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Santa Anita for Monday 20 February 2012


Average card at best today. Be back with you in 3 days. Good luck!


race 1    average clarity

7  Baron Von Red   not sure if it was the dirt and/or the blinkers on that woke this horse up in last....same effort today should win this

6  Surely Swift   good looking work regiment for this Gallagher 1st thing I like about Gallagher maiden claiming 1st timers is that if they do fire they fire very very big

5  Two Parts   last drill for this Mandella 1ster hints he is feeling good right now....when it counts the most

4  Stonewall Jackson   ever dangerous drop down from MSW racing and the trainer is having a decent meet with limited starters


race 2    average clarity

7  Warren's Patron   solid forward move with the blinkers put on in last.......same race with a decent trip has a fairly good shot of winning this affair

4  His Boy Elroy   good spot to have some speed and this gelding can sit close and might even lead with the light weight hot app. up

6  Jenna's Lemon   Dollase has already won with a Tup shipper this week and this gelding owns decent speed in a race void of it

1  Depth   seems best of the late runners....will need more speed up front then this handicapper envisions


race 3    average clarity

5   A. K. A. Xe   works seem solid for a mdn 20K 1ster.....Mulhall is decent with mc 1st timers.......and this seems like a soft bunch

3  Candy's Girl    good return to the race wars in last....would have been top pick but tends to flatten out in 6 1/2 furlong races

6  Subtle Greek   consistent sort responded to the blinkers off in last with a better finish late.....extra 1/2 furlong today looks like a plus

7  Winforlin   blinkers on and the works are decent for this laid up animal.......Spawr/Bisono have been in the money with 1 win (Sat.) 3 of their last 4 together


race 4    average clarity

5  Imponente Purse   suspicious drop but sure seems the best marathoner here if his health has remained intact

6  Antidote   obvious controlling speed here....better slow things down or I doubt sticks around late

4  Danderek   needed last......gelding has ample experience in GB in Euro jock and trainer are doing fairly well so far in the good old U S of A

7  Porfido    10 year old is back in top form and has handled marathons in the past.....will be most impressive if he wins this level going 12 furlongs at 10


race 5    below average clarity

3  To The Top   all 3 lifetime races fit well here....and cut back of 1/2 furlong looks like a good thing

5  Siempre Esperanza   all 3 of this fillies 6 furlong affairs fit fine and the cut back of 1/2 furlong looks like a plus

7  Kid's table   Palma just claimed a declining horse but gives the horse some time off to help her rebound....sure fits fit she does

2  Cha Cha Boom   last looks like a needed race.....should be more fit for today and gets a rider upgrade


race 6    below average clarity

3  Madeoftherightstuf   3 races so far sprinting on the turf.....the last and the 1st are better than par for today's level.....the one in the middle is a toss acted up badly

1  He's Very Rare   very impressive duel for 7 furlongs in a mile turf race in last......cut back to a sprint down the hill looks like a good maneuver by Warren

2  Relentless Heat   fired best ever in last which was a dirt race.......has run on the hill twice and acted up prior to the race in both....toss those races out but keep your eye out in regards to his behavior loading

7  Bellagio Road   blistering drills for this 1ster......would have rated higher if he worked a couple of drills at 6F of greater....guess is he's fast early but maybe a little short late

Long-shot Possibilities:  5  Goodbye Charlie   OK grass pedigree.....lookout if last was nothing more than a work-out for today


race 7    average clarity

8  Obsess   last 2 races run on the SA dirt (2 and 3 races back) are powerful efforts....should feel good coming off a turf race

2  Adam Suances   major wake up in last......and since that race vastly improved works....believe he is sitting on his best race ever....should be flying late if I am correct

7  Caffeine High   laid up Ellis charge has done little wrong in all 3 lifetime starts....missing since May but the drills say ready

9  Los Bomberos   seems to dislike 6 1/2 furlongs.....toss out last.....race 2 back at 6F is solid


race 8    average clarity

2  Strawberrydaiquiri   excellent drills under the guidance for the 1st time of Cecil.....race lacks speed for a mile turf affair and this mare had some in GB

1  Wild Mia   bad trip in last for this highly consistent mare....and gets 6 lbs off and has enough early speed at times to sit in the 1st tier versus these

11  Briecat   full throttle early from the outside post is a no brain-er here.....ran 2nd in this race last year ....lead most of the way

7  Up In Time   2 for 4 at 1 mile on the sod.......this filly is very tough when she brings her "A" game and gets a decent trip


race 9    average clarity

4  Good Mojo   trainer is in need of a win....drops here to get apprentice aboard

11  Outperform   very wide trip in last somewhat hides a rebound....blinkers on to sit sit closer and/or focus

1  Always The Same   all 4 career races fit decently for the mc30K level.....speed horse will need to break well from the 1 hole.......his chances enhance if he does because the race lacks speed.......switch to top jock up to get the job done

3  Captain Salt   1st timer is training well.....Hendricks/Atkinson have teamed up for decent efforts out of 1st timers in the past

13  Tale To Be Told    so so efforts this winter.....summer from would do the trick....starting to train a little better....maybe

6  Two Hawks   Kruljac is historically good with 2nd time starters and he is also good 1st time blinkers on like today



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