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Santa Anita for Thursday 5 April 2012


Good news is that four races are rated better than average clarity. Bad news is that it appears to be a very chalky card


race 1    average clarity

4  Via Verde   not much 1st after the claim for Glatt....but.....he puts his new purchase 15K higher then where he claimed and has put some very fast works into him since his weak effort in last......a rebound has a shot of occurring and a rebound sure fits

5  Shrug  SCRATCHED  seems like an overdo and logical drop for this colt who hasn't come close to keeping up with those trainer and vet bills over the last 10 months

3  Domonation   responds well to ample time between starts and gets it.......small step up in claiming and a good work series hint that Sadler has improved this gelding some since his so so run in last


race 2    average clarity

5  Warren's Jazz Walk   funky pace-less sprint in latest....toss out fig.....race 2 back is fairly solid the fact Bejarano sticks with the Guitierrez runner

1  Pride Hunter   not much in layoff last but the race might have been needed....bad trip in mc debut last August.....lost about 7 lengths and only got beat by 5 1/2 L

2  Winforlin   2 best lifetime races are the 2 times this mare was able to come back in less than 3 weeks rest.......20 days since her last

3  Lily's Tiz   improving sort.......albeit one small step at a time.....needs the trend to drill since her last suggests that it will


race 3   above average clarity

2  Starry Skies   SCRATCHED    scratched out of a Stakes race this weekend to go in this softer spot........won MSW debut despite a bad trip on the hill.......3 useful works since....remains on the hill and gets 3 lbs off......better than par for today's level can be projected if this youngster gets a good journey

7  Belle Passe   another who won her last despite a bad trip.....ironically both of those bad trips on the 2 and the 7 were given by Rosario.......only other lifetime race which which was in Ireland was also impressive beating 14 of 15 horses and only losing by a head

8  Mia Isabel   impressive 1st ever on the grass when last seen in August.......not only is the fig solid for a 2 year old filly in August but there was a gap 2, 6 and 2 1/2 to 2nd, 3rd and 4th......that helps verify the strength of the fig/effort

1  Hidinginplainsight   this filly has fallen off a little in her 2 starts in 2012 but fits fine if she rebounds to her 2 efforts at 2 in 2011......recent works don't hint at a rebound but works aren't everything


race 4    slightly above average clarity

7  Splendid Fortune    lost about 4 lengths in MSW debut and still ran a close 2nd.......Baffert charge went off at almost 9 to 1 so I doubt the filly was fully wound up.....more can be expected today unless the Baffert barn is in some degree of disarray since Bob Baffert's heart attack a few days ago. The Racing Digest has nothing but the utmost admiration and respect for Bob Baffert and wish him and his family the best that can be expected as he recovers. No doubt in my mind that Baffert is a great guy and the number one ambassador for American racing.

3  Perpetua   useful debut and solid drills since.......Krujac is heating up of late and is quite good with 2nd time starters especially when they train sharply after their debut

4  Instant Royalty   good MSW debut especially considering this Cassidy charge went off at 56 to 1......should be tighter today and ready to compete for the top prize.....and a jock upgrade to Gomez who looks great since his return from one nasty injury

5  Propero   works are solid for this Mitchell has tossed 4 winners from 4 starters......and Rosario/Mitchell have made for a stellar combo the last 2 months.....sure seems meant & ready


race 5    slightly above average clarity

5  Goldentouch Of Gin  major improvement in latest at 69 to 1 with a switch to the green stuff...... lost about 5 lengths with a troubled trip down the SA hill turf course in her 1st ever race on the sod....and she only got beat by 5 in an open company MSW affair.....back versus Cal breds....and a jockey upgrade

8  Unbridled Ambition   broke poorly in MSW debut last and then showed she can run some on the turf......Jones is having a great SA meeting after a slow start early on......and he is often better with 2nd time starters

3  Stupendus Princess   lifetime best was her only race on the grass.......Gary Mandella has been working rather than running this filly the last 2 months most likely to freshen up and bring more out of this filly

10  Comin Easy   prolonged tightly spaced work tab for this 1st timer hints she might be ready to roll in her MSW debut


race 6    slightly below average clarity

1  American Lady   stellar work tab for this laid up Baffert charge even by his standards........1st 3 lifetime starts for this filly were very solid efforts both pace and/or final time wise

6  Mildly Offensive   2 wins by more than 4 lengths and one 2nd in 3 starts on the SA surface.....most likely last chance to run on it till next Fall as this meeting closes in a couple of weeks.....and....the powerful works off of the long layoff suggest Gaines realizes this and has the horse meant and very ready for her return to the race wars

2  Miss Radiance   best ever was the only sprint race on conventional dirt for this filly.....solid preparatory drills and back to a sprint....also a major jock upgrade to Gomez

8  Chukchi Sunrise   keeps stepping up in class and doing it with solid success.....but this speed type needs to avoid a potentially suicidal speed duel one way or another


race 7    average clarity

1  Triveni   last sure looked like a tune-up from Simon Callaghan who if he doesn't win 1st out with a Euro shipper then look out in the horse's 2nd out in the good old U S of A

6  Caelis   one of 3 starts in the USA is very solid here....that was her only race at today's 1 1/8 mile distance......and today's rider is an obvious upgrade.......also just popped her best listed work to date 6 days ago

3  Born Lucky   good opportunity to chase a suspect leader in the 5 horse and try and hold off the cavalry charge

4  Ricketyracketyruss   1 for 1 at today's distance....ran that race off of a sprint down the majestic SA hill turf course.......last start also was down the hill.....and copious works since....Sadler runner seems well meant today


race 8    below average clarity

6  Hammurabi   little play at the windows in last.....1st run in 19 months.......back quick and drops....seems like a gimme go go go

7  Wild Revenge   SCRATCHED   major drop down.....obviously health is questionable.......only race on convention dirt was on a sloppy Crc racetrack and it was a win by nearly 5 lengths.....toss a coin

5  Manchester Man   seems to need to be close to the front end or loses interest.......good chance to sit near the lead here....sure likes the 1 mile distance

12  Formula Gold   consistent N Cal runner ships in......trainer is doing well this meet with his shippers........and gets Bejarano to ride this one

11  Maker   in need of a well enough that one might occur

1  Lana's Smile  horse has a good history with short rest.....and gets it today.....positive rider switch and weight off....such a deal





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