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Santa Anita for Saturday 21 January 2012


Don't like off tracks and especially studying for them. That is one of the major reasons I enjoy doing the Southern California handicapping for The Racing Digest. Meanwhile, it is time to shovel 1/2 foot of snow that fell last night. So many of you reside in California, Arizona, and Florida that I thought I would make you feel good by telling you that. Good Luck!



race 1    average clarity

4  Chinese Praise    seems to like the SA dirt track the most........2 wins and a 2nd racing at 25K or lower........runs for 12,500 today.......barn is o for 3 since they claimed.....out to cut loses today......1 for 1 on an off track

7  Stormin Proud Papa   woke up under the auspicious of his new trainer Mitchell.......wide trip in last or would have won.....same effort with a better trip makes him solid here

6  Warrens Hearthrob   consistent sort in 1 turn sprints on conventional dirt........caught 3 wide pressing a fast pace and rightfully tired as most would........better journey puts this colt in the hunt for the circle of joy

1  Mr. Collaborator   back in the Taylor barn where he rattled off 5 wins and a 2nd before being given to another conditioner for 2 races........Talyor may have the trump card for this gelding


race 2   way below average clarity

Note:  Impossible race to decipher. Only toss out is the 8 horse. So I placed the other 7 in order of preference but please keep in mind that I am only splitting hairs.

1  Babyneedsnewshoes

3  Poppy Fields

2  Strawberry Route

7  Ralphy Girl

6  Anita Margarita

9  Pool Of Fire

4  Warren's Passion

5  Glo Jack


race 3    average clarity  (picks are for the main track)   but if stays on the turf: 8-1-4-5

1  Equitana   Brz invader showed plenty of early gas in a sprint tune-up.........crushed the opposition by 9+ lengths in mud in Brz the  last time he ran on an off track......and unlike sunny Cal this mare most likely trained on off tracks quite often in Brazil....still like 1st going long in the U S of A even if the race comes up "fast"

4  Burg Berg    also had a sprint prep and should be fit and ready to go long.......pedigree should be OK if the track comes up sloppy

2  Pick And Pray   very sharp right now.......better than it appears on paper..........2 for 2 on off tracks

7  Vamo A Galupiar   stout CHI mare bombed last year for Drysdale......deserves another shot


race 4    average clarity

9  Pulpit's Express   rotten trip in his mc debut for this Mitchell charge.......broke slow ran 3 wide and was blocked a little in the stretch.......small drop and a new jock to get the job done......Mitchell wins at a very high % with 2nd time starters

10  Best Be Gone   Vann Belvoir continues to prove he belongs on the S Cal racing scene......he wins with about 1 out of every 3 1st starters and that comes from numerous maiden debuts

12  Run Charlie Run   just keeps getting better and better and better and..............

7  Dream Caught   caught a little wide on an inside day.......lost to the horse that was on the wood dueling with him.....beat all the others


race 5    below average clarity    (picks are for the main track)     but if stays on the turf: 3-10-4-8

2  Joy Boy   good history on dirt......and has fired big races in both lifetime route races......if I owned the horse I would be doing a rain dance to get the race taken off the grass

8  Valley Cat   solid 1st ever on the dirt in last........very good history for this gelding when Quinonez is in the saddle

4  Husband's Folley   hard trying consistent sort is 1st time long today.....adequate pedigree to get a route.....Puype is rather stout 1st time he sends a horse long

3  Lord's Minister   very sharp right now....seemingly sitting on a big effort but 1st time on conventional dirt/slop is a ? mark


race 6    average clarity

3  Called To Serve   very strong maiden debut especially considering it was a route race.......big rider change from and ice cold rider to a hot jock

6  Candy's Jewel   last was solid but his race 2 back is quite strong........continues to work like a happy healthy horse

8  Holy Candy   decent MSW debut was run way back in since are solid especially the longer drills which suggest Sadler is putting ample stamina into this youngster.....seems meant and ready for 1 1/16 miles

2  Lasso   displayed some early speed in MSW debut last......believe Martin will try to wire with this Baffert has speed done so far with moisture in the track?


race 7    average clarity

1  Skimming Skipper    caught quite wide chasing a nasty pace especially considering the lowly level.....better post and rider today....should be in the hunt from the get go

6  Miles Heir   massive drop in claiming fragile?....seems like a very positive sign that Rosario stays around to ride again after being far up the track in last

8  Raingear   last was very impressive but it was run fresh which is something Raingear seems to like......he is the one to beat if he can manage to run back to his last effort

3  Rummysecret War   last was better than appears on seems to appreciate 2 turn races but has had few opportunities to run in them....he gets one today


race 8    average clarity

7  Courtside   believe this is the fastest early speed individual in S Cal.....and fresh speed is usually a good thing........speed of the speed can wire here if the track comes up conducive for a speed type

2  Amazombie   definitely gets the pace he needs to show his big late run....a very special runner and his 4 wins and 1 second in 5 starts on conventional dirt suggests the "dirt" might be his best surface

5  Frumious   the "now" horse is very sharp.......believe he will need to avoid going with or top pick or pay the price.......he can chase where some of the other speed in here can't

4  Mensa Heat   gets ample pace to put in his strong late run but he needs to out kick Amazombie and that will be a tall task


race 9    average clarity

4  Have A Cigar   very good late stretch in last.....rider had way too much horse left......wins if moves earlier.......proven long

5  Mr. Padre   big wake up in last 1st ever long......should be in the hunt from the get

3  Cheezy Breezy   nice 1st ever route race in latest and he did it off a 8 week layoff.....shorter rest today can help move forward

9  Go To The Pulpit   small drop helps.......bred fine to get a route.......last looks like a gimme to be able to come back with short rest and possibly fire his lifetime best

6  Flying Marine   last two are decent....seemingly only needs a couple of lengths of improvement to battle for the top prize

2  V. C. Ali Mac   both lifetime races are better than appear on paper.......1st long with so so breeding to handle it





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