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Fairplex for Saturday 11 September 2010


If it is not one thing it is another. Rich has been cut off from the online world as Comcast has decided to single out his home to lose service. He is going to try to get back online before tomorrow's race but as a fail safe, he has called me and asked me to post his selections for Saturday 11 September. These are Rich's selections, I am just posting them for him.

Brian Stoiber
Technical Guru



Race 1 (Average Clarity)

6 Leslie Rules   capable of significant pace...loose with Pedroza
8 Warren's Goodness
2 Mysterious Cargo
4 Our LIttle Kitty


Race 2 (Average Clarity)

6 Night Justice   broke 5 slow then ran well. ...clean trip can win this
10 Olympic Magic
3 South of the Equator
2 Smokin Mojo


Race 3 (Average Clarity)

5 Our Road Scholar   catches the softest field he's seen in some time
4 Tuscan Chianti


Race 4 (Average Clarity)

6 Patty Come Home   solid speed....4F.....Pedroza...solid preparatory drills
5 Barbary Coast Girl
2 Love To Shop
9 Nillie N Marie


Race 5  (Average Clarity)

3 Bubsy    sharp sharp drill for today's race....colt likes Fairplex
7 South Defense  
4 Halo's Law
9 Laserbeam Jackson


Race 6  (Slightly Above Average Clarity)

1 Obsess   dueled in a fast 1/4 on a dull inside and tired in last...can wire at 4F
7 Absolute Magnitude
6 Teho Jules
8 Mister Deez


Race 7 (Average Clarity)

3 Squeeze Me Tight   classic Mike Mitchell drop to score
6 Suanzes de Espana
4 Molly McFast
2 Our Trick Or Treat


Race 8 (Average Clarity)

7 K K's Bro   only race on "real" dirt was easily his gate drill at Fpx
4 Decarchy Fever
2 Beau Cheval
5 Storm With Class


Race 9 (Average Clarity)

3 First Queen   back quick and down a notch is a good move often with O'Neill
7 Sanit's Crown
1 Tokomoke

8 Restess

Race 10  (Slightly Above Average Clarity)

2 Warren's Flyer  big pace and final time in las, repeat effort makes him tough
1 Wild And Gottaway
5 Enz Rachel
6 Jenny Jeny Emily


Race 11 (Average Clarity)

3 U R All That I Am   has been facing much better...dirt is a small question mark
1 Initial Impression
4 U Turn Me Crazy

Race 12 (Average Clarity)

7 Single Shot   on the correct end of the learning curve and competitive
9 High Card Gambler
6 Kim's Leading Man
1 Salah Salah

5 Oly's Offspring


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