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Santa Anita for Saturday 17 March 2012


I don't like off tracks and especially studying them. Too many unknowns especially in California. One of the major reasons I enjoy doing the S Cal handicapping for The Racing Digest is that most days it is fast and firm on the S Cal racing scene. With that said I would rate this card as decent especially if the rain stays away.


For pick 6 players the 1 horse in the 4th is a decent single on any surface if she doesn't scratch and if the track is playing fair the 4 in the 8th is also a decent single.


race 1    average clarity

4  Quintons Destiny   very sharp right now....seems like a good claim by West....closer seemingly gets a predictably fast pace up front

1  Jim's No Preacher    he might not be a preacher but he is awfully fast.......shot to wire 1st off of the claim by Asmussen

5  Palio Prince   cut back in distance seems like a good thing for this stalker type........Barba is quietly having having a solid SA meeting


race 2    average clarity

3  Blu John   good forward move in 2nd lifetime start......race was quite a bit better than par.......1st long and first on the main track but bred to handle both

5  World Renowned   lone dirt race at a route is much better than appears in print......good work tab since his layoff run on the grass back in mid Jan......sure seems ready to roll fresh

4  Patriot's Voyage   owns the best early foot in this affair...and sometimes sloppy tracks (if that is what we get) are speed favoring....shot to wire


race 3    average clarity

7  Tribal Dreams   well placed to win today by a red hot trainer........showed plenty of run in debut.......same effort with just an average trip should make him tough if of course he handles the off going

5  Pop The Cork   this gelding can run and close from off the pace....few in this race can.....Alicea/O'Neill are a good rider/trainer combo these days

4  Yankee Dan   40 to 1 in last suggests this gelding's last was a dirty me up gimme to drop and go and not get claimed.....Rosario accepts the mount of a horse who just eased.....hmmmmm

1  Lockheart   will need best ever or love the slop or will be running for a slice of the pie only


race 4    below average clarity

NOTE:  Selections are for the main track. If the race does stay on the grass the picks are    1-2-6-5.

1  Unzip Me    have doubts Jones will leave this mare in if the track comes up sloppy but if he does that is good enough for me....he is a sharp horseman and I doubt he would run this valuable animal if he didn't think she could win

3  Advance Ticket   ultra consistent runner on the AW and the dirt is probably doing a rain dance to face a bunch of turf runners on the main track

2  Bench Glory   showed plenty of talent early in career and it seems to be returning....very dangerous

6  Halo Dolly   ultra consistent sort on any surface......not as proven in sprints as routes but the fact she seems to fire on any surface bodes well for her chances of taking to an off track


race 5   average clarity

8  Barber Shop Rock   solid work tab as usually for a Baffert 1st timer.....all business today with 4 consecutive gate drills to finish his work regiment

5  Craqui   worked out of town scenario here is that this horse may have been sent to O'Neill fit and he has only put on the finishing touches to be ready for his MSW trainer to say the least

3  French Storm    nicely bred 3 year old 1st timer is training sharply.......not too big on the ability to judge who is or is not a good a mud sire but if there is one it is A. P. Indy the sire of the 3 horse

7  Boompa   another well bred animal making his MSW debut.........last drill is solid and hints this 1ster is peaking at the right time


race 6    average clarity

4  Call Me Jones   12 to 1 in mc debut hints this gelding wasn't all that wound up for his debut and more can be expected today....only lost by 2L in debut so it won't take much of an improvement to be formidable here

8  Visible Marq   1st two career races are solid here and then some....but....fell off quite a bit in last......Baffert gives this colt 5 weeks off to right the ship and drops......claim me please or a stout favorite....tough call

2  Rico Espada   5 to 2 in mc debut last....didn't fire.....blinkers on.......deserves another chance

6  Swiss Game   needs a rebound to his race 2 back....maybe the time off can help him rebound off of a clunker in last....good sign Rosario sticks around


race 7    average clarity

7  Jenna's Lemon   good history in both lifetime off track races...and a solid somewhat wide close the pace 2nd in last

1  Lana's Smile   consistent sort sure runs well for Santiago despite the jock's dismal win record this winter

2  Mack's Gold Bullet   horse ran well last time he ran turf to dirt....turf to dirt today.......Belvoir has had good success with this angle/move

3  Bryon Daniel   only dull race this year was his lone race on an off more chance.....might have had a bad day that day

Long-shot chance:   6  Warrens Hearthrobe   last wasn't too bad but what we want is his effort 3 races back where this colt pressed a hot pace 3 wide and did well to only get beat by 3 lengths


race 8    average clarity

4  Ellafitz   on the improve with every race .....looks loose here and might be awfully tough to catch once is a ? mark

5  Include Me Out   very impressive wide hand ride easy win in only race on an off track...........sure took to route racing at 1st asking........crushed his competition in a Grade 2

6  Awesomemundo   sure took to the conventional dirt in her 1st lifetime run on it....only needs a small move forward to fit just fine in this Grade 1 affair


race 9    average clarity

10  Dream Caught   whole career fits solidly here including a brutal trip on an off track where he did well to only get beat by 10 lengths

7  Patriotic Lion    big speed wake up with the blinkers on in last.......might open up an insurmountable lead.......10lbs off with the new apprentice up.....should fly

1  Run For Miles   another speed type likely to want the hot rider/trainer combo.....5 winners in last 6 as a team......yikes

3  Teasing Bernie   race two back this gelding was running a solid race until he clipped heels and fell.....dull race in last......needs a rebound

2  Roar King   nothing so far in 2 starts but O'Neill is very hot and dangerous right now

6  Frankieplayedshort    showed some life after a bad start in mc debut last....another runner being conditioned by a trainer making all the right moves.....dangerous




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