been finishing her races suggests the added 1/16 will be a plus

6  Dylan's Wild Cat   needs her race 3 back and her a.m. work of late hints we will see for one with today's jock Gutierrez up........Mario should get position stalking the lead.......6 1/2 furlongs should be a good fit

1  Governor Goteven

4  Maybe I Will

9  Pray for My Owner


race 11    below average clarity

4  A New Peace  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  tepid top pick is improving with each and every race and if that can continue this afternoon 1st following the Knapp claim she should have a shot at overcoming today's significant step up in since Steve Knapp took over are nicely improved hinting that the trainer has a handle on his new acquisition (Miller to Knapp you say - both stand at 17% win for the SA meeting)

6  Applecross   last two races hide this one's ability as two different low percentage turf jocks sat too far off lackluster fractions in both races.........back to Johnny V who rode her race 3 back.........and her fig earned in the race is about 3 lengths better than par for today's level

9  Nice Ice

12  Quiet Secretary

3  Cassie Belle


race 12    average clarity

3  The Chosen Vron   both lifetime races fit and are disguised in their strength.......three year old gelding was inside with pace on two days where the rail was dull which is rather surface has been fair for quite awhile now and Smith stays put......won his only race at 6 1/2F by 7L and it was his MSW debut........hard not to like with money Mike Smith in the saddle

7  Good With People   believe this colt to be the speed of the speed.........three year old is (5 3 2 0) in sprint races restricted the Cal-breds........J J Hernandez is one nice jock and especially so in dirt sprint races......hard not like

2  Letsgetlucky

4  None Above the Law

11  Mister Bold

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Santa Anita for Friday 2 April 2021

Great 12 race card for Derby Day at Santa Anita tomorrow.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  So Much Happy   five year old mare really got "speed crazy" in her latest race which was a 6 1/2F turf sprint where she cut out fractions of 20:3 & 43 flat.......blinkers off today to slow her down in the early stages of this one mile grass race.......and 1st time speed jock Maldonado

4  Goodtingscominpink   might be a good claim by O'Neill and company of a mare who just popped her lifetime best........3 reassuring works since the 26 Feb claim.......stout jock Hernandez rides thru the claim.......five year old mare should be flying late

1  Gallantlystreaming

3  Pushing Sixty

2  Sugar Pickel


race 2    average clarity

4  Betito   on the improve with each and every start in 2021 and all since Cedillo got the mount back.......and Abel was aboard for one of five starts in 2020 and it was the best effort of the five for this Mulhall gelding and it was also this fellows maiden debut.........last fits awfully well and if his uptrend continues today he will be especially tough if he handles his 1st career route

2  Twirling Derby   gelding seems best when he runs wide which makes life rather difficult when it comes to winning......but how wide can he go today with only five foes to contend with......trainer is 0 for 24 and the jock is 5 for 115 so far at the SA meeting.......hopefully one of them knows how to get to the winners circle if it comes to that

6  Johan Zoffani


race 3    below average clarity

3  Reedley   five year old has spend way too much time racing on the grass where he is (8 1 1 0) especially considering he is (5 1 3 0) on the dirt........and he is also suited to today's dirt distance of 6F as in a win and two 2nd's in three starts.......Maldonado likely will attempt to get loose and wire

7  Rickey B   nice history since Lorenzo Ruiz took over the training and saw fit to put the blinkers on this five year old......Cedillo gets the call and when he does for Ruiz his mounts for the most part have been live ones

2  Afternoon Heat

1  Jan's Reserve

5  Black Storm


race 4    average clarity

7  Restless Rambler   never crazy about apprentice riders on the turf until they prove they can handle it and Centeno is one for his last 50 on the turf.......but.........he should stay out of trouble as he is on a very good gate horse who also happens to have the best early gas in the field.......eight year old sure seems to have muscled up coming off of his 1st turf race in a year as he just popped a nice 4F bullet work.........and Glatt enters for 28K to get 4 lbs off and so the 7 lbs bug boy gets in at 111 lbs.......such a deal

3  Italiano   O'Neill might have the trump card for this six year old as his a.m. work is vastly improved since Doug claimed him on 13 Feb.......rather sure this six year makes a good account of himself this afternoon

1  Alleva

5  Castle

10 AE  Facts Matter

8  Blackout


race 5    average clarity

7  Traffic Stopper   history with the blinkers off (4 of his 9 lifetime races) for this four year old filly is rather good and she just fired her lifetime best 1st out with Puype as her trainer.......and outside of our 2nd pick she sure has caught a soft looking bunch of cheap conditioned claiming foes giving her a shot at getting back to back wins........Pratt (6 for his last 9 riding for Puype) remains up to enhance her chances

1  Bella Renella   last three races for this filly fit very well at today's level........low percentage trainer in Deleon and a struggling ex-superstar jock in Desormeaux up.......Kent did get his 2nd & 3rd wins last Friday so maybe he is getting his act together.......if he is and this filly holds form he has a shot at win number 4 this afternoon

3  Queen Stormborn

5  Exchange Vows

6  Secret Maneuver


race 6    average clarity

6  Equal Measure   almost all of this mare's distance turf races on firm turf stand out here.......that and Hess has wisely had her ready to roll each team he risks her running for a tag......hard not to like

7  Gallovie   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE best early speed in the race and Prat stays put following a turf sprint that should set this mare up nicely for today's one mile turf race......five year old seems the most likely to grab the front end but she seems capable of winning without it as well

1  Sabinos Pride

3  Saburai


race 7    average clarity

2  Crystal Ball   Baffert filly has been laid up since August but she is working extremely well for Bob even for his very lofty standards.......Prat will likely go after the front end and attempt to hold off all challengers

5  Pharoah's Heart   very good MSW debut and even a better 2nd start for this Mark Glatt four year old filly........sprint-sprint-route scenario for today's 3rd start and gets John Velazquez to ride.......filly has a solid pedigree to handle the two turns and Glatt has had a nice Santa Anita meeting but he is only 2 for his last 47 "1st at a route" is enough to make him 2nd choice

4  This Tea


race 8    average clarity

5  Nerves of Steel  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  Prat/Miller with a gelding coming off a better than par effort 2nd place finish (with a 5L gap to 3rd) in the 13 March version of this 6F turf race for the MC50K level.........same good trip and he should graduate

3  McWherter  three of his four lifetime races fit decently for today's MC50K level and today this gelding gets a significant rider upgrade especially for a grass race.......dangerous sort

6  Union Bliss

2  June Gloom

4  Nazare



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