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Hollywood for Thursday 26 April 2012


Opening day at Hollywood or should I say Betfair Hollywood Park. Bhp is the new abbreviation.

Racetrack took some moisture the last 24 hours and hopefully won't effect things too much.  Good luck on opening day and throughout the meet!


race 1    average clarity

5  Capture The Call   nice improvement in latest....has won 4 of his last 5 races at 1 1/16........handles the Hollywood surface.....just worked a bullet 5/8ths drill for his new conditioner.....handled a fast pace in last (under pressure) and will most likely have too here as well

1  Life Is A Rock   another with a sharp recent bullet work......been on the grass but handles the AW just fine......Diodoro has decent history when he drops a horse a couple of levels....closer should get ample pace up front in this spot

4  Laser Point   seemingly in good form.......good history on All Weather surfaces......needs to avoid a hot pace or will likely flatten out in late stretch


race 2    average clarity

8  Kissin In The Dark   not much in lone lifetime race run last Sept......but is training extremely well especially considering this is a low level filly maiden preparatory drills for a laid up Chew runner in quite some time

6  Silver Gun Girl   very cheap purchase but this 5 year old 1st timer has trained well showing plenty of foundation in her works....and mom has tossed 2 winners from 2 starters including a Stakes winner

4  A Full Tank Of Gas   works hint that this 1st timer might have a full tank of gas for her debut into the wonderful world of thoroughbred racing

5  Agreed Upon    another 1ster with good enough drills to possibly be ready to roll at 1st asking


race 3    average clarity

3  Can't Topper   very high % trainer John Martin ships in from Golden Gate with a mare in good form that likes the Bhp surface and gets the hot Talamo to ride

7  Folk Dancer   in good form leaving hot trainer in Cerin.......poor record for this mare at Bhp (Hollywood) but her last endeavor on the Bhp surface on Dec 10th fits well here

2  Si Mar's Dear   history with 2 weeks rest is good....appreciates the Bhp surface.....and likes the 5 1/2 abbreviated sprint distance.....small drop in claiming is also an obvious plus as well

1  Five Star Cruise   won at this level when last seen almost 7 weeks ago with a struggling apprentice up.....switch to a hot apprentice today......bit concerned about being a vet scratch on 6 April and a dull looking work tab


race 4    average clarity

2  Beau Royale   good high level maiden claiming debut in last.....good drills since (at Bhp) and drops a notch in claiming price......same horse or better  fits well here

7  Cast A Doubt   beat our top pick in latest.....owns good speed here with a good speed rider in the saddle

8  Hammer The Bay   lone lifetime race back in November also fits well versus these....very solid work tab and in for 40K instead of 50K to get the weight off......and......gets top jock to ride......rather sure all set to roll fresh

1  Ranchero   layoff MSW race back in early March fits well here but a dull looking work tab for the likes of Baffert......but does face softer today.....tough call on this drop down

Long-shot Possibilities:   4  Ever Alert   exits a fast heat of MSW turf runners where being beat by 8 lengths really wasn't that bad an effort especially considering how difficult it is to race competitively in your MSW debut when it is a turf route ......trainer has a good history when he adds blinkers and when he drops into maiden claiming from MSW racing


race 5    below average clarity  

if off the turf:   ( 6-3-7-1 ) slightly below avg clarity

3  Byrony   when last seen on the turf in GB this filly beat a dozen boys by 3 1/2 lengths or more.....shows up in the Sadler barn and he has put some nice grass drills into her....seems meant and ready

7  Caelis   improving grass horse of Miller's would appreciate a good or yielding grass course....firm is just fine too but a course less than firm would hurt some in the field of 9 grass cutters

5  Last Sting   blocked in last or might have won....but still will need more today...maybe her new trainer O'Neill can get her to make a rebound of sorts.....he is after all coming off a fab meet at SA

9  Triveni   decent forward move in 2nd run in the good old U S of A....will need another move in the right direction and a clever ride from the outer-most 9 post

Possible Long-shot:   1  Born Lucky    here is the scenario for this potential bomb: 1st race of year was a sprint race tried dirt (didn't like it).....last race had saddle sip (no shot).....ultra sharp recent works....... and races last year that fit here


race 6    slightly above average clarity

9  Tiz A Brite Miss    1st time Kathy Walsh and drops from MSW to maiden claiming is usually a very dangerous scenario....long layoff but a.m. work says ready

7  Ralphy Girl   on the improve and easily best ever was his lone race at Hollywood and it was his mc debut....also cut back of 1/2 furlong looks like a good fit

6  Front Page Dancer   trainer has had limited starters in 2011 and 2012 but he does a nice job with what he has.......decent mc debut in last.....likely to move forward today and at a lower claiming level

5  Random Luck   believe Lewis sent this filly long in her latest to build up her endurance as she flattens out at anything further than 5F......seems like a good move......we shall see if it works this afternoon


race 7    average clarity

if off the turf:  (6-2-3-5)  average clarity

6  American Art   nice animal for a 70K Stakes race.....trainer might have gotten a bit ambitious with this colt.....back where fits solidly on the turf or the AW

3  Chickie Charms    strong layoff run in last on the dirt at SA....well proven on the sod and sure runs like 1/2 furlong less on the turf is a good fit

5  Consulado   last race was poor but the works hint at a rebound.......1st on the sod but bred just fine for it

8  Koast     outside post with plenty of speed inside of her is not exactly the place to be in these 6 furlong Bhp grass races......will most likely need a very clever ride from Rosario....seems like a good spot to take back and teach her to rate


race 8    average clarity

2  Awe' Some Kitten    1ster is training like she has significant early speed......a distinct advantage in this early 4 1/2 furlong baby MSW races

3  Kiptiddy Do   Solis does very well in the early 2 year old affairs and this 1ster looks meant and ready

10  O Happy Gray   as good a work tab as anyone in here and a very stout conditioner in Harrington in these 4 1/2 furlong baby sprints..... nasty post to overcome....turn comes up very quick....Bejarano might need to reach into his bag of tricks to get decent position in this race

4  Jilly Baylee   blistering one furlong drill at Fpx and P Val up ( welcome back again) since are decent.....might find the front end or close to it

1  Awe Golly Molly    another dangerous looking Solis 1st timer

8  Lucky Student   not much of a 1st start trainer in Truman but this filly should finish well off a recent 5 furlong one else in this field has a listed drill past 4 furlongs




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