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Hollywood for Sunday 10 July 2011


So So card but that is what I said Friday night and it was bombs away! Wide open race cards can send you home with a wide smile or a hanging head.   


race 1    average clarity

6  Roman Charity   broke slow and ran wide in last for a solid move in the right direction...better journey today can take this

1  Halfapondarosa   Eurton/Bejarano are the new hot team so my guess is this horse is ready fresh off the bench and fits if she is

3  Church Avenue   race lacks speed and this gal appears to have the most


race 2    average clarity

6  Hunter Creek   hard to argue with 10 for 23 at the distance...comes off a strong effort as well

4  Sir Bell   layoff drop-down sure looks ready to roll fresh with some solid drills at SA

2  Kingsville   wide with pace in latest somewhat hides a nice forward move

5  Gilligan   fell off some in last but still won.....same race is beatable even on the drop....rebound to 2 back and he is the one to overcome


race 3    average clarity

5  Red Door Drive   double barrel action from Baffert.....shot to stalk the lead and ponce....3 wins and 5 2nd's in 10 starts on the AW is impressive

1  Indian Firewater   the other Baffert horse...capable of significant pace....can lead or sit close here and doesn't give it up easily


race 4    average clarity

1  Coming Thru   only race (last race) with the blinkers off on the AW is a par like effort for today's class

5  Cook Inlet   both lifetime route races fit well in this spot...continues to work like another good effort can occur 

6  Lord Vronsky   good move forward in last in a sprint and only route race is quite a bit better than appears in sharply

4  Tommy D' Horsey   Canani is not a good 1st time trainer and his horse only lost by 1 1/2 lengths so expect more today in 2nd lifetime start


race 5    slightly above average clarity

8  Arresting Officer   both lifetime races are powerful efforts...both were fresh races....fresh today and training great for his new trainer

10  Courtside  all 3 wins were 2nd out after the this another gimme for a go at Dmr ????......powerful run in winning last....tough call

5  Jacob's Journey    nice debut win on the sod in MSW debut....good work series since....should move forward and be a factor as well in 2nd lifetime start

7  Bertran Hill   2 improved efforts since claimed and now we get a positive rider change


race 6    slightly below average clarity

5  Ubetshesroyalty    good MSW debut on the turf closing into a lack of pace....a ton if gets a better pace scenario and/or moves forward

7  Ringmistress   laid up horse is proven on the lawn and is training up to snuff to be ready fresh off of the bench

2  Stealthy    long hiatus from the track...lone race wasn't much but sure is training like a different horse this time around....good grass pedigree

9  My Hope Heart   nice ride in debut last having to overcome a difficult post.....gets another tough draw...same assignment for Espinoza


race 7    slightly below average clarity

9  Favorable   won last breaking maiden with horse in reserve...feels good running right back for the ever dangerous Mitchell

3  Abovetheinfluence   on the improve.....last fits solidly....more would be icing on the cake

7  Guiled Reward   last was good but her bad trip run 2 back was very strong and hidden....that race was her lone lifetime run at today's distance

6  Lady Lazer   solid speed horse.....Miller trains.....T C Baze up.......3 solid +'s to try and get it accomplished on the front end


race 8    slightly below average clarity

6  Muny   3 for 5 at the distance on the sod and a 43% trainer for the meet....sounds good to me

4  Hudson Landing   invader seems sharp in the a.m. and has been facing slightly better

3  Jairzihno   last looks like the gimme to drop and be at full throttle today

2  Averoo   consistent sort was just snatched at the claiming box...seems like a good sign that Bejarano sticks around to ride....would have rated higher if it wasn't for his winless record at 1 mile on the sod


race 9    average clarity

3  Coal Region Kid   way wide trip in last or crushes....Gomez will be out to make amends

10  Alex T   sat close to a stout pace and stuck around some.....a solid factor if builds on that improved effort

5  Dancing Joy   race 2 back is a par like winning run for this level....should be in the hunt from the get go

4  Sibla's Secret   84 to 1 says not all cranked up for debut.....better run today in 2nd lifetime start......decent route pedigree

1  Superten    1st timer shows some life in the morning....debut long is never an easy task to accomplish

7  Warren's Magic Man    shot for a small pie of the pie....could long-shot rider up



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