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Santa Anita for 11 Feb 2010

Handicappers Corner

Welcome to our new website. We think you will find our new easy to read format quite useful whether you print our publication or view our selections right on your monitor.

Race 1 and 8 have below average visibility.  Races 2, 3, 6 have above average visibility. Races 4, 5, 7 have average visibility.

Recommended pick 3 part wheel starts in race 5  2,3,4,7 /4,5,6,7/2,5,7  48 bets

Race 1

4  Medaglia D'amour   barn is having a solid SA meeting and has this laid up filly all cranked up for her turf debut......well bred for the grass and route racing

7  Unknown Heat   very competitive filly on the grass since the blinkers were removed

5  Alice   horrid trip in MSW debut last Summer losing about 7 or 8 lengths....strong work tab and decent grass breeding...5 year old so why waste time...doubt a gimme

1  Irish Torrent   last effort on the grass last Summer was solid....last run on the AW in Dec 09 was his best on the synthetic...seems to be coming around

Race 2

6  Tale The Truth   solid pace in a duel that was after a 2 year hiatus from the racetrack...a ton if moves forward at all

7  Brayden Buddy   nice move forward in 2nd lifetime race for the red hot as he's been in a long time Cerin barn....move forward likely

10  Warren's Big Eagle   1st timer has a strong enough work tab to consider ready in his maiden debut

5  Steel Blue   barn has been cold for quite some time but has a very solid history 2nd out after the layoff...last years SA races fit at this level

Race 3

3  Dance With Gable   proven in grass sprints including 1 for 1 on the SA hill course....very reliable trainer when he works strongly and he sure has put some nice drills into this one

8  Mr. Bossy Pants   small but stout barn has this one sharp off some solid bullet drills...Solis is 3 for 3 on this 4 year old

5  Lease On Life   prolonged work tab appears to have this 1st timethe Mitchell barn wound up and ready...router is 1st time sprinting but seemingly gets plenty of pace to fire into

7  Gothic Samurai   3 good route grass races in the USA and won a turf sprint overseas...Gomez knows horse well

Race 4

2  Screaming Destiny   chased a very fast pace on opening day at SA on a suspect rail and rightfully tired.....major league rider change...can be prominent thru-out  

8  Golden Itiz   Ellis seems to be awakening and this well bred colt has a morning work tab that suggests he's ready and well meant in his MSW debut

3  Canthavehim   good chance his MSW debut on the grass was the tuneup to be full throttle in 2nd lifetime run.....barn's history supports this

7  Colonel Mustard   works seem good enough to consider ready in this colt's racing debut

Race 5

3  John Eli   made quite the move forward last year AW to turf in his only grass run to date......just ran best AW race of racing logic says best ever back on the sod today 

4  Red Door Drive   competitive sort has some big back numbers on Top Turf Today.....would have been top pick if it wasn't for tendency to hang

7  Wolfgang   barn is good 2nd time on the grass and 2 sprints after the layoff should have this gelding  more then fit for his 1st grass route race...sure preferred routes over sprints on the synthetic last year

2  Afleet Magic   1st woke up with the blinkers on...then ran even better 1st long on the main track.....1st time on the grass (long) today

Race 6

7  Big Man Has A Sign   earned a strong MSW fig in his debut stalking a strong pace.....7weeks off but training as well as ever

6 Imperial Pride   hot trainer/rider combo...this colt just missed in his MSW debut...and could have won if not blocked some...barn is usually even better with 2nd time starters

4  Beachrock   1ster consistently shows solid drills (not stellar just good)....this consistency suggests we can count on him preforming competitively in his debut

5  Sarbonne   inexpensive 1ster especially considered the owners/trainer sure is training like he is a bargain...bred to be a good are up to snuff

Race 7

7  Sandy Cheeks   strong impressive bad trip route race in last and training exceptionally well for a guy like Abrams....back to a sprint where she has two out of three wins

5  Seriously   all three lifetime races at today's distance are her 3 best lifetime races

2  Church Camp   won for fun in her MSW debut at Churchill....3 months off but the new barn appears to have her all wound up and ready to go

Race 8

1  Paloma's Flight   seems to greatly appreciate the Pro-ride racing surface...shot to repeat

10  Recess   very steady performer was just claimed...would have been top choice but I am a bit concerned about the lack of work put into her by the new barn

9  Hot 'N' Lacey   here's your horse on the lead with a rider who does his best riding with lead type runners

5  Pokomoke   down down down the claiming latter and now she's hit do suggest she's still healthy enough

3  Red Alarm   last was the sprint gimme to fire her best back at a route today

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