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Hollywood for Monday 5 July 2010


Handicappers Corner

1st race 4 bet pick 4 part wheel recomemded  2,5 / 3 / 1,3 / 3

6th race 21 bet pick 3 part wheel recommended  1,5,6,7,8,9,12 / 2,4,5 / 6


race 1    slightly above average clarity

2  Tuba Man   exits a very fast heat and takes a slight drop...small but capable barn is having a good Hollywood meeting...does well with drop downs

5  Uncle Greg   decent figs for this gelding but was beaten ny our top pick in his last....but....then again we get a switch to the sizzling hot Rosario

3  Alley Honcho   long layoff after the claim but goes from a 4% win trainer to a 28% win trainer for 2010


race 2    average clarity

3  Apt To Be Amazing   very olid figs making this logical drop into 25K claiming....good chance last was nothing more than a sprint tune-up for today

2  Sunny Peace   good shot for a rebound from this mare.....her best distance is today's 1 mile distance.....and back to T C Baze who seems to get the most out of this mare

5  Attar Of Rose   looking for her effort/fig (a winning effort) two races back....solid series of drills suggest we will see it 


race 3    slightly above average clarity

1  Fund Raiser   like so many of Baffert horse's this Hol meeting this filly popped her best and best by far.....tough post but sure looks like lone speed in here

3  Silver Sallow   loves Hollywood and 1 for 1 at the distance....long hiatus from racing but she is well proven as a fresh animal and a strong work tab supports this


race 4    slightly above average clarity

3  Squallcreek   rd hot Mitchell takes a logical drop with this gelding after getting only small 4 5th place checks since he claimed

6  Joe Carl   down down down the claiming ladder but freshened up and gets the hottest rider on the grounds

2  Skippy Due   small drop and weight off may awaken


race 5    average clarity

9  Laura Beasley   after 2 vet scratches a very big run in last and not against state breds

4  Nashoba's Excess   highly touted animal only ran so so but has brilliant grass breeding and trains like a good animal

1  Favoloso   on the improve and now get the hot jock

6  Donner Wasser   been flatten some at 1 1/16 on the grass....1 mile seems like a better fit


race 6    below average clarity

9  Deputy Flyer   running into shape and gets a positiverider switch...good shot at the upst with one more forward move

5  Major Smoke   solid figs but tends to hang

7  Smokenomore   looking for his race effort 3 back that would crush this bunch even with an average trip

12  Fortunate Victory    deep closer appears to like 7F......same jock up who won with gelding 3 races back


race 7    slightly above average clarity

2  Red Eye Express    bit of a clunker in last but his race 2 back wins this.....blinkers on....Rosario on...major focus today

5  Diferentkindofgreat   not much more to say than 6 starts on the AW have resulted in  4 wins & 2 2nds

4  Turf And Sky   moved forward 2nd after the layoff and last Fall's hitory says he will move forward again today


race 8   above average clarity

6  J P's Gusto    fabulous race winning small Stakes in last and impressively has been able to drill hard since....should win unless bucks shins or something

8  Western Mood   solid MSW debut win an a bullet work since...should show even more today

3  Minutesandtouches   close up 4th in small GG Stakes with not the best f trips....strong bullet drill since

4  River's Chapel   3 decent lifetime races....will need more to compete for the top prize


race 9     avergae clarity

4  Alienation   another Baff 1ster training like a runner....excellent turf pedigree...won the male version of this yesterday

7  Cayanna   solid effort on the AW in last the 1st time in her new barn....a French dad and a GB mom...should handle the lawn

5  Biz Tiz   another 1ster training up to snuff and gets the sizzling hot Rosario to ride....bred decently for the sod

2  Pedaltothemedal   hot start for a new sire with turf runners...trains like his name suggests...early speed

1  Easy On My Mind   so so grass breeding but a good post at 5F and training as if prepared well enough for her debut


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