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Hollywood for Friday night 1 July 2011


Card is decent tonight and let's hope that will be the case all 4th of July weekend. Plenty of races to handicap this weekend so you might see more abbreviated comments for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.


race 1    slightly below average clarity

3  Elvies Lane   not too bad an effort 1st ever at a route for this filly....trainer often shows much more 2nd time long especially when it is the very next race

4  Ellafitz   very good history on or near the lead and should get that desired position here

5  Berg Bahn   both races run on the AW overseas were decent efforts in 250K Hcp races....should be nicely legged up coming off a grass race...can be flying late down the mountain like a German freight train....Sprechen Sie Deutsch?


race 2    average clarity

7  Savy Smiles   Kathy Walsh is rather reliable when a MC 1ster trains nicely like this girl is training

4  Silverport   Kayla Stra gets a bone here (no pun intended) from O'Neill as this 1st timer 1st training like a ready to roll baby

5  Cross The River   slowly improving and needs the trend to continue.....Sherlock is quietly having a good meeting including his younger stock

8  Beautiful Strike   horse to beat if repeats debut or improves but I am a bit leery of the 12 June vet scr and only 1 work showing since she debuted on 29 May...toss a coin


race 3    average clarity

7  Rosehill Dew     pedigree suggests that this filly should love the extra 1/2 furlong to get up in time from off of the pace....nice preparatory drills as well

3  Skipton Creek   on the right end of the learning curve and also should appreciate the added distance

1  True Way Of Grace   last was poor and we need a rebound to her run 3 races hint that we might get that needed rebound


race 4    average clarity

4  Doughboy   back to Gomez and probably back to his strong effort 2 races back....solid trainer/rider combo of late

6  Aragon Sword   solid somewhat hidden effort in last running a bit wide with solid pace....better trip and the same energy in a sprint can be highly competitive here

2  Omega Storm   solid layoff effort in last......a move forward today and he should be as tough as anyone in here today

3  Spicy Beau   weak history the last few years with 1sters but Art Sherman may break the mold here because this baby sure is training well for a 30K maiden claimer


race 5    above average clarity

5  Fire Break   just claimed and training well for his new trainer....loves to stalk the leaders and highly likely to find that position in this race

6  Boulder Creek   claim back by Bacorn and he snatched back an improving sort...Quinonez has fit this horse well and gets the call today

3  Capture The Call   dangerous speed horse here might be difficult to catch if he can put away the 1 horse and get loose in semi-reasonable pace

4  Hiatus   competitive sort well need a significant step up in ability....only 11th race of career at 6 so maybe that vault forward with G Gomez guiding the way can occur


race 6    slightly above average clarity

6  Uncle Greg   solid back numbers and most of them are when Rosario rides and he is back up today

6  Bay Rush   impressive (maybe premature) sprint turn move in last and still won.......route race today but handled 2 turns on the sod OK so I doubt 2 turns on the AW will be a problem

1  Duke Of Aspen   late runner looks like a well meant sprint/route gimme go go go


race 7    average clarity

4  Advantage Player   solid front running type appreciates 5 or more weeks off and the trainer shows patience and gives it to him

2  Brown Is Beige   consistent sort and his most impressive races are the 2 times today's top jock was in the irons

3  Nice Meidel   needs to break the every other fire pattern today and do it without Rosario

6  Scarlet Starlet   few signs in her preparatory works say this laid up filly is ready but then again works aren't everything


race 8    average clarity

11  Volacious   last looks like a gimme/go for a trainer who is very tough 2nd out after a layoff

14  Tribunal   wide trip hides a decent move forward and it was off an 11th month hiatus from the track....solid here if he builds on that effort

6  Detective Poirot   just claimed by Carava and he makes a positive rider switch to his main go to guy in Rosario...should be the controlling speed in this spot

9  Hotstepper   nice race in last so why am I rating so low ? listed work in 4 weeks for Baffert isn't exactly his style

4  Big G's Dance  

1  Warren's Tommy Too 



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