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Del Mar for Wednesday 21 July 2010


Handicappers Corner

I am sorry to say our family suddenly lost a loved one yesterday. A wonderful mother to my lovely wife. (and myself)  I have a very difficult week ahead of me but hopefully I can keep from being too distracted as far as the Del Mar selections are concerned.  There may not be any comments this week to go along with our selections. Thanks for your understanding.

Today's card was rather difficult to decipher. Also, last year at Del Mar the track had a somewhat outside bias the 1st couple of weeks. You might want to take it easy at the windows.    


Best looking pick 3rd part wheel sequence appears to be in the 8th race


8th race pick 3  1,3,6,7 with 1,2,3,5,9,10 with 1,2,8    72 bets


race 1    below average clarity

7  North Fork

1  Joe Carl

6  No Dream


rae 2    average clarity

6  Carbon Hoofprint

2  Silent Soul

4  Racketeer


race 3    below average clarity

2  Squeeze Me Tight

3  Stevie's Afleet

1  Sky Marni


race 4    average clarity

4  Tiz Smoke Tiz Fire

5  Shredder

6  Madaboutyou

2  Diva Gone Wild


race 5    average clarity

3  Derive

6  Premier Cru

5  In The Paint


race 6    average clarity

4  Gripsholm Castle

8  Ruffled Feathers

5  Oui Say Oui

7  Bran Jammas


race 7    average clarity

3  Mama Bouche

5  Go On Babe

2  Roman Chic

9  Wooden Sky


race 8    above average clarity

6  Macias

3  Twirling Candy

7  Domonation

1  Face And An Ace


race 9    below average clarity

5  Lucky Fitz

9  Island Run

1  Spectacular Slew

3  Total Sum


race 10    average clarity

8  Bigmikeistheman

1,1a  Entry

2  J J Minister

10  Jakesam

11  Certainly Certain 






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